"Jake, you should have expected this. You kept sending the papers back and didn't expect that one day I would come here to get you to sign them?!" Melanie yelled. "Well look at you! Even if I didn't expect you to come back down here, you expected me to sign them?" "You are such a stubborn jack-a-" "So what if I am! If you think you can just fly back down here and mix things up like old times then you're sadly mistaken." "That's not what I want to do, and you know it!" "Do you?" "What do you mean?" "Come on Melanie. From the day you got here you- You know what never mind. I'm not gonna do this tonight." "Come on Jake what?!" she called after him, trying to agg him on. But he just turned and went back into the house. Melanie let out a sigh. She decided to drive around town. She drove down town and looked at the buildings. "Some things never change." she said to herself. The car was so lonely. Eventually she ended up by the beach. She got out and sat on a rock that over looked the water. She thought about Jake.and Andrew, and her old life, and new. "Why's everything have to be so complicated?" she asked herself. And she started to cry. Suddenly she heard a voice behind her. "Did you marry me just for the baby?" there was fear in Jake's voice. Melanie shifted herself to face him. "Please, don't. I don't know if I could face you right now." She turned back toward the water. "Well?" he asked again. "We were young Jake." "Yes we were." he walked over and sat next to her, and she twitched. "You don't have to be afraid of me." "I'm not." "Look, I don't want to make this hard on you. You know that right?" She gave him a quirky smile. "Well, I don't now." he said. "And why's that?" she asked suspiciously. "We all deserve love Melanie." "Yeah.we do." "I know now I'm way down on your line -" "Jake." she began empathetically. "I signed the papers." "How did you-?" "You left them at the house." "Oh." He set the divorce papers beside her and got up to walk away. "God it's a beautiful night." and he walked off again. She sat there for a minute, wrestling with her thoughts. She turned around, "Jake!" she called, but he was already pulling away. Melanie feared he was not only driving away but pulling away from her now.