Hi everyone! I would like to welcome you to my new fanfiction, Like Brother, Like Sister! The main characters are Harry (of course), and one of the mostly under-rated and overlooked Jellicles, Electra. This idea (and document) has been bobbing around in my drive and mind for almost a year now, and I was wondering what I could do, then I saw CATS for the first time, and it hit me! I'm not gonna spoil anything else, but get ready to be blown away! And, when you're done, leave a review, favorite, follow, and as always…


Prologue: The Two Who Lived.
POV...Minerva McGonagall.
"I should have known you would be here...Professor McGonagall."

'Well, no reason to remain like this now.' I thought. Slowly, I transitioned from the form of a cat, to a witch. "Good evening, Professor Dumbledore." I said quietly, should anyone be watching or listening.

Together, me and my long-time friend, Albus Dumbledore began to walk down the muggle street known as Privet Drive. He was the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Yes, you heard that very correctly. Witches and wizards did exist, but we remained in hiding. But we shouldn't dwell on that. I had much more serious matters to find out, some that I had been dreading the answers. Almost timidly, I asked the question.

"Are the rumors true, Albus?" I asked. Albus looked very pained to say this, but he did it anyways. "Indeed they are, Minerva. The good...and the bad."

I could literally feel my heart being wrenched with sadness. Lily and James Potter were dead. Two bright, loving people. An incredibly talented witch, and a daring and bold wizard. One of the best head boys, and one of the best head girls of their time. They were gone. But that meant another thing. Their one year old son, Harry Potter, had survived. No one knew how he lived through...what happened...but he did, and now this was his only hope.

"And the boy?" I asked, hoping he would not be brought here of all places. Once again, I was met with disappointment, and a bit of surprise. "Hagrid is bringing him." answered Albus. Hagrid? Suddenly I was very scared for the boy. "Do you think it wise, to trust Hagrid with this?" I asked. Throughout years of knowing him, all of us at Hogwarts knew one thing about Hagrid; wherever Hagrid was, something dangerously outrageous usually followed. Albus on the other hand, saw no real danger in anything he did, only good intentions. Even though I knew he only had good intentions as well,...still. "Ah, Minerva," Albus started. "I'd trust Hagrid with my life."

As if on cue, we heard a loud noise in the sky. I looked up, only to be almost blinded by headlights. Panicked, I backed away. Albus looked perfectly calm, but I was just confused. A few seconds later, a flying motorcycle skidded to a stop in front of us! And, or course, sitting in the seat, was a very good friend of mine. Hagrid. He got up from the bike, towering over us. Hagrid was half-giant, so that explained his abnormal size and height.

"Professor Dumbledore, Sir. Professor McGonagall." he addressed us. "I expect you arrived with no problems?" asked Albus. "Nope. They fell asleep just as we were flying over Bristol." he said, handing a bundle of blankets to Albus. "Try not to wake them." he whispered.

Wait a second. They? Them? What was Hagrid talking about. "Hagrid, what do you mean by them?" I asked. Albus turned to me with a guilty expression. "Minerva, will you please come look at this? And, don't be alarmed." Now I was very confused. What in Merlin's name were my colleagues talking about? Cautiously, I peeked inside the blankets and let out a gasp of shock.

Nestled in the fabric was two figures. One was a tiny baby boy, who had small tufts of black hair, and a wound on his forehead. But the other one...the other one...it wasn't even a human! It looked like a mix between a human, and what I could identify as a cat. It was covered in orange and black fur, with tiny hints of silver. It also had miniature whiskers, and a black cat nose. "Albus…" I started. "What happened to…" Albus held up his hand. "Nothing happened to her to make her look like this. Little Electra was born this way." Then, he added in something I never saw coming. "She is Harry's adoptive sister."

I had no words. Sister?! No, that couldn't be right! Well, then again, this is Albus Dumbledore talking to me… "How do you know this?" I asked. "Well, that is a very long story." said Albus.

He began to explain the story to me. One night, back in May, Lily had been taking a walk in London, when she heard something in an alleyway. When she went to investigate, she found an injured cat/human hybrid that called itself a Jellicle. Her name was Demeter. Demeter had many injuries, including a broken leg, but she had managed to crawl all the way there. She and her husband Munkustrap had been taken captive by an evil Jellicle named Macavity, who happened to be Munkustrap's brother. While being held captive, she had given birth to her and Munkustrap's daughter, Electra. Afterwards, there had been a massive jailbreak at the lair, and every prisoner had escaped, but Demeter and Munkustrap had been separated in the chaos. Poor Electra was very sick, almost dying. Desperate, Demeter begged for Lily to take Electra in, and find a way to keep her alive, even give her magic if she had to. Lily agreed, and gratefully took Electra in while Demeter escaped into the night. James and Lily had been raising Electra as their own ever since then, and Harry loved his new sister. They presented Electra to the Ministry, and they granted the request to make her a witch. Dumbledore was there, and got the chance to meet both baby Potters.

"And, now that they are both orphaned, they must stay here." Albus finished. Oh no. That was exactly what I had hoped not to hear. I followed my friend up the walkway. "Albus, do you think it wise? To leave them with these people? I've watched them all day, they're the worst sort of Muggles imaginable. They really are!" I said. Albus looked very pained. "They are the only family they have."

"The boy will be famous! There won't be a child in our world, who doesn't know his name! And what is going to become of Electra?" I asked. "I've sadly been forced to give the Dursley's instructions to keep poor Electra out of sight, and to never mention her outside their home. This was not my idea, but the Ministry's, and I cannot argue against them."

With that, he placed the bundle containing the two babies in front of the door. I heard Hagrid sniffle behind me. Dumbledore turned around to comfort Hagrid. "There, there, Hagrid, it's not really goodbye." Then, he turned around for the final time, placed a letter in with the bundle explaining everything, and whispered a farewell, which I hoped would work; they needed it.

"Good luck, Harry and Electra Potter…"

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