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Chapter Two: A School of Magic.
POV...Electra Potter.
Well, the one thing beyond my wildest dreams happened today. But not the way I expected it to.

While we were escaping Number Four Privet Drive, Aunt Petunia pulled an old sheet out and thrust it into my arms. "Don't let anyone see your face!" she snapped, then pulled Dudley out the door. I threw the sheet over my head and wrapped it around myself, then ran out the door. I couldn't believe it! For the first time in my life, I was outside!

I barely had any time to take it in. As soon as uncle Vernon slammed the door, we rushed to the car, jumped in, backed out of the driveway, and hit the gas. I had never been in a car before, so I was kind of scared, but Harry was holding onto me the whole time, maybe to comfort me because he felt my shaking.

We drove for a long time before we eventually managed to get to our destination. I think Uncle Vernon just found it and went in there to get away from the letters. It was a miserable little hut on a rock out at sea. We took a rowboat out there to get to it, and it was even worse on the inside. Dudley took the couch, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon went upstairs, and we were stuck sleeping on the softest spot on the floor that we could find.

After a while, Harry and I were the only ones awake. I still had the sheet with me, so Harry and I pulled it over ourselves to talk about what had happened. "Are you okay, Electra?" Harry asked. "I don't really know what to think." I answered honestly. It was all so crazy and new. "Everything happened so fast, and it was like a blur."

"I can relate to that." said Harry. "This has been one messed up period of time. But at least you got out of the house for once. And...maybe this time you don't have to go back in." he said. "Thanks, Harry." I said, snuggling closer to my big brother. Suddenly, we heard a noise that sounded sort of like an alarm. I peeked out from under the blankets and saw that it was midnight.

I turned back to Harry. "Happy Birthday, Harry." I whispered. "You'd better make a wish…"


I nearly jumped out of my fur. Harry also looked scared. "Quick, into the corner!" Harry shouted. Still covered with the sheet, we stumbled into the corner and sat down. I was holding onto Harry for dear life. More loud crashes were heard. The light clicked on, and we heard Uncle Vernon squeak, "Who's there?" Maybe that wasn't the best thing to say, because seconds later, we heard the door go crashing to the ground. The Dursleys all screamed. I poked a hole in the sheet with my claw, and looked through it.

Standing there was the tallest person I had ever seen, or heard of. He stood at a good eight feet tall, and towered over the Dursleys. I moved the sheet so Harry could see through. I had to stay hidden. Who knows what he would do when he saw me. The man suddenly stopped, and said, "Sorry bout that!" He then turned around and pushed the door back up into place. Harry and I watched, fascinated. Then we looked over at the Dursleys. To our surprise, Uncle Vernon had a gun! I guess he somehow got one while we were driving here.

"I ask you to leave at once, sir! You are breaking and entering!" he shouted. The giant man thumped his way over, and literally grabbed the front of the gun with his bare hand. "Dry up Dursley, you great prune!" he said, bending the front of the gun towards the ceiling. When he squeezed it, the bullet went through the roof with a "BANG!" Everyone jumped. "Whoa." I muttered. Harry looked at me. "That was cool, right?" he asked. "Who is this guy? He's amazing!" I answered.

Suddenly, he looked over at Harry and me. Harry and pulled back from the hole, hoping he didn't see us. We heard more footsteps, but we then realized in horror that they were headed straight for us! "NO! DON'T LOOK UNDER THERE!" shouted uncle Vernon, but it was too late. The sheet was tugged off, and Harry and I ducked our heads so he wouldn't see my face. Harry literally had to throw himself on top of me, which wasn't very pleasant. We weren't moving, except for our shaking. I was terrified to lift my head.

"Hey you two. I missed yah! Come on, I'm not gonna hurt yah." he said softly. Harry looked up. "You won't hurt my sister?" he asked. "No way, Harry. I knew you two as babies. There's no way I would even dream of causing yah any harm." he explained. Harry quickly got off of me, and whispered in my ear. "Come on Lettie. I think we can trust him." he said. I was still afraid, but I slowly lifted my head to see him. He smiled when he looked at me. "Aww, now there's that pretty face. Just as pretty as when you were a baby." he said. I blushed.

Before doing anything else, he turned to Harry. "I've got a little something for you." he said. "Afraid I might 'ev sat on it at some point, but it should taste fine just the same." he pulled a box out of his huge coat. "Baked it myself, words and all." Harry opened it, and we saw a cake, that said "Happy Birthday Harry!" Harry and I gasped happily. "Thank you!" said Harry. "Now you two can share that." he said. "And it's not every day yer young man turns eleven now, is it?" he asked.

He then sat down, pulled a huge, flowery pink umbrella out of his coat, jerked it towards the fireplace, and a seconds later, flames sparked to life. Me and Harry's jaws dropped. Harry blinked, then said, "Um, excuse me sir. Who...who are you?" The man smiled. "Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts. Of course you both would know all about that, right?" What? What was Hogwarts? "I'm sorry sir, we don't know what Hogwarts is." I said. Hagrid looked shocked. "Blimey, you two! Didn't yah ever wonder where your mom and dad learned it all?!" I was confused, and I could tell Harry was too. "Learned all what?" he asked. The next words, made my heart stop.

"Yer a wizard, Harry." he said. "And you, Electra, are a witch."

Witch?! Wizard?!

"We're what?" asked Harry, dumbfounded. "A wizard and a witch. And some thumpin' good ones, that is, once you two are trained up a little." Hagrid explained. "I'm sorry sir, you must have made a mistake. I can't be a...a wizard." said Harry. I nodded. "And there's no way I can be a witch. I'm sorry Hagrid." I said. He grinned. "Well, have yah ever made anything happen? Anything when you were angry, or scared? And Electra, why do you think yer the way yah are?"

No way. If I was a witch...could that explain...why I'm not human?!

From his coat, Hagrid pulled two pieces of paper, with emerald green ink. Two final letters. And this time, we would be receiving them. Shaking, Harry and I took our respective letters, and opened them at last. "Dear Mr. Potter, we are pleased to inform you, that you've been accepted at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry!" he said, delighted. I looked at mine, and to my own delight, mine said something similar. "Dear Miss Potter, we are pleased to inform you, that you've been accepted at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry! Yes!" I said. I couldn't believe it. We were saved!

"They'll not be going, I tell you!" shouted Uncle Vernon, finally cutting in. "We swore when we took them in that we'd put a stop to all this rubbish!" Oh no. They knew! Harry looked furious. "You knew! You knew all along and you never told us?!"

"Of course I knew." said Aunt Petunia, in a faint whisper, just loud enough for us to hear. She began to slowly pace in front of us, showing her hatred very clearly. "How could I not, my perfect sister being what she was. Our parents, were so proud, the day she got her letter. We had, a witch, in the family. Isn't it wonderful? No. I was the only one who saw her for what she was." Thunder boomed outside as she said it. "A freak! Then she met that Potter, and they had you, boy. I knew you would be the same, just as strange, just as...abnormal. To make things worse, she takes in a filthy creature like you, girl!" My fist clenched, and my eyes filled with angry tears. Harry's face was growing red as aunt Petunia finished. "And then, if you please, she went and got herself blown up! And we, got landed with both of you!"

"Blown up?!" shouted Harry. "You told us our parents died in a car crash!" True, they had told us that was how they passed away, and how Harry got his scar. Now it made sense...but it didn't at the same time. How did they die anyways?

Hagrid looked furious as well. "A car crash?!" he shouted. "A car crash killed Lily and James Potter?!" He stood. "It's an outrage! It's a scandal!" Uncle Vernon stood his ground. "They will not be going!" Hagrid chuckled. "And I suppose a great Muggle like you will stop him." he said sarcastically. Wait? What was a Muggle? We looked at Hagrid, who said, "Non-wizard folk." He then turned back to Uncle Vernon. "They'll be going to the finest wizarding school England's ever seen, and they'll be taught by one of the finest headmasters Hogwarts has ever seen."

"Albus Dumbledore."

When he said the name, it sent shivers down my spine. I don't know why. But it definitely did. On the contrary, Uncle Vernon looked angrier than ever. "I'm not paying for some crackpot old fool to teach them magic tricks!" he shouted. The glint in Hagrid's eye turned to a flame, and I knew uncle Vernon went too far. Much too far this time. And I panicked. I know I hate the Dursleys, but still, I didn't really want anyone to get hurt. Plus, Hagrid could get into trouble!

Before anything else could happen, I jumped to my feet, rushed between Hagrid and the Dursleys, and shouted, "Don't hurt them!" Hagrid looked stunned. "But, Electra, I thought yeh hated the Dursleys!" he said. I sighed. "Well, of course I do...but...I don't want you to get in trouble." Hagrid seemed to calm down. He looked up at the Dursleys. "Fine. I won't do anything. Now, it would be best if I didn't' have to see you again, any of yah!" The Dursleys fled upstairs like a thundering herd of animals.

Hagrid turned to us. "Best not to mention that at Hogwarts. Now come on!" he said. He turned around and knocked down the door again. This time, it went the other way. "Unless you'd rather stay, of course." he said jokingly, flashing us a merry smile. Harry and I looked at one another, grinned, took each other's hands, and followed Hagrid out the door.

We wouldn't stay for a million years.

Not now…..

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