Hey guys! I decided to make a human au for the turtles, but there's a twist. Mikey is a bit different than most kids, he isn't stupid; he is just suffering from PTSD. A made a quick moment about this idea but depending on the response this one shot gets, I can turn it into a full on story.

Also, Outsider's fans I am sorry for not updating, these kinds of stories are harder then they look.
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Author Notes (A/N)

Trigger Alert;

Contains self harm, mentions rape, assault, kidnapping, and contains a small amount of language.

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The young boy's eyes widen. His small and under grown frame wracked and shook with fear. The man came closer. Closer then he should be. His breath was hot and sent shivers down the 8 year olds spine.

He then proceeded to roughly grab the boy's chin up, forcing the young boy to look up. Even though he was facing up, his tears continued down his freckled, chubby cheeks.

"Useless. The only thing you're good for is in the bed you pest." The man said in disgust. The freckled boy looked up, fear and shame in his eyes. The man then walked over to the table near the stairwell leading out of the basement. It held 'toys' that the boy, at his age, shouldn't know the use of, even though he did as it had been used on him and in front of him by his 'master'. It also held tools used to break the poor boy's mind. Saws, needles filled with unidentified chemicals that filled the boy's veins with fire when injected, wrenches, scalpels, sharp scissors, and more things used mainly for surgery. Or to hurt and torture young children. Like the poor boy before him, that had 'vanished'. He was too scarred to be innocent, too hurt to be called a child, and too exposed to be dumb. He knew what really happened. And to think he could be next terrified the boy.

The young boy began sobbing; trying to move the chair or break it and run away, escape.

"Not so fast! I haven't got a chance to use my newest toy on you just yet. Disgrace's like you are meant to perish, if not good for testing of course."

The man walked over, holding another needle, just like one's he'd seen before. The boy whimpered and cried. He knew what would happen...

He screamed until his voice was sore from the pain rocketing through his chest. It hurt more than the others.

Pounding on the basement door made the boy attentive and alert; already he let his hopes sky rocket up. It gave him hope even though the pain had reached its terrifying peak. The man cursed, and began washing his hands; hopefully to avoid fingerprinting the window, kept so high in the basement, barley reaching ground level; he planned to use it as an escape. He ran to the thin window. The child sobbed as the door broke down, tears of bitter happiness of being found but being in pain at the same time.

"We got ya kid. Stay awake for us." A young woman lifted him up causing him to scream in pain. She carefully shifted the boy to the stretcher once upstairs. The boy heard three shots fired into the air. They had killed the man that had hurt him. They killed 'master'.

Michelangelo awoke screaming. Footsteps pounded as the door to his room slammed open.

"Mikey, you okay? Had another one?"

Two different men stood at the door way. The one that had spoken was named Leonardo. Leonardo was a 6'1, broad shouldered, well - muscled man. He was 23 and was the eldest of the Hamato brothers; he was the legal guardian and preferred to go by Leo. He had dark blue eyes and pitch black hair that went to his shoulders. He worked as a receptionist in the local hospital and on weekends worked part time at a grocery store.

Next to him, a slightly taller teen came through, walking to the youngest child's bedside. His name was Donatello; 'Don' or 'Donnie'. He was 6'2 and had a slighter build than his two elder brothers. He was barley 17 and had big plans on going to college and making it in the scientist career. Being a genius, he finished school early and was working on a degree now. He was thin but not as thin as Mikey looked. He had black hair that was kept in a ponytail as it got in his way too much; his eyes were a light green behind the dark purple rimmed glasses he needed. So light, you'd think they were hazel.

These two sat down next to the young boy, taking in the kid's appearance.

Michelangelo, or Mikey, was a small 14 years old. He was considered anorexic and his brothers worried about him constantly but couldn't get him up to the average BMI. He was 5'2 and he had tears streaking down his face leaving tear stains. His baby blue eyes were bloodshot and his curly, straggly, black hair was messier than it usually is.

The three boys all wore different clothes. Leo wore a blue long sleeve cotton shirt; he had grey sweatpants and white ankle socks on. Donnie had a dark purple short sleeve shirt that had the design that consisted of just wires and circuits on it. He had no socks on and was wearing a pair of sweatpants as well, except his were a darker grey. Mikey had just neon green loose fit night pants on; he wore shin length socks and an orange shirt that was so bright, it would make the sun jealous.

On Mikey's arms were old cutting scars like the ones on his thighs. Mikey never healed after what the kidnapper had done to him. After their Uncle's recent death 8 months ago, Mikey began a dangerous habit. Once they found out, they restricted Mikey to short sleeves and shorts when they could. They kept close watch and never let him stay home alone, his door always had to be open and unlocked when he slept. If he actually got any sleep.

"Come here baby." Leo held Mikey to his chest in a protective manner.

"I want raphie.."

"We know Mikey. I'll call him to see how far away he is, okay?"

"Yeah I guess."

Leo got up to call Raph behind Mikey's door and Don held Mikey.

"I know little brother. It sucks."

"Yeah, it does. It hurts Donnie. I can still feel it. Why, what did I do wrong?" Mikey sniffled, stopping a sob from escaping his body.

"Nothing Mike, you did nothing. We should've been watching you. We were in charge that day, Mom and Dad were just down the block, and we didn't know you'd get hurt. We're sorry."

Leo walked into the hall; he pressed the contact that was labelled 'Raphael'. He had everyone listed by their full names, all except Mikey. After what Mikey had been put through when he was with that monster, he hated his full name. Michelangelo reminded him of his napper. He'd call Mikey that in a sexual way that'd scare the child traumatically. From then on, the school was forced to call him 'Michael' and his brothers could only call him Michael, Mikey, and Mike. That kidnapper had scarred the young kid so badly; it hurt him to even see his full name.

Mikey had been kidnapped for a whole year. But their parents never gave up. They moved in with their Uncle Yoshi and he gave them a wonderful home. Until he passed 8 months ago. Leo had to pick up the pieces and help his brothers move on.

Just then the door opened. "He had another one, didn't he?"

Raphael, or 'Raph'. He had piercing green eyes and black hair that was dyed on its spiky tips crimson red. He had a love for cars and fighting hence why he worked at a gas station in their side of town, the 'Ghetto Side of New York City'as one rich kid called it at Don's school. Said kid went home with a broken nose and bruised face courtesy of Raphael. Raph had a temper than was hard to control and was extremely protective of his brothers, Mikey specifically. He had a muscular body and was nearly 6'1. He was 19 and decided it would be his job to take personal care of Mikey, Mikey needed someone with him at all times because the brother's worried too much about him cutting again – or having another meltdown.

He'd scream and cry for hours during these meltdowns; screaming, crying, kicking, hitting, and screeching "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Please don't hit me! I didn't mean it! I'm sorry! Don't touch me... Please.." Whilst covering his ears, his cries made Raph want to bring the kidnapper back alive so he could kill the ass wipe again.

Raph figured the only reason Leo would be standing there about to call his number would be for Mikey. Raph gave Mikey a sense of security no one else could. So, naturally Mikey only wanted Raph at these moments. Also, Mikey had grown up with Raph around him, as Raph was the one who took care of Mikey most times since Leo had to work and Don would go far with college. He was a high school dropout and thought that since he couldn't contribute in anything, he'd do his part by watching the youngest. He'd take Mikey to the station with him if Casey and April, family friends of theirs, couldn't be home with him.

"Yeah, it's – its worse. It feels like it gets worse every time, before it was him waking us up. Then he began mumbling. Then you could see his sleep deprivation. This time he screamed, screamed Raph, like he was going through itagain!"

Raph's blood boiled, but he kept his cool, for Mikey's sake.

"His room?"


Raph was clad in a work shirt from his gas station and dirty, oiled up jeans that had about two small holes and one medium sized one, all three by his knees areas. He made a quick walk to his and his baby brother's room. He shared the queen sized mattress with his baby brother, even though it should've been at least a little bit tight, Mikey's small body made it seem like he was sleeping alone all the time; if he choose to ignore the small body that would curl against him, making him wrap his arms protectively around the kid.

Opening the door he walked over to where Mikey let go of Don's embrace and looked down at his toes, he sometimes got shy, especially when he felt like he caused his older brother to come home early.

He knelt in front of the poor child; he gently took Mikey's chin to make him look at him gently.

"Hey Bud. Don't worry; I literally just came through the door. I got'cha, little buddy."

He stood up and sat next to the young teen. He gathered Mikey in his arms and held up like a mother would her newborn; like he'd care. If this kid came to him asking for a hug, even if the kid was dancing on his nerves after a long day already pushing his patience, he's giving the kid the damn hug and will somehow muster the patience to do it.

"I'm so s-scared Raphie, he got me again. It was a memory this time, it felt like he actually did it again. I felt the pain Raphie! I don't want to go back. I don't like master!" Mikey sobbing into his broad chest was too much for the big guy.

"Shh Mikey, he ain't gonna touch ya again, ya understand? Big brother's here, he ain't gonna let 'im touch ya. Don and Leo ain't gonna let 'im either, okay? We'll protect ya." He whispered it in a tone nobody would ever think he was capable of. His voice was harsh and fierce even though it was gentle and firm, this tone made Mikey relax; he knew his big brothers would protect him.

After about 20 minutes, Mikey was lulled asleep by Don's gentle hands stroking his hands, Raph strong embrace, and Leo whispering words of comfort to him; a ritual they all knew how to do by heart as when he had a meltdown or a bad one of these 'terrors' it would be the only way to calm him down.

Finally, Don and Leo went back to their bedroom. They shared a room but with Leo always coming home late because of him usually working late nights, Don usually got the room to himself. They had separate beds on each side of the room and their room itself was the cleanest room in the world compared to Raph and Mikey's.

When Leo left last, ushering Don out and urging him to sleep for once on his bed instead of his laptop's keyboard or the kitchen counter, he turned out the lights wishing them a good night.

In the dark, Raph could still see his brother's child-like face; sometimes they forgot he was 14, not 7 anymore.

'Don had been 10, Raph was 12, and Leo 16 when Mike had been kidnapped. They went to the local park a block from the house where their sick mother had been. Their father walked out on them when their mother had gotten cancer in fear of being around to losing her. Leo had been getting ice cream and it had been Don and Raph's job to watch the youngest Hamato. Raph being a rebellious 12 year old that was reaching his teenage hood, decided to go talk a girl in his class he'd been trying to get fall in love with him for a couple of weeks now. Don had been playing with Mikey and lost track of him. Mikey was scared and looked for the ice cream truck that his brother had went to, being so young with no sense of direction, went to the nearest truck and begun searching lines for his eldest brother. He came to one that was hidden in the back of the park, near the library. He didn't expect someone to grab the back of his dark brown hood and muffle his screams and cries.'

Raph let a tear slip at the memory. He looked down at the bundle of innocence between his arms. 'No not innocence..' he thought, 'he's seen too much to be considered innocent.'

He sighed and held Mikey closer.

'I love ya kid. More than ya can imagine. No matta how different ya are or how much patience you require kid, we love ya.'