Helloooo folks Tobi here with the very first Elevator Short! Now then it's just a dialogue short because I'm tired and I wanted to see if I could. Anyway here we go to the first Elevator Short!

Elevator Shorts #1: Kotetsu and Aurore

On the elevator...

" Hello Miss Blanc."

"...Bonjour Monsieur Nyanta."

- silence -

- Kotetsu begins to fidget -

"Um...soo this is a very nice...hotel, right?"

- She glances in Kotetsu's direction -

" I mean I've never been in a place this nice and well uhh.."

- Onyx eyes stare at the tiger blankly -

" Oh, not in the mood for talking I see."

" ...Your fur..."

"My fur?"

"It is...real yes?"

"Um, yes it's real. Why do you ask?"

" I have heard of these groups called furries and assumed you were among them."

" Furries? What are those?"

" From what I gathered, they are people that enjoy wearing animal suits and the like."

" Wait, you thought I was wearing a suit?"

"...They are rumored to be very...detailed suits."

- Kotetsu begins to examine his hands -

- The elevator doors open -

" Bonne journée Monsieur Nyanta"

- Aurore makes her exit -

" Um right yes good bye Miss...oh she's already gone."

- He stares at his hands once more -

" Hmm...perhaps I am too fluffy..."

Tada! A nice dialogue scene with everybody's favorite tiger and painter! Haha I thought it was funny so I typed it up and here we are. Then again this may be the sleepiness talking. Anyway I figured you guys needed this after last chapter and all so I posted it now instead of later. In the future though I may group two or three of these together. Oh and if you guys wanna give it a go as well then power to you I'll post it and credit you if that's the case just pm it to me or something. Okay I'm rambling now so I'm gonna shove off to bed. Bye for now!