Okay everyone I'm so sorry about this but I'm gonna have to give this another go. It's no ones fault but my own since I rushed this out so I am very very sorry to those that thought this was a new chapter. I really did have fun writing it and everything I just got a little turned around is all and lost my way in the middle of it. Now this story was going to be rebooted but I have now decided on trying something completely different. The new SYOC I'm uploading soon I hope since Ive just gotta finish up making a form for it and all.

Ah, and about your OC's I would love to keep most of them but others I may have accepted out of sheer excitement. Most of them were good but may have not fit very well into the story I was trying to tell. Anyway's if you would like me to continue to use your OC that would be great! We can talk about it in the Pms and all that jazz, though you will have to fill out the new form I'm going to make since this story is much different. ANd I think I should probably also give a brief summary about how the rest of the story would have gone down. I'll just copy and past my notes for this so if you want details just PM me okay?

Case #2

Murderer: Hotaru

Victim: Hatsumi

Motive: This was an accidental killing, Hotaru randomly threw objects during a tantrum and one hit Hatsumi on the head killing her a while later via brain bleed.

Case #3

Murderer: Aurore

Victim: Tatum

Motive: Tatum intentionally goaded Aurore into killing him knowing that he could press the right buttons to get her to do so. He survives this and assists Veronica in shutting down the game since he is now "dead" according to the mastermind.

Case #4

Murderer: Kaz

Victim: Miyuki and Kotaru

Motive: Kaz was driven mad by the illusions the mastermind made of their precious people, his being Miyuki. THat version of her convinced him that the other was a fake which resulted in him killing the real Miyuki by strangulation. Kotaru witnesses this and runs to tell the others but before he can get to anyone his heart gives out and he dies.

Case #5

Murderer: Kira

Victim: Levy

Motive: Monokuma tells them that there is a traitor among them that helped put them there. This makes the others paranoid, but amuses Tatum since he is the traitor. However he waits too long to tell Veronica this which resulted in Kira suspecting Levy due to the complicated engineering that is all throughout the casino.

Okay and now for the ending

In the final trial they learn that the mastermind is Yasuke Matsuda who fell into Despair when he realized the his memory wipe had worked to well on Junko. Tatum makes himself visible to everyone once more to assist the others and also explains the situation. This entire casino is a simulation and none of what has happened here was real. Yasuke put them all in her hoping that experiencing the despair of seeing her friends kill each other would bring Junko back. It nearly works but the others are able to help Ryoko get rid of Junko for good. Annnd maybe Veronica punched her in the face. So with all that settled Tatum tells the other how to get out of the program and all that jazz. Blah blah blah the end.

As you can probably tell I didn't have the ending quite figured out haha. Once again I'm sorry about this, I just felt that this is what I needed to do. Though I am gonna keep the Elevator Shorts because I find them enjoyable, so aside from those everything else will be deleted.

I hope you guys have a good day or night where ever you are and I do hope I can maybe see you again on my new story!