Hey! Hey everyone! Sooo this is one of those shorts that I finished while I was totally avoiding that trial. Haha I was supposed to post it in April but I refused to until this trial was finished. I'm not gonna guarantee a part two on this one but we'll see lol. Now TO THE SHORT!...Or theater...whatever you wanna call it just go ahead lol.

Mono Theater Special:The King's Game

"Mr. Skelter, might I ask what your doing there?" Kotetsu asks eyeing the house doctor as he walked into the dining area. Tatum was at one of the many tables in the middle of writing numbers on several chopsticks. After placing them in the red plastic cup before him he looks up at the beast man with a smirk.

"Oh, this? It's just a class activity I had in mind is all," He says smoothly, Kotetsu cocked his head in confusion.

"Class activity?" His ears begin to swivel around slowly, in an attempt to listen for deception in the doctor's words. The others had told him to tread carefully when talking with Tatum alone. "I had no idea you even cared for such a thing,"

"Well consider this a change of heart then," Tatum responds with a look of sadness on his face. "I genuinely wish to bond with my classmates, even if two of them are currently unavailable to us," He says with what Kotetsu assumed was genuine emotion. The classmates he was referring to were unable to join them in the transfer but, during the two weeks he spent with them at the main campus he could honestly say that he missed them as well.

"Well, I guess if you truly wish to bond with everyone it's fine," The tiger mumbles with his voice full of uncertainty. Then quick as a flash the doctor is back to his usual self, leaning back in his chair balancing on the back legs.

"Now that you know my intentions are the purest possible could you be a dear and fetch everyone?" Kotetsu simply complied with the doctor's request in support of his new found desire to bond with everyone. "Oh and try not to mention my name when you get them. If they think I'm involved in anyway then most of them certainly wouldn't come and that would make me sad!" He shouted after the beastman's retreating form. Once he was out of sight Tatum's face broke out into a mischievous grin.

"Oh, poor boy has no idea how much fun I'm about to have," He chuckled to himself in the empty dining area.


The first group to arrive was Veronica, Kealani, and Hatsumi with the former swiftly turning to leave once she caught sight of Tatum sitting in the center of the floor. Her quick escape was thwarted by a quicker Kealani, who forcefully grabbed her shoulder, spun her back around, and placed her in a headlock.

"A bit excessive don't you think," Hatsumi commented as she looked at the trapped farmer with sympathy.

"No not really, I mean this is Veronica. If she really wanted she could put up more of a fight," The dancer says as she dragged said girl along.

" What would even be the point," She grumbled causing Kealani to giggle and Hatsumi to shake her head. After being freed she sat down on the ground as far away from Tatum as she could manage. Which wasn't very far since Kealani forced her to sit next to her as she sat right next to the doctor on his right side. Hatsumi not wanting to be manhandled choose to sit across from Kealani.

"Veronica I'm starting to feel like you don't like me," Tatum says with feigned hurt earning a gag noise from Hatsumi.

"Understatement of the fucking century," She grumbles as she crosses her arms. Kealani turned to the girl and gave her a dazzling smile.

"Oh don't be like that, he's not that bad," Veronica only rolled her eyes at the islander's comment but made no more attempts to leave.

The next group was Kira, Kotaru and Levy though the engineer looks like he would have prefered to be somewhere else.

"I'm telling you guys it will be glorious," Kira says trying to pitch his latest plan to them.

"Uhh I don't know Kira, V-V-Veronica almost killed you t-t-the last time," Kotaru warned, Levy on the other hand had his hood up and hands shoved in his pockets in some feeble attempt to disappear.

"Pffffft, Veronica? Please, she's a total kitten," He boasts loudly not noticing the farmer's presence or see her brow twitch in irritation. "I only run away so I don't have to hurt her feelings,"

"Um, K-K-Kira maybe you should s-s-stop now," But the suggestion falls on deaf ears as the butcher's boasting reaches new heights. Kotaru made a move to warn him again but stops when Levy places a hand on his shoulder and shakes his head.

"Él es un hombre muerto ahora (He's a dead man now), there's no saving him," He somberly says as Veronica rises to meet the still boasting butcher. It was at that time Kira knew he fucked up.



After she returned to her seat on the ground, Kira choose to create as much distance between him and the farmer by sitting by Hatsumi on her right. She however scooted away from him closer to Tatum, as the butcher nursed his new black eye. Levy decided to sit next to the slightly irritated farmer with Kotaru sitting beside him. Tatum began clapping suddenly getting the attention of the other's in the room.

"It's always guaranteed a good time when everyone's favorite butcher is involved," He says with a chuckle. Kira simply glared at him and yanked his mask down over his face, doing his version of pouting.

"What did you even want us here for?" He asks from behind the mask with a noticeable whine in his voice.

"Just a bit of class bonding is all,"

"Class bonding my ass, what's your real goal?" Clearly the butcher was unconvinced as was the scrapbooker.

"I never thought I'd say this but, Kira makes an excellent point," There was a sound of offense from the boy but Hatsumi decided to ignore it. " Nothing is ever that simple with you,"

"I promise you that I mean no harm, Snapshot," Tatum says holding his hands up in a lazy surrender as she looked at him suspiciously. Just then Lindsay, Keiko and Robin walk in chatting about one of Keiko's stories. Going based on Lindsay's blush it was probably about her and Kira. The martial artist goes to sit on Kira's right, while Keiko sits on his other side next to Hatsumi, chirping a greeting to the girl. Robin choose to sit on the scrapbooker's left which ultimately put him next to Tatum, much to the witch doctor's displeasure. Only because he knew he would be the object of the house doctors mind games. Little did he know he wouldn't be the only victim.

Next came Kazuro dragging along with him Aurore in one hand and Miyuki in the other. Levy decided to go to the kitchen to retrieve an ice pack once he heard the butcher begin to complain about his eye. Kazuro greeted everyone in the room cheerfully and receive answers from all of them in return. Kira tried to give the girls with him a special greeting but was ignored by both to the amusement of Lindsay. Kazuro choose to sit right across from Tatum putting Miyuki on his left and Aurore on his right. Kotaru shot a look at Veronica , who simply sat prisoner and stared at the ground, before he scooted over to Aroure's right. She smiled and greeted him and he shyly returned it. Hatsumi got up and sat next to Miyuki striking up a conversation with the oboist. Keiko follows her with Robin behind her sitting to Hatsumi's right. The novelist joined in the conversation while Robin instead chatted with the puppeteer. Then finally Kotetsu appeared ushering in Hotaru and Roman.

"This had better not be a waste of my time," Hotaru growls as she plops herself beside Kotaru, who squeaks a greeting to the irritated president. Roman sat next to her taking Levy's seat just as he comes from the kitchen. Seeing this he shrugs and hands the butcher the ice pack as he sits down beside him. Kotetsu removes his green haori, placing it on a nearby table, before taking a seat next to Tatum completing the circle.

"Well took you all long enough," Tatum says casually, he reached into his pocket and grabbed a cigarette from his pocket, placing it between his lips.

"If you intend on lighting that I'm going to leave," Miyuki say casting a glare towards the house doctor.

"Then it's a good thing I don't intend to isn't it?" He says with a smirk and a roll of the cigarette. "Wouldn't want to damage your premium lungs," Before Miyuki could retaliate Veronica spoke up.

"If you don't tell us why the hell we're here, I'm gonna walk out the fucking door,"

"Alright, alright, I yield," He drawled as he reached behind him, revealing a red plastic cup with several chop sticks in it. Confusion had graced the faces of his classmates as they all eyed the cup. "Now, don't worry I am going to explain,"

"It better be a brief explanation," Roman stated as he crossed his arms.

"Fine, killjoy," Tatum grumbled then cleared his throat. "It's simple really I would just like to play a game that I heard of from a Japanese college of mine," He says shaking the cup around lightly. "I took the liberty of setting it up and the rules are quite simple. In this cup there are sticks numbered one through fifteen, as well as a special one I marked with a crown. We each draw one and whoever gets the crown becomes king and has the rest of us at their mercy." He noticed that some of the other Ultimates had a look of panic which amused him to no end. " Fear not," He chuckled. " The king only gets one order per turn and they must say a number, not a name,"

"Sounds like you wanna play the King's Game," Keiko says with a large smile on her face. "I'm totally in!" She was practically bouncing in place. Kira seemed to get excited as well and was most likely grinning behind his mask.

"If she's that excited, I'm concerned," Veronica says eyeing the novelist warily.

" So your not supposed to know who your giving the order to?" Lindsay asked and Kira was quick to answer her.

"No way! That wouldn't be any fun and it means you can't just pick on the same person every time,"

"Fine, I suppose I'll humor you and play along," Roman says relaxing a bit. " But make no mistake, I only stay here to keep you in line," He says narrowing his eyes at the smirking doctor.

"Whatever makes you happy, Wonderboy," Tatum says with a wave of his hand. "Now are we all staying?" At his question he receives many answers most of them being a variation of yes, aside from Veronica's very firm no. After a stiff elbow to her ribs from Kealani, the farmer quickly changed her answer to a yes.

"Wonderful, then let's get started, shall we?"

Round 1

"Well here's a shocker," Veronica says as she lazily waves around the chopstick with the crown on it. "What am I doing again?" She questions lightly tapping her head with the chopstick.

"Just give a number an order," Kealani says. "It can literally be anything," The farmer thinks for a bit before giving a shrug. Might as well make this as simple as possible

"Okay then, uhh number seven do a cartwheel,"

"Boo!" Kira heckled but Veronica simply ignored him.

"Haha okay!" Kazuro says as he springs up to fulfill Veronica's order with a smile. Moving back a bit from the group Kazuro performs his cartwheel with ease. Then after making sure his bronze clock necklace was still in place ran back to his spot. "That was easy and fun!"

Round 2

"Oh? So soon?" Tatum comments as he holds the crown marked stick.

"Don't you dare make anyone strip!" Hatsumi quickly shouts, pointing an accusatory finger at the idle house doctor. His face morphed into what was certainly mock hurt.

"Do you really think I'm that distasteful?" He says placing a dramatic hand over his heart. He thought of adding a single tear to complete his hurt look. But then felt that would be too much.

"Yes," Was the combined answer of all of the students present. Minus Kazuro of course.

"Very well, to appease you all I have a simple order," He looked around the circle and saw that everyone had braced themselves for whatever he was about to decree. Tatum was certain that none of them were ready for what he had planned. "I hereby decree that should anyone quit this game after this point the are subjected to the wishes of the king that made them quit for a week," He grinned victoriously at the looks of shock and anger he received.

"You sneaky drunken bastard!" Veronica shouted, jumping up to her feet. "This is what you wanted from the start!"

"Maybe, but I didn't think it would happen this soon. How fortunate for me,"

"Why you little -"

"Isn't that order against the rules?" Lindsay asks Kira with slight worry, probably hoping that the butcher could stop the ensuing madness. Too bad for her Tatum did his research, the order was perfectly legitimate.

" 'Fraid not," Kira answers lifting up his mask he crosses his arms and gains a stern look on his face. "I've been through these types of games before," He says with a far away look in his eye. " They always get ugly, that being said," He slides his mask back down and dramatically jumps to his feet pointing a challenging finger at Tatum, who was casually playing with his unlit cigarette. "I accept your challenge, sir!"

"The references I'm going to get from this game is going to be amazing!" Keiko cheered as she pumped a fist in the air. Her yellow eye seemed to have shining stars with in them. Hatsumi began to look around nervously, while Levy began to pray rapidly in spanish. Kotetsu's ears where now flat on his head as he held some of the guilt from trapping them here. Kotaru seemed frozen in either fear or anticipation, though it seemed to be the latter based on the drool dripping down his chin. Aurore didn't seem too upset by the order, instead the painter actually looked rather amused. In stark contrast to the calm artist, Veronica was raging, shouting every obscenity in the book before settling down with a new found determination. There was no way she was gonna let Tatum get the best of her.

Kealani simply shook her head probably knowing that this game is about to get way out of control. Miyuki looked as if she wanted to quit right then, but then realized that would put her at Tatum's mercy, so instead settled for glaring at the doctor. Robin looked to the ceiling, asking the sprites why he was subjected to such torture. Kazuro laughed at the witch doctors chat with the spirits trying, and failing, to reassure the taller boy. Hotaru sat shivering in place as she ground her teeth in burning anger and annoyance. Roman gave the doctor his coldest stare, which of course didn't phase him at all.

"Now that we have that established, shall the real fun begin?" Tatum says with obvious amusement.

Round 3

"Oh dear," Kotetsu says holding the king stick in his large furry hands.

"¡Oh, gracias al Señor en el cielo!(Oh thank the lord in heaven!)" Levey cheered, knowing that Kotetsu would never order anything too humiliating. The engineer was practically cry tears of joy.

"I apologize in advance should I make anyone uncomfortable," He says bowing from his position on his knees. The last thing he wanted was to upset one of his fellow classmates.

"It's okay big guy," Veronica says, clearly relieved that it's Kotetsu that starts off this game of humiliation. "Lay it on us, what's you order?" His ears perk up and he rises from the ground.

"Um, I order that," His ears begin to swivel around nervously. " I order that number six hugs number eleven, if you do not mind that is," At first there is silence, then Miyuki raises a hesitant hand.

"Who exactly is number six?" She asks. Everyone looks down at their sticks to give the oboist an answer.

"I'm sure this is probably the safest thing that will happen during this game," Lindsay states as she rose from her spot on the ground, going to stand in front of the musician.

"Oh, at least it's only you," Miyuki says breathing a sigh of relief as she stood. The hug between the two was quick, albeit awkward. Nonetheless they got it over with and returned to their seats, much to Kotetsu's relief.

Round 3

"The spirits smile down upon me!" Robin declares, holding the king stick high in the air.

"Yea, yea, stop with the theatrics already," Kira grumbled, irritated at yet another turn were he isn't king. "Just get on to your order,"

"As you wish Prankster Kira," Robin takes a moment to consult the spirits earning an eye roll from both Kira and Hatsumi. "The spirits are telling me to...," He pauses and brings a hand to his temple. " Make numbers five and ten have a push up contest!"

" Is that all?" Kealani asks getting into a push up position. "Well number five let's get to it,"

"Umm, okay I g-g-guess," Kotaru says as he got into a push up position as well. The contest was over at ten push ups, with Kealani not even breaking a sweat. Kotaru on the other hand need a moment to catch his breath. The spirits were disappointed to say the least.

Round 4

"Oh, wow! R-R-R-Really, it's me?" Kotaru comments as he stared at the king stick in his hands in awe. He couldn't believe that this was happening to him!

" Well, maybe now we'll get something interesting," Tatum says twirling the unlit cig between his fingers. "I should also add that acts of violence against any orders should basically count as forfeiting, this should be a safe space after all," He looked directly to the person most likely to be the most aggressive.

"Fine, but after this game, all bets are off," Veronica said with a snarl. Kotaru seemed to only vaguely register the threat as his eyes teared up but his face held no hint of fear. This was a golden opportunity sent down to him from above, an opportunity that the hot blooded ecchi artist wouldn't dare waste. And then without any hesitation he shouted his order loud and clear.

"I order number seven to let me squeeze your soft, squishy, delectable boobs!" He looked around the circle excitedly with a large perverted smile on his face. Finally he could indulge in some pillowy goodness without any consequences! Though when he saw that no one made a move he grew confused. "Uhh, y-y-you guys said we c-c-could order anything sooo," His expression turned into a look of horror when Kotetsu slowly raised his hand. Kira broke out into uncontrollable laughter falling backwards, clutching his sides.

"I am terribly sorry but, I do not have...um...what you are hoping for," His ears lay flat against his head as he loosens his yellow obi and removes the top half of his blue yukata. "Please move with haste so that this may be over quickly," He pleads, avoiding eye contact with the ecchi artist. With tears streaming down his face and his dreams shattered, Kotaru shuffles over and grabs Kotetsu's firm furry pectorals. Then slinks back to his seat in shame and curls into a fetal position as Kotetsu hastily redresses himself.

"Serves you right," Hatsumi says without sympathy, Miyuki nodding in agreement.

"C-C-C-Can we p-p-please just move on?" Kotaru whines from his tight ball of shame.

Round 5

"Very well, I'll make this brief," Lindsay states as she held the king stick. She had a duty to make sure that this order was completely innocent. But there was a side of her that wished to have a bit of fun. Clearly, balance was needed here." Number fifteen is to be kissed by number five on the hand," Perfect balance.

"What the fuck, Lin!" Veronica shouts in protest. The martial artist simply mouthed a sorry to the angry girl. This was the worst possible outcome she could imagine.

"So we're kissing now, hm?" Tatum muses out loud. "Noted," And it just keeps getting worse. Lindsay was beginning to greatly regret this order.

"I would sooner die," She growls daring the doctor to even think of moving towards her. So when it was Roman, not Tatum the grabbed her hand she was confused. Lindsay on the other hand was relieved that a crisis had been averted.

"YA ne mogu poverit', chto ya eto delayu (I cannot believe I'm doing this)," The Russian grumbled as he took advantage of the farmers confusion, placing a quick peck on the back of her hand. He dropped her hand and quickly looked away from her. "Moving on," He says forcing the light blush on his face to go away. Veronica on the other hand could only stare at the floor in silence, her own light blush on her face. Lindsay let out the breath she was holding through this entire ordeal. This game would be more challenging than she thought.

Round 6

Aurore stared silently at the king stick in her hand. She had no clue what she was going to order.

"Is passing an option?" She asks and Tatum shakes his head.

"Sorry sweetie, gotta take your turn," She looks back to the stick in her hands in thought. Then she thought of the simplest task one could come up with.

"Numéro (Number) five, could you please clap three times," She politely orders. Tatum lets out a deep chuckle.

"As you wish milady," He says as he did three slow claps. Pleased, she gave the doctor a curt nod.

"Je vous remercie (Thank you)," He mutter a 'welcome' under his breath, which is more than she expected from him.

Another round of safety.

Round 7

"Oh it's me this time," Hatsumi mumbles mostly to herself, she was not looking forward to this burden.

"Do something crazy Sumi!" Keiko encouraged eagerly from beside her. She looked the smiling girl in her eye so that she could get the full effect of her answer.


"Aww," She whined, deflating slightly. Hatsumi let out a breathy laugh at the girl's pouting but shot a harsh glare when Kira attempted to heckle once more. Happy with his quick silence, she thought about her order once again. She decided to take the safe route and do something simple. She refuses to be the one that took this game to the gutter.

" Four and five do a fist bump," She says with a smile. There was no way anyone could mess with that.

"Aww, is that all?" Kealani pouted. "Fine, let's just get it over with," She says holding her fist out disappointedly. Veronica raised an eyebrow, before quickly tapping it with her own fist.

"I don't even wanna know what you'll do when it's your turn," She says with a roll of her eyes. The dancer gave her a sly grin.

"Something fun obviously," Hatsumi was very worried about what the islander had in store.

Round 8

"YES! FINALLY!" Keiko shouted as she jumped up and down excitedly, wildly flailing the king stick in her hand. Levy eyed the writer with fear and once again began praying. "Now I'll show you how to really play this game,"

"Keiko, I swear to god if you make us do something crazy," Veronica threatened, but it was quickly drowned out by Kealani's encouragement.

"Whoo! Go for it girl!" She yells giving a thumbs up. "Just let loose!"

"Alright you asked for it!" She smiles large and bright, making some of the others nervous. " Number four has to skinny dip in the pool!" As soon as she said that everyone began to frantically check their numbers.

"Oh, thank god," Veronica sighs in relief.

"Aww," Kealani pouted. "I really would have likes a quick swim,"

"This game is going to give me a stroke I swear," Hotaru mumbed with a look a relief on her face.

"Need I remind you of our quitting rule," Tatum says with a smirk. " I suggest you speak up now if you don't want to be used as a reference for a week," It was at that moment that Lindsay gave a heavy sigh.

"I wouldn't mind that, it's not that big of a deal to me, " She laughs rising from her seat with Keiko giddily following her action. " Though a quick swim doesn't sound to bad either, but only Keiko is going,"

"Damn it," Kira muttered beneath his breath, while Kotaru gives a small whine. The novelist then skips out of the room with Lindsay in toe. After about a half an hour, the two came back the martial artist was now sporting a white towel draped over her shoulders her now damp .

"Do you at least get a good reference?" Kealani asks.

"You bet!" She states with a bright smile. "Annnnd Lindsay's tattoo is sooo pretty!"

"Tattoo?" Kira repeats with clear confusion. Keiko gave a mischievous smile.

"Yeah, her tattoo of a jade phoenix. It starts on her right shoulder," She pauses making sure she had the butchers full attention.

"Starts?" He says hanging on the novelist's every word.

"Mhm, it starts there then goes allll the way down," She finishes purposely dragging out her words. When the butcher went bright red, her grin grew ear to ear. Lindsay gave a low chuckle and closed the butchers hanging jaw with her index finger.

"Shall we continue?" Lindsay says with a smile and a shake of her head.

Round 9

"Whoooooooohooooo!" Kira cheers jumping for joy, waving the King stick in the air.

"You don't have to be that happy," Veronica grumbled.

"Let him have his small victory," Miyuki states. " He should remember to use it wisely," Casting a cold gaze in the butchers direction. He hardly even acknowledged it.

"This is for you little buddy," Kira declares pointing the chop stick at Kotaru. "This is for all of us,"

"Don't you fucking -" Veronica's warning came far to late. The butcher had already made up his mind.

"I ORDER SIX, NINE, THIRTEEN AND SIXTEEN TO REMOVE THEIRS SHIRTS AND KEEP THEM OFF FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE GAME!" He shouts in one breath with his fist in the air in a ridiculous lunging pose. Most of the students gave various sounds of annoyance and displeasure.

"Idiot," Hotaru grumbles under her breath. "Thank god I won't subjected to this outrageous demand," When no body moved Kira looked around with a lecherous gleam in his eye.

"Well, come on ladies don't be shy,"

"Um, is there a reason I get these orders?" Kotetsu asks with innocent confusion as he removes the upper half of his yakuta once again. Kira's smile drops instantly.

"What! Kotetsu again!?" He whined. "Seriously?"

"It like there's some boob hating higher being that's ruining everything," Kotaru wailed, curling into a ball once more. Kira takes a deep breath and brought his smile back.

"No worries dude," He reassured the weeping ecchi artist. "We've got three more tries! One of em is bound to be a winner!"

"Two more actually," Tatum corrects while removing his shirt. " Hope you enjoy the view ladies," He winks after saying that earning a wolf whistle from Kealani and enthusiastic applause from Keiko. Hatsumi had already whipped out her camera and began eagerly taking pictures, mostly of Kira's waning confidence.

"Okay so the last two are definitely winners buddy," Kira says, his confidence wavering.

"Hmph, you are very luck that this does not bother me," Roman says unbuttoning his shirt. Kira looked like he was about to cry. "But know that you still disgust me,"

"Boobie God if you're listening, please let the final one be a girl," Kira prays, crossing his fingers on both hands.

"Sorry amigo," Levy says with a sigh as he too began to strip. "Looks like you were just unlucky," He says dropping his shirt behind him, putting his manny tattoos on display. By then Kira had already join Kotaru in a ball of shame. Hatsumi snapped a picture of the both of them.

"This scrapbook is going to be wild," She says with a laugh.

"I just wanna let Kira know that I appreciate the gift he just gave us," Kealani proclaims, pretending to tear up a bit. "Thank you for giving us these wonders," She says gesturing to all the shirtless teens.

"Yea, nice going Kira!" Keiko says giving the butcher a double thumbs up.

"Whatever," Kira moped from his ball of failure.

Round 10

"Ooo! Ooo! My turn!" Kazuro cheered, the others gave a sigh of relief.

"Finally a break," Hotaru grumbled. "Well, out with it,"

"I order numbers nine and twelve to talk in rhyme for the rest of the game!" He finished with a big smile.

"I hate you," Hotaru growls, glaring at the smiling boy.

"I can't be that hard," Miyuki says, then pauses to think of a rhyming word. "Um, for a bard?"

"Oh, so your a bard now?" Hotaru quips.

"Shouldn't there be some sort of penalty for not rhyming?" Veronica asks, purposely aggravating the short girl.

"Oh! Hmm," Kazuro tapps his chin with his index finger as he thought of a punishment. "I got it!" He exclaimed pointing his finger in the air. "If you don't rhyme it's push up time!"

"You know you don't have to rhyme right?" Kealani says with a giggle.

"Yea, but it's just so much fun!" He says with a bright smile. Hotaru began to grumble under her breath, clearly irritated with the situation.

"I'm sorry what was that?" Veronica says cupping her ear. "Couldn't quite hear you,"

"Burn to ash you piece of trash," The insult caused Veronica to burst into laughter.

"I guess this game just got fun!"

To be continued...

Boom! How did ya like that! Now I had to stop at ten because...well honestly I ran out of orders lol. If you guys have some ideas or something I guess I'll do a part two lol. That Christmas Short part two is gonna be coming up next but...I'm not actually supposed to be here haha, I'm supposed to be at the other story. Sooo once those intros are done is when I'll probably post that. Alright you guys until next time!