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Mono Theater Christmas Special: Mistletoe Madness Part 2

Roman did not look pleased, despite his precious little sister sitting across from him. She was wearing a poofy red dress with white fur at the bottom, while he wore a simple red velvet bow tie with his usual clothes. Roman was, of course, delighted that his precious little sister was here with him, but despite this, his frown was still in place. He has the sneaking suspicion that the farm girl is somehow involved with his current mood. Which is odd since he literally only saw her once tonight.

"Bol'shoy brat (Big brother), you should try smiling more," The small child said, kicking her feet as she sat in the chair across from her big brother.

"Lydia, I am only in this room because you asked me to stay here," He curtly answered her. He dared to look over at her and was met with a small frown on her face. Sighing, he rose from his seat so that he could kneel in front of her. " I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude," He says softly as he pats the light brown chin-length locks on her head. She gave him a smile that made her light blue eyes shimmer, making him give a small smile in return. Though at the sound of a camera click it promptly disappeared.

"Well look at that, it's a Christmas miracle," Hatsumi teased, admiring the photo she managed to catch on her red digital camera. The scrapbooker was currently wearing a white turtleneck sweater with her usual jeans and ballet flats. On her head was also a pure white Santa hat with a snowman face of the front of it. " I had no idea that you even knew how to do that," She looked from her camera, giving a smile of her own. Roman frowned as he rose to his full height, towering over the scrapbooker in an effort to intimidate her. His eyes narrowed when she simply smiled at him. Lydia looked at the smiling Hatsumi and the glowering Roman as they continued their stare down.

"Why are you so angry Roman?" She innocently asks her older brother. He found it difficult to keep his frown in place when faced with his sister's innocence. He visibly softened and had intended to answer her, that is until Hatsumi mimicked her question.

"Yea Roman, why are you so angry?" Her smile got wider when she saw his brow twitch. "It was only a picture for the Holiday Scrapbook I'm putting together." He only narrowed his eyes at that statement, Lydia had a different reaction.

"Wow, can I see when it's finished?" She asked excitedly as she bounced over to the scrapbooker with stars in her eyes.

"Of course you can," She tells the girl only making her jump around excitedly as she went on about all the new friends her big brother had made and how amazing each of them where. Then the scrapbooker saw Keiko lurking behind Roman with her mistletoe fishing rod in hand. The novelist put a finger to her lips and pointed at Roman, making her way closer to the unsuspecting Russian. Hatsumi, of course, said nothing since she knew what the novelist was going to do. It was thanks to Keiko that she was able to get so many good shots at this party. Roman continued to be distracted by his sister's excitement and even had yet another small smile on his face. Hatsumi had to resist the urge to snap a quick picture of the rare moment. Meanwhile, Keiko stealthily grabbed a chair to stand on so, that she could dangle the mistletoe above his head. This got Lydia's attention.

"Hey, what's that?" She asks pointing at the greenery hanging above Roman's head. When Roman looked up to see what she was looking at, Hatsumi decided to strike. Moving quickly she kisses Roman on his cheek and snapped a picture of the event. Roman went red as the girls laughed at his embarrassment.

"Haha, thanks for giving me such great material, Keiko," Hatsumi says wiping a tear from her eye. Keiko jumps off the chair to the hardwood floor and gave her a thumbs up.

"It's no problem! Us artistic folks need to look out for one another," She states giving one of her large smiles. Lydia was still laughing at her big brother as he stood the frozen in place.

"I'm so happy Roman got to meet all of you!" She beamed. Keiko and Hatsumi gave the girl a smile in return. Roman certainly didn't feel the same way.

"You..." He managed to growl out. Hatsumi, however, didn't give him the opportunity to finish.

"Whoa, that's another great memory I have to catch! Let's do this later okay? Nice meeting you Lydia!" Then quickly left to take some more pictures of the party. Roman decided to whip around to confront the novelist but found that she too had disappeared. Now annoyed, he lets out a frustrated sigh as he runs a hand through his auburn curls. While his sister giggles quietly to herself happy to that her brother has actually made some friends at his new school.

"I hate this school," He grumbles, sitting back in his seat trying to hide the light blush on his face.

~ HO ~ HO ~ HO ~

"Oh god, I totally screwed up didn't I?" He groaned, lightly hitting his head on the table repeatedly. Lindsay was currently consoling a sulking Kira as he slumped on the table face down. He had just met Lindsay's mom for the first time and he's not quite sure if she liked him or not.

"No Kira," Lindsay says to console the poor butcher. "I promise that she doesn't hate you,"

"Don't lie, Lin, I saw the judgment in her eyes, she knows you could do better," He whines into the table. Lindsay simply sighed and rolled her eyes. It certainly wasn't judgment but slight fear that swam through her eyes. She tried warning her mother of Kira's...hobbies but no one can really brace themselves from a chainsaw-wielding horror enthusiast.

" Kira I'm sure she was just wary of your...'festive chainsaw', not you personally. She actually said that she liked some of your jokes," The butcher peeked over his arm to look at the martial artist. She had removed her Santa hat and placed it on the table beside her leaving her in her green reindeer sweater with her jeans and white boots. He himself was wearing a white Christmas sweater that appeared to be splashed with blood and had Jason Voorhees chasing Santa Claus with a machete on the front. And let's not forget his candy cane striped chainsaw and ever-present hockey mask on his head that he felt brought the whole outfit together.

"Really? She liked my jokes?" That made him feel slightly better at least.

"Yes, she liked the ones that didn't involve the chainsaw," She reassured him making sure to cast a glance at the device on the ground. She never understood his need to carry it around at all times but decided to accept it anyway. It's not like it can be used to cause harm, it is just a toy after all.

"Wow, she seriously liked his jokes?" They quickly turn to see Keiko idly standing behind them. The pair stares at the novelist as she simply rocks back and forth on her heels with her hands behind her back. Lindsay admits that she is impressed by the girl's stealth, the wing chung master has no idea how long she had been standing there. She did, however, know why she was there.

"Keiko, if I give Kira a kiss will you go harass someone else?" She negotiated. Keiko simply shrugged.

"Sure, but can I dangle this over your heads so that Hatsumi can get a good picture?" She asks bringing her makeshift fishing rod out from behind her. Kira was simply looking between the two girls as they bartered. Honestly, though he wasn't really paying any attention to what they were saying. It sounds like all she wanted was for him and Lindsay to kiss, which didn't sound that complicated to him. So with his self-declared failure to impress Lindsay's mom now pushed from his mind, he decided to end the bartering himself.

"You just want me to kiss her right? I can do that no problem," He states nonchalantly, silencing the two girls.

"Kira, you don't have to kiss me just because she asked you to," She says calmly, wasn't he broken up a minute ago?

"Well, what if I want to?" He quickly countered, Lindsay didn't really have a response for him besides blushing a bright red. "That wouldn't be a problem right?"

"Uhh, well no...not really," She mumbles looking away from his red eyes.

"Oho, the usually confident wing chung master is blushing before the bold statement of the blood splattered butcher!" Keiko cheered as she bounced in excitement. "I wonder if they'll be leaving the party soon?" She says, moving her eyebrows up and down suggestively.

"Leave the party?" Kira asks looking over at the excited girl. " Why would we leave the...oh..." His eyes grew wide and his face red as the realization of what she was implying came to him. He frantically turns back to the blushing martial artist holding his arms up in front of him.

"I wasn't implying that we do..." He was looking anywhere but at her, as he tried to say anything but that word. " Um...that...unless you want too ya know!" He quickly adds only making her turn even redder than before. "It's completely your choice! Not forcing you into anything, but I really wouldn't mind at all!" Now he was rambling on about how okay he was with it and Lindsay looked about ready to faint any second. Keiko decided to stop this trainwreck before that happened.

"Aw, you guys are cute!" She says effectively making Kira pause. "Tell ya what, I'm just gonna go since you've already given me so much material already," She giggled and turned to leave the red rambling couple to their own devices.

She then spots that Kotaru had a visitor and that brought the biggest smile to her face.

~ HO ~ HO ~ HO ~

Hotaru stared down at the unconscious boy in front of her in disappointment. He was currently sitting on the floor slumped against the wall with a bit of drool dripping from his mouth. What made it worse was this dopey smile he was making.

"What a disappointing pile of lard," She grumbled crossing her arm across her chest. She was currently wearing a thick bright red turtleneck sweater dress with black tights and grey boots along with her usual jacket. Her golden eyes examined the boy before she gave a frustrated sigh. "I hope you weren't stupid enough to drink that punch," If one listened hard enough they would hear the concealed worry in her tone.

"Nah, he just kissed Aurore is all," Keiko giggled from behind the student council president, startling her in the process.

"Where did you-"

"I won't tell him you care if you do one small thing for me~" Keiko sings, interrupting the small girl.

"A favor? What favor could I possibly do for a hormonal monkey like you?" Hotaru asks with a hint of disdain. That smile on the novelist's face couldn't possibly mean anything good.

"Just give him a small peck on the cheek and your secret is safe," She says, her smile widening. "That's all you have to do for me,"

"No," Her answer was quick, firm, and unwavering causing the bubbly girl to frown.

"Hmm, what if I say I won't bother you for a week?" She offered. "No warm-up hugs, no surprise cheek pinches, no surprise twirls, absolutely nothing for an entire week," Hotaru had to consider that offer, it sounded like a dream. That monkey wouldn't touch her for an entire week, how could she say no to that!

"An entire week? No less?"

"No less?" She chirped with a bright smile. Hotaru stared at her for a moment in thought, then looked to the boy on the floor.

"Just one kiss on the cheek?"

"So easy,"

"Fine," She huffed, a small blush on her face as she crouched down. She looked to Keiko, who seemed to be vibrating in excitement, and gave a sigh. She wiped the drool from his face with the bottom of his shirt and then closed her eyes, finally giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hotaru?" At the mention of her name she jumped back and began to shiver intensely. "What are you doing?"

"NOTHING OF YOUR CONCERN YOU DISAPPOINTING CRYING PILE OF L-L-LARD!" After her outburst, the blushing president bolted out of the room nearly taking down sever partygoers on the way.

"What?" Kotaru stared after her with confusion at first but then a look of realization crossed his face. "Wait did she just...just-"

"Yes, yes she did," Keiko giggled.

"SHE DID!?" Kotaru shouts as he gently held the cheek Hotaru kissed. "I can't...I don't know how to...oh my god," And the boy fainted for the second time that night with yet another dopey grin on his beat red face.

~ HO ~ HO ~ HO ~

Kazuro sat cross-legged on the floor as he watched Miyuki perform on the small stage set up for the party. Kazuro had asked Miyuki to play some Christmas songs for him and she relented after he pulled out the puppy eyes.

"Wow, she's having fun, huh?" Kazuro looks to his right and was met with Keiko, who was also enjoying the show. "I think that makes the music sound even better!" She says with a smile and Kazuro gave one of his own.

"Yep, she sure is!"

"I think it's because she's performing for you mostly," She comments. " Despite this crowd,"

"Ya think so?"

"I know so," She says with a knowing smile. "Hey! Veronica told me about the customs people did in America, wanna hear it?" The boy's eyes lit up with excitement and curiosity, Keiko thought he was just the cutest. Though that didn't make her feel bad for this trick she was about to pull

"It might be one I might not know so, sure," Keiko stared at him for a bit, caught off guard. She and forgotten that Kazuro visits the States often. She would need to get a little crafty.

"Well, Veronica told me about this custom they do with performers whenever they do a really good job,"

"Is it something they only do where she's from?" Oh, that's brilliant! Now she just has to roll with the thought!

"Yup sure is! In her hometown when a performer does a good job you have to give them a big kiss!" She says with a smile, hoping the puppeteer would buy her lie. He narrowed his dark brown eyes in suspicion making Keiko panic a bit on the inside.

"Really? That sounds weird," He says with a tilt of his head.

"Well, people from her town are like super hard to impress, so when they are they have to let them know,"

"With a kiss?"

"It's the best way," Kazuro stared at her for a moment as Keiko tried to keep her smile in place. Seems he's not as easy to fool as she thought. He rubbed at his chin a bit and looked up at Miyuki, who was beginning to finish up her song. Keiko was going to try something desperate now. "Ya know, the person that gets to her first liked her performance the most," Miyuki played the last note of the song and gave a few graceful curtsies.

"Huh?" He seemed surprised by her sudden statement which worked in her favor.

"Yea and I gotta say this was by far the best performance I've seen in a long while," Her smile grew a bit wider when he frowned a bit so she continued on. "I might have to go and give her that first good job kiss," She then turns away from the boy and watches as the musician give the crowd a final bow. All she had to do now was wait.




"Nobody liked Mami's song better than me!" Kazurou shouted as he sprung up and rushed to the small stage just as Miyuki stepped off. Seeing him approach she gave the boy a smile.

"Kaz, how did you like the-" Before she could finish her sentence the energetic boy planted a kiss right on her lips, nearly knocking her over in the process. He pulled back and gave the now speechless musician a wide grin.

"I like it the most Mami!" This display of affection earned a few "awws" from the crowd because of how cute they were, but no one had a bigger smile then Keiko as she watched the scene unfold.

"Man, I hope Hatsumi got that," She says as she rises from the floor, stretching her limbs a bit in the process. "My work here is done," She proclaims as she leaves to find new victims a bright smile plastered on her face.

~ HO ~ HO ~ HO ~

"I see you've been busy Friend Keiko," Robin chuckled as the girl plops in a seat beside him. "Did you make the sparks fly as you wanted?"

"If sparks don't fly between someone I'm gonna jump off a building," She says with a heavy sigh. The witch doctor was wearing his usual clothing but like Keiko he simply added a hat, his being an elf hat covered in bells. He let out a laugh and patted the girl on her back.

"Worry not, I'm sure your efforts produced some results! I did see Flaming Kealani and Playboy Tatum leave the party,"

"Should we be concerned about that?" The two turn to see Kotetsu coming up behind them in the ridiculous getup Tatum somehow convinced him to wear. The large beast man was wearing a full reindeer onesie complete with a green collar with a large red bell. It's amazing that the doctor found one to fit the big tiger. His hood was currently down but if it were up, the large antlers would be on display.

"Why?" Keiko ask. Kotetsu's ears began to swivel around in worry.

"Because is not the most trustworthy person,"

"Oh don't worry," Keiko states as she waved off his worry. "He tries anything and Lani is gonna kill him," She giggled, she knows that Tatum isn't gonna do anything the fire dancer isn't gonna like, especially not now. But she'll just keep that little detail to herself.

"I see," The tiger mused out loud. He's probably right to be concerned but for today Tatum is harmless. "Um, I have a question if you don't mind,"

"What's wrong Kotetsu?" He pointed to her mistletoe fishing rod that lay on the table.

"What's that for? I noticed you were dangling it over people but I don't know why?" He scratched at his head in mild confusion. "What does it do?"

"It creates sparks Gentle Kotetsu!" Robin declares dramatically. "This is the tool that has brought many of our fellow classmates such Christmas cheer!" He laughed a bit at that and Keiko joined in, which only confused the tiger even more. As far as he saw the plant just made people go red and quicken their hearts, it had to be dangerous.

"Hahaha, are the sprites pleased with my work Robin?" Keiko asks with a bright smile. The witch doctor slightly lowered his head and closed his eyes as he talked with the spirits. When he opened his eyes again he gave the girl a frown.

"They say that you have neglected to find sparks for yourself,"

"I'm not really worried about finding any sparks," She says with a giggle.

"I still don't quite understand what sparks we are talking about," Kotetsu comments, though he was mostly ignored. Robin slammed his hands on the table and shoot up from his set, startling the other two in the process.

"The spirits deem this as unacceptable!" He crossed his arms and seemed to mull over something in his mind. Keiko and Kotetsu could only stare at the tall boy before he snapped his fingers. "I have a perfect solution that will please them," He grabbed the mistletoe fishing rod and dangled it over the novelist's head.

"Robin really, it's okay. I don't really-" He interrupts her by quickly pecking her on the cheek, catching her by surprise.

" There, a kiss of friendship should please them," He says with a large grin. "Wouldn't you agree, Gentle Kotetsu?" The tiger was very confused, but a quick elbow to the chest made him get the idea.

"Mhm, I think that should make them happy," He says with a toothy grin of his own. Keiko gave the boys a bright smile.

"Well, if it pleases the spirits then I guess it's okay," She says and she gets up from her chair to engulf Robin in a warm hug. "Thanks, Robin,"

"Anytime Friend Keiko," He says as he pats her head. "Now, let's go see if Aurore will make us this heaven in a cup Fearsome Veronica told me about," The two waved goodbye to the tiger and left to locate the painter.

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