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Valentine Madness


I love you this much!

After having a nice lunch with Hatsumi, Miyuki was on her way back to her room. She had pressed the button to call the elevator and hoped she would be the only one in it. However, the door opened to reveal Aurore inside. She didn't mind the painter too much and Kaz seemed to think highly of her, so instead of waiting she joined her and simply went to the other side. The painter was idly playing with a red rose with a long stem that Miyuki assumed was from Kotaru. Aurore's eyes glanced over at the oboist and rose any eyebrow.

"Have you not seen Monsieur Kaz today?" Miyuki had to think about that for a moment before frowning slightly.

"Actually, no I haven't," It was Aurore's turn to frown.

"I was certain that you of all people would also get a rose. He was even kind enough to match them with our favorite colors,"

"So that's where the rose came from," Now that she thought about it, it wasn't that she hadn't seen Kaz it was more like he was actively avoiding her. He's never done that before, could she have upset him in some way?

"If not for you then what was that request for?" Aurore questioned but received no answer, Miyuki was too far into her head to give her one. The silence stretched on until the elevator dinged signaling that they had reached their destination. As soon as the door opened the two were hit with the overwhelming smell of flowers. As they made their way to their rooms the smell only got stronger and stronger. It was almost as if their dorms had been replaced with a meadow filled with sweet smelling flowers. Though once the turned the corner it was clear where the smell was coming from.

"Ah, so that's what it was for," Aurore says with mild surprise, Miyuki, on the other hand, was speechless. On the wall were many many light purple and pink roses forming a large heart around her door and hanging from the top was a pair of marionettes that was a perfect replica of herself and Kaz. The puppet Miyuki even held a small oboe in its hand. The Kaz puppet was holding on to what looked like a card. Veronica came out of Kaz's room and gave the two girls a grin.

"Impressive right? He wouldn't even let us help him," She says as she closes his door. "If he'd done that then he would've been awake to see your reaction," The farmer walks over to the elaborate door and takes the card that the puppet was holding. She walked it over to the still stunned oboist with a smile.

"Here ya go, It doesn't say much but I'm pretty sure the feeling came across anyway," Miyuki took the small card from her hands and the words on it made a bright smile come to her face.

Dear, Mami

I wanted to let you know how much I love you! I hope you like it!



I Give You My Heart

Lindsay wasn't expecting anything on Valentine's day, and she was okay with that. However, Kira insisted that he had to take her to lunch so she had no choice but to oblige him. It was going well in her opinion, Kira was cracking his usual jokes and even played a prank on that poor waiter. Lindsay was having a very good time...and then Kira brought out a traditional Valentine's Day chocolates. The heart-shaped box full of chocolates that everyone tends to get their significant others. It was perfectly harmless...until she opened it.

"Kira...What is this?" Her tone was measured and steady, her eye focused on the item inside the box.

"It's um...my heart?" Once he said that she looked up at him, hoping he would explain. "Okay okay, hear me out!" He says holding his hands up in front of him. "I just didn't wanna get you something normal that would be boring. So I figured I'd go the poetic route I guess?" Lindsay looked down and the heart that was inside the box that clearly came from an animal he had butchered. The thought was...it was nice and she wanted to tell him that...but there was a heart in front of her. She's got to get over that first. "Aw man, you don't like it," He groaned as he slid down in his chair in defeat. "I knew I should have just got flowers or something!" He brought his hockey mask over his face and began to grumble about how much of an idiot he was. Lindsay calmly put the lid back over the heart and relaxed.

"Kira," He slid further down trying to escape whatever it was she was going to say. "Kira, please get up here, this looks silly," At her request, the butcher dragged himself back up but kept his mask down. "Okay, Kira listen. I like... the meaning behind the gift I really do,"

"You do?"

"Yes, I do. I was never really a flower girl anyway," She says with a somewhat forced giggle. That seemed to lift the prankster's spirits enough for him to lift his mask and flash her a large grin. "But can you promise me something?"

"Yea sure anything!"

"Please don't ever give me a heart in a box ever again,"


I'll Be Your Valentine!

Keiko noticed that Robin was feeling sad and that just will not do. Not on her favorite day of the year! This is unacceptable! So she took it upon herself to make sure Robin had a Valentine, even if that Valentine wasn't exactly his type.

"Um, Friend Keiko...what is this?" The witch doctor was holding a red envelope that was sealed with a purple heart sticker. On the front was Robin's name written out beautifully with several drawn hearts around it.

"Just open it!" She urged as she excitedly bounced in place. Robin eyed her suspiciously as he removed the sticker from the back and pulled out the metallic purple card with silver writing on it.

Congratulation !

You have won Keiko Wakahisa as your Valentine for the day! She has reserved a table for you both at the cafe fully equipt with candles and other decors. Your favorite dishes will be served upon the best plates in the back and there will be music playing. After dinner, she has also arranged for a showing of your favorite movies in the ballroom. Keiko really hopes you enjoy your prize!

Happy Valentines Day!

Robin smiled as he read his ticket and once he was finished he was met with Keiko's dazzling smile.

"Weeeeell? Are you ready?" Instead of answering he engulfed the girl in a big hug which she eagerly returned.

"Course I am! I have the best Valentine a guy could ask for!" He says with a big grin. "Let's go to that dinner I'm starving!" He grabs her hand and runs off to the elevator with the grinning novelist trailing right behind him.


Want Some Wine With That?

Kealani tried her hardest. She really did, but cooking is just so hard. And starting fires? That's just what she's good at, it's part of her damn talent. That's why when she took time and effort to cook the farmer a meal, she would at least appreciate it.

"Lani, what the hell is this?" She thought wrong. "I'm pretty sure they banned you from the kitchen for this very reason," Veronica states as she poked at what was supposed to be a stake. The dancer frowned at the comment.

"It's a steak,"

"No it's not," Veronica quickly says with a laugh. "Don't tell me this is a steak, Lani. This is clearly charcoal," She trying to hold in her laughter, though once she tapped the "steak" she lost it. The farmer began to laugh uncontrollably and was even on the verge of tears. Kealani wanted to be offended but, she knew that Veronica wasn't going to eat that. She had no choice but to laugh along with her, so that's what she did.

"Yea that's pretty burned isn't it?" She laughs draping an arm over the lucksters shoulders. Veronica wiped a tear from her eye.

"Lani, I could kill a man with that," She teased with a large grin on her face.

"No, but you could probably kill a man with the other twenty I tossed in the trash,"

"Other twenty?"

"This was the best one," They stared at each other for a moment before they both burst out laughing. Veronica even fell out of her chair to the floor with Kealani right behind her. They laughed together on the ground for a while until they ran out of breath. AS they lay side by side on the ground Veronica made a request.

"Hey, Lani?"


"Don't ever cook again,"

"Probably for the best,"


Finger Painting

Aurore was painting in the indoor garden, enjoying the quiet and serenity of the place. She was focused on the bush filled with beautiful red flowers, painting a garden of them and other red flowers on her canvas. She went to dip the brush in the red paint but was startled by a sudden intruder.

"Wow, Taru isn't it pretty!" She jumped in surprise and knocked her jar of red paint to the ground causing it to shatter and stain the white marble floor.

"Oh no, Kaz! Look what you did! Now it's everywhere!"

"Oops," Aurore looked up from the red mess on the ground and turned in her stool to the two new visitors the had shattered her peaceful silence. Kotaru looked as if he might cry and Kazuro who held an embarrassed grin.

"It's alright," Aurore says quietly. She knew the boys meant no harm but that doesn't mean she is very happy about the mess on the floor or her quiet being ruined. It must have shown on her face because Kaz instantly got down on the floor and started cleaning up the shards of the broken jar.

"Don't worry about this Aura, we'll clean it up!"

"We!?" Kotaru squeaked and was going to protest more until Aurore removed her jacket. He held his arms out in front of him to stop her from getting up. "No! He was right we'll clean it!" Then the boy drops to the floor to help Kazuro pick up the pieces of glass. The painter sighed and left them to it, deciding now would be a good time to get a snack. She left the room and also left her jacket neatly folded on the stool. She gave them thirty minutes before she went back into the room, intent on finishing her painting without distraction this time. Aurore expected the room to be clean, but what she didn't expect were two paintings laid out on the floor for her. Kazurou and Kotaru and both torn one page each from her canvas pad, using them to create their own bouquet of red flowers made from their handprints. It looked more like a murder scene on a page honestly but it had made her smile. They even left a note for her.

Sorry again Aura!

Didn't want to waste the paint so we made you some pictures!

Kaz and Kotaru :)

How could she stay upset with them after that?


Let me Light that For you

Hotaru was very annoyed. Not only was it the dead of night but Tatum of all people asked her to go down to the ballroom. Now, under normal circumstances, she would ignore him but something about this request made her curious. Which is why she was down in the lobby and on her way to the ballroom. She paused however once she heard the elevator ding.

"Hotaru?" The president turned to see Kotaru behind her apparently going in the same direction. "W-W-What are-"

"What are you doing here?" She demanded cutting off his question.

"T-T-Tatum told me t-too!" He squeaked out shielding himself from her stare with his arms. Hotaru glared at him then rolled her eyes and continued on her way. She already made it this far, might as well see what the drunkard wanted.

"Well you both certainly took your time," Tatum comments as he takes a swig of the bottle in his hand. "I was beginning to think that this was a waste," He pushes his body off the wall he was leaning on and made his way towards them. "Come on then, right this way," He says ushering them into the dark room. He guided them to the center and instructed them to stay there.

"Whatever this is finish it quickly, you reek of alcohol,"

"Oh that's not me hun, that's the help that Kotaru asked for,"

"I asked for help?" Hotaru could here Tatum messing with something when she heard a familiar flip of a lighter lid.

"Kotaru told me he wanted to give you a special Valentine and I recall that you have a liking of fire," In the darkness, Hotaru turns to the author for an answer of some sort. Wait. How did Tatum know she liked fire?

"Oh, that help! B-B-But Tatum, what does fire have to do with anything?" As if to answer his question the doctor dropped the light lighter to the ground which sparked a fire. Kotaru squeaked in surprise but Hotaru's golden eyes were trained on the flame and followed it's journey along the ground. It took her a moment to realized that she and Kotaru were no standing within a heart of flame.

"You're welcome water fountain," Tatum says as he lights a cigarette on the flame. "Don't worry about putting it out, it'll do that on its own," He takes a drag from his cigarette and turned to leave. "I'll leave you, two crazy kids, alone now, don't do anything I wouldn't Kotaru~,"


"I JUST WANTED TO DO SOMETHING FOR YOU FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!" Kotaru wailed suddenly his face a noticeable bright red even within the dying fire.

"And I appreciate it,"

"I DIDN'T THINK- Wait for what?" The fire was now completely gone so the two were once again in the darkness. "Y-Y-You actually l-l-like it?"

"Yea, I do," Hotaru says with a small smile and a blush he would never see. "I guess you're not a complete tub of lard after all,"


Smile For Me

Hatsumi was having a good day. It was Valentine's Day and that was always a great day to take a few pictures. However, the most elusive picture yet was a picture of Roman's smile. That boy stayed stone-faced during everything it's like he's a robot! She was determined to get that smile, no matter what it took. Which is why she was currently sitting in the lounge waiting for the stoic Russian to at least giggle. So far all he did was huff occasionally which was slowly driving her insane.

"How long do you intend to follow me around?" Roman asks from the couch across from her, he didn't even bother to look up from his book. "It's becoming annoying,"

"I'll leave once you crack a smile," That made him look up only to glare at her. She stuck her tongue out in return. "That's the only way I'll leave," She states, defiantly crossing her arms. He frowned and snapped his book closed.

"That is all you need?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A real smile Roman, not one of your cocky smirks," He gave her the very smirk she was talking about and she frowned. "Seriously?" She huffed and moved to sit next to him. "Just one smile Roman is all I want from you,"

"I don't smile on command,"

"Fine then you, leave me no choice," She brought her red digital camera out from its clip and set a timer, though Roman was unaware of that. She placed the camera on the arm of the couch, making sure it was facing Roman. "I'm just gonna have to make you smile,"

"I'd like to see you try," He challenged but was unprepared when she hugged him from behind and placed her chin on his shoulder.

"I want you to remember that you asked for this," Before he could respond the camera beeped twice and then Hatsumi tickled his sides causing him to laugh suddenly.




Hatsumi released him once she heard the camera and went to see how the pictures came out. She smiled at the screen pleased at the result. She had captured Roman laughing uncontrollably as she gave a big grin. She smiled at him as he glared daggers at her.

"See? That wasn't so hard was it?"


Hide and Seek

Levy had been working on this all day making sure nothing would go wrong. He tweaked it, he tested it and tweaked it again until it was perfect. And now it was time to see if all that hard work had paid off. Now if only he could find the luckster. He had asked Kealani where she was.

"Pretty sure she went to the gym for a bit,"

However, when he got there, Lindsay was the only one there. The Wing Chung Master informed him that Veronica had gotten hungry so she went to the cafe.

"She worked up quite the appetite so went to grab some food,"

Nope. Not there either. He even checked the kitchen but only found Kaz, Kotaru, Aurore, and Miyuki. He had asked them the same question and received several different answers.

"I-I-I think she w-w-went to the l-l-lounge?"

"I recall that she went to the casino,"

"Ronnie went to take a nap with Lani!"

"Perhaps she returned to sa chambre (her room)?"

He checked all of those places and still could not find her. He was beginning to think she wasn't even here, which would ruin his plans. He just had to keep searching, if he looked everywhere then there's no way he could miss her. His journey leads him to the showroom where Hotaru and Roman were engaged in a chess game on the stage while Hatsumi took pictures of the event. He wondered if they knew where she had gone.

"Why would I know where that oaf is?"

"Sorry Levy, she hasn't been here,"

"You simply aren't looking hard enough,"

None of them were very helpful so he decided to just leave them. He wandered into the ballroom and noticed that Kira was there messing with something, probably a prank. He figured it wouldn't hurt to ask him.

"You know, I don't think I've seen her all day,"

Great, another dead end. This was starting to get old. How hard was it to find an entire person!? She's the Ultimate Luckster not the Ultimate Magician for christ sake! But Levy was not going to give up until he gave her this gift, even if it killed him! He traveled to the arcade room but surprise, she wasn't there either. The only people he found there were Tatum, Robin, and Keiko playing some sort of shooting game together. It looked like only Tatum knew what to do since Keiko was just shooting randomly and Robin shot with his eyes closed. He hoped at least one of them could tell him where the luckster was.

"Barbarian? Can't say I've seen her,"

"Darn it! Um, Veronica - Seriously, how did I miss!?"

"Me and Friend Keiko saw her sleeping in the garden,"

Levy ran at breakneck speed to the room across the hall making sure he would catch her this time. And there she was, laying amongst the flowers with a plate of sweets beside her.

"Veronica I've been looking all over for you!" He declared as he made his way towards her, carefully avoiding the flowers. She had her eyes closed at first until she realized who it was. So she rose from her laying position to a sitting one.

"I've just been here most of the day," She says with a shrug. "The flowers remind me of home," Levy could have punched himself in the gut right at that moment. Of course, she enjoys the garden, it's the only thing that reminds her of outside. Oh Dios mío, he should have just come here first! "So what did you need?"

"I...I made you something!" He grins at her as he digs into his pocket to fish out the small silver box that he had worked so hard on. She eyed it curiously as he wound it up, and opened the lid. Once he did the tune of 'Down By The Bay' began to play and the farmer's eyes light up. There was a smile on her face throughout the entire song which made him smile as well. When it ended she tackled the engineer in a big hug that he wasn't prepared for causing him to fall back to the ground.

"So I guess you like it?" He asked with a laugh.

"I love it!" She shouts, squeezing him tighter. " I used to sing this with Ty all the time!"

"I know," He said with a laugh. "That's why I made it," She got off of him with a bright blush on her face so that he could get up as well. "I remember you telling me that," Veronica could do nothing but smile at that.

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