While searching the challenge forums of whitetigerwolf, I decided to accept their Protector challenge, a WBWL story, but with Harry and his rather dark paramour (anything from a villain to an antihero) having to head back to Britain to stop Voldemort. Deciding on the right pairing was difficult: I considered X-23, aka Laura Howlett/Kinney from X-Men, but found my wherewithal to write it down lacking.

But then, I considered another possibility. While I am yet to read up to her scenes in Black Lagoon, I found whitetigerwolf's suggestion of Sawyer the Cleaner intriguing. So, I decided to give that a shot. The first attempt, Killing Floor, got rave reviews from the sample chapter posted in The Cauldron, but I was dissatisfied with the way the story was turning out. So I decided to step back, rethink it, and rewrite it.

Remember, do not send me challenges. I may have accepted the one above, but I generally don't, with the ones I do being exceptions to the rule. Anyway, I haven't adhered to ALL of the criteria for the challenge, as you'll find out.

Anyway, time for the usual disclaimers. Firstly, there will be spoilers for both Harry Potter and Black Lagoon. In addition, there will be James Potter and Sirius-bashing at the least. These characters in particular are going to be way darker than in canon, or indeed any of my own works…save maybe for Verdant Magic for James.

Secondly, there will be heavy annotations, as is usual for my works. You have been warned.

Thirdly, this is an M-Rated work. There will be coarse language, violence, very dark themes and sexual references. Again, you have been warned.

Finally, the following is a fan-written work. Harry Potter and Black Lagoon are the properties of their respective owners. Please support the official release. Otherwise, Sawyer will set to you with a chainsaw…