The Way of the Jedi

A/N: This is a new "Star Wars" story. I have seen a story or two where Luke and Leia are triplets with another sibling. This is another "Triplet" story. And I like to think the Jedi Order didn't completely be destroyed by Vader and Palpatine with only Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi as the survivors.

Chapter 1- The Death of the Republic and the Hologram

Talon Orran watched in agony as the clone troopers slaughtered his friend Saks Miron. Saks and Talon were in their final year as Padawan learners. Like Master Yoda, Saks was the best lightsaber duelist in the temple. Never mind that she was a female and not even twenty, but she had the heart of the Jedi that the seasoned masters had liked. But now it didn't matter as Saks was dead. Talon wondered if his master, Plo Koon had survived or if the attacks were just here at the temple. When Talon had awoken this morning, he had had no idea that so many Jedi would fall this day. Talon made his way to the hanger, hoping that the Force shielded him from the clone troopers and Anakin Skywalker.

Master Skywalker's betrayal of the Jedi caused a fresh surge of agony. Especially when he saw Skywalker murder the youngest Padawans; those not even five yet. "Get a grip, Orran. You can't mourn yet," Talon whispered softly, blinking his cobalt-blue eyes. Talon then drew on the Force and felt the Force fill him with comfort as he slipped into the cockpit of a ship and picked up the radio mike. "Hello? This is Padawan learner Talon Orran, Is anyone out there?" Talon asked, mentally asking the Force that some of the Jedi were still alive.

"Padawan, alive, you still are?" Yoda's voice came over the radio. Talon gave a sharp cry.

"Master, yes. The clone troopers killed everyone. I managed to slip to the hangar," Talon said, unclipping his lightsaber.

"Padawan, this is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Can you meet me and Yoda at the front of the Jedi temple?" Obi-Wan's precise voice asked.

"I shall try, my masters. The clones are still out there and I wasn't the best duelist in the temple," Talon said, opening the canopy with the Force and taking a Force-leap out and igniting his lightsaber. He ran to the front of the Jedi temple and cut down the troopers. He breathed a huge sigh of relief as he saw Yoda and Obi-Wan.

"Padawan, can you explain this?" Obi-Wan asked.

"I wish I could, Master Kenobi, Master Yoda. It all happened so suddenly. I was in the library with Jocasta Nu when the troopers came in and first killed her. I slipped out with Saks while I heard screaming," Talon said, tears falling down his face.

"Calm, you must be, Padawan," Yoda said, touching Talon's booted foot in a comforting gesture.

"Freeze, Jedi!" A sharp voice ordered. Talon thumbed his lightsaber on and firmed his thin lips as Yoda and Obi-Wan did the same. With a Force leap, Talon then jumped, spinning his lightsaber around. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Obi-Wan and Yoda do the same acrobats. As soon as the last clone trooper was dispatched, Yoda grunted and powered down his lightsaber.

"Come, Padawan, Master Kenobi. Into the temple we must go," Yoda said. They walked into the temple, Talon feeling the grief as he looked at all the slain Jedi on the marble floor.

"Not even the Younglings survived," Obi-Wan said as they looked at the bodies of the children.

"No. I saw with my own eyes as even those not old enough to be accountable for wrong were murdered, my master," Talon said as he pulled the hood of his Jedi cloak over his head.

"Killed not by clones, this Padawan. By a lightsaber he was," Yoda said, standing in front of the body of a boy about seven or eight. Talon had always liked the children and could be seen playing with the younglings when he wasn't on a mission with Master Plo. Talon couldn't believe he would never play with the younglings again. Never have them beg him for stories or all of them clamor to sit on his lap. Since those of the Jedi Order were forbidden marriage, these younglings were the closest Talon ever had to brothers and sisters and later children of his own. All this death now made Talon feel older than his 22 years.

"Master Yoda, what do we do?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Find the signal we must, calling all Jedi back to the temple," Yoda said gravely.

"It's in the library. I saw the clone troopers put it in," Talon said.

"Can you show us, Talon?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Yes, Master. Come this way," Talon said as they walked to the communications center in the library.

"Master, who? Who could have done this?" Obi-Wan asked Yoda as Talon pulled open the panel revealing the distress call that had sprung the trap on them.

"Knows the Padawan does," Yoda said, pointedly.

"Let's recalibrate this first, my masters. Then I will tell you what I know," Talon said.

Obi-Wan stepped in front of the panel and recalibrated the code. "I have recalibrated the code, warning all surviving Jedi to stay away," Obi-Wan said after fifteen minutes.

"For the clones to discover the recalibration a long time it will take," Yoda said.

"It will be enough, my master. They won't even know where to find us," Talon said, clipping his lightsaber to his leather belt as Obi-Wan went to the holocam station.

"Wait. Master. There is something I must know. Padawan, you know who did this?" Obi-Wan asked Talon.

"Yes, Master. But it would be better if you saw," Talon said, going to the camera feeds. Obi-Wan was close behind him.

"If into the security recordings you go only pain will you find," Yoda warned as the Talon fiddled with the knobs.

"I must know the truth, Master," Obi-Wan said as the feed flickered to life.

After a few images a hologram of Anakin Skywalker, with his hood off, killing younglings flashed in front of them. "It can't be," Obi-Wan said, stunned.

"It is, Master. I saw Anakin kill the younglings myself," Talon said, as tears streamed down his eyes.

"It can't be," Obi-Wan said again.

"You have done well, my new apprentice. Now, Lord Vader, go and bring peace to the Empire," a hooded figure that was clearly Palpatine said.

"I can't watch any more," Obi-Wan said, turning off the feed.

"Destroy the Sith we must," Yoda said with finality.

"Send me to kill the Emperor. I will not kill Anakin," Obi-Wan said.

"To fight this Lord Sidious, strong enough you and the Padawan are not," Yoda said.

"He is like my brother. I cannot do it," Obi-Wan said sadly.

"Twisted by the dark side young Skywalker has become. The boy you trained gone he is. Consumed by Darth Vader," Yoda said, hobbling on his cane.

"I do not know where the Emperor has sent him. I don't know where to look," Obi-Wan said.

"Use your feelings, Obi-Wan, and find him you will. Come, Padawan. New assignment I have for you. A part of the royal house of Alderaan you will become. A Jedi protector Senator Organa has said he needs to protect his family," Yoda said. Talon followed the aged master down the hall.

"But, Master Yoda, I am not a full Jedi Knight yet," Talon said.

"Mere a formality it is, Jedi Orran. Change clothes and cut hair you must," Yoda said.

"Yes, my master. I guess my Jedi robes and Padawan's braid would give me away," Talon said as he stepped into his quarters and began to cut his hair and change his clothes.

Talon stepped out of his quarters for the last time and clipped his lightsaber to his belt. It felt different to be wearing civilian clothing and his dark brown hair cut. "Look like civilian you do, Jedi Orran," Yoda said.

"Yes, my master. Now where do I meet Senator Organa?" Talon asked.

"Take you to him, I will. Says going to Polis Massa, he is. To Polis Massa you go and wait you will for Obi-Wan and me," Yoda said.

"Yes, Master. May the Force be with you," Talon said.

"And with you, Jedi Orran," Yoda said as they left the temple.