Disclaimer : I don't own the CSI characters they belong totally to someone else.
Author : Bigearsbabe
Rating : PG (some mild language)
Spolier : Lady Heathers Box
Summary : Just my take on what Jim Brass may have been thinking during 'that' scene. Please R & R

Damn it's warm in here.

Well she's a looker I'll give her that.

Questions, right, erm c'mon Jim think.

Oh God I wish she wouldn't look at me like that.

What the hell is she doing?

Pleeease stay in your chair.

How long are those legs?

***And the way he gave it to me***

That's it the edge of the desk'll do nicely.

Wonder how often she waxes. Smooth job.

***Believe me***

I do, I do. That's it baby pull that belt that passes as a skirt down as far as it'll go

***I'm the last person***

Is that blood on her heel?

Damn it's really warm in here today.

***Who'd wanna see him dead.***

Holy shit!

Does she know she has no underwear on?

Don't complain idiot, it's gotta be at least a year since you got this close to a woman without paying for
her to flash something at yer!

Thank you God.

(Knock at door. It's Grissom)

***Excuse me Jim. Am I interrupting something?***

Hell yes.

***Gil, please***

The big guy had to go interrupt. How suprising.

What is he talking about hair?

This guy must be made of stone not to take up on a come on like that.

Wow, the heating's really screwed up in here, it's damn warm.

***Miss, are you a natural blonde?***

Why look at me to answer for you?

Don't you look at me either pal.

No I am not gonna answer this one.

No, don't look at me like that.

Either of you.

Damn it's warm in here.

Am I blushing?

(Brass shakes his head)

I really do need to speak with maintainence. Damn it's warm in here.