As he regained his breath, Sammy noticed something, after a few seconds of being on earth he realized...He couldn't see.
"Whats going on?! Everything is dark!" he exclaimed He found after moving his eyes around that he could still see in areas where there was gaps in his mask and the cut he made to breath.
"I have a theory." said Zell, she had gotten used to Sammy in the time he took to rest. "Mabye you could only see through those eye areas while your in your world. I mean in this world if you wore a mask with no eyeholes you'd naturally not be able to see." She walked over to him and reached for his mask. "I'm sure that if you just-" she reached farther "Hold it there!" he grabbed her arm before she touched his mask "I'll remove it..but you can't freak out, I'm very ugly under this."
"Okay..I'm sure your not that disgusting, Ive seen worse."

He turned around, it was also at this moment that Zell realized that Sammy had quite abit of muscle on him since he entered her home.
"Dude, you are ripped!"

"Am I?" he asked retorically "I guess doing the same thing over and over tends to work the muscles, yknow I actually died multiple times, but in my spare time with players who start on chapter 1 I work out abit, does it really show now?" He unrapped the thing keeping his mask on. as he turned around Zell prepared for the worst...Only to see that despite him having a monstrous face..he didn't look quite that bad, infact with the muscles, and the somewhat gorgeous face, he looked the perfect catch. or mabye just alittle below that.

"I'm ugly arn't I?" He looked sad, mistaking her open wide mouth for shock at how horrid he must look "go ahead with the nicknames..."

"M...M..." she began

"I knew it! I'm hideous!, I'm putting the mask back on!" as he began to put it back on he heard "Monster Jesus Christ himself!" she calmed herself down before saying "And I mean it as a compliment."

He observed himself in a mirror. "Yknow...I kinda see it." He flexed abit, he was still thin but he looked abit more muscular.

"Okay Mr Adonis, Can you tell me what your doing in my apartment at around 12:00 AM?" she asked

"I came through your computer, you were there."

"I mean how and why."


Thus Sammy went into a well acted portrayal of how he ended up where he did, though he only shared his point of view as he can't know what happened fully.

"TV people and Turned Searchers, as well as Ink Bendy being Joey Drew, uh this is not the day I thought I'd have a sugar hangover.."

as she finished speaking a middle aged man opened the door carrying a 44.4 Magnum gun. As he saw Sammy he let out the words "Handsome Demon!"
before aiming his gun at him.
Zell jumped in front of him "wait wait, Craig this is Sammy Lawrence from BATIM!"
"Wait he plays?" asked Sammy "Its kinda a thing around these parts, Ink City got its name because one of the scientists who built this place played and thought to himself that it could be used as a power source."
"The Game?"
"No the Ink dumbass."
Craig lowered his gun for a moment to look at Sammy. "I need some proof, he has way too much muscle and he's not wearing a mask.
"You mean this?" said Sammy as he held up his mask to his face and said "Can I get a Amen?"
"It is him!" his face went from astonishment to stern in a second "Zell you havn't been breaking the laws have you?"
"Laws?" Sammy asked "Its forbidden to do anything to bring cartoons and animation or video games to life because the same scientist I mentioned also was afraid the game would happen in real life, so with the Goverments help they established the Rules of Ink City."
"Sorry but I didn't bring him here Craig." she looked him in the eyes so he could tell she wasn't lying."
"Okay, let me tell the mob that." he turned around and aimed his voice to the hallway. "IT WASN"T HER GUYS."
the sounds of the disapointed mob could be heard through the floor boards.
"Damn I brought my best pitchforks and torches too."
"Can we check again?"
"I missed my ass lift for this?"
"Lets all invest in a elevator..for this..building!"
"AGREED" they all said "Meet us downstairs, and bring Sammy Lawrence along, even if you didn't do it He wasn't the only one to apear, I'll explain downstairs."


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