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The first time she reacted to his puns was after he saved her from an akuma. Her unimpressed look and eye roll made his heart flutter. She acted like his Lady! Not that he was comparing her to Ladybug -he just noticed it- she was very witty absolutely witty.

"I got you Purr-incess, you are abso-lute-ly safe." It wasn't his fault that the akuma gave him pun opportunities -also due to the akuma being a musical type- he could see her unimpressed look, made him wonder, if he punned around other girls -and boys if he adds-, they would squeal and laugh. But her it was totally different.

"Really? Two in a row? I should've known you would go around punning in the inappropriate time," she rolled her eyes crossing her arms.

He stood there, his lips curve into a smile. He liked this side of Marinette, if only she showed this in his civilian form.

The first time they worked together was in the Evillustrator incident. He was amazed by her resourcefulness and how she handled the akuma well -without running off terrified- he knew she was brave no she was more than brave.

"Good job, Princess," he congratulated, noticing the pink in her prominent cheeks.

"You too Chat," she slightly mumbled.

The first time they actually met without a reason to rescue her or anything was at the park. He was given an afternoon break so he decided to spend that in the park as Chat Noir -after pleads and camembert for Plagg-

Sitting on a random tree, he recognised a familiar blue haired designer, who coincidentally sat on a bench bellow the tree he sat.

With a grin. "Good afternoon Princess!" He greeted from up above, the girl below the tree flinched, startled.

Looking up the tree she gave him a smile. "Good afternoon Chat, um what are you doing up there?" She asked, gesturing the tree.

A chuckle escape his lips. "Well, I had an afternoon break so why not spend it in a tree at the park. It's pretty nice up here," -reaching up his hand to her he grinned- "Care to join?" He asked.

Marinette looked hesitant before nodding. "S-sure…is it safe up there?" She asked, reaching for his hand.

"Most de-fur-nitely." She glared for a moment before letting him pull her up at the tree. He let's her sit at the extra space of the branch as they stared at the people below the park, luckily no one noticed a hero and a civilian up on a tree.

They sat there in peace, no interruptions, that is until his Miraculous beeped. 'Thanks so much Plagg,' he sadly thought.

'Sorry to interrupt your date with the princess,' a voice said in his head, making him flush.

'Shut up, it's not a date'

'Yeah right,' Plagg snorted in his head.

"Um Chat? Are you alright?" Marinette asked, concern and worry in her face. With a cough, he turned to Marinette, his cheeks turning back to his their hue.

"Yeah, sorry bout' that princess."

She smiled, he yet again felt flutters in his stomach,confusing him. "Then we should go now, your…ring is beeping," she pointed at his ring.

A sheepish smile on his face. "We have to cut this moment short Princess, I only have a few minutes left, so let's go," he reached his hand to her, which she accepts.

People down at the park looked confuse. They saw Chat Noir and a girl jump down from a tree. Chat's hand securely wrapped on her waist.

"Goodbye Princess."

"Bye Chat."

They left like nothing happened.

The first time he visited her was after the tree incident. He knew he should've been careful on making appearances.

Someone caught them on the tree and took a various pictures of them, even a perfectly good shot of her taking his hand.

The headlines were big.

Mystery Girl spotted with Paris' Feline Hero.

The articles and news questioned, who this girl is and if they were dating. Why couldn't they assume that they're good friends? Best friends? Anything but Lovers or in a relationship.

Not that he didn't want to date her or anything, she was perfect, she was kind and selfless and more than one way to describe her. But he didn't feel the same way and he doubts she feels the same for him too. He had his Lady and Marinette probably has someone in her life too.

Arriving at Marinette's balcony, he hesitated into knocking. What would his Lady say about this?

'Just knock idiot.' Plagg's voice said in his head, ignoring Plagg, he took a deep breath before knocking on her trap door.



He heard shuffling and a thud inside her room. The trapdoor opened revealing a slightly dishevelled Marinette, probably tripped her way up the balcony

"What are you doing here?" She asked her voice showing annoyance.

He feels bad for her. She must be mad at him for the incident, well who wouldn't?

"I-I'm sorry, I know I should've been careful, sorry Princess," he apologised, feeling the drop of his cat ears, his head hung low.

Marinette smiled softly. "I-It's alright Chat, they just mistook it as a…date and saying we're in a…relationship." He looked up at her, her cheeks pink. Saying date and relationship made it worst, he laughed.

"Wha-what are you laughing about?" She asked, her cheeks turning crimson not even daring to look at him. She crossed her arms and looked away from him.

"N-nothing Princess, I just find your reaction funny at the word date and relationship. You blush so easily," he teased, suddenly feeling her light punch on his shoulder.

"Dork," she muttered.

He wiggled his brows at her, flexing a bit. "Aw, aren't you honoured that people assumed you're dating a hero?" He asked, before dropping his ego when she frowned.

"I-I'm sorry, it's just a joke and…I'll make it up to you. We'll ask Al- I mean your blogger friend an interview to explain the whole mess," he said sincerely, she soon lifted up her face her smile and prominent cheeks turning back to normal.



Their first interview together was a hassle. Everyone was so excited about the interview, even Chloe.

So there they sat, Marinette and Chat coincidentally on the settee next to each other, while Alya sat on the couch.

"So we have rumours about you two, are you two in a relationship?" Alya excitedly asked.

Marinette gulped while Chat chuckled. "We aren't in a relationship, I can assure you I'm a one Lady cat," he winked at the camera while Marinette rolled her eyes.

"Do you have a say in this Mari?" Alya asked.

"He's right we aren't in a relationship, we're just friends," she answered, feeling Chat's smile gazing at her. "Good friends."

"So what were you two doing at the park? Plus on a tree and holding hands?" Alya asked, the question getting more juicier.

"We weren't exactly holding hands, the alley cat was just helping me up the tree and it wasn't a date. He invited me on the tree. Since it was his break," Marinette answered giggling at her new nickname for him.

"Alley cat? Princess you wound me!" He dramatically clutched his chest as he fanned himself.

This raised a few brows.

"Princess?" Alya asked, amusement written on her face. "When did that became a thing?"

Chat and Marinette flushed. Chat just revealed something that can ruin the whole just friends explanation.

"'s just a nickname," Chat said, relieved at his answer.

Alya smirked. "So you're just friends,huh. Tell me Chat, do you invite random girls on a tree?"

Chat sputtered, how dare she. Marinette was the first. "N-no! Mari's a good friend plus I enjoy her company." Marinette smiled.

"What about Ladybug? Do you not enjoy her company?" Marinette looked at Chat, his ears dropping and he sighed.

"It's different with My Lady, Marinette's different okay, don't compare them with each other," he said sincerely, his expression was all too serious.

"So that's a no in your relationship?" Alya once again asked.

"Yes we're just good friends, we should go. The interview's getting personal," Marinette firmly said, before standing up and taking Chat's hand. "Thank you for your time at our interview, we should get going."

With that they both exited the building. Ignoring their classmates and friends peep at the interviewees.

Marinette and Chat soon left, with him escorting her to her home. Leaving both of them in comfortable silence on their way to the bakery.

The first time he talked to Ladybug about Marinette was when he was waiting for Ladybug to arrive on their meeting spot for patrol. His feet dangling on the edge of the roof he sat.

He wasn't quiet sure how his Lady would react to the whole mess. He was sure she would be mad, for all he knew she might be a target for Hawkmoth and it's all his fault.

Deep in his thoughts, he hadn't notice the pitter-patter of light footsteps.

Ladybug stood behind him, she poked on his shoulder, startling him.

"M-Mi-Milady! You're here already?" He exclaimed out of surprise.

Ladybug giggled and sat next to him.

"I'm sorry for not being careful at appearances. I think I put her in trouble. I'm sorry My Lady," he said, his head hung low, refusing to meet his gaze.

Ladybug gave him a soft smile. "A-at least you and Marinette clarified the issue. Though why did you visit her though, why did you invited her on the…tree," she asked, that question had been on her mind. When the tree incident was released, boy did she go on a anxiety breakdown. She lost her chance with Adrien. Well not totally after she -as Marinette- and Chat explained the whole mess in the interview, though forums keep arguing about it. What the hell is MariChat anyways?

Chat smiled, his gaze on directed to the tower. "I consider her as a good friend, after the Evillustrator incident she showed me a side that I never knew about her. She's witty,resourceful,selfless,comfortable to be with, the list goes on. She doesn't talk to me that much at school,so I wanted to make a friend to her,as Chat that is. We're already friends in my civilian form, but as Chat it's different." Ladybug was in awe at his whole speech about her. She didn't know that's what he feels about her, let alone as Marinette. He also spilled a few details about his civilian self and she was sure she didn't have a pun making friend, let alone another green eyed blonde. She smiled at him.

"That's very sweet of you Chat, though I think you fell for this…Marinette girl," she teased, she weirded out by her statement though, she already has one alley cat that fell for her ego, not her civilian self too.

Chat blushed, if she was correct it was light pink. Rubbing the back of his neck, he sheepishly chuckled. "I did not fell for her. I admire her and treat her as a good friend, besides I'm a Ladybug only Cat," he winked. Thank goodness, though deep in her heart, she felt this pang of disappointment.

Silence reigned over them. Ladybug then stood up, followed by Chat.

"Let's get this patrol started Chat," she said, stretching her arms.

"Yeah…oh and um My Lady? Do you mind if I well visit her at night? It's not scandalous okay! I just wanted to visit her. Check on her," he sheepishly asked, face burning. He already knew what her answer was gonna be. She would say…


He sputtered. Did his Lady just said that? "W-wait what? You agree? I mean- I just want to check on her, you know." Ladybug already feels regret at her answer, but her kitty cat only wanted a friend.

"Just don't make it an everyday thing and make sure to make the "check up" will be quick," she instructed.

Chat beamed, nodding his head enthusiastically. "Yes! Of course My Lady! It won't take long! I'll start my check up tomorrow! Since I have homework to finish!" He jumped up and down on the roof. Looking like an excited puppy, no kitty.

"Let's just go for patrol Chat."

She already regretted her decision, but decided to go along with it and Tikki would probably give her a scolding about this. Besides her kitty needed a friend and it's not like he would come by everyday, right?