Marinette glanced sideways as she walked through the hallways. The halls were crowded with students, and the chaos was so perfect, like a movie. But as she passed the chaotic hall silenced, students whispering and pointing directly at her. She was starting to wonder if she did something wrong if she was the center of the gossip.

Maybe she was wearing mismatched shoes or she could be naked right now and she hadn't noticed?! She quickly glanced down and sighed in relief, snorting at herself for thinking silly things.

On the bright side, she was still wearing clothes, thank god.

She saw familiar wavy hair and without a second thought jogged to her. Alya! She thought, maybe she has some clues to why this morning was full of... questioning looks.

As she jogged her way to her best friend Alya saw her and cut off her conversation with Nino and turned greeting her with a smile and wave.

Then the said smile of her best friend turned into a sly smirk. With the sudden change on Alya's features, a dread came to Marinette, she slowly backed away but it was too late. Alya was already approaching her.

"Marinette," she greeted, Marinette already knows where this is going and gulped. So, is it true?"

True? "Wh-what's true Alya?" Oh god, what if, what if all the stares she had been getting is because they figured it out.

"Oh you know." Alya grinned. "About you and Chat Noir?"

"What?" The dread she had been feeling vanished and was replaced with the thought of the dorky cat who hang around her in the dead of night and some confusion.

"Oh you know, when he romantically cradled you in his arms?" Alya said wiggling her eyebrows.

Nino rolled his eyes at his girlfriend's antics. "Mind her Mari, but everyone's been talking about how Chat rescued you from the akuma yesterday."

"He just rescued me, doesn't he rescue people everyday?" Marinette remarked, feeling unwell at the thought of people assuming her and Chat yet at the same time she felt something thrilling about the assumption.

"Yes, but he rescued you bridal style! Plus you two acted like love birds when he dropped you off that building! The video says everything~" Alya sing-sang and handed Marinette her phone, showing her the video.

The video was shaky and windy. They were on top of a building The camera spun around to show the people who evacuated there. It was mostly chatters among the evacuees before they heard a high pitched scream. Chat Noir landed with a maiden in his hands, who was Marinette. He gently landed her on the ground.

Marinette cringed, they forgot that there were other people around to witness them.

You sure you're alright, Princess?" Chat had asked.

"Yeah, just a bit shaken up," Marinette answered, she glanced behind him where the akuma was still causing havoc."Shouldn't you, I dunno, save Paris?"

"But I wanna make sure my princess is alright before leaving." Chat practically purred. This was probably what gave it away.

"Uh-huh whatever you say Kitty. You should go. "

"Whatever my princess commands."

Marinette snorted, "Do you really have to call me that all the time?

"Of course! You're my purr-incess after all."

"Just go and save the day Chat Noir."

"But he called you Princess," Nino added a crowd forming around them nodding and murmuring in agreement.

Marinette felt her face go red because one, from the attention and two, from the topic of her and Chat.

"I-It's an inside joke!"

"Since when did you and Chat Noir have inside jokes?" Nino asked.

Alya pulled her arm off Marinette's shoulder. "That just proves that you've been seeing a lot to have inside jokes!"

"It's nothing like that!" Marinette blurted out.

Adrien happened to pass by, slipped through the crowd. "What's nothing like that?" he asked. Marinette squeaked, flushed.

Alya pulled out her phone, showing him her Ladyblog. "You know, how Marinette and Chat Noir are cute together and how Paris ships them! It's been growing crazy since yesterday!"

Adrien choked, covering it with coughing as his friends stared at him in confusion and concern. "Er, do they now?" He hasn't seen the Ladyblog since yesterday. He glanced at Marinette worriedly, wondering how she's feeling. She's a bit red, he noticed. She's flustered, he grinned, what a perfect opportunity for a tease tonight.

"Yeah, and we've been badgering Marinette about it," Nino replied before clutching his side as Alya nudged him.

"Say that word again and you're dead."

Marinette felt uncomfortable with all the stares and now Adrien's here too. "Oh look at the time!" She stammered, moving away from the crowd. "Bye!" she called out, before sprinting out the door. Adrien was still worried about her. She must have felt overwhelmed.

"I can badger her later." Nino crossed his arm, giving a pointed look at Alya.

"Now you're the one using the word."

Adrien rolled his eyes at the couple's antics. The two of them strolled off bickering, after giving Adrien goodbyes.

He stared at the direction where Marinette went, sighing as he continued the other way.


At night around 11 Marinette was still awake when someone rapped at the door above her bed.

She looked up, registering a masked face with blond hair. For a moment she thought it was Adrien, now that she thinks about it, Chat and Adrien do look similar.

She didn't notice that she was staring until Chat was grinning mouthing a lame pick up line. She opened the door, cold air hitting her face, her bangs fluttering.

Chat watched in silence, resisting the urge to touch her hair.

"So Marichat huh," he started earning a deadpanned look from Marinette. "What? I think it's cute that Paris ships us," he said lightening the mood.

"You carried me in bridal style in one akuma attack and now Paris ships us together," she remarked dryly. "And apparently I stole you away from Ladybug." She read the articles and comments about it and some of them say that she has stolen Chat from Ladybug.

How ironic for them to think so.

"Ah yes, they say that you are my mistress! And we are star crossed lovers! What a love story we have," Chat said, fanning himself dramatically. He read the articles too, huh.

Marinette giggled. "Indeed we have, a love that no one can beat!" She played along. She thinks those rumours are so wrong, well since when were rumors right? They're all silly stories that are untrue.

"The story of how, I the dashing Chat Noir cheated on Ladybug." Marinette stifled a laugh. People and drama nowadays. "To be with a princess! A love that is star crossed and forbidden!" They continued to play along, mocking whatever rumours they could find, re-enacting them. Marinette leaned the railings, with Chat Noir sitting on them just staring down whatever view Paris has to offer.

Marinette hummed in thought, staring down below her balcony, "Do you think the whole 'shipping' fiasco will die down?"

"Maybe? We'll just have to wait for a week or two. Since you know how our fan base is. But I'm pretty sure Marichat will never die down."

Marinette snorted, "And why's that?"

Chat leaned down, their faces were close enough that their foreheads were inches away from each other.

"Our love is unforgettable."

With that, Marinette pulled back, laughing, laughing so hard that she clutched her stomach. Chat grinned before laughing along with her.

Her laughter died down, her eyes meeting Chat.

"Indeed it is."

They smiled, content with each other's presence. Maybe the whole shipping fiasco was not so bad after all.


Screw it, the whole shipping fiasco was bad. It was a week since Chat carried her bridal style and Paris ships them now. The fan base began to spread, fan fictions, fan art, rumours anything a fan can contribute.

They also have a blog dedicated to that ship. Thanks a lot, Alya. And apparently the week was full of questions regarding Chat and rumour here, rumour there, they are freaking everywhere.

But somehow every day became bearable, with Chat lightening the mood. Joking and scrolling through emabarassing yet good fan art and fiction. Seriously, the fan arts are amazing, but she doesn't get why half of them involve Chat carrying her bridal style or them...kissing.

She glanced at Chat who was reading her to latest gossip to spread on the blog. Staring as his mouth move at every word. Wonder how it would feel like to kiss him, she had thought. Before shaking it off, feeling annoyed at herself for thinking that way.

But right now, she's comfortable with how thing are right now.

They were best friends. Forever and always, right?

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