I open my eyes and wince as pain fills my head. I can't help but whimper as the pain only increases as I try to move my arms. Above me all I can see is stone … am I in a cave? I hear chittering and turn my head despite the pain. All around me is weird … mushroom trees? There are also some normal trees but the mushroom trees catch my interest the most since tiny fireflies are dancing underneath the caps. The ground is covered in moss like grass and there's all sorts of rocks and stones and fallen branches around me. There is also a strange bunch of rocks with red veins running through them, a purple mist surrounds them. I think I'll keep my distance from those … squeaking noises catches my attention and I sit up, whimpering once again, to find out what is going on. In front of me are two familiar looking creatures. Both are fluffy with long tails and ears and fluffy faces. One is peach coloured with dark markings on its forehead, tail, ears, back and belly, its eyes are a dark blue that draws me in. The other is honey coloured with chocolate markings in the same places as the other but also the eyes too. This one's eyes are a yellowish-orange that makes me feel warm. The two creatures hop closer until there is one on either of my sides. They don't appear to be aggressive … in fact they seem sad as they nudge my body. I reach out and begin to gently stroke them on their heads. They purr under my touch and it makes me smile. After a while I try to stand, the world around me shaking … no, that was just me. After gaining balance I examine myself … a ripped top … a scarf … black boots … shorts and a pair of leggings. There is a strange satchel attached to a belt around my waist. It's brown with a big, green, four-leafed clover sewn onto it. I suddenly feel feet and claws scamper up my back and panic as I crane my neck to see what it is. I breathe a sigh of relief as I realise that it is one of the fluffy creatures. I smile and stroke its head before bending down so that the other one can climb onto my shoulder too. I straighten up and examine my surroundings further. I am underground … there are cracks and holes in the rocky ceiling above which allows me to see down here. I am cold … I rub my arms but it doesn't help. Where am I? How did I get here? I take a step forward but then the question hits me like a brick … where is Phil?!


Me, Phil, Sam and Fred all rush out to where we can hear Kay shouting. She has a tall but thin guy by the collar of his shirt, his eyes are brown and hair lanky and dyed pink. I recognise his face instantly. He was one of the two guys who attacked Connie and Kay that night. I race over but freeze when I hear their conversation. "Where is she?!", Kay screams into his face, tears falling down her cheeks. The guy puts his hands up in surrender, "I have no idea what you are talking about, miss". Kay shakes in sadness and anger as she yells once again, "Don't lie to me! What the hell have you done with Connie?!". The guy laughs and Kay slaps him. The guy continues to laugh as he rubs his cheek. Will is holding himself back from blowing the guy's head off with Kay's gun. Anger fills me and I lunge forwards, grabbing the guy and lifting him off of the ground. The man meets my eyes and I can see his fear. "What is your name?", I demand in a deathly tone. The man doesn't answer so I shake him. The man quivers, "P-Peter!". I bring Peter close before growling, "Where is my daughter?!". Peter slowly nods towards the dark cave before fainting in my arms out of fear. I drop him in disgust before walking over to the cave. Sam and Fred both begin to beat up Peter out of anger as Phil joins me, using his torch to cast light down into the cave. Kay stands by me, tears in her eyes, "We will find her, right?", she asks. I nod and rub her shoulder … the cave looks never ending and I can't hear any movement. "Let's go down there now! Fred! Fetch the rope!", Phil yells to Fred who looks at me for confirmation. "Go!", I growl, "Kay, stay here!". Kay looks angry as she wheels around to me, "No way! I'm coming!". I sigh and look at Will for help. Will puts a hand around Kay's waist and holds her put, "No! Not again!", she cries and fights against Will's grip but to no avail. Fred comes back with the rope and I tie it to a rock near the entrance to the cave. "I'll go down and get Connie if I tug three times then start pulling me up!", Phil says to me and I nod as he secures himself to the rope. Me, Fred and Sam all lower Phil down slowly and watch as the light recedes before finally disappearing into the darkness. The rope gets light and I know that Phil has found the bottom. "Phil!", Sam shouts and we all wait for the response. "Connie isn't here!", Phil shouts up at us. "What?", I shout down, "You better as hell be telling the truth!", I feel a tug on the rope three times and begin to pull, the others copying me. Kay is crying into Will's shoulder and Fred is beginning to shake. The asshole better is joking! Connie has to be alright! The light of the torch comes back and Phil touches down on the entrance of the cave … alone. "Where is she?!", Will demands. Phil looks down and shakes his head, "I don't know. The area down there was small and there was nowhere else she could have gone …". I growl and spin to face Peter … but he's gone. "Fred! Find that ass and give him hell until he spills! Will, get Kay home! Tomorrow we'll come back and look around again …". Everyone scuttles away and I look back at the cave … where are you, Connie?


I jolt up into a sitting position, my heart is racing and my lungs are working their hardest. I was killed in battle, I should be six feet under the ground not sat on top of it! There is only one explanation for my delayed destiny. The devil is here. The realisation then hits me, "I'm possessed by the Devil!". I stand upright and take out my sword, "Devil! Send thy demons! Face me or let whatever pride thy might have shrivelled up!". Looking around I can't see anyone but soon I spot a small woman, her hair short and eyes sharp. Her clothes are torn and dirty and abnormal. She must be a witch … she brought me here! I know it! "Witch, free me from this cursed land!", I shout. The woman faces me with surprise before turning and trying to make an escape. However, I am close behind her when I swing my greatsword to cut her down. I never miss my target, I move fast and my sword is never blunt. However, the woman dodges easily and escapes with nothing more than a cut on her left shoulder."Witch, release me from the Devil's spell!", I yell. The woman sprints through the woods as I chase her down … however, she is much faster than I had anticipated. Soon I am lost in the woods and the woman is also lost too. I look around and retrace my steps, "Fine! If that is how they wish to play then I shall wait for thy to come to me!".


Walking through the trees, I find myself more alert today, I dunno' why … maybe it is because of Bo and her annoying pranks. I pinch the bridge of my nose and then shake my head as I focus on getting home without getting gobbled by a Titanoboa. Yong would laugh if he heard that I had been taken off guard by a woman … Bo better not tell him! It's bad enough as is with Wei laughing at me but to have Yong laugh too … no, I can't handle all this! I need a drink! I sigh and look at the trees as I walk until I spot the monkey swing. I begin to walk towards it when I hear movement amongst the bushes nearby. I spin round and gawp in amazement. Stood there is a young girl, her hair brown, messy and tied back loosely, her eyes sharp and emerald green. She seems terrified as she stares at me, her clothes are dirty and torn and she is grasping onto her left shoulder rather tightly. "H-hey kid …", I say slowly as I turn to face her fully. She seems to flinch at my words and I can see tears well up in her eyes. "Hey! What's wrong?", I ask and step towards her. The girl spins around and is about to run off when she seems to remember something and tries to run past me instead. "Hey!", I shout and grab the girl's other arm. She can't be any older than Wei … what is she doing outside of the village? "Are you lost? Do you know how to get home?", I ask as she struggles to get out of my grip. I squint as I see some dark red liquid ooze from between the girl's fingers. Careful not to hurt her, I pry the girl's hand away and find myself staring down at a blade slash, "Who did this, kid?", I ask. I receive only whimpers and yelps of fear and sadness from the girl. "Can you understand me?", I ask once more before coming to the conclusion that she obviously can't. I sigh and pull the girl into a hug. She stops struggling and instead stares up at me in confusion. "It's okay now, kid", I say and rub her back. What am going to do? If there is something dangerous out here then I shouldn't take the risk of leading it back to the village … the treehouse is the safest option for now. I let go of the girl and look her in eyes. She once looked so scared but now she is calm and curious. Happy that she isn't trying to run away, I grab the scarf that is tied around her waist and secure it around her slashed shoulder instead. The girl winces but shows no resistance. I smile and grab her hand before leading her to the monkey swing. I notice the satchel attached to the girl's belt and smile at the cute little clover that has been embroidered onto it … "Mù", I say. The girl looks up at me, confused. I poke her forehead gently and then repeat myself, "I'll call you Mù until I find out your real name … okay?". The girl points at her chest and squints at me, "M-Mù?". At least she can speak … I nod and a smile breaks across her face. I help Mù up onto the monkey swing and she holds on tight to the metal chains. I climb onto the wooden plank and, holding Mù's waist with one arm and the chain with my right hand, kick the tree nearby to get the swing moving. We zoom through the trees at a speed that seems to excite Mù. I can't but chuckle at the little one giggles, her hair waving around all over the place. I remember how Wei had first reacted when he got on the monkey swing. He was super scared … still is. The monkey swing reaches its final destination and jerks violently as the chains hit the guards. Mù squeals and tightens her grip on the chains. I laugh at the monkey swing steadies and I jump down onto the porch of the treehouse before turning to help Mù. I hear a bunch of doors slam and the front door to the treehouse open. Wei rushes out looking angry before stopping to stare at Mù. "Wei, this is Mù, she'll be staying with us for now", I explain before looking down at the little one to see how she is doing. She seems wary of Wei but not scared. Wei approaches us and circles Mù, stroking her hair and tugging at her clothes. Mù begins to look uncomfortable and backs away from Wei, seeking protection from me. I sigh and hide the little one from Wei, "She's injured her arm, have you seen Bo? I need to make sure her wound is not infected". Wei crosses his arms and shrugs, "She went out hunting with Yong, I can check her wound for you!". I look down at Mù who looks back up at me with curiosity. I nod and then bend down, "Mù, I know you don't understand but Wei-", I point to Wei who seems to be confused as he comes to stand next to me, "- is going to take care of you". I grab Wei's hand and force him to hold Mù's. Mù looks up at Wei with caution as he looks down at her in utter confusion, "She can't understand us?!", he nearly yells, making Mù jump and snatch her hand away in fright. Wei grabs her hand again and holds her tightly as she tries to run off. I pinch the bridge of my nose and shake my head, already regretting this, "No, she can't. I need to go find Bo since I have reason to believe there is someone dangerous in the woods. Can I trust you to keep Mù safe?". Wei rolls his eyes and scoffs at me, "She's a puny girl … duh! I bet she's just going to make flower crowns anyways!". I straighten up and glare down at Wei, "Do not let her outside, keep that door locked unless me, Yong or Bo get here!". Wei's eyes open wide when he realises that I am not joking. He glances down at Mù who is still trying to run away and his eyes rest on her left arm where the blood is starting to soak her scarf. I glare into Wei's eyes, waiting for confirmation. Wei finally nods and drags Mù into the treehouse. I wait until I hear the click and then run off to find Bo.


The moment I let go of Mù's hand, she runs off. I sigh and turn to lock the door before running after her. "Hey! Girl!", I shout despite knowing that she won't understand me. Mù doesn't listen and I am forced to follow her all over the place. She eventually grows tired of avoiding me and slows down. I grab my chance and catch Mù, pulling her into my arms like a princess. She squeals and flails around, making me grin. I place Mù down on the rug by the fireplace and start to remove the scarf. "It doesn't look that bad … perhaps if you changed out of this and got it bandaged, you'd be fine!", I say and stand up. Mù watches me carefully before following, keeping her distance. I go into Bo's room and rummage through her clothes. Her stuff is way too big for Mù but if I was to convert it then it should look good on her. I find a long green top that might be a dress … this will have to do. I sigh and take out my knife before cutting slits at the sides of the top and cutting off the sleeves. Mù is peering around the doorway at me when I turn to look at her. I laugh and hand the top to her. Her hands are hesitant as she reaches out to grab it. I pull her into the room and leave, hoping she'll get the idea. While she is getting changed, I'll get the bandages! I rummage through the cupboards until I find the bandages. I turn to see Mù stood glaring at me, her bloody top in hand, the top fits her perfectly. I smile and nod at her and then realise that she is already wearing bandages. I lean forward and gently stroke her arm … she flinches but doesn't run. I take her wrist and begin to undo the bandages on her right arm. As soon as her arm is bare I find myself flinching just imagining the pain that must have come from this … there is a ring of teeth like marks on her upper arm. She must have set off a bear trap. The marks are old so they shouldn't hurt anymore. I switch to her other arm but she stops me, her eyes darting around uncomfortably. "Mù? Let me see-", I grab her arm and end up pinning her in my lap as I forcefully take the bandages off. Her arm has been thoroughly abused with horrible words and long knife cuts all the way from her wrist to just below the elbow. The marks are old, just like the other arm … but it's still bad. I wince and stare at Mù's arm for a while before realising that she is actually crying. I bring Mù's arm up to my lips and gently kiss it. She stares at me in confusion as I rub away her tears and begin to rebind her arms. Mù seems to be a lot more comfortable around me now. In fact, she's starting to fall asleep in my arms. I feel strong with her head resting on my shoulder as her whole body slowly goes limp. I send my fingers through Mù's hair and smirk when she groans, burying her face into my clothes. I hear knocking on the door crane my neck to peer out the window. I can see Yong … Bo and Chenglei. I shake Mù until she gives in and gets up, looking very unimpressed. She holds onto my arm as I go to the door and open it up. The three all come in and Mù hides behind me, legs shaking. "It's alright, Mù", I say in a soft voice, she meets my eyes and then stuffs her face in my clothes. Bo squints at the green top that Mù is wearing, "Is that mine?". Yong closes the door and walks over to inspect Mù's clothes, "Nope … not anymore!", Yong laughs as Bo pulls a face and crosses her arms. Chenglei shakes his head and sighs, "Nows not the time to be doing this, we've decided that we'll take Mù to the village tomorrow. Wei, show Mù to her room". I nod and lead Mù to the spare room, tugging down the rope ladder and opening the trap door. Mù grabs onto the rope ladder and tries to pull herself up but winces. I quickly stop her and turn around so that she can put her arms around my neck. She wraps her arms around my neck and holds on tightly. I turn around and begin to climb the ladder. "Aw, they're so cute!", I hear Bo say and the three starts to chuckle. I ignore them and roll my eyes. I get into the room and Mù let's go of me. I show her the bed and the closet before opening the window to let in fresh air. However, as soon as I do, two furry balls of peach and honey colours zoom through the open window and bounce off of my head. "Ow!", I yelp before spinning to see if Mù is okay. Two jerboas are interacting with her. A honey coloured one lay across her shoulders and a peach one is stood on her lap, inspecting her face. They acknowledge me and hiss, brandishing their claws. Mù strokes their heads and whispers to them softly in a language I don't understand. The two instantly stop, their moods changing in a split second as they go back to purring and nuzzling Mù. "What's going on up here?", Chenglei pops his head into the room and stares blankly at Mù before disappearing completely. I sigh deeply and edge closer to Mù, ignoring the warnings and protests from the jerboas. Mù looks into my eyes, her eyes drowsy and her body starting to go limp. I quickly realised that she was about to fall asleep and lifted her into my arms. "Not on the floor, Mù", I say, smiling down at the little girl in my arms. Mù's eyes flicker shut and then open again as she gives a weak smile before falling asleep once more. I lay Mù down on her bed and quietly leave her with the jerboas that have laid on her bed with her protectively.


I feel like I have Raptor flu. I run to the bathroom and my breakfast ends up in the toilet, that scrambled egg did not taste good when it came back up. I flush the chain and I put the toilet seat down, I sit down on the toilet and I sigh before I brush my hair away from my face "Something's up, but what is it?" that's when I remember something... are my ovaries working? I lift my hand and I start to count the weeks since my last period and my eyes widen. Six weeks late ... I stand up and I walk over to the mirror, I roll up my shirt and I smile when I see that my stomach looks a little bit bigger. "Oh my god. Will!", I call my husband but he doesn't come, "Will, you might want to come and see this!". A few moments pass, before Will runs I to the bathroom and he looks at me with concern, "What is it, babe?". I turn around and I smile at him, "My period is six weeks late. I think that I'm pregnant!". Will stands there for a moment before he smiles "Really?" he asks, I smile as I nod. Will grins before his eyes roll back and he collapses on the floor in a heap. Oh Will. I mentally slap myself.


Me and Cornell circle around the small forest on Gallimimus, hoping to find some clues as to where Connie might have gone. It's been two weeks already and we're all starting to lose hope. Stephanie has taken up her drinking habits again … Fred has become depressed and both he and Maria are blaming the entire thing on themselves. As we come back to the cave that Connie supposedly disappeared into, a sudden flash of golden hair whips past us, knocking a giant mantis to the ground as it leaps at us. I stop my Gallimimus in its tracks and turn to watch as Kay slices the beast's chest open. I hear rustling and find Cornell hurriedly dismount and walk over to Kay who doesn't acknowledge him in the slightest. "What are you doing?", Cornell demands, angrily. This isn't the first time that Kay has ventured into the small forest, searching for Connie. She, just like us, has had no luck so far. "I'm helping … got a problem?", Kay says with no emotion as she steps down from the mantis corpse. Cornell gives Kay a glare as she tries to walk away, "Yes, I do! It will help nothing if you go missing as well, go back home and stay out of the way!". Kay ignores Cornell and goes back into the woods, oblivious to his rage. I quickly dismount and stand beside my leader, holding him back by the shoulder. The buff beast refuses to look at me as he struggles to control himself, "Calm down, it'll help nothing if you lose it here …", I say firmly as Cornell tenses, his fists shaking. His old, angry, irrational self is starting to show … the one before Terror Birds was founded, the one that I met after I ran away from The Black Skulls …

Four years ago

A tall, well-built man in his early twenties, walked down the beach not far from Carno tribe. His ocean blue eyes searching the area with a fierce gaze. Cornell Marshall had angered his father yet again, this time to the point of being banished from the tribe he was meant to inherit. Cornell scoffed to himself as he settled his eyes out to the sea. His black hide jacket was a tad bit tight and his boots were splattered with mud. Seriously, who the hell banishes their son for standing up for what is obviously right?! The man thought to himself as he continued to tread deeper down the beach, he wanted to far away from his father or anything to do with that tribe. But, as Cornell continued to walk he felt a pang of guilt and pain as he wondered if he'd ever see his home again. With a deep breath and a sad expression, Cornell took his crossbow and loaded an arrow, aligning it with the head of a dodo. His eyes showed no emotion as he shot the arrow at the innocent bird which collapsed instantly. Cornell took out a pocket knife and began to strip the bird down for its meat. Once he had done so he switched his arrows to his narcotic ones as he began to hunt down a flying beast. The man's prayers had soon been answered as he spotted a pterodactyl about to land. Aiming, Cornell loaded his bow, intending to shoot near the neck but not high enough to kill the beast outright. Two arrows, one after the other, flew out and hit the pterodactyl. However, the beast took off and flew out of sight. Cornell cursed as he loaded another arrow and followed in pursuit. He crashed through the trees and stumbled over their roots. He almost collapsed as he found the creature knocked on the ground. By the side of the pterodactyl was a thin, tall man with pale skin and black hair that matched his black, lifeless eyes. His clothes were dirty and worn out and his face was covered in dirt and mud. "Sorry, there was a Carno nearby so I kept it company until you got here", the man said before turning and walking away. "Wait!", Cornell called after the man before kneeling down and feeding the beast. "What's your name? Are you from Carno tribe?", Cornell asked, wanting to know if he should tell him to go home. The man looked sad for a moment before shaking his head, "I don't belong to a tribe … and my name is Phil". Cornell pondered over this for a while before smiling as an idea popped into his head, I'll build a tribe bigger than my father's! "I'm making my own tribe … would you like to join?", Cornell asked, to which Phil instantly replied, "Yes! Thank you!".

After a few days of searching and sleeping in a tent, the two men found a peaceful beach far away from Carno tribe. They built a small wooden house and began to expand on there tamed beasts, gathering a powerful amount. However, before long, their beasts began to catch the eyes of a nearby tribe … the Raptor tribe. During a dark, cold night, the sound of pained screeching and angry roars woke both Phil and Cornell up. They both ran outside to find all of their tamed beasts dead and piled up in front of the door. "Who would do this?", Phil questioned as he patted the head of his parasaur that stared up at him with blank eyes. Cornell's expression was grim as he looked to the forest nearby, "I don't know … but they're dead when I find them!". Phil acknowledged Cornell's anger and went silent, wondering if he meant what he said.

A few weeks past and the two men found it impossible to find new tames as someone kept putting bear traps down, killing and catching all of the beasts nearby. At one point Phil spotted a man with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes as he walked through the forest … deactivating the traps. Phil followed the man for a while before trying to start a conversation, "Who are you?", he asked. The man spun around with a yelp of surprise, making Phil burst out into laughter. "D-don't laugh at me, you moron! Who the hell are you anyways?!", the man scolded Phil who shrugged in response, "I asked first!". The man examined Phil closely before his eyes lit up, "Oh! You're from that new tribe! My name is Fred, I'm from the Raptor tribe, we … attacked you a few weeks back …". Phil stared blankly at Fred who stared down at his feet in shame. "Were you involved in the attack?", Phil asked finally, not knowing that Cornell was within earshot and was about to shoot an arrow through Fred's throat. Fred shook his head, "No but I helped set the traps around the forest …". Cornell put down his crossbow and leaned out the window, "Why were you deactivating them?", he shouted down, eyes still filled with rage. Fred looked up at Cornell in surprise as he answered, "Because it's wrong! The forest doesn't belong to anyone and what you do is none of our business as long as it doesn't harm us!". Phil smiles and so does Cornell as Fred fidgets after giving his speech. "Do you like your tribe?", Phil asked. Fred thinks for a second before shaking his head, "No … the only reason for me staying; is my father but he's started getting abusive … I just don't know any other tribe that'll take me in". Cornell laughed and both Phil and Fred looked up at him, his anger had vanished as he jumped down from the window, startling the newcomer. "Welcome to the tribe, Fred".

A full year had passed before a crowd of Carno's came trudging up to the wooden house. Fred and Phil raced out to meet them, spears in hand. However, Cornell came out with a crossbow, completely calm as two people dismounted and waltzed over. "Are you Cornell Marshall?", a feminine voice asked as she slipped off her hide helmet to reveal cognac-brown eyes and dark black hair. Cornell nodded, "Did my father send you?". The woman nodded, "Yes. We have supplies and also he told us to join your tribe and help around in whatever way we can, do you accept?". Cornell laughed before anger flooded his expression, "I want nothing to do with you or that pathetic excuse of a tribe!", he spat and pushed the other person. A male whimper could be heard as the person fell to the ground. The woman knelt down and spoke softly, "Are you okay, Will?". The person, Will, nodded as the woman took his helmet off to reveal a young lad. The woman sighed and stood up before glaring at Cornell, "I should have never volunteered for this shit! The only reason why I did was that I thought you were a good leader … now I understand why your father got rid of you …". Cornell's eyes narrowed as the woman took a step forward, " … because of your being an arrogant bastard!". With lightning-fast movements, the woman grabbed something from behind her back and swung it with full force at Cornell's head. Cornell used his crossbow to deflect it only to find his bow smashed in pieces beside him. The woman smiled evilly as she brandished her wooden bat. Will is still sat on the sand as he looks terrified, "S-Stephanie? Y-you were b-banished for excessive dr-drinking habits … I-I was the one who v-volunteered!". The woman frowns and glares at Will who flinched, "Can it wimp!". Cornell couldn't help but be memorised by the woman, Stephanie as she pulled out a flask and chugged it down. Phil and Fred move forward … Fred to flirt with Stephanie and Phil to talk with Cornell. "You know … the more the merrier!", Phil said with a wink. Cornell crosses his arms and puffed out his chest with pride, "We don't need any ... the woman, in our tribe!", he said the gender like it was a filthy maggot on the ground that he wanted to squash. A sudden clatter of wood and skull alerted the two men as they turned to face the scene. Stephanie was being held back by Will as Fred knelt on the ground holding his head, tears in his eyes as he rocked back and forth. Phil couldn't help his laughter as Will begged Stephanie to stop. "Please! Y-you'll give him a c-concussion!", Will stammered as Stephanie wiggled around in the boy's grip, "I don't give a bloomin' frog about that now let me the hell go!". Cornell was confused, impressed and scared as well as slightly entranced as he watched the woman's anger go from 25% to 96%. Phil sudden jumped forwards and pointed and Stephanie, his fingertip nearly touching the tip of her nose. Everyone stopped and only Fred's whimpering could be heard. "Ballistic Stephanie", Phil said shortly with a smile as his eyes met the women. Phil turned to Fred who looked up at him with a pout. Phil bent down tapped Fred's head firmly. The baby-man whimpered and sobbed before collapsing and rolling around in a mini tantrum. "Flirty Fred", Phil said with an evil smirk before turning to Will and making a scary face. Will shrieked and hid his face in Stephanie's shoulder. Phil laughed before pointing over his shoulder as he walked away, "Wimpy Will". Phil stood in front of Cornell and when their eyes met Cornell felt himself freeze. Phil's eyes that were once dead and empty was now wild and full of madness and life. "You are our leader … Captain Corn!", with that Phil burst out with laughter, resulting in Cornell clobbering him over the head. The big man took a while to compose himself before sighing and turning to the others who all held smirks on their faces, "If anyone-", Cornell spoke with a growl, "- ever calls me by that name … they're dead. Understood?!". Everyone nodded, still smirking as Phil struggled to catch his breath from all the laughing. "Will …", Cornell said as he turned his back to the four. Will gave a small yelp before stepping forwards, "Y-yes sir?". Cornell had to hide his smirk as he continued, "Take Psycho Phil to his room". Phil sat up and stared at Cornell wide-eyed as the man retreated. Then a smile broke out on his face as he jumped up with his hands in the air. "I'm Psycho!", he yelled before running around in circles with Will breathlessly chasing him.


Now back home I sigh. Connie is still nowhere to be found and I am super hungry. I was also way out of hand with dad earlier. I just have so many hormones pent up right now it is ridiculous. I want to tell them about the baby but … I rub my tummy up and down again, it isn't the right time. When Connie is home, safe and sound, that is when I'll tell them. "Will!", I call and my husband runs into the room at lightning speed. "Kay, is everything alright?", he asks in a panic and I smile at him like the adorable kitten that he thinks I am, "I'm craving orchid fruit and mangos, can you get me some please?". "That fruit isn't in season yet, kitten. Is there anything else that I can get for you?", Will smiles kindly at me. "No, I need orchid fruit! Please, babe? Pleeeaaaasssee?", I beg, forcing tears up into my eyes. "Sorry, hunni. I can't get that fruit. What about chocolate cake?", Will suggests hopefully. I love him to bits but I could bite his hand off right now. "I don't want cake. I need Orchid fruit!", Will backs up a little bit and he gulps, "I can still get the mangos, would you like a mango, kitten?", he asks. For God's sakes! "Forget the flipping mangos! I need Orchid fruit! Will, Please? Do it for your baby", I plead, my hormones pouring out. "Sorry, I wish that I could but that fruit isn't in season yet, baby", he sighed. "Where's that emergency bat?", I ask and Will instantly runs out of the room. I huff and lean back against the couch, my arms crossed. Great, now what am I going to do?


Twenty minutes have passed since I ran away from my wife. I hope that I've not upset her … I wonder if this comes under domestic abuse? No! She's pregnant! I walk back into my bedroom and I see that my wife is asleep in bed, she is so beautiful. I walk over and I sit on the bed next to her, I stroke back her golden hair and I hold her soft warm hand in mine. She opens her eyes and she smiles at me with pure and utter wonderful love, "Hi, William". I smile and I lean down to kiss her, "Hello, Kayleana". I place a soft his on her lips before I lie down beside her and she snuggles into me. Did I imagine everything? "I love you so much. You are smart, brave and kind, you are the best husband ever", Kay is speaking with a voice that is as soft as Theseus's feathers. "I love you more. You're beautiful, brave and compassionate. You are the best wife ever", I must have imagined everything from before! I think to myself as the sudden thought hits me … Is she sucking up to me?!

I and Kay walk out of the house and towards Sam's Cafe to grab some lunch. It has been two months now since Connie's disappearance and still, no one has been able to find her yet. I'm beginning to wonder if anyone will ever be able to find her. I look over at Kay who is walking beside me, looking very sad but trying to hide it behind her smile. She's been avoiding her parents as of late since she is worried they'll figure out that she's pregnant. She's so strong ... we get to Sam's Cafe and we go inside. The place is full and I can tell the staff is struggling to keep up with all of the orders. Sam, who is behind the counter, sees me and Kay staring in awe and races to greet us. "Kay! Will! We don't have any free tables right now but you can sit in the back room if you want?", Sam suggests as he hurriedly tries to move Kay away from the mass of people. "But there's a table right over there …", I point to a table right by the window. Sam glares at me, telling me to shut up, "No, that one is reserved!", he says quickly before leading us to the back room. Kay snorts and pushes Sam away, "Reserved my ass! You never reserve tables!". We walk over to the table but as we do Kay freezes and fear fills her face. I look up and realise why. Each and every one of the people here are wearing jackets with Black Skull logos. "K-Kay? Do you want to leave?", I ask my wife as she quivers, her face, pale. Kay slowly shakes her head and sits herself down gulping and turning to look out the window, "That just shocked me a bit, I'm fine". I can tell Kay is lying but I also know that she is stubborn and won't listen to me so I sit myself down and turn to Sam who looks as if he is about to kill me. "Umm … c-can I have a cup of coffee please?", I ask. Sam scoffs, "Whatever! Sis? What do you want?". Kay shrugs, "A cupcake and a coffee, please". Sam nods and walks away with our orders. "Are you sure your alright?", I say softly to Kay. Kay nods her head slowly but she is deep in thought. I sigh and turn to watch for our food and drink. From the corner of my eye, I spot someone all too familiar as well as one other person who makes me jump out of my seat, "CONNIE!". The two jump as well as Kay. Besides a man with black eyes and carrot like hair, stood Connie, her hair a bit longer and messy and a nasty scar on her left cheek. "Connie?", Kay's voice is shaky as she steps from around the table and races to Connie who looks confused as she is embraced. "Umm, excuse me, ma'am?", Connie's voice takes us both by surprise, it isn't her's. It is brittle and more boyish. "You may have me confused with someone else, my name is Connor, you see", Connie, no … Connor watches Kay with concern as she pulls away. "B-but you look just like her!", Kay says, tears welling up. Connor looks to the ground, unsure of what to say. The man beside the two looks uneasy, "Hi, Kay", he says. Kay looks up as I approach and examine Connor closely … he really does look identical to Connie. "Tiger?", Kay's voice is full of tears and confusion. "Yeah, it's me, Cornell told me about what happened so I thought it'd be a good time to bring Connor", the carrot-haired man says sadly. I look up and flinch as I remember Tiger to be the leader of the Black Skulls. "Why does he look like my sister?", Kay demands, slightly angry now. Tiger shrugged, "My brother was hiding a lot more than I thought, if we could take a seat, somewhere a little more private, I'll tell you". Sam came with the coffees and cupcake and gave me a quizzical look. "What's going on?", he hissed into my ear. "Not really sure, can we move to the back room?", I whisper and Sam nods. "Come on, let's go to the back room", I say to Kay gently and she follows me. However, as I am about to go through the door, Tiger stops me, "You stay here with Connor, this will be quick", he says and I sigh before stepping aside. Tiger and Kay go into the back room and the door closes. I turn and walk towards Connor who is seemingly ignoring me. "So … are like an evil twin or something?", I ask jokingly. Connor rolls his eyes and leans against the wall, crossing his arms, "Shut up and leave me be, worm brain", he snaps. This is very different from his personality before. "Um, I'm very sorry if I offended you", I apologize, not understanding anything at this point. "Really? Cause I'm not!", Connor scoffs. I decide that talking with this brat will only end up in me punching his lights out and turn to face the door in the hopes that Kay will come out at any second …


Tiger closes the door and we both go to sit down at the table in the corner of the room. "So?", I ask my hormones all over the place. Tiger takes a deep breath before speaking, "Connor is Connie's twin brother". "What?", I question, "How is that even possible?". Tiger shakes his head, "We found him in my brother's room, locked up in a closet, we let him out and he was covered in cuts and bruises, he was underfed and frankly lifeless". But why? As if Tiger can read my mind, he takes out a picture from his trouser pocket, "This was just one of the many pictures we found in the closet". It's a picture of Connie's mother and Marcus, the old leader of The Black Skulls. It's in black and white and, as I turn the picture over, I notice writing on the back. "Me and Lilith", I read aloud, "Were they dating?". Tiger shook his head, "Nope, siblings, Lilith was the big sister, Connie's father was Marcus's best friend". I shake my head as a headache starts to come on, "But then why would he abuse Connie?". Tiger hesitates before meeting my eyes, "He didn't like the fact his sister was stronger than him and got angry when she didn't listen to him. He didn't want them to get married and, being a control freak, decided that if she didn't do as she was told then he might as well get rid of her. He was trying to control the twins the same way he controlled her". A hand goes to my mouth as all the pieces clink together in my head. "When Marcus first found out about the couple he tried to kill Vince, forcing the two to flee the tribe. They had two children, Connie and Connor, Marcus managed to get a hold of Connor and then went after Connie. He kept them separately and tortured them both". I look up at Tiger with the sudden thought, "Does Connor know?". Tiger nods, "Yes and they have met each other, but Connie is still in the dark". "I don't understand … what does this have to do with finding my sister?!", I blurt out, my hormones kicking in suddenly. I can feel tears coming out but I push them back. I stand up and leave the back room, Tiger still sat down at the table as he watches. Will is waiting for me and rushes up to give me a hug but I push him back. "Kay! What's the matter?", Will asks hurriedly. I ignore my husband and turn to Connor who is staring at me with a knowing look. I sniff and walk straight past him, "I need to take a walk, I'll see you at home, Will!".

Connie, the baby, mum and dad, black skull, I've been thinking about all of this for the whole day, I'm worried about Connie, my baby bump has started to show, I miss my parents since I started avoiding them and Tiger is dressed like he is part of the tribe that murdered my old tribe. And my raging hormones are not helping in any flaming way! I decided that I wanted to go for a walk to clear my head, it has helped to calm me down but I cannot stop thinking about everything. I don't even know why, but I have started to slowly rub circles over my slightly bigger tummy; I smile when I remember that I am carrying for this perfect little person and I will be a mother in seven months. Okay, now I feel better. That was until Tiger walked up beside me. "Kay, we need to talk about something", Tiger states. My mood has just dropped from fifty to minus-fifty, "Yeah? What's up?". Tiger squints his eyes as he looks at me, "When was the last time you and Will slept together?". Well, that was blunt. "That is none of your business," I state. Stay calm for the baby, stay calm for the baby, I repeat over and over in my head. Tiger frowns, "Do your parents know?". I spin round to face Tiger as all of my emotions spill out, "No! They don't! The only other person who knows is Will! My sister has gone missing and I can't tell anyone about this baby until I find Connie!". Tiger is unfazed as he listens which, for some strange reason, pisses me off. "Okay, all better now?", he asks me with a kind smile. "A bit", I reply. We continue walking, this time in silence, it's nice. "I won't tell anyone about the bun in the oven", Tiger says bluntly, "Thank you", I say quietly. "Tiger, can I ask you something?", I question and Tiger nods, "How many men do you have?". Tiger shrugs, "The tribe expanded quite a bit when I became a leader, I'd say … two-hundred, at least. And that's not counting the women". Two-hundred … "Then, I have a favour". We stop walking and I look Tiger straight in the eye, "It's already been too long, I don't even know if she is still alive … please help us find Connie! Cornell has probably already asked you but I am begging you to. I need you to go to Scorched Earth for me and hunt around there for where Connie might have gone to. And please, if you get any leads … come to me". Tiger smiled, "It's true that Cornell had asked me to help and I had a group assembled to help look for Connie. But since she and you are the ones who helped to put me in charge, I'll do you this favour. Just make sure to watch yourself with the baby, okay?". I nod and wave as Tiger retreats to tell his men the new orders.


Crowds, shouting and mindless protesters, "Just brilliant", I mutter under my breath as I stomp into the crowds and push all of the featherbrains aside. "Let them be free! Release and respect the dodos", some birdy boy yells and I roll my eyes at my guys, I smirk as I tighten my grip on my club and I give bird boy a quick wack around the head. The birdy boy spins around and he glares at me, "Do you have a problem, buddy?!". The guy has dark black hair that is ruffled into a mess, his eyes are a dark blue and he is wearing eyeliner; a definite emo. Birdy Boy is staring at me as if he wants to kill me. Gee, who ruffled his feathers. "Nah I just didn't get my chicken dinner last night", I joke and my boys laugh. Oooohhh, the birdy boy is glaring pickaxes and torches at me now. "The Dodos have a right to live free and wild! You mosquito brain!". Beaky much? "Whatever you say, featherbrain", I scoff. "Mock the dodos and me again and you will face the wrath of my army!", Birdy Boy barks in my face and prods my chest. "You and what army, Birdy Boy?", I scoff and my boys laugh. A smirk forms on featherbrain's face and his eyes turn devilish, he whistles and then laughs. I peer around him and my eyes widen when a flock of dodos come sprinting straight at me, I turn around and I see that my guys are running away. What a bunch of cockatoos!

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