I want you guys to note that I have just started Vampire Diaries and am only on season 1 so this will be based around the first season. If any of the characters of VD are out of character, I apologize. I know Percy is going to be OOC but the reason for that will be revealed in later chapters.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the first chapter!


It was quiet in Mystic Falls and that was probably the thing that should have tipped Stefan off first.

Being back after so many years should have told him that he wasn't going to be able to have the normal life he always wanted. Resisting blood was hard. Resisting Elena's was harder.

Damon arriving should have told him that his life was going to be a living hell. Yup, an eternity of misery, alright.

When talk came of a new kid in Mystic High, Stefan actually felt afraid for the person. Who knew if they were going to become chow for his brother?

They didn't even know what they were getting into.

They guy was tall and had black hair and almost reminded him of Damon with the way he smirked. Both had bright eyes, though different colors, and both were excessively handsome to a point where you had to avert your eyes (or so Caroline said). He seemed nice enough but Stefan couldn't help but notice how Bonnie tensed when they shook hands. Elena told him that was when she got this "bad feeling". He'd have to watch him.

"So, I heard there's a newbie at your school."

Stefan closed his notebook and looked up at his brother, glaring slightly at him, "Don't even think about it."

"What? I didn't do anything," Damon rolled his eyes but he was smirking. "Come on, Stefan, I just want to know about your high school and the people there. Are they as nice and tasty looking as they sound?"

"You're horrible," Stefan stood, making sure he held his notebook tightly as he walked past his brother. "Why can't you just stop?"

"Because I'm a vampire, Little Brother, and I feed on humans like a normal one. I guess you wouldn't understand since you're so busy catching Bambi."

"Are you really that much of a monster?" The younger Salvatore turned to face Damon, his eyebrows furrowed, "Are you that much of a monster that you have to feed on innocent people- people who've done nothing to you?"

"It's what I do, Stefan. They are meant to be my food because I'm not some punk-ass like you and feed on animal blood!"

"I thought so," The brunette shook his head. "Goodbye, Damon."

"Whatever, Stefan! You can't runaway from who you are!"

"Have you seen the new kid?" Caroline grinned at Elena, eyes alight with something mischievous.

The brunette turned to her friend, "No…? Why? Oh, gosh, you're going to torture them, aren't you?"

"Mm, no, not necessarily…" The blonde tapped her chin, "At least, not right now…"

"Leave the guy alone, Care," Elena rolled her eyes. "Come on, I gotta go, I'm going to be late for class."

When the girl entered her classroom, there was a teenager talking with her history teacher, showing him a paper. He seemed at ease talking to him while the man looked like he was getting more annoyed by the second. Finally, the teacher pointed to a desk in the back and the teen gave him, what looked like, a mock salute.

The raven-haired boy turned around and Elena could have sworn he reminded her of Stefan's brother Damon. They had the same smirk and the same look in their eyes like they were going to fuck you up in the worst way possible for you and the best for them. The guy just waved at her and winked at Stefan, an action that was something she had seen Damon do a few times.

Elena shook her head, moving to sit at her desk next to her boyfriend. She had almost forgotten about the new kid until she felt a tap on her shoulder. When she turned around, he was grinning at her like he had just told the funniest joke, "Yes?"

"Do you have a pen I can borrow?" He held up a ballpoint pen, "Mine ran out of ink."

"Oh, sure," She went through her bag until she came across one, handing it over.

"Thanks," He smiled, twirling it into his hand like he had done it a million times. "I'm Percy. Nice to meet you."

"Elena. Nice to meet you, too, Percy."

When class ended, Elena went to turn around to ask the new kid, Percy, if he needed help walking around the school when she saw him talking with Stefan by the door. How the two got there so fast when the bell had just rung, she would never know. Percy seemed to be asking something, gesturing around and holding up a paper. Her boyfriend smiled, pointing down the hall and saying something.

"He was asking where his next class was," Stefan answered before she could ask. "I think he has a class with your brother. Jeremy, right?"

"Yeah," She nodded and walked out with him, looking down the hall for any sight of her brother. When she was about to give up, she could see him talking to Percy, looking annoyed and ashamed for some reason. Then, she saw how the new kid's body seemed to be covering something with his body and she immediately knew. Before she could do anything, Percy seemed to sense her looking and glanced up, offering her an easygoing smile, and she relaxed.

Jeremy was dealing again.

He didn't think he ever had stopped.

There was a satisfaction that he felt when people came to him, just as broken as he was, and they shared the one thing that made them feel better than they had ever felt in their lives. It didn't matter how many people got angry at him, how many times Tyler called him a pill-pusher.

This was the only way he knew how to live- the only way he knew how to feel alive.

"Here, take thi-" He was stopped when someone came up behind him and leaned forward so his head was hovering right over his shoulder.

"Hey, guys," The guy smirked, looking at him and the girl in front of him. He gave the girl a sharp look that had her scurrying away like the devil was on her tail. He came around Jeremy until he was in front, leaning against the lockers with a devilish smile. He looked down at his hand, which had an orange pill case, "Now, I don't think you need this."

Jeremy blinked and looked down at his own palms, realizing that the guy had somehow grabbed the pills without him knowing, "Who the hell are you?"

"Percy Jackson," The guy smiled, seeming undisturbed by the annoyed attitude coming from the fifteen year-old. "You must be related to Elena. I'm only assuming 'cause she's back there glaring at you like she wants to kick your ass into next week," He nodded behind Jeremy and the teen turned slightly to see his sister out of the corner of his eye.

"Yeah," The brown-haired boy nodded. "She's my sister. Now, can I have my stuff back?"

"No can do, Little Man," Percy grinned, slipping the pills somewhere on him and out of sight. "Listen here, you're too young to go down this road. Trust me, I've been through something similar and it's not pretty. It may seem like it takes away all the pain and suffering but it only just adds more. You have so much goin' for ya. Don't make stupid decisions like this, okay? I know I have no right to be telling you this since it's your life but- trust me, okay?"

Jeremy didn't say anything for a moment, watching as Percy smiled over his shoulder, and he could feel Elena's glare on him disappear, "I-What-" He looked up at the older teen and sighed, "I-I'll try, alright?" For some reason, even though his sister and aunt have been trying to get him to stop, he wanted to try for this guy. It felt nice to know that someone outside of his family was worried about him.

"That's all I can ask for," Percy ruffled his hair like an older brother would and sauntered away like nothing happened.

Jeremy blinked and shook his head, noting that the girl he had tried giving pills to had disappeared. Part of him was glad for that fact.

Elena didn't know what to say when Percy walked by her, patting her shoulder and murmuring, "He's okay."

Stefan didn't know what to make of the new guy.

He seemed so much like Damon that it almost physically hurt to be near him. Seriously, he had only thought that his brother could smirk in a way that said he had done something mischievous without having actually done anything in that moment. Part of him was scared for the day should they meet.

Right now, he couldn't worry about the guy right now. His brother had just attacked another human and he had to clean up after him. Again.

"Damon, stop this."

"No can do, Little Brother," Damon didn't even look up from the magazine he was reading on one of the chairs in the living room. "Hey, what kind of animal are they going to blame this one on?"

"They shouldn't have to be worrying about anything, Damon. They didn't have to before you got here. Why are you here?"

"I got bored," The eldest Salvatore smirked, looking up at his brother, and Stefan could almost picture the same look on Percy. "And I missed this old, musty, gaudy place."

"Because that right there was believable."

"I heard there's a dance going on at your school," Damon looked down at the magazine again, reaching one arm out to grab a glass of bourbon sitting on a table. "I swear, your school has more dances than anything else. When's it at?"

"You're not coming," Stefan glared at his brother, who simply took a sip of his drink.

"Aw, don't be like that, Stefan. I just wanna have a little fun," His smile was like a shark when it smelled blood.

Oh, how close to the truth that was.

Damon came.

Truth be told, Stefan didn't even know what the dance was for either. All he knew was that Elena wanted him to come and he couldn't say no to her. It was more like a get-together but everyone was smiling and having fun and the Salvatore figured this was what it was meant to be.

He could see Percy at the far end of the clearing, away from the fire pit and the mass of people. He seemed content to just lean against a stone wall by himself, nursing a cup of God know's what. He didn't seem like the most sociable type, despite how he acted in the classroom and with Jeremy.

Speaking of Elena's brother, Stefan thought he saw him walk up to the new kid, smiling like they were the best of friends, before walking away. It was strange but made the black-haired teen smile like no one had ever done that to him before.

Stefan almost felt sad for the guy.

Then, he saw Damon making his way through the crowd like he wasn't even there, ignoring any girl that laid eyes on him in favor of coming over to Stefan. Before he even reached him, however, he stopped and looked to the side, eyes heading straight to Percy. His eyebrows rose in, what looked like, surprise and he changed course, walking straight toward the human.

Stefan wanted to go after his brother but he was perplexed when he had only started talking to him, looking interested in something. Percy had responded with a small smile, like the two were sharing a secret. Their talk went on for another minute before Damon left.

Stefan almost fell back in shock when he came back with two drinks, handing one to Percy.

For the life (or… not life) of him, he couldn't figure out just what the hell was going on. For once, he wasn't even sure if his brother was going to kill the guy or not. He seemed so at ease talking to the teenager that Stefan could almost forget that Damon was a murdering psychopath. Almost.

The strange thing was, the two's exchanged seemed like something to be treasured by most, like they had forgotten about everyone and the world was had faded into the background. They seemed to be having a great time, laughing and joking around like they had known each other since the beginning of time, and Stefan almost didn't want to break that up.