There it was a big stage, bright lights, fans screaming, handsome looks, sexy body, great face, perfect hair, andamazing singing. How could life be better than this for the one and only Remus Baker.

Little did he know he still needed to find the love of his life.

"Kendall you're gonna be late for seeing your father." said Kris Jenner. "I know mom, I'm just finishing up my makeup." replied Kendall. Kylie and Khloe walkedthrough the door asking Kris where Kendall was. Kim andNorthWest were

already waiting in the car for everyone. Kendall grabbed her phone and purse ran down the stairs and said "Cmon slow pokes." Kris, Kylie, Khloe,and Kendall looked at each other and smiled. Kim asked everyone to hurry up because North wasgetting
hot. Everyone went out the door and got in the car. "Be safe girls tell Caitlyn I said hi love you guys bye." Said Kris. "Bye mom we love you."No one had eaten breakfast but they werevery hungry. "How long do we have until we reach Caitlyn's
place." Asked Kim. "About an hour and a half. But I need to gas up the car." RepliedKhloe. "Good because North needs a drink and needs to use the restroom." "Kim are yousure North is alright." Asked Kendall. "Yah it sounds like she's not
doing to well." Said Kylie. "Kylie hand Kim the emergency kit its in the compartment below

you." Said Kendall. They went into the gas station and realized North wasjust very tired because she stayed up with Kanye at a concert.

Meanwhile at Remus' house...

"Yo Remus c'mon we gotta get to the studio to show your manager the new tracks." Said his best friend Tony. "Bro I'm literally right here." Replied Remus. "Oh sorry man." Answered Tony. "Bro I don't get it just because you got a 6 pack, blue eyes,
brownhair, amazing face, singing skills, and your from England, how do you get super famous. "I don't know I guess it's cause I have more followers on Instagram." Said Remus laughing. "Haha very funny but I got a 6 pack, hazel eyes, black hair,
handsomeface, dancing skills, and from Mexico." Replied Tony. "Well you don't have an accent from Mexico, but I have and English accent, I have blue eyes and brown hair, you have hazel eyes and black hair, I have singing skills, you have dancing
skills,and maybeyou shouldn't be so shy around meeting cute girls that are my fans or your fans." Answered Remus. "Whatever, I'll figure something out. But let's go before Adam (manager) gets mad." Said Tony. They hopped in the car and drove
to the studio. "Remus

did you bring the tracks." "Yah they're right here." "Can we stop by this gas station I need to use the restroom bad man." Said Remus. "Okay yah let me get some gas."