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"so qade what did you find out about these white fang bases."

"well they are mostly outside the city and are very well defended from Grimm but should be easy to infiltrate if that's what you want to do, now what they contain I don't know but from what neo said it's most likely dust or weapons, also will I go and tell demon to get ready."

"ok, go get her ready and tell her to grab the forty mill, the plasma railgun and the broadsword, also tell her to do a full system check so the upgrades don't fall apart on us."

"sure thing boss."

time skip two days.

The base that qade had picked out for our first raid was one that was about two miles outside of vale.

It had and area of about two and a half kilometres squared and had two small warehouses just big enough for a titan to fit in, off to the north of those where a few buildings most likely the armoury and the Barracks the whole thing was surrounded by ten meter high walls with anti Grimm cannons on the watch towers that where dotted about.

We had found that there where two patrols that went around the base in something that looked like those old humves from twenty first century earth and looked to have twenty mill gatling guns mounted on top.

"So David how we doing this."

"first we steal one of those humers (Nick name for the jeeps.) and act as the patrol guys then when we get "off duty" we cloak and get in to one of those warehouses to see what there up to if we get caught ill call de in via warp fall then we level the place, if we do get in start recording so we can get any and all info that we can, after we get all the info we can we level it anyway. got it."

"all right let's go."

the way we got one of the car's was that we had to cloak then when the car passed we had to jump on to the bonnet (hood of the car if your American.) then with suppressed shots we took out the driver and the gunner.

after about half an hour we got the call to come back in. so when we got to the gate I had to cloak and qade changed his look so that we could get back in. remember he's got godly powers. after we had parked and got out, we split up I went to one warehouse and qade the other. we still knew what each other saw because we had linked our helmet camera's to each other's helmet.

now back to me, what I saw when I entered the warehouse was about a dozen or so "soldiers" milling about going over the two aircraft that where there , where checking there weapons or where making something at one of the few forges that where littered about.

after I had a look around I started stealthily making my way over to a important looking building over on the side away from the doors to the place, it was small just big enough that it was the size of a small office but the decorations where that of white fang flags and propaganda for the "organization".

when I made my way over to the building and looked inside I saw a man that was almost as tall as me, and that was surprising seeing as I was a good six foot seven now what the guy was wearing was a grey white sleeveless hoody looking thing with the same Grimm mask that all the other terrorists wore and had a large broad sword strapped to there back and had large antlers sticking out of his head.

from what I could see, they where standing over a large map with lots of red exes on it.

when I sneaked in to the tent I hid at the back as to record as much incriminating data on these guys as possible, the stuff that they where talking about was the typical terrorist stuff such as when they where going to steal dust, weapons, military tech, the works.

after about ten minutes of this I decided that it was time for me and qade to get out of there and level the place.

qade pov (wow this is a first)

when I split from David and went in to my warehouse I found what appeared to be shity versions of the body that I was currently inhabiting, that's to say a Spector, now the shity part aside, what caught my attention was the amount there was like sixty of the buggers in there.

now that didn't really bother me much, but there was also what looked to be a out dated m1 Abrams tank from the twenty first century (now) that was either down for repairs or is being reverse engineered some how.

after looking about I sent a message to David on what I had found, after that he told me to bring in demon and level the place.

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now what no one except qade was how qade got the warp fall to essentially be a titanfall teleport.

so that's how demon knew that she was to get ready, first a voice saying "get ready for titanfall" then a few seconds of black and after that, a weightlessness that she probably shouldn't "feel" but still even to her who had done it dozens of times by that point she had to admit, even for a robot it was fun, especially what happened afterwards.

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when the white fang heard her falling from the sky at the speed of sound, they panicked.

she hit in to the warehouse that had the airships in it, David and qade had quickly made there way back to the walls, when she landed the wf panicked even more cause with all the upgrades and development on her design over the years that David and neo had done she positively looked like her namesake, a fucking demon, she had the same shape as always but now had a scorch fuel pack on her back that worked like a bag but was also spewed flames every now and then.

demon had also kept the broadsword and had modified it to use the thermite and ark energy at same time to augment it into something truly terrifying and worthy to be welded by a true demon.

David and qade had also merged the fire shield and the vortex shield in to one meaning that demon could switch between each as the situation called for it.

another thing was that they had basically ripped the jetpack off of a northstar titan which was also coincidentally where they had got the plasma-railgun from.

they had also stole the rocket packs from a tone and the faze shift device from another Ronin.

now back to the story, when she had landed she stood up near instantly and was assaulted by small arms fire which didn't even scratch her paint.

modulating her voice to sound truly demonic,"now then, who dares challenge me, come and have a go if you think your hard enough."

near immediately she was hit with one, the sight of a couple of. them legit shit themselves and two, she saw one of them grab a cross between a rpg-7 and a law rocket launcher, called the Dragon fang by the wf, being prepared.

demon then proceed to pull out the forty mill Canon and shot the one with the rocket launcher of the top of the crate they where on top of.

as she was doing that one of the workers had run to a bullhead gunship and had managed to take off.

quickly turning around demon just had time to start the flite core that they had stole and get to it before it got away, once she had grabbed the belly of it she then proceed to tear the wing off causing it to fall on top of the other bullhead.

"demon come in." was heard over the radio.

"yes qade what is it."

"ok so try not to destroy the other warehouse there's something in there that we would like to procure from these guys, got it."

"ok understood."

after that she started gunning down the remaining enemies that where in the warehouse, the one with the broadsword was a little bit harder to hit, not pilot hard just...a trained Spector hard, that and the fact that his sword had a gun barrel built in to the blade that shot dust rounds, eventually she got bored with him, so demon then proceed to holster the forty and draw the ark sword (broadsword) and slice him in half.

just one thing about that plan though, this guy didn't die when he got bitch slapped with the Sharp side of the blade and was just slammed into the wall, so seeing that this wasn't working she pulled out the railgun and sent a fully charged shot into his head effectively turning him to a bloody mist.

now that all the workers on the base where dead, she decided to go and see what qade and David had wanted to preserve.

when she got to the main doors to the warehouse she stopped and considered whether or not to make it a dramatic entrance or just open the door.

qade and David's pov.

when de had started her one titan massacre of the white fang they had been taking out the ones that where on patrol or where elsewhere on the base.

after taking out all combatants in the Barracks they had moved to the warehouse that qade had investigated, lucky for them all the white fang had moved to the warehouse that demon was having her fun in at that moment.

so after the sounds of Canon fire and the screams of the dammed had stoped they waited for about five minutes for demon to show herself, after getting a bit concerned they heard the rending of metal when a ten foot sword destroyed the wall behind them marketing them jump about two meters on the air.

"holy shit de, did you have to scare us so badly." asked a angry qade.

"yes, also your reactions where fucking hilarious." she said as she made a chuckling sound.

"wait you find stuff funny, I mean yea you are a really well made ai but I don't think that you where designed to be able to find stuff funny?" asked a incredulous David.

"well at this point my creator's would most likely consider me to be a crazy or malfunctioning ai but I like to think I am better than that."

"well ok Damm but on to more pressing matters how do we get this tank back home." said David.

"well I could make a transport that I saw somewhere pick us and the tank up." qade told us.

"well ok, qade do what ever you do and demon pick up the tank gently then come back and help me get some of these robots for our own personal use."

when we got outside, with demon deciding to just drag the tank, we heard what could only be jet engines, when we all looked up we all saw a green angular aircraft fast approaching.

"welcome my friends to the pelican."

(pelican, halo franchise, also remember that the pelican can easily Carrie a scorpion tank which is twice the size of a m1 Abrams tank that the squad currently have)

"well Damm qade I know you are like godly but sometimes I forget and when you do stuff like this im just like, Damm I have good friends, but question how are demon and the tank going to fit."

"well the tank is attached to that bit at the back and de can climb on top and hold on for dear life."

"I have no objections to holding on top of the ship, it sounds fun."

well ok then but how are we going to get past the air defences I know that you could just God power it but on also know that you don't like using your God powers as it is just a bit over powered and you like a bit of a challenge."

"well your not wrong there, but this does come with built-in cloaking and anti-radar coating on it."

"well I'm sold now onwards and upwards and all that we have a tank to fix and explosives to plant."

"uhh totally forgot to do that but you know I will make one exception here and plant the explosives with my God powers as you put it."

"thank you qade now let's go."

and with that they flew into that Sun rise and towards vale as explosions rocked the Forrest below and killed anyone or any thing caught in it.

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few, man you do not want to know how hard this chapter was to Wright.

so as my first real fight scene how did I do.

also demon got some screen time and had a descent amount of time to herself and I also done my first pov change, that was probably the hardest part seeing as I have only ever done one pov in a story ever also just some rudimentary reviews would great help me out.

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