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Chapter 21: Cum Tsunami

-Hokage's Office-

''Oh fuck..that was amazing Hokage-sama.'' Tsunami panted as she fell onto Minato's chest.

Ever since Kushina and Mikoto had been claimed by his son Minato knew that the two MILFs will never want his foot long schlong ever again so the Hokage decided to invite an old friend from Wave country to fuck, being the daughter of a former client when his son went to Wave.

''Even in my 30's I still fucking got it!" Minato declared until Tsunami got off his chest and began to dress up. ''Tsunami where are you going?''

''To fuck your son, I want to see how much Naruto has grown and if the rumors are true and I want to bear his child. Thanks for the fuck Hokage-sama but I am getting off my pills when I see him!" Tsunami said before taking off for the Namikaze estate leaving the blonde Hokage naked and alone in his office.

''Man that's so unfair!" Minato shouted with a pout.

The door to his office swung open and in ran Kakashi and Ebisu.

''Lord Hokage we heard yelling!''

''Mmhmm, it is I, the great Ebisu at your service Lord Hokage!" the weak Jonin said while spinning like a ballerina before coming to a complete halt.

The two men then froze in shock when they saw their Hokage naked, cock still erected from fucking Tsunami and they threw up and Minato could only watch in amusement as the sight proved to be very comedic for him. Ebisu then walked over to the door and opens it slightly and places his head in the doorway. He then slams the door shut on his head knocking himself unconscious.

Kakashi was still puking and somehow, the vomit flew straight through his mask and onto the floor and he would continue to do so for half an hour before stopping. Wiping his mask he looks at the Hokage who had taken the time to put his clothes back on.

''Want to go to Iron country and get some samurai pussy?'' Minato asked.

Kakashi had an instant nosebleed and nodded his head furiously.

''Y-yes Minato-sensei I've always wanted to try samurai pussy for years!'' the masked Jonin then caught the scent of sex in the air, ''So who were you banging sensei?''

''That Tsunami MILF you guys helped from wave a few years back, man of all the people she leaves this foot long schlong for it would be my son! Man That's messed up! Time to bring out the old academy yearbook.''

The blonde Hokage then took out his old yearbook he had taken with him back from heaven and began to look through the pages to see if there were any former classmates he can fuck and possibly give his son half brothers and sisters, that is if they weren't passed menopause yet and he was hoping they weren't.

''Let's see, obviously Mikoto is out of the question...what about that Sakura girl's mom and Tsume? That dog lady was known for her rack in the academy..hm, maybe she is definitely a viable choice especially since Naruto got her daughter.''

That settled it, Minato was going to go and fuck Tsume doggy style and he had hoped that his son wouldn't get to her first so he prayed to Kami he would get his cock in a hot bitch like Tsume before Naruto.

''Alright, I guess I can try to score with Tsume and that Sakura girl's mom but first let's get samurai vagina Kakashi, Ebisu.''

Kakashi grinned excitedly before scooping up the unconscious Ebisu and the blonde Hokage summoned a shadow clone to fill in for him. The three men then made their way toward the Land of Iron to show the samurai women there what a real katana looks like.

Since he, Kushina and Mikoto had been revived thanks to the Shinigami's permission Minato knew that with his wife and the Uchiha MILF going after his beloved son Naruto he had to find new sources of pleasure and new pussy he can pound relentlessly since his wife and Mikoto were out of the option, it didn't make things any better since they were inseminated by the younger blonde. No matter, aside from samurai women Tsume, Sakura's mother and Shikamaru's mom were still single and when he got back from Iron country Minato will give them the truth on why he is Konoha's Yellow Flash.

-Hokage's Mansion, a few days later-

Tsunami was seen with a huge backpack and several suitcases as she slowly approached the door to the Hokage's mansion. A few days ago she bid her father Tazuna and her little bitchy whiney little cry baby son Inari and after packing her things she went back to Konoha and despite her having a furious fuck session with the Hokage Minato she now decided that after hearing rumors and watching Princess Gale The Yellow Flash that she would permanently move to Konoha to get a taste of Naruto's monstrous cock. She had of course had Minato and Kaiza's cocks inside her needy MILF pussy before and between the two of them Minato's cock was far larger than Kaiza's. However, when she saw Koyuki's movie Naruto's cock proved far, FAR larger than both of them combined and that was the reason she moved to Konoha.

Knocking on the door she licked her lips in anticipation for her encounter with the massive rod and after about a minute or two Kushina answered the door.

''Oh! Hey Tsunami it's been years!'' exclaimed the Uzumaki MILF.

The two women hugged.

''Yes it has been Kushina, how's that blonde stud doing? I heard he's on a quest to help you and Minato restore the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans.'' said the dark-haired woman.

Noticing her belongings Kushina didn't even have to ask the Wave MILF what was up with the get up and she already knew what she was doing here but decided to ask anyway since she wanted to hear it for herself.

''Why do you have all your things with you?''

Tsunami blushed furiously and scratched the back of her head while giggling nervously.

''Oh um, I came to have sex with Naruto and get pregnant by him.'' admitted the woman shyly.

Kushina only smirked sadistically and beckoning the women into the house she called for Konan and Karin to come and help carry her suitcases to the master bedroom where all the women shared with their blonde stud muffin. Kushina then took the Wave MILF to the kitchen where all the other women were currently getting lunch ready for Naruto while he relaxed at the pool and Tsunami found herself very surprised at how big the harem was already. She knew of the Clan Restoration Act when she smashed Minato during their younger days but still, seeing this many women Naruto had bagged up to this point shocked her.

''So who's the farthest along?'' Tsunami asked.

Tayuya, Yugao, Shizune, Kurenai and Karin all raised their hands and Tsunami noticed small, but noticeable baby bumps on their bellies and the ladies all rubbed their bellies while sighing in content, huge blushes visible on their cheeks.

''I can't wait for them to start kicking.'' Tayuya said in a dream-like state.

Tsunami took notice in the tone of Tayuya's voice and hearing the love in them she herself couldn't wait to have a bump herself after the blonde bastard impregnates her.

''So where is Naruto? I want him to smash this needy MILF pussy.''

The woman all simultaneously pointed toward the backdoor that led to the big outdoor pool and thanking the other ladies Tsunami opened the door and ventured toward the pool. As soon as she closed the door all the women began to giggle evilly to themselves as they knew Tsunami was in for the ride of her life.

''Boy that lady has no idea what's about to hit her.'' snickered Kurotsuchi.

''Tell me about it, MILFs go head over heels when younger guys have big dicks.'' Konan said as she herself was nearing forty.

''I second that notion.'' Mikoto, who was also nearing forty said in agreement.

-Outdoor Pool, Hokage's Mansion-

After having a furious fuck session with his entire harem all night and all morning long Naruto, our lovable elephant cocked bastard was scene laying back on a reclining pool chair with shades on. He decided to head out back to the pool and since it was a rather hot summer day he thought to himself that relaxing by the pool while his wives all prepared a massive feast of a lunch wouldn't hurt because after all, he can fuck them all again for hours after they had lunch and relaxing right now would give him the energy and peace he needed before plowing all their needy pussies.

He was so relaxed that he had failed to see or notice Tsunami walking toward him and she was already stripped naked as for when she saw Naruto from the high ground when she left through the kitchen she immediately got turned seeing the young blonde man and ripped her clothes off her body. She slowly crept toward him and saw that he sat up from his reclining chair to stretch his arms out and seeing this as her chance she quickly dashed over and began to rub his shoulders giving him a nice massage.

''What the? Who's that.'' Naruto asked as he turned his head only to be greeted by Tsunami's familiar face, ''Oh hey you're Inari's mom!''

Not only was the first Naruto notice was her pretty face, but he instantly saw and noticed that she was butt ass naked and his cock began to slowly harden in his swimming trunks and he fought the urge to destroy her crotch right then and there but the massage was keeping him at bay.

[Let the lemon begin!]

Tsunami replied to that stipulation by giving the blonde a sultry look before kissing his cheek. The way she was rubbing his shoulders sent waves of pleasure through his body and he simply let her take over.

''Yes Naruto, it's me Tsunami how have you been handsome?'' she whispered into his ear seductively.

''I...I've been pretty good, wow you're great at giving massages.'' Naruto said, eyes closed as he enjoyed the massage, ''So what brings you to Konoha?''

Tsunami only smirked sadistically at his question and ceasing her massaging of his shoulders she then placed a hand on his chin and moved his head around and she planted his lips against her. The blonde has been kissed plenty of times of so of course he wouldn't be caught by surprise when women locked lips with him so he just went along with Tsunami. The two moaned into the kiss and soon they began to have a duel with their tongues and after a few minutes of battling it out Tsunami's much more experienced tongue beat out Naruto's own energetic one much to his annoyance.

''I never fucking win!'' thought the blonde as they separated, ''Looks like I don't have to even wait for you to give me an answer huh Tsunami-chan?''

The Wave MILF walked around the chair and got on her knees before Naruto and saw the huge bulge in his trunks and licked her lips in anticipation.

''Not at all, I saw your movie with Koyuki and remember hearing something about restoring your clan from your dad. You remember when I have been lonely and in need since Kaiza died so I want a nice young hung stud to plow this MILF pussy to his heart's content. Give Inari a half brother so he can stop crying okay Naruto?'' Tsunami said as she literally ripped the trunks off of his body and was greeted to his enormous, flaccid prick.

Now she had seen it already when she watched Princess Gale The Yellow Flash in theaters back in Wave but to her, it looked so much bigger in person! The sight of the monster cock made a Tsunami's pussy drip a tsunami of love juice, so much that it left a big puddle under her and she was just dying to take the rod into her mouth.

''What's the matter Tsunami? Never seen a cock this big before?'' Naruto snarked and he placed a hand on her head knowing she will need help in sucking his dick.

''Damn right I've never seen a cock like this before, Kaiza's cock was small and your dad is a foot long and really thick but yours? Holy shit it's really long and thick! I wonder how thick your cum is..''

Tsunami then began to jack his dick off earning a growl of pleasure from Naruto and Tsunami was pleased to see the younger man become putty in her hands. Despite the immense pleasure he was feeling from her beating him off he still kept a hand on her head so when she was ready to take him in he'd be ready to help her let take him in her mouth.

''Ugh, the MILFs always are the best ones.'' Naruto thought.

Tsunami noticed the look in his face as he watched her jack him and she began to pick up the pace and just as she did the foot long flaccid schlong instantly shot upward getting fully erected much to her shock and surprise.

''Oh my that almost scared me!" Tsunami thought as she marveled at how well sculpted it was.

It stood tall and proud for her at it's full length of 17 inches long and was thick as his forearm and was really veiny.

Naruto chuckled noticing that she was scanning his dick up and down, ''What's the matter Tsunami? Too big for you?''

''Fuck no.'' replied the MILF.

Tsunami then grabbed his cock with both her hands and opened her mouth as wide as she could to encompass the big dick and thankfully Naruto now had both his hands placed at the back of her head ready to help her if need be. She took the tip which itself was huge as all hell and gave it a quick lick getting some of the precum leaking out of him before putting the tip in her mouth. However, the thickness of the tip was hard for her to take in as it was equally as large as the rest of his shaft but with Naruto's assistance and with a his hands grabs a handful of her hair and pushes her face into his cock immediately spearing half of his prick into her needy throat. Tsunami went wide eyed as she felt his cock touching her uvula but thank kami she was prepared for big dicks like this when she used to fuck Minato when they were younger.

''Oh fuck, this tastes so good!'' Tsunami thought in bliss as she began to suck in more of his scepter.

She then began to bob slowly on his big cock but it proved to be difficult but again, thanks to Naruto who was now grabbing both sides of her head with his hands would pull with her when she bobbed her head backward and pull her back in when she bobbed forward and the couple repeated this action several times and Tsunami noticed that with each bob of her head combined with Naruto using his hands they managed to get an inch of her hugeness into her mouth each time.

''Fuuuuuuuuck Tsunami your mouth is so tight!'' Naruto got out through clenched teeth.

Tsunami's tight and amazing feeling throat was too much for Naruto and carefully getting off of the chair he stood up with Tsunami still in his mouth and rearing his hips backward and with his hands still on Tsunami's head he prepared to shank her mouth with his cock so she was deepthroating him. The MILF knew what he was going to do and steeled herself to be skewered through the mouth and with the signal from Naruto he pulled her head in with a lot of power while applying a super ultra powerful thrust he manages to get all 17-inches of his meat scepter so that the tip was now in her stomach and she moaned and groaned loudly in sheer ecstasy at the feeling.


''Yeah, I tend to get that sentiment a lot just ask the ladies back at the mansion.'' Naruto chuckled before he began to furiously face fuck her into oblivion.

Tsunami had already had a big dick in Minato with it being a foot long, but she knew that this much larger cock would be the best she would ever have in her life and she could only remain there on her knees and take it like a submissive little MILF. She found herself impressed with Naruto's amazing speed and the motion of the ocean. He managed to pull his entire cock out of her mouth to where only the tip remained in her mouth before shoving his cock back in, all of it back into her mouth and stomach much to her immense pleasure and she hoped that he never came because the blowjob/face fuck was just so good.

About an hour would pass and the blonde soon felt his orgasm nearing and at this juncture Tsunami almost passed out from the vicious assault the blonde stud was giving her and as much as he tried to hold back his contractions his own iron will gave in.

''Ohhhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!'' Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs, ''Here it cums Tsunami!''

Naruto forced his cock all the way back in his stomach and groaned at he shot his cum into her stomach. The pressure and volume of which he was cumming in Tsunami's mouth and stomach instantly filled her digestive organ to to capacity and the cum that didn't fit in her bloated stomach backed up out of her mouth and she relished in the pleasurable feeling with her eyes closed.

''So much cum.'' thought the MILF dreamily.

Naruto would continue cumming for 10 minutes straight before his orgasm finally died down and feeling his ejaculation ceasing he pulls his entire cock out of Tsunami's mouth with an audible pop and some of the baby making spooge spilled out of her mouth and landed on the ground in front of her and Naruto inwardly chuckled at seeing her cheeks puffed up with all the cum in her mouth.

Tsunami noticed the puddle of cum beneath her and swallowing what she had in her mouth with a big gulp she bent over and voraciously licked up the excess spunk leaving the asphalt spotless.

''Delicious, that's what I call a tsunami!'' the woman said licking her lips.

Unknown to the horny fuckers Mei was watching from the kitchen window and smirking to herself she performed a hand seal and what happened next caught Naruto and Tsunami by surprise. All of the water from the pool flew toward them and completely engulfed the entire pool area forming a huge dome around it.

''A water dome jutsu? Is this Mei's doing?'' Naruto thought curiously.

''I've never tried underwater sex so just get over here and destroy my pretty pussy young man.'' Tsunami said beckoning him over with her finger as she laid on her back.

The blonde just shrugged his shoulders, ''Fuck it.'' Naruto then looked over at the diving board and noticed that it was at least 100 feet off the ground and had an idea, ''Spread your legs as wide as possible for me Tsunami.''

Tsunami did what she was told and was curious as to why the blonde asked her to do this but when she saw that he began to ascend the latter to the diving board she was filled with glee as she now knew what he was planning. When the blonde, hung bastard reached the top of the diving board he looked down at Tsunami eagerly awaiting him.

With his signature foxy grin he began to jump on the diving board for a good minute and feeling comfortable with himself he leaped from the board, his balls flailing around as he falls.

''Cannon balls!'' he shouted at the top of his lungs.

He spun graciously into the air as he descended upon the spread out pussy before him and a good 5 seconds would pass before he finally landed on top of the needy MILF and the impact and force of the fall speared his entire lengthy, girthy and veiny dick plus his enormous ballsack into her vagina making her scream with pleasure and her body orgasmed and began spraying her pussy juice at an alarming rate making Naruto chuckle.

''A tsunami of girl cum, well I have an idea after I cream her womb.''

''Oh fuck that was the best impalement I've ever felt!"

Without hesitation Naruto began to power fuck the ever living shit out of her at such an insane speed that even the water dome's watery structure began to move smoothly like the motion of the ocean from Naruto's amazing power. It didn't take long for Tsunami to become a fucked stupid mess as her tongue hung out of her mouth and drool leaked out from the corners of it. Even though she was super duper tight Naruto felt her vaginal walls already loosening up from his thrusting and he swore he felt his tip penetrating her cervix each time and he smirked as he thought about literally rearranging her whole body structure from his thrusting.

''Holy shit Naruto you're cock is so deep in me!'' Tsunami whimpered as she was continuously plowed.

Much like he did with her throat before her pussy each time Naruto withdrew his prick he managed to get all 17-inches of it out of her and when he thrusts back in he got not only entire prick but his near basketball sized testicles as well and feeling them plow into her little MILF cunt only added to the pleasure.

''Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck Naruto you're destroying meeeeeeeeee!" Tsunami cried out.

Even though she felt so good she did not want admit that the herculean cock was literally destroying her from the inside and looking down she saw the outline of his cock in her belly and that made her even more turned on.

''That's so fucking hot!'' she thought as she was endlessly plowed.

The blonde motherfucker, literally motherfucker continued plowing her for 3 hours straight and inwardly laughed at Tsunami looking like she was fucked stupid from the hundreds of orgasms he put her through so he decided to finish it off with another position. Withdrawing his herculean cock he flipped her on her front and forced into the doggystyle position and it happened so fast Tsunami did not have time to react.

''Naruto why'd you pull...FUUUUUUCK!''

Naruto reentering her vagina with such a powerful thrust made her practically scream in slight pain and he mercilessly thrusted his monster of a cock into her needy pussy and since she was being fucked in doggy every time he thrusts into her his cock head would pierce her fertile womb while his basketballs slammed very hard into her clit and each time they struck her clit she squirted her juices onto the asphalt much to his viewing pleasure.

''Dear kami you're tight Tsunami! Dad and Kaiza have nothing on my monstrous cock.'' Naruto got out between pants.

Tsunami soon did not have the energy to moan and progressed to panting heavily from his power fucking and soon she was reduced to leaving her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she felt the air being completely knocked out of her lungs but she didn't care how uncomfortable that may have felt, as long as she got inseminated with his thick ball cream she would be happy.

''Oh my kami I've never felt this way with Kaiza or Minato in my younger days, I want this cock to split me in two.'' thought the horny MILF.

The sounds of their flesh clapping against each other and their combined moaning and groaning would go on for another three hours before Tsunami felt her consciousness slowly fading away and seeing this Naruto balled his left hand into a fist and jammed it up her virgin asshole making her squeal in pain.

''Owwww Naruto you're really gonna kill meeeeee!" cried out Tsunami as Naruto began pumping his fist in and out of her asshole at an alarming rate and this served to only make her orgasm for the one-hundredth and tenth time nearly causing her to pass out and if she was being honest with herself she was feeling a bit lightheaded.

How the hell can a man last this long at sex?

Naruto soon felt the familiar feeling of his baby making cream churning within his testicles and he picked up his pace to near super human speed where he was literally just a blur that even the combined speed of the 4th Raikage and his dad using the Hiraishin wouldn't be able to keep up with him.

''Oh fuck, here it cums Tsunami! A cum tsunami into that womb!'' Naruto got out between pants.

He then gave one final shove so that the head of his cock would rest in her aching and waiting womb and soon a literal Tsunami of sperm flooded her fertile baby pouch and filled it completely with a tsunami of cum and the warm, boiling feeling inside caused a lewd expression to form on her face.

''Young men have the most potent cum.'' she thought in sheer bliss.

After about twenty minutes of cumming Naruto finally pulled his mammoth girth out of her pussy and a waterfall of sperm that couldn't make it into Tsunami's uterus spilled onto the ground forming a rather large puddle and the MILF wasted no time in getting on all fours and licking the excess cum up like a dog drinking from his water bowl. With the excess sperm licked up she gave a loud burp and noticed Naruto had a really devilish grin on his face.

''Um, why the scary look Naruto?''

Naruto only responded by performing a shadow clone jutsu and summoned a huge amount of clones and if Tsunami had to guess there were at least five-hundred Naruto's standing in front of her. Tsunami was about to ask why he summoned so many clones but when she saw that they were all beginning to jack their pricks she knew what was coming. Smiling lustfully she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out as the clones continued to masturbate themselves to orgasm.

''Ugh, fuck it's been a while since we've beaten our own cocks.'' a clone grunted.

''Y-yeah, but it'll be worth it when we finished.'' groaned another.

The clones and the real Naruto continued pumping their dicks and they all felt their spunk building up once again in their testicles.

''Ooooh shiiiit, okay guys cum on 3...2...1...NOW!'' shouted the real Naruto.

''Aaaaaagh, we're cumming!" all the Naruto clones shouted.

Just then it felt like a mini earthquake struck the area and Tsunami watched all the Naruto's halt their stroking and at the same time a huge wave of sperm came her direction with a massive shadow being casted over her and she held her hands out waiting for the impending cum tsunami to crash down on her. With a huge splash the spunk came crashing down on her like a tidal wave with enough force that she was swept into the pool.

With their ejaculation complete the clones dispelled and the real Naruto watched as Tsunami was seen floating harmlessly in the pool which with the amount of cum that came her way it replaced the pool water and she was currently basking in silent pleasure at what just happened.

''So...much...cum.'' the woman thought to herself as she soon passed out from immense pleasure.

Heh heh, guess that adds another one to my harem!'' declared the blonde as the water dome then dispels.

Naruto then grabs the fuck drunk MILF and carries her back to the mansion and failed to realized he was being watched by not only his other wives who were watching the whole fuck fest from the kitchen windows, but a certain sage emerged from the bushes near the pool.

''Oh yeah! What a hot performance! Naruto you lucky brat you've learned.'' said the perv, a huge amount of wetness where his crotch would be with his nostrils gushing out blood.

Naruto never knew it but for a few weeks now Jiraiya has been conducting research and after knowing how he had scored with his own mom Jiraiya left to find Minato and Kakashi to share his amazing observations with them, though he failed to know that the older blonde already had an idea of what Naruto has done since he started bagging all the women.

And that's a wrap, hope you all enjoyed this smut and as I've said many times before I'm very sorry for not updating in 2 years. A poll will be put up as soon as I post this chapter and I want you all to vote on who gets wrecked by Naruto next. For those who complain about Naruto being big, this is anime, this is fanfiction so if you don't like Naruto having a member that big that's too bad. Just enjoy the comedic aspect of this fic and the over the top action. This is Its Rice Man signing off!