badguys2 Bad Guys' Deleted Scenes

I'm sure some of you noticed that the this fic seemed a little incomplete. Well here's why: There were deleted scenes and here they are for your reading. They may give you deeper understanding to the meaning of this crazy fic (well not really but I like to believe that). To be honest I really didn't have any deleted scenes, I just made up a bunch of them. They were scenes that I wish that I could've written into the fic or I was too lazy to. Plus the fact that the fic would get way too long. I got bored, so I decided to write them anyway. So for your reading pleasure (or torture) the DELETED SCENES!! Mwahahahahaha!!

Shredder's lecture on why bad guys always hide in abandoned warehouses:

"We always hide out in abandoned warehouses because there are plenty of them around. And maybe we bad guys don't always like to attract attention. Maybe we just like the simple things in life, ya know? I don't need some fancy smancy hotel to be happy. As for money..have you ever noticed that most of the good guys are rich and most of the bad guys are poor? I mean there are exceptions to the rule but most of the time this does apply. How do good guys get money anyways? I bet it's from all that merchandise with they're ugly mugs covered all over them and they even sell ones with my face but do I get any revenues? No!! Is that really fair!? The Fantastic Four have their own skyscraper and the X-men have a mansion. You can see Batman cruising around in his own expensive car and he has his own credit card!! I live in various places but not very nice places like a molten lava bed, the Artic, or Dimension X for instance. I live off of Krang because I have nothing. This is my job and nobody pays me to do it. Even the turtles have more money than me and they don't have jobs and the city doesn't pay them anything, do they?? Where the hell do they get their money anyways? I would love to see the day come when bad guys get paid because without us there wouldn't be good guys. So to answer your question, no we don't pick nice beautiful places to hide out in because we just don't have the money. Oh and there aren't very many abandoned luxury hotels around anyways...duh!." Shredder wiped a tear from his eye.

"Whatever.." April replied noncaringly. Shredder was frozen with shock by April's apparent apathy.

*Sniffles* Beautiful speech Shredder but way too wordy. Now you can see why is was not included. Plus the fact that it shows a very cruel and insensitive side of April.

Shredder gets hammered!!

"Those damn turtles!! Why haven't they showed up!" Shredder picks up a hammer and begins banging it against his head.

"Ow! Cool it makes a noise when I bang this hammer against my helmet." Bangs his head some more.

"Oy..Now I have a ringing noise in my ears. I can't hear anything. Cool! It's like hearing the banging noise 24/7."

Bebop and Rocksteady try to get Shredder's attention from behind but he can't hear them. He notices April in the corner making a lot of noises but he can't hear her. He couldn't hear anything.

"Hmmm..what else should I try. Ohhhhh...I know, I could bang it against my head with no helmet." Shredder removes his helmet and bangs away at his head until he knocks himself out.

Thus Shredder gets some sleep and wakes up not remembering what he did. He figured that he got hammered. I know I know bad pun!! You may have been thinking of something else but it's my fic so I can write whatever I want. Now you see why it was deleted?

*Clears her throat* Okay on to the next scene:

Krang does laundry!

"I'm always the one that has to do laundry around here. Stupid imbeciles don't know how to separate colors or how much soap to use." Krang grumbled to himself as he put Shredder's cape in the dryer.

"Damn cape boy gets all of the fun around here." He set the dial and started the dryer.

"I don't even wear any clothes and I know how to do laundry!" Krang went back up to the portal area and turned it on. (by night portal, by day big screen TV)

" favorite soap is on:Young Restless World Conquerors. Oh I sure hope that The Evil Pantless Clown can defeat the Dorky Spandex Cheese Whiz Man and still win the love of his half cousin Isabella, the Dark Queen."

"Grrrr...I really hate his brother's cousin's friend's nephew's sister's co-worker, Clyde the Colossal Clam. He's always trying to cause trouble."

And we leave Krang there watching his Soaps and doing laundry. Didn't know that side of Krang very well did you? He said that he would kill me if I included this in the fic, so for fear of my life I left it out. Of course, he never said anything about putting it up on this page. If I die, then you know the reason.

Now I take you to Channel Six News for one last time so we can hear what words April used to insult Shredder with as he unkidnapped her.

/*&*$# @*%$@!!!

Oh wait..sorry about that, my computer thought this was Archie Comic Books or something. Let's try this again.

"You know Shredder, you really are a dork. You and your cape and shiny armor. A yellow jumpsuit is much more suitable apparell. Rather than looking like a freak who thinks he dressing this way will make him look cool and tough, I give warning signals that I'm an annoying person." said April.

"You are an annoying person, Miss O'Neil." said Shredder dryly.

"I am NOT!!! I'm April O'Neil, of channel six news, not this annoying person you called me."

"Well I happen to like my cape. It's purple and it brings out the color in my eyes, don't you think? As for the armor, it's a skin condition, okay?"

"Well actually is does show the color of your eyes, that ugly they are!!! What skin condition?"

Tears formed in Shredder's eyes. "I'd rather not talk about my skin condtion, it's personal. You're a mean girl!!!! I'm not talking to you anymore."

To this day, as far as I know, April and Shredder are not on speaking terms because April O'Neil hurt his feelings. Poor Shreddy kins. All he really wanted was a hug but his pointy armor makes it hard to do.

Now you wonder what sort of revenge Leonardo was talking about near the end of the fic? Well here it is!

The Turtles get their revenge!

Four figures sneak around the technodrome throughout the night. ( Do they have night time in Dimension X? Well I don't really care so I'll just write that in anyway. Shredder and Krang have to get sleep sometime.)

"Hee hee...this was a good idea." said Raph.

They'll never know what hit them." said Mike.

"And considering how long it took to finally get rid of April, they deserve it." said Don,

"Shhhh....Quiet you guys." said Mr. I mean Leo.

Like good ninjas (as opposed to bad ones?) they disappeared into the darkness after their revenge had been completed. And don't ask me how they got to Dimension X. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the fic. Stop looking at me like that. Okay, okay...well Don has his own portal, so figure it out yourself...geez.

That Morning...or whenever they got up and noticed:

"What happened to the technodrome? I thought you defeated those pesky turtles." yelled Krang.

"I did!!" Shredder said.

"Ohhhhh...coool Look what those tortles did!" Bebop exclaimed.

"I know, know..idiots." Shredder mumbled to himself.

"Damn turtles can't ever let me win. They just couldn't let it go. They had to do this...had to toilet paper the technodrome!"

I just couldn't let this ending happen. I thought that Shredder deserved to win on his birthday..oh I didn't mention that it was his birthday. Well that explains a lot doesn't it. And that my friends..and enemies *gives them the evil look* are the deleted scenes. I don't think they really added any value to the fic. Oh well...