Conflicting Desires

By LunarDaffodil

* *Updated and Proofread: December 6th, 2003* *

A/N~ This is before the whole game started and will go through the events of the game, though altered to fit my ideas, okay? Okay, let's get started then. By the way, this is my first FF9 fic, but I have some DOTM fics. I don't own any of the characters or the actual storyline of the game, I really wish I did, but once again I'm denied what I want… For now… Muhahahahahaha!!! How it all started…

            One month after her fifteenth birthday was when it all began. Her mom started acting so strangely. Her father had passed away a while before that, leaving it her and her mother all alone in the big castle. Not to mention Steiner and Beatrix, who couldn't stand each other. They were always competing to gain her mother's favor. It was quite annoying.

             Princess Garnet til Alexandros the 17th strolled the main terrace of the castle, Steiner keeping watch by the door making sure that no one disturbed her. So long ago…She thought to herself, her dark eyes scanning the land beyond the castle, where she was forbidden to travel. The breeze caught her brown hair and blew it into her face, she pushed it absentmindedly behind her ear and continued pacing.

            One month after her fifteenth birthday was when he first showed up. He was so… enchanting… with his silver hair and clear blue eyes. His dress was something that her mother would find inappropriate for the royal court, yet for some reason she allowed him to hang around. Though at the big royal functions he did dress quite differently than usual. And when he was trying to impress her, which he did so magically. She couldn't explain it…

            Things had changed so much since then. Her mother had changed somehow. She acted so strangely. And there was a feeling deep down in her soul that soon her life would be changed in a big way, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She stopped pacing and walked to the edge of the terrace. Placing her hands on the railing she leaned against it and raised her head so that she looked to the sky. She closed her eyes and let the warm sunshine fall upon her face.

            She sighed softly, still deep in thought about the silver haired man. He was different from the other people in the court. They all seemed afraid of her mother, and in awe of her, but he… He seemed so free-spirited when dealing with her mother, as if he was in control, not her.

            She jumped as arms slid around her waist, ripping her from her thoughts. Steiner wouldn't dare touch her, and she had told him not to let anyone disturb her. She turned to come face to face with the very man her mind had been analyzing.

            "Kuja…" she said softly, "How did you get past Steiner? I told him not to let anyone pass."

            "I told him that I had urgent business to discuss with you, and that your mother said that it couldn't wait," he said, his compelling smile coming over his face, "I knew you wouldn't mind."

            For some reason she didn't. When he held her the way he did, nothing else mattered to her. She placed his arms around his neck and held him tightly, enjoying the sensations that ran through her body.

            She smiled gently, "You make it seem as if I can't resist you."

            "Maybe you can't," he said quietly, yet with a firmness that she didn't catch, she was too caught up in his eyes. His dipped his head and pressed his lips lightly against hers.

            The tender touch was electric, sending cravings and emotions she had never known existed from her chest to the tips of her fingers and toes. She had never been kissed before, never been as close to a man as she was now. Somehow she knew that if it had been anyone else, it wouldn't have felt this good. There was something about Kuja that she had never seen or felt before, and she liked what she felt.

            His tongue brushed against her lips and into her mouth, bringing forth a small gasp from her as it found hers. It felt weird and yet so right at the same time. This was a new experience for her. She couldn't help the tremble that overtook her body. When he felt this he pulled back, gazed into her eyes and smiled. She felt cheated out of the cravings that she was just beginning to experience, yet she was also a little scared at the extent of them.

            "Relax," he said soothingly. "I would never, ever hurt you."

            "I know," she replied, trying to brush it off at nothing. She wanted to feel his lips on hers again. Somehow he could read it in her eyes. He leaned down and pressed his lips against hers again, and the delicious cravings were back. This time she was ready for them and able to respond to him. It all felt so… right…


            "I have what you want. The most powerful weapons you can come across," he said, standing in front of her, staring at the ground so he wouldn't have to look at her ugly face.

"I know you have a price, so name it," she said, the authority in her voice sickened him.

            He bowed mockingly, he couldn't wait until this was all done and over with so that he wouldn't have to look at her irritatingly cow-ish figure anymore, "The canary."

            She considered this for a moment; after all she was the only family she had left. But the compelling need for power was too much for her, "Of course."

            He smiled, his plan going into motion.


It was well after dinner when she started getting ready. The sun was starting to go down, sending orange and red light through the window. Before he had left her on the terrace Kuja had asked her to meet him in the gardens by the fountain.

There was a knock on the door. She set down her brush and turned from the mirror to face the door.

"Come in…" She said, annoyed at the delay. She wanted to finish getting ready to go meet Kuja.

            To her surprise her mother walked in, followed by Beatrix.

            "Mother?" She couldn't help exclaiming in surprise.

            Her mother gave her a disapproving look; "Don't look so surprised to see me in here."

            "I'm not," she lied quickly. Her mother hadn't been in her room since her father died. In fact, after her father died her mother wanted very little to do with her.

            Her mother just shot her another look, "I just came up to tell you that tomorrow there will be a ball, and that is where I'm going to decide who you will marry."

            "Marry? But I'm only seventeen!" she cried, her head spinning. She wasn't ready to get married!

            "Exactly, it's time for you be thinking about getting married."

            "But I'm not ready to get married!" she protested.

            "It's not about whether or not you are ready for marriage. It's about the future of our kingdom, Garnet."

            She hung her head. If her mother chose Kuja it wouldn't be so bad, but the chances of that were unlikely. Kuja didn't seem like the type of guy that her mother would choose as her consort. Seeing that her daughter had given in to the inevitable, Queen Brahne spun around and left the room. Beatrix looked at the princess sadly for a moment and followed.