Jack and Ashi were walking out of the aged Cemetary, Jack holding his dagger sheathed on his hip. Ashi was adjusting her leaf dress which got mildly damaged in her fight against the spirt as she started banging on Jack's chest.

"Do not ever do that again, I Thought i was going to lose you" Ashi teared up hugging him as Jack looked at Ashi, tears running down her face. Jack looked at her rubbing his neck nervously.

"I...uh...You...How do I put this...Thank you for not giving up on me. Even when I was prepared to atone for my dishonor, You still belived in me" Jack replied as Ashi smiled

"You did not give up on me, and you have nothing to be ashamed of, I have seen the great things you have done Samu... I mean Jack" The girl replied walking with him as he looked at her

"Did you just call me Jack?" He replied looking at her as she nooded

"Because you're not some nameless Samurai, that's who you are" Ashi replied as the two entered a small village as Jack streched

"You Know, You have never given me your name" Jack stated as Ashi smiled

"It is Ashi" The girl responded as Jack smiled

"I Like that name, you know it originates in my languge" Jack replied looking around the village for a place to rest his head

"Let us find a place to lodge for the night, Tomorrow we can go get my sword" Jack replied as Ashi blushed pointing to a store

"I'll buy you a nice one" Ashi offered as Jack shook his head

"Thanks for the offer but my sword is one of a kind, It's was crafted by divine magic and is the only instrumrnt capable of defeating Aku" Jack replied as Ashi looked

"You said there was no way to defeat aku, now you are telling me that is false" Ashi replied

Aku broke my spirit, I did not think I was worthy to get it back, Ah a lodge" Jack replied seeing a building holding open the door as Ashi entered. the two walked to the counter ringing a bell as a Creature apprered from behing the desk rolling his eyes.

"Good evening Sir, we would like to rent a room for the night" Jack said bowing formally, The Creature nodded leaving the desk gesturing for them to follow

"I Rarely get customers these days, what brings you two here" The creature said escorting them down the hallway of wooden walls leading them to a door. the creature opened it showing a small room containing a bed, a table with a chess set and a small TV

"It ain't luxury, but it's cheap, bath house is down the hall if you wanna freshen up and if I can get you anything just ask" The Creature said

"Some hot water please?" Jack requested as the create pointied to main room

"On the table there" He said walkng away as Jack approched the pot. Jack reached in his torn pants feeling the pocket pulling up a small wooden bow the size of a coin. He opened it puring a mixture into the pot turning the water green and pouring a cup offering one to Ashi as she gratefully took it

"What is this?" Ashi asked holding up the cup

"It's Tea, a blend I learned to make from my mother, I always carry some" Jack replied as Ashi smirked

"Really, one pocket and that's all you carry" She replied sipping the cup

"It the only thing I have acss to that reminds me of home" jack replied as Ashi smiled

"This is the best thing I have ever drank" Ashi complemented as Jack blushed as he stood up

"I am going to the bath house, I have not bathed in a week at least, and after being a gaint creature I Could really use it" Jack replied as Ashi nodded.

"I will just stay here for now" she said laying on the bed.

Jack walked down the hallway coming to the door which read "Bath house" as he opened it entering the dim room lit by pilliar in the center of the bath ith a giant flame on the top and filled with steam, his feet walking on a warm smooth stone floor as he came to a squre cut in the stone filled with warm water. Jack placed his foot as pleasure soaked his foot. The Samurai undid what remained of his clothes before walking down the stairs into the bath. the hot water coated him as he let out a deep sigh of relief.

"It Feels so nice" Jack said feeling the water over his scared body. Jack had been through hell this week, it was nice to finally relax. he reached from a damp cloth. Jack soaked it in water, wringing it over his head before resting it over his eyes.

"How's the Water Jack?" Jack heard in Ashi's voice as she was standing it her leaf dress

"Really soothing"Jack replied as Ashi walked over scooping her hand in it

"I have been meaning to ask, where did you get that beautiful dress?" Jack asked looking at Ashi as she blushed

"This, It was something I whipped up" Ashi replied doing quick spin

"So, what happened to your old outfit?" Jack asked as Ashi rubbed her shoulder

"I took it off, I wasn't feeling comfortable in it, i could try making you an outfit if you'd like; you could use a new one" she replied undoing the vines the held her dress as it hit the floor as Jack turned his head away as she walked down the steps into the water as it rested above her breasts

"Ashi, please cover youself?"Jack reqested scooting away

"Why, what's wrong" she replied as Jack kept his eyes closed

"It is just inappropriate, to be fully undressed" Jack replied

"Are you being serious, you who walks around in a loincloth, I have nothing to be ashamed off, i Can finally show my real self, you would not believe how much scurbbing I Had to do to get all that black stuff off" Ashi replied

"What balck stuff, you this whole time, when we fought, when I carrying you on my back, you were not wearing any clothes" Jack responded confused as she sat silent shaking her head

"Oh, so when I pulled those needles out I was touching your body" Jack concluded

"Jack, you're making a big deal out of nothing" Ashi replied scooting next to Jack

"You are right, I'm sorry; i just have trouble when it comes to beautiful women" Jack admitted as Ashi snikered

"Go on" she pushed as he took a deep breath

"Let me tell you a story of a woman named Ikra" Jack said as he told Ashi the story

"Wow, just wow; you're telling me you're afraid of being intimate because you were this close to having sex with Aku" Ashi replied as Jack gave her a sour look

"Jack, do you like me?" Ashi asked as He turned to her

"Why do you ask this?" He replied curious

"Because, I Like you; your thoughtful, caring, selfless,and I Could go on" Ashi admitted as Jack smiled

"Thank you, knowing I was able to show you the truth means a lot to me" Jack admitted

"The Truth is... I'm in love with you Jack" Ashi confessed as Jack looked her akward

"I'm being serious, I would spend the rest of my life with you" Ashi admitted rubbing his thigh gently

"If you would take me" Ashi added as Jack's face turned red from embarassment

"Are asking me to... With you" Jack asked as she nodded as he stood silent

"You're afraid of being Intimate because of one bad experince; I know because I was afraid, but you showed me a side of the world that is wonderful. and I'm a better person because of it" Ashi stated

"That is true" Jack admitted

"We could both face our fears and be better people together, so it's your turn, to trust me" Ashi replied adjusting herself on his lap as she placed her hands gently on his shoulder whispering in his ear.

"As I trusted you" She said with a delicate breath placing a kiss on the Samurai.