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"one random moment"

[post adventure series / In which their lives take unexpected turns. Yamato and Sora in 50 sentences—again.]

#01 – Walking

It doesn't quite hit him until today, the change they've gone through this last few years, because while before they'd have been walking through the park hand-in-hand, now they have a little person in between—their three-year-old daughter.


#02 – Waltz

The only thing stopping Sora from laughing is the knowledge of their guests watching their every step, but it's hard to control her mirth so she hides her face in the crook of his neck, yet she still giggles softly against his skin and—Yamato keeps counting under his breath, one, two, three, one, two, three.


#03 – Wishes

It's silly, Yamato knows it's silly, this is the kind of thing little kids do, but how can he refuse those bright blue eyes that look up at him in adoration and—make a wish, Papa!


#04 – Wonder

"Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had rejected me," she asks, but he simply shrugs and kisses her and effectively shuts her up, because, hey, he would've never rejected her.


#05 – Worry

When she was younger, and knew her future was at Yamato's side, Sora always imagined that, of the two of them, she would be the worry-wart parent; only it's not like that and Yamato surpasses all expectations freaking out about pretty much everything when it comes to their little girl.


#06 – Whimsy

"Yamato, I just don't think we should cater to her every whim."


#07 – Waste/Wasteland

So he wakes up in the middle of the night and promptly chooses to make the most of it, even when Sora feigns annoyance and tells him to go back to sleep; he doesn't and starts kissing the back of her neck, mumbling they shouldn't waste these little moments – not when they have two bundles of joy with the worst timing.


#08 – Whiskey and Rum

"Told you it was a bad idea to mix whiskey and rum," says Yamato, holding Sora's hair while she throws up whatever remains from her drinking the night before, not even trying to hide his amused smile and the little wince at the smell.


#09 – War

The baby food drips down her cheek as she turns to face her grinning husband; Sora resists the urge to roll her eyes because, honestly, they're both over thirty and sometimes Yamato still behaves like a naughty child, so she promptly points the wooden spoon in her hand at him, trying valiantly to ignore the giggling baby in his arms, and says, "this means war, Ishida."


#10 – Weddings

They're not the first ones in their group to marry, though he'd been the first one to propose; it's not for any particular reason other than they don't see the need to, until it occurs to him that maybe they don't in lieu of waiting for their fourteenth anniversary.


#11 – Birthday

Sora huffs resignedly and pouts, making him smile, she urges him to lean closer and Yamato complies gladly, propping himself up on his elbow and bending over to kiss her; this would be the last of his birthdays they spend as a couple, considering the growing bump in her belly, by this time next year they would be spending his birthday as a family.


#12 – Blessing

"Don't give me that look, Sora; you know pacifiers are a blessing in disguise."


#13 – Bias

"Her opinion doesn't count, Ishida, she's your wife," says Taichi, scowling at the, according to him, unfairness of the matter.


#14 – Burning

Yamato pushes down the desperation when he sees the fever has not gone down; he tries valiantly to remain calm and collected but this situation worries him too much, it's ever more difficult when Haruko keeps asking why Mama is so sick and if it is her little brother the one to blame.


#15 – Breathing

Sora smiles as she watches him from the door, wondering just how long it would take Yamato to stop marveling at such a simple thing as their daughter breathing, but then, if he is anything like her, the answer might very well be never.


#16 – Breaking

The sound of shattering glass echoes within the walls of their home, Yamato catches the brief sight of Sora closing her eyes resignedly before turning his attention on their children, just in time to see them smile cutely and call out "oops" in stereo.


#17 – Belief

Yamato scowls and broods all the time their daughter is out with her very first boyfriend, on their very first date—he complains about unworthy boys sniffing around and how it's ovious that daughters are nature's revenge on men—and Sora has to resist the urge to reply that her father had said the same thing, way back when they were dating and he was doing the sniffing.


#18 – Balloon

Haruko watches as her Papa presents her with a red balloon, expecting her to take it, but she only smiles at him, in that special cute way of hers, and says, "but Papa, I wanted the yellow one."


#19 – Balcony

Aki feels his right eyes twitching, he catches his mother trying to conceal her smile and it takes all of his will power not to growl, instead he focuses his eyes on the balcony, on his sister and her new boyfriend as they stand too damn close watching the sunset.


#20 – Bane

Sora grins discretely; ever since Haruko hit puberty, all boys became the bane of Yamato's existence.


#21 – Quiet

Aki picks at his food nervously; he doesn't like it when his parents argue, because when they do and can't resolve their differences right away, the silence that falls over their home is suffocating.


#22 – Quirks

"Hey, they won't inherit my quirks, I have no quirks," says Yamato, trying to contain his blush as Sora laughs and then proceed to list all possible traits their—until now imaginary—children will get from him.


#23 – Question

"Seagulls—seagulls bring the babies to their mommies and daddies," is the answer Yamato gives his children, doing his utmost best to keep a straight face and ignore his giggling wife.


#24 – Quarrel

"We ought to stop fighting like this," says Sora, sounding breathless as she snuggles into his side; Yamato makes a small sound of agreement, his focus on the red bra hanging off the kitchen's counter.


#25 – Quitting

His words are muffled against her bare shoulder, a weak murmur wondering if he should just quit everything to be with her before letting the silence fall over them, but she pulls him tighter against her, hoping her silent gesture is enough to give him the strength to keep on.


Unbeta'd. So, if you see any mistakes, please let me know.