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Chapter One: An Unknown Plan

"Alright Liger. Lets take him down!" Bit Cloud called out to his Zoid.

"ROAR" Liger Zero replied.

"Lets do this. STRIKE LASER CLAW!!!"

The result of the attack caused the enemy's Zoid to go under System Command Freeze.

"Gosh darn it Bit!!! You beat me again!!! But soon I will have my revenge!!! SOON BIT CLOUD SOON!!!" Harry Champ screamed.

"Yeah right Harry, and soon I will be the king of this entire planet" Bit retorted.

"Good job team, that's another victory for the Blitz Team" Doc said, trying to break up the fight between the two warriors, but in vain.

"Personally Harry, I can't believe that your team actually was able to make it up into Class S." Brad replied

"Well, it was no easy feat, I'll tell you that much. We had to work our way up, scoring hundreds of points along the way. And besides, this new Zoid, the Shield Liger DCS-J offered a great boost to our firepower and our power all together.

"This is of course no ordinary Shield Liger, and it no way the same cost of a regular Shield Liger. This Shield Liger has heavy beam cannons upon its back that even a Geno Saurer would be afraid of, not to mention the anti- charged particle beam shield that came along with it. Yes, this is no ordinary Shield Liger, this is the ULTIMATE-----"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah Harry. We already heard this speech before we fought you, so we don't need to hear it again!!" Leena stated in her Gun Sniper.

"Well fine then. You don't need to be so harsh about it" Harry complained.

**************************************************************************** ****************

A young man sat watching this whole fight in front of a TV screen. He laughed to himself. So, these are Zoids. They are more powerful then I had imagined. These will be the perfect tools for us, a decisive victory is ensured for us with these creatures behind us. Those fools won't know what will hit them. Heh, this is most excellent.

A young scientist walks into the room, "Sir, we believe that we have found another Zoid in this area"

"Wonderful. What do you believe it is?"

"We believe that this is a different type of Zoid then the ones that we have been finding lately. It looks more like a T-Rex or a Raptor or something, but we are not sure. We will need to excavate it before we are certain."

"Begin the excavation at once. I want to see this Zoid for myself."

"Yes sir"

"Oh yes and one more thing. If you find this to be a very powerful Zoid, I want you to find a proper pilot for it."

"And what type of pilot would you want sir?"

"I want a pilot that isn't too young, but isn't too old. I guess in the mid- teens area. It must be a boy and he must have a calm, almost arrogant attitude. That's always good for pilots, they have to remain calm and psyche their opponents out. He also should be smart; I don't want a kid that thinks that he's smart. He MUST be smart. Do you understand a person that I am looking for?"

"Yes sir, I will command someone to begin the search as soon as we find out what type of Zoid it is"

"Excellent. You are dismissed"

The scientist left and the man had time to sit and laugh at his brilliant scheme. This is most excellent. Almost all the plans are near completion. Those fools will never know what power we are building up, they will never know.

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What type of evil scheme is being hatched here?? And where is it being hatched?? Is there an unknown war about to happen?? And what do Bit and the others have to do with anything??

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