Wow, it has been about 2 months since I have done anything to this story. I have been working on my Yu Yu Hakusho stories and that has taken the majority of my time. I have removed some of my older stories that probably no one reads anymore, so now I am down to being the author of two stories.

Anyway, we left off with the kidnapping of the Blitz Team and the discovery of the new pilot, Connor. Now we find out about the kidnapping and what will happen to the Blitz Team.

Note: //abc// means that the person is talking to themselves


Chapter 5: Welcome to Earth

Bit found himself trying to force himself awake from his forced sleep. He found himself in a bed in a strange place or ship, not like the ones he was used to seeing on Zi. He stood up from the pillow and tried to figure out what he was doing there exactly.

//Oh my gosh, I remember!! Those two pilots knocked us out with some type of sleeping gas. That must have been what Liger was trying to tell me. OH MY GOSH!!! What happened to my Liger??//

Bit instantly rushed up, but not without feeling a little bit of pain in his bones. He assumed that he hit the ground to hard when he was knocked out, or else those pilots were a little rough with him when they placed him in here. He could still feel the effects of the gas upon him, as he was very dizzy as soon as he rushed up.

Bit regained his senses and decided to find the door and escape the room to find his beloved Zoid. He walked only a short way until he heard voices coming along in his direction. Thinking that these people must be bad because they took him by force, he ducked behind a corner and prayed that it wasn't the direction that they were going in.

"So, I hear that you successfully took out and captured the Liger Zero?" a young voice asked.

"Yep. It was quite simple actually, considering that it didn't have a pilot. But I am still amazed that it actually fought back. For a machine, it does have human-like instincts. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that it was actually trying to save the pilots." another voice replied, much deeper then the first one. Both voices laughed.

//Who are these people? They speak like Zoids are just machines like a computer or something. They are no Zoid pilots; I doubt that they even have a relationship with their Zoids.// Bit thought to himself.

From what Bit could hear, they rounded a corner away from him and their voices slowly faded away. He came out of the shadows and continued looking around, hoping that he would find any signs of a hangar and praying that his Zoid was all right from the fight. He was proud that his Liger put up a fight and was now confident that they actually brought it to wherever this place was.

He continued down a hall, lost in his thoughts. He continued walking until he ran into someone. Confused at what to do first, Bit just stared at the young man he ran into.

"Ah, I have seen that you have awakened. Come with me, our master wants to speak to you." the young man replied while Bit just stared.

Not knowing what else to do, Bit decided to follow the young man to his "master". He began to think that anyone who called anyone else master would mean that the person was probably evil in some sort of way. Even though this scared Bit a tiny bit, he still continued to follow him, even if this guy was evil, perhaps he could clear up a few things.

They finally reached a low-lit room. The man walked in after Bit and stayed behind him to guard the door once he walked in.

The room was actually quite small. There were no chairs, tables or anything that would assume that someone would actually stay in the room. Bit was startled when the wall he was facing lit up and a picture of a shadowed man appeared upon the screen.

"Hello Bit Cloud. I have been anxious to meet someone as famous as you are." the shadow spoke

"Wish I could say the same to you, but I have no idea who you are or what we are doing here."

"You will soon find out, Bit Cloud."

Bit remained silent as he waited for the shadow to tell him everything.

The shadowed man continued, "First of all, I want to tell you a little bit about me. I am a very rich man that is the leader of a country from a different planet then you are from. For years I have been at war with another country and for years we have been at a stalemate. I then began to study about space exploration and looking for a planet that actually had living beings upon it. It was my goal to maintain contact with the country and use their weapons as a way to end the stalemate.

"Then, years ago. I discovered that the United States and Japan, two countries upon this planet, authorized a space launch that would go and discover other planets that could be declared livable to end their population problem. I also discovered that about 200 years ago, the U.S. and Japan found a planet and began sending humans out to it. They discovered that an extinct race similar to humans used to live upon the planet and that they had mechanical animals that did their bidding for them. They called these animals, Zoids and the planet was called, Zi.

"I also discovered that some humans upon your planet maintained contact with my planet and that they actually sent Zoids down to my planet to help end conflicts within our planet. They buried the remaining Zoids from these wars in order to prevent other conflicts from arising during peaceful times.

"After discovering this wonderful information, I began an excavation of the places where the war took place. I began finding Zoids all over the place. They needed work done on them, but they still worked well enough anyway. I also discovered about Zi's favorite pastime, Zoid battles. For years I watched these battles and I hoped to find a team that could show me the true potential of these machines. Then a year ago, I came across the Blitz Team.

"I decided that I needed you and your team to help me defeat my enemies and declare victory for my country. With the power of these Zoids, I will crush the opposing country and all others who have harmed our country in any way. I will establish a new world order and our planet would become much like yours, where Zoids could roam freely and pilots can fight with their Zoids all they want. What do you say Bit Cloud? Would you join my cause?"

Bit stared in disbelief at what he was hearing. It was all too much for him and he needed more time for him to recover from it all. He remembered hearing about another planet that actually brought the humans to Zi, and he remembered that it was called Earth. It was his dream to visit another planet, but his family was poor when they were alive and once he went out on his own, his dream slowly faded into the back of his mind. He also was disgusted at the way the shadowed man spoke of the Zoids and the way he felt about taking control of a whole planet. To Bit, this screamed evil one hundred percent.

Suddenly aware that he hadn't replied in probably 5 minutes, Bit looked up at the screen and said, "No way, I will not help you in a cause that will bring the destruction of other people and the forced control of a planet. You can find someone else to do you bidding, but leave me out of it. Take me back to my planet and give me back my Liger and my friends."

The shadow sighed, "I had a feeling that you were going to say that. Your friends all stated that as well. Fine then, you shall be forewarned like your friends. Because of your actions, you will not be allowed to return to your planet and you will be forced to live upon this planet. You and your friends will be placed into a house and you will be forced into a school system. Because you will not help my cause or even fight in a war, I will put you in a neutral country called the United States of America. Enjoy your stay here Bit Cloud and welcome to Earth."

Before Bit had a chance to retort back, the room was filled with sleeping gas once again. The young man guarding the door must have slipped out while he replied to his "master" Bit thought as the whole world became black once again.


The young man turned off the screen and sighed. //I had no idea that they would be against my cause so violently. They constantly have battles between each other; I assumed that they would be eager to fight in an actual battle. Oh well, not matter. I still have my insurance.//

The young man turned to his insurance, the young boy named Connor.

"I don't think that I have to tell you what you need to do now." the man stated

"Of course not, I will pack up my things and my Zoid and head over to the U.S.A. I assume that you want me in the same school with them as well?"

"Of course. You also know what you are to do once you have trained yourself well enough?"

Connor nodded and headed out into his Zoid that was still in the tank. He asked some scientists about the time left before the Zoid will be ready. They stated that it was only a matter of days before the Zoid will be fully ready to exit the tank and head over to the U.S.

Connor nodded and commanded them to leave. As he looked into the tank, he laughed to himself. //Of course I know what I need to do. I must kill Bit Cloud and anyone else that stands in my way. With this Zoid, that won't be a problem at all. That Liger Zero won't survive.//

As Connor continued laughing, the Zoid was able to read the mind of his pilot. The Zoid was excited about the chance to destroy more things and it moved its head up slightly and its eye lit up.


Now that Bit and the others have stated their dislike of the evil man's plan, what will happen to them? It seems that death appears likely for the whole team and what is the Zoid that Connor is using? Is it a new Zoid, or an old foe? Find out in the next chapter!!! Be sure to review!!!