It is now 2003 and The Huxtables are back in action! This time, Rudy is marrying Kenny and the whole family reunites when they visit the Huxtables.
"Cliff....Cliff!" Claire Huxtable called.
"Yes dear?" asked Cliff, coming into the kitchen, his mouth occupied with a wrench.
"Cliff....We do not have time for this, you fixing things! Remember, the whole family is coming for Rudy's wedding! And Get that wrench outta your mouth!"
"But dear...I fixed the toaster! Come see!"

Cliff lead her into the kitchen, where he put 2 pieces of bread into the toaster, and they waited for 3 minutes.

"You actually fixed something this time!" cried Claire.
"Told you" replied Cliff, looking a bit smug.

The toast flew out of the toaster and on the floor.

"Or maybe not" said Claire putting her hand on her head and laughing.

The doorbell rang. "Ohhh...our guests our here!" Claire ran to the door and opened it. It was Martin, Denise, 14 year old Olivia, and 10 year old Martin Jr.

"Denise baby, oh you look great!" Claire cried, hugging her daughter.
"Hi mom!" said Denise.

Cliff came in and embraced his daughter in a hug. Then he studied Martin.

"Martin, my boy! Still in the Army?"
"Yes sir!" replied Martin with a grin.

Cliff studied the children and asked "Keeping your grades up Martin? What about you Olivia?"
"Yes sir!" said Martin Jr.
"Yes, Dr. Huxtable" said Oliva, giving him a hug.
"Good...good..." began Claire when another car pulled up. Elvin, Sandra, Winnie and Nelson got out.

"Hi Sandra! Elvin! Winnie! Nelson!" More hugs were shared. The twins were eleven.