My name's Trafalgar Law. I have black hair, grey eyes and I usually wear a white cap with black spots along the rim. I'm thirteen years old. I recently got accepted into New World Academy. A lot of my friends are envious as they entered but were not accepted.

Today's the day I pack for New World Academy. It's a boarding school so I'll have to stay there. My father or as I call him, Corazon, is 'helping' me pack. He has blond hair, blue eyes, stands 293 cm tall, wears a light pink shirt with darker pink hearts on it and white pants.

"Law you sure you've packed toothpaste, clothes, Bepo, underw-" Corazon said frantically digging through my bag and throwing everything out. He was not helping. At all.

"Yes. Yes. I've packed everything and now I'm going to have to pack it again since you threw it all over the place." I cut him off rolling my eyes.

"Oh." He stopped, it seemed like he just realised the mess he was making. "Sorry!" Corazon laughed.

Corazon starts picking everything up and putting it back in my bag. I sigh and help him with re-packing my stuff.

"So Law you excited for your first day?" Corazon asks as he picks up my stuffed bear, Bepo. "No." I reply with a blank face.

Corazon laughed at this, "You're lucky to get into such a great school though, When I was young.." Corazon trailed off before I smacked him on the head. "Shaddup. You're not that old. You're only 25." I shook my head.

It looked like he was about to say something else but when he looked at the clock his eyes widened, "AH! We've spent too much time messing around! We only have twenty minutes until the train leaves to New World Academy." Corazon started frantically running around trying to pick everything up as quickly as he could, tripping over several times.

I sighed again, He misread the clock. There's still another hour and twenty minutes until the train leaves. I didn't bother to correct him though because it was amusing to watch him run around and trip over nothing.

Once we arrived at the train station there was still another hour until the train left so we had to sit around and wait for awhile.

After the hour was finally up a long train red and silver in colour arrived at the station. It had the words 'New World Academy' printed in bold on the side of it. I could see some students through the window, some were chatting, others asleep and other ones looking like they weren't looking forward to the new school year.

"So Law that's it. The train you'll be taking to your new school," Corazon said examining the train. "Mhm..."

"Don't forget to write. And brush your teeth and wash your face! And-" Corazon started. I cut him off, "Sheesh, I know. No need to get worked up."

"So... I'll see you then." Corazon smiled hugging me. I hugged back and murmured, "See you."

I picked up my two suitcases and boarded the train waving back to Corazon who was grinning and waving at me. I showed the person who was standing at the trains entrance my ticket. "Go to carriage five, and sit anywhere you'd like."

"Okay." I said and gave a final wave to Corazon before walking to the fifth carriage in the train. This carriage didn't seem that crowded.

I just sat down in the first set of seats I saw which happened to be four of them around a table, two on each side. I put my luggage in the compartment above my seat and sat down at the window seat.

Before putting my bags away I took out a book and my earphones. There were two people sitting opposite me on the table talking but I paid them little mind.

About after a quarter of an hour had passed there was an announcement on the loudspeaker. "Please get into your seats if not seated already as we will be departing shortly."

A boy with dark hair, dark eyes, a crescent shaped scar underneath his eye and a straw hat stumbled into the seat next to me. He had an ear to ear grin on his face.

He reminded me of the whatshisname cat from Alice in Wonderland. "Hi! My name is Monkey D. Luffy! Let's be friends!" He exclaimed.

It took me a few seconds to realise he was talking to me. I raised an eyebrow and said, "No." causing one of the people opposite us to laugh loudly.

I turned my head to them, It was only now I was getting a proper look at them, One of them had spiky red hair held up by square shaped goggles, He was eyebrowless and had dark eyes like the boy next to me who was known as 'Luffy' except Luffy actually had eyebrows.

The other one of them had long blonde hair and a mask. Was wearing a mask even allowed at school? Man these people were weird.

"I like you." The red haired one said after recovering from his laughing fit, "Let's be friends." he said although it sounded more like a command.

"No." I replied, "Why should my answer be different to you than Luffy-ya over here eyebrowless-ya."

He twitched, "I'll ignore that for now and the name's Kid, Eustass Kid. And why should your answer be different? Isn't it obvious? I'm fabulous."

I stared blankly at him. Luffy pouted "No! I asked him first and I'm more fabulous!" "What did you say?!"

I blinked once, twice, thrice. These guys are idiots. They stopped arguing and turned to me. "What?" I questioned.

The blond who was sitting next to eyebrowless-ya spoke, "I think you accidently said your thoughts out loud."


"Shishishi!" Luffy laughed, "I want you to be my friend even more now, You're a funny guy cow hat man!"

"I thought you were cool but what did you call me?!" Kid exclaimed standing up. I'm pretty sure I saw the guy across from us wet his pants.

"I called you an idiot eyebrowless-ya." I replied blankly, "Or are you deaf too?" This seemed to annoy him further.

Before he could do anything else the blonde guy put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Calm down. You don't need to make a mess on the train, on your first day nonetheless."

Eyebrowless-ya sighed and sat down crossing his arms, obviously still annoyed. I hoped that after we got to school I wouldn't have to see these guys ever again. Well the blonde seemed okay but the other two. No.

Luffy seemed to realise something, "Oh yeah! Cow hat guy, what's your name?" Luffy asked looking at me curiously.

I saw there was no point in not telling him because he seemed to be very persistent, "Trafalgar Law." I sighed.

"Cool Traahdgalr." Luffy frowned, "Trwjdueaflaar. Trafkhafr" He attempted to say my last name but failed.

"It's Trafalgar. Tra-Fal-Gar." I said. "Tra-fawydjefar. Ah! I know! I'll just call you Tra-guy!" Luffy said nodding.

"Please don't" I said. The three of us, with the blonde whos name I learned to be Killer joining in sometimes, chatted like this for the three hour long train. Before I knew it I was already Luffy's friend and if I tried to back out now it wouldn't work.

From what I learnt about him he was very stubborn. So was Eyebrowless-ya or who I now call Eustass-ya. On the train ride to school I had made three friends somehow, not that I wanted to though.

The train stopped moving and there was another announcement on the loudspeaker, "We have arrived at New World Academy. Please get your luggage and leave the train..."

So well, the first chapters pretty short but don't worry the next ones will hopefully be longer. XD I was going to make the next chapter of HIWTHI buuut writer's block hit me like a truck ._. Yay! *note the sarcasm

Well I hope you enjoyed!