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Our Firsts


First Sleepover

After their first make-out session, Gray and Juvia were quite enthusiastic when they were alone in his apartment – even after a few months dating, he was still uncomfortable with public displays of affection so they really make the most out of their time alone. If he were true to himself, he was really enjoying the attention; as much as talking with her was great, kissing her was even greater.

It was rather late at night when they came out for air from a breathtaking kiss, both panting trying to regain control. They were on his couch, Gray on top of her and Juvia's hands on his back while one of Gray's found itself under her dress and rested on her thigh.

"Juvia needs to go home." The Water Mage whispered, giving him a peck on the lips.

"It's late." Gray told her.

"That's why Juvia needs to go home." She smiled.

Gray sighed and rested his head on her shoulder, his face on the side of her neck, Juvia's hand leaving his back to caress his hair. "I'm really not looking forward to take you back to Fairy Hills at this hour."

The blunette chuckled. "Juvia can take herself back, she's a big girl. She has magic and everything."

He groaned with her words. "Just stay here tonight." Gray felt her hand still on his hair and he frowned, looking up to her, noticing she was now biting her lower lip and he knew her enough to know she was being shy – Juvia was all bark and no bite most of the time. "What? We've shared a house for six months. I think we are a bit past embarrassment."

"But back then we weren't dating." She told him. "We definitely weren't being this close to each other." Juvia pointed out since Gray was still on top of her, shirtless as usual, while Juvia had the first button on her dress unbuttoned. "Now we do and it might prove to be a bigger temptation than we think."

Gray snorted. "When we want to go any further, I doubt we will be stopped by if we are sleeping next to each other or not."

"That's true." Juvia granted him that.

"If you want, I'll stay here on the couch, it's no problem." He shrugged.

Juvia rolled her eyes. "If Juvia stays, she's not kicking you out of your bed."

"Good." Gray got up and offered his hand to help her up and she took it. The moment she was in front of him, Gray gave her a peck on the lips and said: "Besides, I'm the one who should be concerned here, you like to jump me quite a lot."

Juvia's eyes widened with his words, her face became red and she hit him on the shoulder lightly. "Gray-sama!"

"I'm not complaining, trust me." Gray laughed and pulled her towards his bedroom.


Waiting for her while seated on his bed, Gray was starting to wonder if he had made a mistake by asking her to sleep at his house, next to him. He knew he had made a mistake when she came out from the bathroom while just wearing one of his shirts.

Juvia walked towards the opposite side of where Gray was and slid under the covers so he did the same. He felt her turn to her side and he looked at her, which was a mistake because she looked adorable, especially when she smiled, content to be there.

Gray turned on his side as well so he was facing his girlfriend and he felt her get closer to him, her body touching his and her lips touched his for a few seconds, and he groaned, making her frown with his reaction.

"What's wrong?"

"Maybe you were right about temptation." He mumbled, but even so his hand found its way to her waist and she laughed at his words.

"Maybe you should learn that Juvia is always right."

Gray groaned again, but in fake-annoyance. "The guys told me this would happen."

"What? That you would realize the girl is always right?" Juvia smiled.

"You certainly think you are." He mumbled. "And I wasn't counting on you looking like this with my shirt."

"Oh, you like it?" The blunette kissed her boyfriend and smiled into it, Gray could feel it.

"A little too much." He admitted and kissed her again, bringing her closer to him.

"Juvia." He said after a while.

"Hm?" She hummed in question, much more interested in touching his chest.

"Temptation." Gray whispered and Juvia stilled and pulled away.

"Oh, sorry." She told him and then suggested. "We should sleep."

Gray snorted and turned to lie on his back. "Sleep. Sure, 'cause that'll happen for me tonight."

Juvia giggled and scooped closer to him once again and Gray put his arm around her so she could rest her head on his shoulder. She craned her neck and kissed his cheek.

"Good night, Gray-sama."

"Good night, Juvia."


First Double Date

"The dessert is going to take a few minutes to arrive, so Juvia and I are going to the bathroom." Lucy told the boys and she kissed her boyfriend's cheek while Juvia just squeezed his hand under the table and followed Lucy. Gray and Natsu looked in their direction while the blonde said something that made Juvia laugh.

"Why girls have to go to the bathroom together?" Natsu asked, still looking at the direction the girls went.

Gray snorted. "No idea and I don't think we'll ever get the answer for that question."

"Girls are weird."

"Do not let them hear this." Gray told his friend.

"Oh hell no. I like a fight but I don't want to get into that one. I like my bits where they are, thank you very much." Natsu said wisely and gave a sip on his beer and Gray did too, silently agreeing with the Dragon Slayer. "So… how are things with Juvia?"

Gray raised an eyebrow at the question. "Lucy put you up to this?"

"I get rewarded if I get an answer." Natsu shrugged. "Help a friend out."

The Ice Mage rolled his eyes but answered. "We're fine. I was concerned at first that I was going to suck at this but we are still together, so I guess I'm doing alright."

"Must be." Natsu snorted. "Lucy says Juvia is all praises."

"Really?" Gray was interested.

Natsu rolled his eyes. "Don't pretend you are surprised; it's Juvia we are talking about."

"That is true." Gray felt the corner of his mouth go up and he put his elbows on the table. "It stills surprises me she never gave up while I was denying everything. I mean, I knew what was happening, I was just too scared to do anything about it."

Natsu looked at his friend, curious. "So… you are not scared anymore?"

"Oh, I'm fucking terrified all the time, no doubt about that." Gray snorted. "A lot of things could happen. I'm just… not afraid to be afraid anymore, if it makes any sense."

"It does." Natsu smiled at him. "She makes you happy."

A year before he would've gotten red and babbled some nonsense in denial, but he was way past that so he just admitted with a shrug. "Yes."

"Good. She's cool. You know, I like her better than I like you most of the time." The Dragon Slayer grinned.

Gray snorted. "That's not really a parameter; you like most people better than you like me."

"That's true." They laughed and their attention went to their girlfriends, who had just returned from the bathroom and sat next to them.

"What's so funny?" Juvia asked, looking from Gray to Natsu.

"Oh, we were just covering how much I dislike Gray." The Dragon Slayer shrugged and Lucy groaned.

"Not this again." The blonde complained and looked at Juvia. "They are best friends but act like they hate each other. Boys."

"Right?" Juvia chuckled and gave Gray a kiss on the cheek.


First Time

Gray was looking up to the ceiling trying to get his breathing, heartbeat and thoughts under control, but it was pretty damn hard given what had just happened a few minutes before.

When, while they were having a pretty intense make-out session, Juvia took off her shirt with his help and it didn't take long for things to escalate and for Gray to ask if she was sure. Juvia had nodded and asked the same question, getting the same positive answer. So… they proceeded.

It was amazing. For him.

He felt her snuggle closer to him so he put his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder. Now, with his mind clearer, he couldn't help but to think how fast it all had happened. It had been freaking amazing on his end, but really quick and he figured Juvia didn't have time to really enjoy it like he did.

"That was… a very short show of manliness."

Juvia looked up and kissed his cheek. "It was the first time, we just have to practice." He looked down to her, even though he was certain his cheeks were red. She smiled, appearing to be happy. "We will get better at this, Gray-sama."

He snorted. "If it gets any better than this, there won't be any show of manliness at all."

Juvia smiled and whispered. "It was nice, wasn't it?" Gray looked at her in disbelief. "What? It was nice."

"You barely enjoyed anything before I went on and blew it." He sulked.

She rolled her eyes. "Just because I didn't… you know" she was the one blushing, then "doesn't mean Juvia didn't enjoy it. I really like being close to you." She kissed his lips and Gray couldn't help it but to offer her a small smile and she smiled back. "Like Juvia told you, it was just the first time, we'll get better."

Gray nodded and turned on his side, his hand caressing her back. "How are you feeling?"

Juvia seemed to think for a moment. "It's alright, it's just different, that's all." Gray was relieved. "But Juvia thinks she really needs a shower." She scrunched her nose. "And you know what? Now that we have done this, you can come and shower with Juvia." She suggested.

"Oh, god, you really want me to embarrass myself further tonight." He complained and Juvia laughed, bringing him down for a kiss.


First Time Being Jealous

Usually, Gray was a very level-headed man. Most of the time he only got angry when someone messed with his family, which meant Fairy Tail. And even then, with the exception of some cases, he was mostly in control of himself.

But seeing some guy put his hands on Juvia while they were out with their friends, that made his blood boil. He was blind with anger when he saw the hand on her lower back start to go lower.

Juvia was beautiful, drop dead gorgeous, really and Gray had no problem at all if people stared; it was only natural to admire, especially when she was wearing that red dress. Touching her, oh, that was very different.

It felt different, if he really thought of it, from when Lyon was around and when that nameless man who was clearly hitting on her. Lyon was annoying, but harmless. Gray knew that at this point, Lyon just hit on Juvia to annoy Gray.

That guy with the grabby hands, though… Gray was three seconds away from killing him.

His friends didn't even have the chance to hold him when he took a few steps, seeing red and just ready to freeze him to the bone…

…when Juvia got the guy's hand and before Gray could blink, it was pinned on his back and Juvia had immobilized him.

Gray stopped, surprised and watched as she said something and then released the guy, who turned around to look at her, surprised and walked away. Gray watched Juvia return her attention to the bartender, probably asking for whatever she was asking before Grabby Hands tried his luck and pissed her off.

He really couldn't have done anything other than to walk up right at her, turn her around and just kiss the hell out of her. Juvia had looked surprised for a second, but soon was kissing him back.

Juvia blinked, surprised, when Gray stopped kissing her. "What was that all about?" She asked, trying to make sense of his actions. "You rarely kisses Juvia in public and never like that."

"We are going back to my place and I am taking my time with you tonight." He told her in a low voice and he felt pride when she blushed. "A lot of time." It turned out Juvia was right, they just needed time and practice to get better at it.

"Gray-sama!" She whispered, mortified, but Gray could see her eyes darken.

"I saw how you handled that guy." Gray told her. "You were way nicer than I should've been, but I really liked to watch that."

"No one is touching Juvia but Gray-sama." She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss.

"I plan to do a lot of that." He told her and after a moment's thought, he said: "That guy…" Gray gritted his teeth. "I might be a bit more territorial tonight."

"Oh." Her cheeks became even redder. "Okay." Juvia whispered. "Let's go, then."

Gray nodded and pulled her by the hand, showing his middle finger to his friends, who were catcalling them, but tried not to pay attention to them. He had a much more interesting mission that night.


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