Chapter Twenty-One-Two Years Later (Harry's Seventh Year) 
Caden and Caitlyn walked into the large great hall, it was 
set up more like an auditorium at the moment, as today was 
graduation day. Caden watched as the teaching staff would 
peak out every once in awhile. The Hall was filled with 
parents, siblings and younger students; the first four rows 
of seats however were empty for the seventh year students. 
The past two years had gone by in a bit of a blur, rather 
uneventful. Harry and Hermione had both earned head boy and 
girl of their class; Emily, Hermione and Ginny had been 
prefects as well as Draco. Ron hadn't made it because his 
grades had dropped. Neville amazingly had almost beat Harry 
at Head boy, but Harry beat him out by one grade, Potions. 
Emily and Neville had continued to date during the next two 
schools years and summers, spending much of their time 
together. Neville had lost a great deal of weight, was now 
slim and handsome, he was still Neville though. Emily loved 
him for that. They were engaged to be married in a year. 
Harry and Hermione had also continued to date all through 
the school and Harry had asked for her hand two months back, 
Hermione had told him not until they were at out College. So 
they were off to Hogwarts University where they would learn 
how to become Professors. Sirius had taught one year of 
Defense Against the Dark Arts, and then had been unable to 
continue, the past year Lupin had taken the job back, 
causing Leanne to return to her job as Charms teacher. 
Leanne was pregnant with another child, her last one 
(it's a boy!) She's thrilled, and Severus has lightened 
up considerably. He remained a little rude, so he could keep 
up his image, but he was now fair. 
Gryffindor's continued to win the house cups all through 
Harry's time at Hogwarts, and they went on to win the 
Quidditch cup several times, being beaten only once during a 
game the sixth year when Harry had been hit by a bludgers 
off his broom and was unable to play the rest of the game. 
Harry and Severus had returned to the Dursleys just before 
Harry's seventh year and had set them very straight. Harry 
now spoke to his aunt and cousin often, and amazingly by 
owl. Petunia divorced Vernon shortly after he started 
beating her and Dudley. Vernon now lived in jail for beating 
his nephew; son and wife, while Petunia and Dudley remained 
at their home. No longer stuck up, and Dudley had grown out 
of his chubbiness. 
Emily and Harry had learned how to drive only weeks after 
they got their cars and were now going everywhere by 
themselves, to the disappointment of their father. 
There were even rumours that Minerva and Albus were dating, 
but it was being well hidden. Caden was brought out of his 
thoughts when the music began and the seventh years began to 
march towards their seats. 
Harry was between Ron and Hermione, he was taller than Ron 
by a good four inches, and was the same height as his 
father. Which Severus often complained was the reason his 
son got away with so much, but everyone knew it was because 
Severus loved the boy and didn't have the heart to tell 
him 'no' all the time. 
Now that Caden thought about it no one had seen Sirius 
since he had left his position. He seemed to have simply 
disappeared, again. Meanwhile Severus became the proudest 
father in the world. 
The teachers slowly made they're way to their seats and 
smiled. Dumbledore stood up and held his hands in the air. 
"The end of another year, and we are here to celebrate 
the leaving of the Seventh Years. There are many things I 
would like to say, to begin with of course is to say
'Congratulations'! You came seven years ago and were all ready 
to show your worth. You've done your family proud. Many 
things have happened through the past seven years, and for 
those Second and first years, you may not understand what I 
speak of, but those who came before you, we will never 
forget the first year, the second year. I will share many 
memories with this class, both good and bad. Remember 
everything you've learned here, for it will come in handy. 
It has truly been an honour and a privilege watching you all 
grow up," Dumbledore said smiling at each one of his 
students, but Harry and Hermione the longest. 
"Professor Snape, I believe you have some words?" He 
nodded his head and smiled softly. He stood up and watched 
his mentor and father-in-law sit down. 
"While the Sixth years and Fifth years were forced to 
spend their first few years here with the old Snape, The 
third, second and first years didn't know me before two 
years ago. Two years back, I gained several things I seemed 
to be in dire need of. Of course at the time, I wouldn't 
have admitted it to you, but I was unreasonable and hope 
that the Seventh Years, those who I have gotten to know and 
love like children will forgive me. As well, I'd like to 
wish those of you, who I may never see again Good luck and 
Farewell," He said softly. Smiling he sat down and looked 
at Harry. 
"We will begin by calling the names of the students, and 
telling a little bit about each," and so it began through the 
long list of students. Everyone seemed to cheer when they 
got to Hermione Granger. 
"Hermione Granger, tied in top of her class and house. Is 
going on to become a Transfigurations Teacher here as soon 
as she is out of College. Hermione you will do 
wonderfully," Dumbledore said as he gave the tall girl a 
Hermione had changed as well, her frizzy hair replaced by 
long straight sandy blond hair. She was taller, just shorter than 
her boyfriend. 
"Thanks Headmaster," she said. She smiled while Snape 
looked at her. She hugged him tightly around the waist. He 
rubbed her back gently. 
"Good job Granger, you should be proud. I know I'll be 
hiring you someday," he said to his soon to be 
daughter-in-law. She smiled and took the parchment; hugging 
McGonagall as well she hurried down back to her seat where 
she pecked her boyfriend on the cheek. 
"Neville Longbottom, tied second in his class and house. 
A smart young man, you were the worry of so many people for 
a while Neville, but you've done your self-proud. And 
us," Dumbledore said shaking the boy's hand. 
"Thank you," Neville said. He looked at Snape, and 
"I did it," he whispered. 
"Yes Neville you did, and you captured my daughters heart 
along the way. Take care of yourself and her." He said. 
"Draco Malfoy Lupin, heading off to be in the Ministry of 
Magic, I pray you do more good than your real father." 
Dumbledore said. 
"Thank you sir," he smiled and looked at his godfather. 
"Good luck son," Severus said handing him the parchment 
and hugging him. 
"Thanks Uncle Severus," with that he smiled at 
McGonagall and returned to his seat. 
"Amelia Snape," Dumbledore said as everyone cheered. 
"Studying to be a Charms teacher, tied at second in the 
class. You've done well my child," he said. She hugged 
her grandfather and looked over at her dad. 
"Not such a bastard am I," he whispered. She gaped, 
never knowing he had heard that all those years ago. 
"No, I love you daddy," she said. He hugged her 
"I love you too baby girl," he kissed her cheek and 
watched her hug McGonagall. 
"You brought a lot of needed joy to this place, you and 
your brother." Minerva said smiling. 
"I love this place." 
"Harold James Potter Snape, studying to be the new 
Potions Master, and I'd say he's got a shot. Soon to be 
married. Harry, you have your dream, you've made our 
dreams come true, now go have a great life," Dumbledore 
said. The young man hugged him. 
"Thank you Dumbledore, for everything." Harry said. 
"You're more than welcome child." Harry walked 
stiffly towards his father, who now had his arms folded 
across his chest. 
"Mr. Potter, our oldest celebrity," Severus said 
smirking in his old way. 
"Tell me Mr. Potter, what would I get if I added powered 
root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?" He watched 
as all his seventh year Potions students raised their hands. 
"Miss Granger?" He called out. 
"The Draught of the living Dead," she answered. 
"Where would you look if I told you to find me a 
bezoar?" Harry looked at him, unsure why he was doing this 
and smiled softly as Severus pointed to Neville. 
"It's a stone found in the belly of a goat," Neville 
answered. Severus then looked at his son and sneered. 
"What's the difference between monkshood and 
wolfsbane?" He asked. He watched his son who simply 
"They are the same thing also known as aconite," he 
answered. Severus smiled and yanked his son into a hug. 
"I love you so much," Severus whispered. 
"I know dad, I love you too," he said. He walked 
towards Minerva after giving his father a pat on the back 
and allowed her to hug him as well. 
"We've never actually gotten the chance to expel you 
for all your stupid stunts, but you were always worth the 
time my child." Harry smiled and made his way back to the 
seat, holding up his diploma as everyone cheered. Severus 
clapped and smiled. 
"Ronald Weasley, fourth in his class," Dumbledore 
handed him the parchment and smiled. 
"Thanks Headmaster." 
"Still holds the record of the best chess game we've 
seen in these many years." Ron looked at Snape. 
"I never did like you, never will, but you're okay," 
he said gently. 
"Gee thanks." Severus said smiling. He patted Ron's 
"Keep out of trouble okay Weasley." 
"No," Ron said smiling as he shook Minerva's hand. 
After all the names were over Severus held up his hands and 
watched the students. 
"Congratulations class of 1997, you are now legal Witches 
and Wizards!" He yelled, as all the students threw up 
their witch hats.