The front door closed with a bang. So she was home. He put a stasis charm on the cauldron and started to wash his hands.

"Severus! Are you down there? I need a hand with the luggage."

"Yes, yes, witch, I am already on the way" he grumbled and went upstairs.

Hermione stood in the hallway, struggling with a large and obviously heavy box.

"So, how are your parents?"

"Fine", she panted. "Can you take this to the kitchen, please?"

He took the box from her and arched an eyebrow. "Another Muggle contraption from your father?"

"Yes, a belated birthday present. You'll like that one, it is really great for preparing meals."

"Thermomix" he read from the carton box, "what is it supposed to do?"

"You can use it for basically everything, really. Making soups, sauces, complete meals. It is cooking and chopping and whipping and blending, it has timer so you don't have to watch the stuff and see here" … she ripped open the packing "… this is for steaming veggies while you can make a sauce in the kettle. Mum was invited to one of their sales parties and of course she took Dad, you know how he likes these things and they were instantly sold on it and Daddy insisted that we need one, too, so …"



"You're babbling. We have spells for all those things, we do not need another infernal Muggle machine."

"Oh come on, it is really great you'll see. Mum has prepared all kinds of delicious things all weekend in practically no time at all. There are thousands of recipes on the internet, I'll do some research tonight and we'll …"

Snape groaned.


Yes, dear?"

"There is a funny smell in the Thermomix kettle, have you been using it?"

"Certainly not. I told you I do not approve of these Muggle gadgets"


"You're getting a cold, Hermione. Here, take some Pepperup, I brewed a fresh batch yesterday".

"Thank you, I really could do with a dose. - Ah, this is better. This is really creamy, I can't remember your Pepperup being this smooth before. Did you change the recipe?"

"Don't be ridiculous, I brewed it with the same ingredients as always."


"Severus, why is the Thermomix manual in your lab?"

"I have no idea, maybe one of the children …"

"The twins are two years old, Severus, what would they do with a printed manual?"

"Ask them, not me."

The front door slammed shut.

„Severus! "

„Finished shopping already?"

"I went to Flourish & Blotts and look what they had in the window. Mr. Blotts told me it has been released only yesterday."

"Muggle up your potions – the complete conversion guide to brewing with the Thermomix – ridiculous!"

"You think so? Isn't it a strange coincidence?"


"Yes well, I mean, you're the only Potions Master I know who happens to have one of those – I quote - Infernal Muggle contraptions - in his household, so I was wondering …"

"I really don't know what you are talking about.".

"The author is called Serena Spane, I wonder who she is."

"Never heard about her. Probably some dunderhead who is too stupid to count to twelve when stirring a potion …"

"Probably. Anyway, it doesn't really matter, does it? Here, move over a little bit, so I can put my feet up, they really hurt. Shopping while eight months pregnant is no fun, I tell you. Mr. Blotts sends his regards by the way, the book is selling out quickly and would you consider a book signing or maybe a personal demonstration?"

Snape groaned.