Artificial Human Izuku

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Chapter 27: Trigger

Izuku, dressed up nicely for his villainous deeds of the night. And by villainous, he meant obtaining both the drug Trigger and the Traitor that wants to join them.

After fixing his sleeves he walked downstairs and made sure his collar was popped cause why not.

"Eh? I thought you were going to wear what you wore yesterday." The voice of Stain called out as he sat on a stool drinking a cold one.

"Can't wear green cargo pants all the time, Stain." The green haired teen nodded in the direction of the hero killer.

Stain noticed something in the kid's hand as his gaze drifted back up. "What's with those visor goggles?"

"I contemplating whether to bring them again or not. I only used them once, and that was for one quirk, hell this only exists for one quirk."

"Yeah…you and that big guy showed multiple…"

Izuku was twirling the goggles in his hands, they were only used for his quirk Optic Blaster, a quirk that allowed him to shoot lasers from his eyes or charge them up for a more powerful version.

The goggles turned the lasers into a single laser which combined the two and became more powerful. Without it he just shot two lasers from each of his eyes.

The visor-like goggles did were in fact useful to power up his lasers…but it restricted another eye related quirk of his.

One more for sneaking around and such, but that was for a later time.

"You ready to go?"

The hero killer looked at him and back to his drink before downing it all in one. "Now I am."

"Kurogiri, warp us."

The portal opened for the two jumped in as Izuku put on the sci-fi visor goggles on. Just in case you know.

The two appeared within an alleyway that hid them from the main streets. "H.3.L.L is other there." Izuku pointed out. "Oh and don't worry about getting caught in there. A lot of these people keep quiet about this sort of thing."

"So it's true what Kurogiri said…this place is an underground quirk fight ring."

Izuu could hear Stain groan in disgust of the place. "What can you do? Everyone in this warped society while leaves their fate up to heroes, also has desires to see it go further than just capturing the villain." He smiled as they walked down a flight of stairs. "People want to see blood, adrenaline and excitement from the battles between heroes and villains, and while it is satisfying, they aren't happy with something like that. They want to see death, that's how fucked in the head society is. Look at the news; we are exposed to death nearly everyday."

"We live off the stuff. Hence why places like this are popular nowadays." He gestured to the quirk ring. "People LOVE this stuff Stain."

"Tch…" Stain turned his head from the youth. "There's still more cleansing to be done."

"Seems a match is about to begin." Izuku noted before walking in the opposite direction, mainly to the fighter's locker or waiting room where their target should be located at.

Standing against a wall seemingly waiting with what appears to be a briefcase was a young girl wearing a school uniform with one of her eyes was hidden not only by her hair but also an eye-patch as she looked at her nails that had dark nail polish on them.

"This is…who we're meeting?" Izuku asked as he walked forward.

He was informed that they would be holding a suitcase full of Trigger.

Didn't really occur to him that it would be a girl his age though…

"Bee?" he asked as the girl turned and smiled at them.

"That's me! I guess you're the LoV?" Izuku nodded at her question. "That's great! I can't tell you how boring it is to do this and not get anywhere in the long run. Now, come, come. Let's watch it in action."

"…What an odd person…she seems…fake."

Stain looked down at the green haired youth and back at the girl. "What's with kids being the 'villains' these days…" he mumbled lightly as he followed the two.

All the attention was centred on the ring. No way paid attention to how the two League of Villain members where there, it was quite a new experience to Stain though.

The three sat near the back as they watched the two contests come out…and clearly on the drug.

The first was a man whose quirk was amplified to become a full fledged gorilla as his original quirk was Gorilla Arms.

The second was another man whose quirk was amplified to be able to produce spiked tendrils from his back. His original quirk couldn't get them out that far or as many as he had now.

"…" Izuku crossed his arms as he watched the match begin quickly as the two men doped on Trigger immediately clashed towards like two wild animals.

"…Trigger does seem to make them lose their minds, but seeing them use their quirk like that…it's inefficient."

Gorilla had landed a strong right hook on the tendril man whose tendrils wrapped around the gorilla man and seemed to also stab him.

"…It seems that these people are truly enjoying themselves." Stain thought as he watched the crowd rather then the people. The cheers for blood grew and grew as either the gorilla man or the tendril man got one up on each other. "…Hmph. I guess I'll dispose of these cowards at a later date…"

The currently unnamed girl removed her view from the ring and towards the two sitting next to her. The hero killer Stain and the villain from both the Hosu Attack and the U.A Invasion!

Boy was she glad she decided to get into the league of villains before the Hosu incident occurred. If she played her cards right, she could become a villain!

Rather then the part time drug dealer villain whenever school was out. Oh yes, she was still a student, and that irked her.

Here he was sitting next to her, a teen the same age as her and he seemed to be a full fledged villain.

She seemed to notice how Stain just watched the crowd and how Izuku focused on the two fighters.

Was this perhaps a security measure? Stain as the defence and the green haired villain she had yet to learn the name of focused on the effects of Trigger?

However it seemed that the green haired teen seemed very comfortable here.

"How do you like the effects of Trigger?" she asked.

"I admit, it's effects are nice. However, I do not like how it makes the user into a mindless killing machine. That would get useful pieces caught."

She smirked at his words and pointed to her briefcase. "I understand that, but my previous boss is still working on Trigger to boosts its self control." She revealed. "However, it's taking far too long."

"…Right." Izuku said unblinking.

"You seem very…calm here if I do say so. I thought you'd be more on edge here."

"I doubt this place would be a trap." The former Midoriya said. "It's just that I recognize most of the people here as regulars."

"Wait, you came here before?" she asked the teen who nodded. "So you watched brutal matches like this one?"

"I did…but I also took part in them."

"Y-You did?"

Izuku nodded once again. "You'll learn that shortly. A hint is right in front of your eyes."

She pouted while being ignored by her fellow teen. Right in front of her eyes…? Why can't he just tell her? Oh well, it sounded like he would tell her anyway if she didn't get it.

…That is if he was alluding to his stage name down in the ring.

Tendril had pierced Gorilla's arm once again as another tendril was wrapped around the other man's neck. Gorilla's arm strength was to powerful and easily rip off the tendrils.

It didn't take long for the Kong-like man to rip the arms off the tendril man.

It was then the beat down began as the fist slam after fist slam dug the tendril man into the ground.

He had been dead for the past minute but the gorilla kept going.

The girl watched as Izuku just shot a laser from his sci-fi visor killing the gorilla man instantly.

"That match was taking too long to end thanks to that endless pounding." Izuku said as he stood. "Come and Stain, see if you can retrieve the bodies." He pointed down at the ring.

"Eh?" Stain was surprised at that. "Why me?" he asked.

"I doubt you would want to work out the negotiations?"

"…" Stain said nothing and left to retrieve Gorilla and Tendril.

Izuku took her to a nearby room as the crowd stayed for the next match.

"Well, I guess it's time for introductions." The girl said. "I'm Quinn Hachisuka, a part time villain and my quirk is Queen Bee."

"…I assume your quirk revolves around that left eye you hide." He pointed out. "I am Izuku Shigaraki."

Hachisuka let out a whistle before asking another question. "What's your quirk?"

"You saw the news didn't you? My quirk…is multiple."

"Multiple? As in, just having multiple quirks?"

"That's right, but tell me about your quirk." As soon as Izuku said that, Hachisuka felt a shiver.

She had no idea why, but shiver she did.

"My quirk is basically a swarm of Apocrita, bee and wasp-like creatures, that are nested behind the medical patch on my left eye. I can produce numerous of them and I can dispatch my phalanx to cover heavily populated metropolitan areas." She began.

"I'm guessing the side effect is that they're connected with you in some way, perhaps bio-physically?"

"That's right, I'm connected to them bio-physically and I receive pain whenever they are injured or destroyed as well as gain insight to whatever experiences or information they glean."

"Very useful. Can you show me one?"

Hachisuka removed her eye-patch briefly as a single 'bee' came out with a different type of stinger that looked like a syringe.

"Are these stingers natural or modified?"

"I'd say both." She told him. "I use these stingers as syringe delivery systems which is useful for injection of drugs or other such contaminants."

"I got to say Hachisuka, you have one useful quirk." He said as he looked at the trigger in the suitcase as the Apocrita went back to Hachisuka. "And you supplied us well."

"Thanks~" she smiled as the wasp-like creature crawled back under the eye-patch. "My babies can get any job done."

It was then Izuku's head snapped towards her. "What did you call them?"

"My babies~"

"OH GOD NOT ANOTHER ONE!" he inwardly panicked.

He thought Hatsume was enough with calling her gadgets babies, but now Hachisuka calling her bees' babies?!

He would be hearing gadget babies during the day and bee babies during the night!



"I got the bodies." Stain said walking in getting Hachisuka's attention. "What's wrong with him? He looks like he's going through some dilemma…"

"…You okay kid?"

"I-I'm fine." Izuku said as he closed the suitcase. "Let's get back."

The green haired teen turned to Hachisuka who stood there with a smile. "Hachisuka, try not to use that mask of yours too much, even if it may be better than your true personality."

She was about to retort before he said the next six words.

"Oh and welcome to the league." He told her.

Quinn Hachisuka had officially joined the League of Villains.

I think I'm an esper. Endeavour releasing blue flames in the anime? But it seems the anime had to one up me by making Endeavour having control over his blue flames. Still think I'm an esper though, I can say the same about Rappa's past and the underground fight rings!

I'm convinced, I'm an esper.

Also, Quinn Hachisuka from the spin off is now joining the fray. Also, concerning Stendhal, for now I'm not going to put him in OR connect him to Stain.

So if Stendhal turns out to be Stain (Which looks like it might be) then I'll probably make Stendhal a relative or something if I decide to bring him in.

Oh and when I mean Rappa's past I just mean the underground quirk rings. That's all.

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