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-Chapter 1: Set and Not Set-

The death of Yagi Toshinori, or All Might as a large majority of the world knew him, was one that elicited a reaction from everybody. Even despite the fact that his battle with All for One had rendered him incapable of using the powers that made him to the forefront of the world's attention in the first place, people still reacted. Now, these reactions varied in nature–some mourned the death of the man that kept villains in the shadows by name alone, others rejoiced the casting off an oppressive chain–but the fact still remained, his death had caused the entire world to react.

For Midoriya Izuku however–the young teen who All Might had chosen to inherit his power, One for All, and subsequently, the mantle of the symbol of peace–the news of Toshinori's death had hit him particularly hard. Of course it had. Not to sound cocky, but in terms of being close to the deceased party, he had a firm belief that not a single person surpassed him.

Izuku didn't know when it happened, but at some point, All Might stopped being the goal, the ideal, the person he was trying to fill the shoes of. At some point, All Might simply stopped being All Might to him and simply became the man, Yagi Toshinori–a close friend and confident who, unfortunately, had succumbed to the same fate that everyone else would eventually have to face. It was safe to say that many tears were spilled from his eyes after he heard the news.

He was sixteen at the time, so of course, the man's absence didn't sit well with him at all. The lingering sadness that he felt didn't cripple him though, nor did it weigh him down. No, actually, it had quite the opposite effect. The next symbol of peace couldn't afford to waste time wallowing in despair, after all. He had already known that fact long beforehand, but after? It just became all the more apparent. So, what did he do?

He didn't. Though, looking back on it, maybe that did more bad than it did good.

Izuku was seventeen now and a lot of things about his life were different. First off, he was one-hundred percent sure that he was no longer in his own world anymore. Where was he now? How was he sure it was a different world? How did something like that even happen?

Well, right now, he was currently standing in the bathroom of his small, Kuoh Town apartment-the one that he had been forced to rent and find a job to pay for (not that he really minded, as it gave him something to do with his spare time) when he woke up in this world without any form of support.

In regards to how the inheritor of One for All knew he was currently in a completely different world to his own, the fact that none of the people in this world still used the old definition of the word 'quirk' and the Internet knew not of the kind he spoke of told him as much, though having been told as much outright by the being that sent him there did help in that regard.

Now, when it came to how exactly he ended up in this different world to begin with, that was something he wasn't so sure of. All he knew that it involved a certain event that he will forever refer to as 'it' and a meeting with a giant red dragon in a place that it called the Dimensional Gap. To put things simply, the dragon decided to bring him to this world for…whatever reason (it hadn't given him the luxury of specifying why or enough time to ask). It just sort spoke to him for a second, gave him the very basics of what was going to happen to him, and then promptly sent him on his way with a painful smack of its giant, giant tail–something that still irked him to this day.

All of that had happened seven months ago and the hero-in-training was happy to say that, after all of the initial emotions (none of which good) that coursed through him after finding out that he was, in fact, in a completely other world, he was finally beginning to adjust to his new life situation. Sure, he still missed all of the people he was close with back in his original world, but the same lesson that he was reminded of when Toshinori had passed applied here.

The next symbol of peace couldn't afford to waste time wallowing in his despair… Besides, it wasn't like it was something that he could just come back from anyway.

Turning the cold water faucet on his sink, Izuku quickly pooled some of the ice-cold liquid in the makeshift bowl he made with his hands and quickly splashed some on his face to expel the thoughts from his mind. The last thing he could afford to do was give in to his still very troublesome habit of allowing his thoughts overtake him and, consequently, lose track of time, especially on today of all days. Today was his first day at a new school, after all, and, despite the title no longer meaning anything in this world, he was sure that the next symbol of peace shouldn't be late to school for whatever reason.

Drying his face off with one of the two towels that he could afford to pay for, Izuku stepped out of his bathroom and into the room that served as his dining area, living room and bedroom. Yep, it was true. His new accommodations were far from being the most spacious, but it was all that he could afford at the time being with his current job's salary, even with the discount his landlord had been so gracious enough to allot to him. That was the problem with the only jobs being available to him as a teenager only paying minimum wage, he supposed.

Still, he was grateful for all that he had right now, as meager as it was. Every little thing that he had in this room, he earned by himself. Nothing, absolutely nothing was gifted to him. Alright, okay, so he definitely had a little help along the way, but that didn't change the fact that he earned those things! It just changed how he ended up earning those things.

Walking over to in-wall closet in which he kept all of his clothing-related items, which–in relation to his front door–was located in the far corner of his small apartment, he took the towel he had been using to dry his face and folded it into a neat little square, before placing it down next to the closet door.

Sliding said closet open door open, the inheritor of One for All began to search for the school uniform of the school he had chosen to go to due to its proximity to his home. Upon finding it, he pulled out all the items that made the uniform up and went to work putting it all on–a simple process overall. Took him about ten minutes total and when he was finished he went over to his fridge, which was really just a mini-fridge with a separated top half meant for frozen items, and pulled from it a plate of leftovers from last night's dinner. He was going to have to eat it cold. He didn't have the luxury of a microwave, so he really didn't have a choice in the matter.

Only a few thousand yen more… Izuku thought to himself with a longing sigh, as he glanced over at the glass jar filled with loose change that sat on top of his fridge. He ate another spoonful of cold food and let out a whimper. Only a few thousand more…

Pushing his want for a microwave to the back of his mind, he glanced over at the alarm clock that sat next to his bedroll to gauge how much time he had until school started. He partially expected there to be only a few more minutes left before he would be late for school, but instead, it showed that the former hero-in-training had ample enough time to get where he needed to go.

One of benefits of getting up so early, I suppose, Izuku thought to himself idly, all the while shoveling more food into his mouth. Though, maybe four in the morning is a bit too early… Yeah, I can probably afford to push it up a half an hour or so…

Finally finishing the rest of his food, he put his plate down into his kitchen sink and began washing. He was finished in a record thirty seconds and when he was done, he made sure to put the now clean plate on the drying rack nearby.

After doing so, he turned around and leant his back against the counter, letting out a tired sigh as he did so. He stayed like that for a while, green eyes scanning the room in which he called home, before he eventually had to pry himself from the thoughts that swirled in his head. He still had school to get to, after all.

Moving toward his front door, he slipped a pair of white and green sneakers and opened it, having to undo the lock and deadbolt before doing so.

Stepping outside, the former hero-in-training took an over the shoulder glance back inside his apartment. He stayed like that for a moment, maybe two, before eventually shaking his head and taking a step outside toward his new school life.

Izuku stared out at the classroom he'd be spending the rest of his high school career in and couldn't help the tremble in his legs. Never in his life had he seen a sight more terrifying and he's had to fight a many a supervillain in the past.

For a little context, Kuoh Academy was once an all-girls school, keyword being: 'was'. Recently, the powers that ran the school began to allow male students to enroll and partake in classes. That being the case, the school still had a population made out of mostly female students.

Now, normally, the inheritor of One for All would've thought better of enrolling in a school of mostly women due to his still present, um…difficulties in handling the opposite gender (especially ones that leaned more toward the attractive side of the spectrum, which seemed very abundant at this school for whatever reason), but it was the only school that was in close proximity to both his apartment and workplace, so he was kind of going to have to deal with it for the time being. Besides, it wasn't like he was the most eye-catching guy in the world in terms of looks, so he doubted that he'd draw too much attention in the first place.

Sure, he wasn't the worst looking guy in the world, but he was far from being a head-turner. He had always looked a lot more boyish than he did masculine, from his face to inferior height, he had none of the physical features that most women thought to be attractive, or at least, he hoped that was the case. He'd liked to have his next two school years be as stutter free as possible.

One might think that, after having faced full-blown, out for blood supervillains, that the former hero-in-training would be more resilient to the gazes of a few women, but that person would be dead wrong. Sure, a few–one or two–he'd be able to handle, but an entire classroom? Nope, not ever in a million years. He would be reduced to a blubbering mess of incoherent mutterings and uncontrollable tremors in a matter of seconds.

"U-Um, my name is Midoriya I-Izuku," he began to introduce himself to his new classmates, his voice shaky as he bowed his head sharply, "please t-take care of me!"

The inheritor of One for All felt a bead of sweat begin to run down his forehead when he began to hear the class in front of him start to whisper to one another, doing so at so low a volume that what they were saying was incoherent to him. Oh, I can already tell that this was a bad decision…

When the bell for lunch break sounded, Izuku found himself stumped as to what to do. He would go and get some lunch from the cafeteria, but unfortunately, the food here at Kuoh wasn't free like it was at U.A. and due to his want for a microwave, he didn't have any money to spare to buy a snack or anything. At most, he'd be able to go to a vending machine and buy a soft drink to help tide him over until later when he was at work.

"Um, S-sorry… Midoriya-kun, was it?" The sound of a feminine voice calling out to him drew the young man from his budget-driven reverie. Looking up towards where it was came from, he found that a rather attractive-looking girl was the one to talk to him. There wasn't anything about her appearance that he found to be really outstanding or defining, though. Rather, everything about her was average–light brown hair with a light dusting of make-up, dark-brown eyes, heart-shaped face, and a perfectly average body–but it was almost as if all of these ordinary things worked in perfect coordination with one another to help elevate their quality overall. Truly, he didn't know what someone as pretty as herself was doing talking to someone like himself— "Do you mind stopping that-that muttering, I mean. Not to make you feel bad or anything like that, but you're starting to freak people out."

Eyes wide and body thoroughly frozen from the revelation that was just dropped onto him, a many a thought running through his mind as he tried processing the words just spoken to him. Green eyes scanning the room around him, he found that the girl's statement was, in fact, correct. The amount of girls staring at him with frightened looks was astonishing. It made him want to shrivel up into a little ball and disappear from sheer embarrassment.

"S-sorry," he muttered back in reply– though he would describe it as more of a whimper really–and angled his head down to face the surface of his desk. If he could, he'd run out of the classroom right now and find a little corner of the school to sulk and ruminate in for the rest of break, but he knew that'd only serve to exacerbate his current problem. So, he kept himself silent and continued to stare down at his desk, all the while hoping for the girl to leave so he could sit where he was and sulk and ruminate at his desk, instead of some random corner of school.

The unknown girl blinked at him and stared at him curiously for a grueling moment before smiling and exclaiming loudly, "Alright, thank you for being so understanding!"

Once the girl bounded off to where she originally came from, the hero-in-training let out a relieved sigh and allowed his body to relax itself once he felt all of the eyes leave him. Ah… Man, that was stressful, he raised his head and allowed a smile to form on his lips as he thought that, but I managed to navigate my way through that without too much trouble somehow… I suppose that I should be grateful for that.

Then, right as he thought he was done with one problem, his original one reared its ugly head in a low, yet still very audible grumble. He was just lucky that everyone was so wrapped up in their current conversations that his body's crying out for sustenance went unnoticed.

Laying his chin onto the surface of the desk, Izuku allowed another thought to run through his head, one much less positive one, I think that it's probably best to go find a vending machine now.

Izuku accomplished his mission easily enough. All he really had to do was go down to the cafeteria and look around the general area for one that wasn't already occupied by a group of girls, which he did, though doing so involved him having to go behind the cafeteria.

Wait, isn't this thing's placement a little counter-intuitive? He asked himself as he took quick glances to his left and right, noting just how empty the area really was as he put a ¥100 note into the corresponding slot. Wouldn't this machine be more effective in an easier to access area?

Shrugging to himself, the former hero-in-training picked a drink and waited for it to drop down into where he'd be able to pick it up, so he could quell the incessant growling in his stomach. As he did, the sound of someone heading in his general direction hit his ears.

Drink now in hand and body turning to where the noise was coming from, the former hero-in-training found himself staring at an approaching brown-haired boy, his head being firmly lodged within the contents of some sort of… magazine. Yeah, from what Izuku could tell from where he was standing, it was most definitely a magazine.

A magazine, huh…? The frizzy-haired young man began as he cracked open the can in his hand. He took a sip of the fizzy, peach-flavored drink in his hand, before his eyes suddenly widened. A comic book maybe?!

Over the years, a lot of things about Izuku has changed, but the one thing that hadn't was his love for heroes, which of course meant that he also loved comic books-a fact that only made itself a more apparent in a world that had no such thing as heroes in it.

So, as the unknown boy walked by him, the inheritor of One for All made sure to keep his eyes firmly planted onto the article in his hands–a mistake that he paid dearly for when he saw what kind of magazine it actually was.

"BWAH!" Before he could stop it, a cry of shock rang out from Izuku's throat–an act that immediately drew the boy's attention as he too jumped in fright, which caused him to throw the article of paper he was holding into the air…and directly onto the former hero-in-training's face, inside down. "BWAH!"

The boy standing in front of Izuku let out an awkward chuckle as he glared. "Oh come on, I said I was sorry, didn't I?" The brown-haired boy asked as he scratched at the back of his scalp.

The young man who was once known as Deku took in a deep breath through his nostrils, hoping that the intake of air would direct some of the blood that had pooled in his cheeks elsewhere. He shook his head and took a glance down at his left hand-the hand that, inside it, held the offending item. "You and I both know that isn't the problem here."

There was a brief moment of silence as the unknown boy took his eyes off the former hero-in-training and onto the cafeteria wall to their right. That silence didn't last very however, as the prior snapped his head back onto him and exclaimed, "Oh come on, man! Let me have my magazine back!"

"No!" Izuku immediately denied. "Why did you bring something like…like this to school to begin with?!"

"Are you kidding me?! You're a guy too, aren't you?! You should understand why I need to bring something like that to school! I mean, just look around you! There's water, water everywhere and there isn't a single drop to grope!"

Deku could only stare at the boy before him with a bewildered look, simply not knowing how to respond to what was just said. "H-huh? W-what are you—?"

"Boobs, man! What else would I be talking about?! Why else would a man enroll into a former, all-female school if not for all the boobs?!"

For several moments after the boy uttered that absurdity, the world became silent. Izuku, not being able to comprehend the sheer perversion put behind the statement, simply stared at its speaker with a look of incredulity so intense and powerful that it could probably fall an All Might in his prime.

Never in his life… Never in his life… Never in his life did he ever expect to find a boy as perverted as his sticky-ball covered friend Mineta. He was wrong… Very clearly, he was wrong with that assumption. Oh…so… very wrong.

Finding that he no longer had the energy to argue against the boy in front of him, the former hero-in-training simply held the illicit magazine out towards the young man in question. He knew better than to try and fight back against such a force. It's was a near unstoppable force–the will of a hormone-driven, teenage pervert. To try and argue against it was like trying to get an apology out of Kacchan–an impossible task unless extreme measures were taken.

His sudden surrender must've confused the brown-haired boy as he simply blinked at the offered hand and stared at it for a while, look perplexed. It seemed that he wasn't used to people being so accepting of his…peculiarities. "What? You aren't going to lecture me, hit me, or anything for having this on me?"

Izuku couldn't help but blink in response to the question. "What? No. Why would I ever do something like that? Sure this…" he looked down at the magazine in his hand for a second before looking back up at him, "…might be more than a little inappropriate to have at school of all places, but doing something like those last two…" He started to scratch at the back of his head. "Isn't that a little excessive?"

The stranger stared at the inheritor of One-for-All for several seconds, his expression being one of subtle bewilderment—an expression that didn't stay subtle for very long as it suddenly turned into a teary-eyed smile.

"Um… Are you alright?" Deku couldn't help but ask that question as he looked at the suddenly crying boy.

"O-oh! Sorry about that!" aforementioned boy exclaimed rather excitedly as he used his blazer sleeve to wipe the tears from his eyes. Once he was done, he looked back up at the frizzy-haired hero in hiding and asked, "Anyway, you're new here, right?!"

"Y-Yes… H-How did you—?"

"Oh, don't worry. I'm not stalking to you or anything." The unknown boy let out an awkward chuckle as he too began to scratch at the back of his head. "I'm actually in your class."

"R-Really? Sorry, but I don't remember seeing you—"

"—Ah, it's alright. You seemed pretty nervous during your introduction, so I don't really blame you for not noticing."

Izuku couldn't help but laugh a little at the sudden reference of his earlier embarrassment. "I-It was that obvious, huh?"

"It was kind of hard not to, man. You were literally shaking the entire time. Anyway, seeing that you're a new student, I'm assuming you don't have many friends here, right?" Izuku, already knowing where this was going, blinked and began nodding his head hesitantly. "Then, how about the two of us be friends?"

The former hero could only stare at the hand bring offered to him after the boy said that, unsure on what exactly to do.

And… that was the story as to how Midoriya Izuku and Hyoudou Issei became friends, despite their many, many differences–something that the former was being reminded of right now, believe it or not.

There they were, sitting at their usual lunch spot behind the cafeteria, by the vending machine in which they first met one another, chatting idly as they consumed their lunches. Well, really, only one of them ate their lunch as the one of the them who had to pay for his food, due to himself being his only source of income, was still saving up a fund to purchase a microwave. Closer and closer… Anyway, what they were currently talking about irked the one-time hero greatly, though he was, gradually, getting better at handling it than the first time it was brought up.

That topic? It was Issei's dream. The one thing the boy wanted more than anything else… To be a harem-king, which, at first, didn't tell Izuku much about his newest friend other that he wanted to be with multiple women–a terrible and immoral dream, but not one he couldn't understand. He was a hormonal, teenage male, after all, but that was before the pervert went into graphic detail as to why. Very graphic detail. Too graphic of detail. Everyday, if the frizzy-haired teen didn't actively steer the conversation away, into another direction.

It was now safe to state that the inheritor of the One-for-All was beginning to develop a tolerance for such things. Still, having to hear his friend go on and on about feminine body parts was definitely not the most…comfortable experience for him. He spent most of time flustered to high holy as mental images kept popping up in his head.

Despite that discomfort though, Izuku couldn't say that he disliked talking to his friend. Sure, he wasn't someone who was easy to displease and Issei was probably the crudest, lewdest person he's ever met outside of Mineta (the race for top slot was getting closer as the days went by though), but that wasn't the point. He throughly enjoyed speaking with the fellow second-year, even if the topics that were being discussed made him uncomfortable.

Deku's enjoyment could probably be heavily attributed to the fact Issei was just like himself in a way. He too had a dream that, even in the face of sheer impossibility, he wanted to reach and that dream just lead him to talk about rather embarrassing things. It was just like the former hero and his love for researching quirks in a way. Sure, the motivations were very different from one another, but he couldn't deny that a similarity was there and he couldn't help but enjoy hearing someone speak about a topic with such smiliar passion.

"So, that's why XXX-chan's boobs are the best in the entirety of all the first-years!" Issei stated with much finality, like always Izuku had to block out the name of the girl being referred to save some of her reputation. "What do you think, Izuku?"

"A-ah, I h-honestly c-can't say that I've p-paid too much attention—" the once hero-in-training began to say, but he was cut off before he could finish his stuttering–he means, statement.

"'Haven't been pay too much'— Are you kidding me, man?!" The brown-haired boy groaned loudly as he put another piece of food in his mouth. He clicked his tongue out of irritation. "You really got to live a little more! Take a peek into the girl's locker room every once in awhile with me, Matsuda and Motohama."

Suddenly, Izuku's face shifted into one of a deep glare. "You're seriously still peeking in on the girls?" He asked, not being able to believe his brown-haired friend. "I'm telling you, you're going to get caught eventually."

"WAH! How do you keep doing that?!" Issei yelled out, flinching backwards dramatically as he did so. Holding his hands up to protect himself. What he was referring to had become an inside joke in between the two of them. The once hero-in-training, being someone who used to combat super-powered criminals, had grown used to turning serious at a moment's notice, which, apparently, freaked out his perverted friend greatly. Probably because he would switch from flustered to dead serious. "Anyway, didn't I already tell you? Being able to peek inside there, no matter what punishment the girls give us, is totally worth it! Actually, no, what am I saying?! Boobs are always worth it!"

"Well…" the inheritor of One-for-All started, trailing off before he let out an exasperated sigh, "…alright." He shook his head. "Just don't get yourself hurt."

"Stop worrying, man. I appreciate the concern, but, trust me when I say that everything's going to be fi—"

Whelp. So much for "everything's going to be fine", I guess, Izuku thought to himself as he gazed at the chaos that was erupting around his brown-haired friend from afar, shaking his head disbelievingly as he did so. Briefly, he wondered if he should save his friend from the punishment that the kendo club-the club that the Perverted Trio had been perving on-was set to deal him, but thought better of it. Not to say that he particularly liked the sight of Issei getting his face bashed in, but the boy did bring what was coming onto himself. Sorry Issei, but I warned you about doing something like this. At the very least, I'll take you to the infirmary once the Kendo Club is done with you.

Today was supposed to be Izuku's one of two days off from work and instead of relaxing at home, or taking a dent out of the pile of school work he still needed to finish doing like he probably should be, he was out in the city, up on a roof doing something that came very naturally to him: being a hero. Though, if one wanted to get more technical, he was being a vigilante.

Now, unlike his original world, Kuoh Town wasn't bursting to the seams with supervillain activity. It wasn't even bustling with criminal activity for that matter. For the most part, it was a average town whose only real problem was the occasional robbery performed by everyday street thugs. So, most days, he rarely had to go out and take on the monicker of Deku once again. A part of wished that things were different, but that part of him was quickly squashed when he remembered that there being no crime that warranted his attention was actually a good thing.

Today, however, wasn't really a normal one. There was something big going on in the downtown section of town–he could tell from how the chatter from his police scanner (the predecessor to his oh so desired microwave in terms of having to save money in glass jars).

Armed robbery of a bank: that was what was being discussed by the local police as they scrambled to get bodies out to start rectifying the problem. He didn't get the amount of robbers that were inside the bank before he suited up and started heading over towards the bank, but he did manage to catch the number of hostages inside. There were about thirty it so citizens inside the bank total when the action began. That meant there were thirty lives he needed to hurry and save.

The former hero-in-training wasn't disappointed when he first reached the bank in question. The first things that striking him about the place was that it was fairly large and that it looked very modern in terms of architecture. Why did this strike him? Well, seeing that time most definitely wasn't on his side, he decided to make his explanation as quick and concise as possible. The bank was large, but not in the normal sense. The section of building that sat just above the first level and pointed up towards the sky was meaningless–filler meant to make the building look good all the way to its pointed top. He could tell from all the glass panes that spanned just over its public entrance. That meant he only had one floor of thugs to deal, which he was thankful for. Multiple levels just made rescue missions more complicated and that could get people killed.

Alright, point of entry is going to have be front entrance, he noted to himself as he readied himself for what was to come, most importantly slipping his old mask over his head–something he didn't have to do a lot of back in his old world as most everyone had a quirk, so keeping a secret identity wasn't really needed anymore. Here, things were different. A quirk like One-for-All, even only at five percent, would blow minds and garner unwanted attention. So, the impossibly large grin and the pointed, rabbit-esque ears of his mask were an unfortunate necessity. The robbers, if they have a shred of competency, most likely have someone guarding the back and entrances, so I most likely have no other choice in the matter anyway. His green eyes, hidden underneath the veil of his mask, shifted up to tippy top of the glass window at the front entrance. Alright, through there. Once I'm in, use One-for-All at five percent on criminals; use One-for-All twenty percent to move around. Time limit is a minute: police'll most likely rush in after hearing initial gunshots… He took a deep breath and allowed himself to grin toothily, before activating his handed-down quirk and launched himself towards the earlier mentioned infiltration point. Let's do this!

If he had to thank that red dragon who brought him for anything, he would probably choose to thank it for taking him to another universe with his hero costume on. It would've been a pain to have to go and make his own, or wear cheap equivalents to them. Not to say what he looked like to public when he was out being a hero mattered a lot to him, but he did at least appreciate not having to look like a bum during his establishing years, just like a lot of the heroes in comics these days. It really helped with opinion in the public eye.

Landing on the top of his apartment building's rooftop, Izuku reached up and ripped his mask off, revealing the sweat drenched face that it hid away from the world's prying eyes. Literally gasping for air at that moment due to doing so much physical exertion in a short time period, he kicked himself for not having designed a mask that was a little more breathable.

Still, despite his apparent exhaustion, there was still a smile on his currently gasping lips. Surprisingly enough, everything had went according to plan today. He rushed in and smashed clean through the window, moved so quickly that the criminals could barely interact and took them all down before anyone got hurt. He even managed to do it all in less than a minute, leaving out the back, employee entrance right before he heard the police storm the building.

Turns out there were ten or so thugs in the bank, all of which having firearms–a sign that most likely meant that they might have some ties with the Yakuza, as guns were notoriously hard to get in Japan due to anti-firearm laws and the Yakuza had a firm grasp on the black market in the area. He doubted that any of the men inside the bank were actually Yakuza, as they usually specialized in crime that wasn't attention grabbing like robbing a bank. Today's robbers most likely just bought the guns from them at some point.

I really need to find a way to get in contact with someone from the black market, the former hero-in-training told himself as he leaned his head back to look up at the night sky, which, due to Kuoh Town's light pollution, wasn't filled with beautiful, dazzling stars. He did see a few poking through, but they just ended up reminding him of what was really up there in space. So, how exactly does a high school teen get into contact with the black market/Yakuza?

Back inside his apartment after a tiring half an hour, Izuku emerged from his bathroom after having taken a shower. Being mainly naked, the only thing that kept him from being completely do was the towel that he wrapped around his waist.

Using his hand to shake any excess water from his hair, the young man quickly went over to where he had left his phone–a cheap flipping one that he got on a sale as he signed the contract–to check if anyone called him while he was out.

Sure enough, he got a text from Issei reading: "Dude, I did it! I got a gf! She's pretty and her boobs are huge too! Call me and I'll be sure to tell you how it all went down! One step closer to harem-king! WOO!"

Actually, the text message didn't read like that at all, Izuku just translated it back to coherent English after reading it. There were grammar and spelling errors all over the place, but he could understand if Issei had been so excited at the prospect of getting a girlfriend that caring about such things were impossible for him.

Still, good for Issei, though. He was being given an opportunity to reach for his dreams. Hopefully, he'll be able to capitalize on it like the inheritor of One-for-All had. Wait, wouldn't him having a harem just mean that he'd be sleeping around with multiple women? Shouldn't he, as his friend, try and stop the boob-aficionado before one of them decides to kill him?

It turns out that, on the day that he got caught peeping into the girl's locker room as the kendo club was changing, Issei got confessed to by a girl named Yuuma as he was walking back home. Izuku couldn't help but laugh at his perverted friend's change in fortune.

To think one could go from getting beat up by a bunch of women with kendo sticks, to suddenly having a girl confess her feelings to him… It was absolutely mind boggling to even think about.

"So…" Izuku began as he glanced over at his friend in question, the both of them sitting at their usual spot, "…when are you two going to see each other?"

"Oh!" Issei, like a child finding out they're going to get a new toy, perked up in response to his question. "This Saturday! I seriously can't wait, man!"

Chuckling at his friend's excitement, the former hero-in-training turned his attention back to out in front of him, a small smile on his lips. "Well, I wish you luck, then. If I could, I'd offer you some advice, but I don't really have much experience with…you know."

"Ah, don't worry about it! I'm fine with knowing that you think of me as some kind of traitor."

"'Traitor'? Why would I…" he began curiously before his entire face fell into a completely serious countenance. "Oh yeah. Matsuda and Motohama. I forgot about them."

"Yeah…" Issei replied, scratching at the back of his head as he too chuckled awkwardly. "They got on me pretty hard earlier. It's fine though." He shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "I'm sure that they'll come around to the idea eventually. Just need to give them some time."

"I'm sure they will."

"Anyway, enough about me, how was your day yesterday? Did you spend it working again?"

"No, it was my day-off. I actually spent most of it relaxing and doing chores."

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Issei took a bite out of his lunch–a small loaf of Yakisoba bread. "You live on your own, right?" Chewing, he added, "Wait, does that mean you work because you need to pay your rent and stuff?"

"A-Ah, yeah…" Izuku replied, chuckling to himself a little afterwards. He wasn't the most comfortable telling other people about his current living situation. More often than not, people would immediately begin to pity him–something he appreciated, but, again, was very uncomfortable with. "What about it?"

"Oh, was just wondering," Issei stated, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly as he redirected his gaze back to right in front him, though his face had fell noticeably. Seeing that his friend was willing to drop the subject, Izuku too decided to do the same thing and turn his attention out onto the what was in front of him. "Anyways, um, you want a piece of this?"

Hearing his friend say that, the former hero-in-training turned back to him, half-expecting to see him holding yet another porn magazine, but what he found instead was actually touching–about half of his Yakisoba bread. "Um, sure?" Izuku replied as he took the offered piece of bread, which he honestly really needed given the fact he wasn't able to bring back leftovers from his work for breakfast yesterday, due to it being his day off. "Why—?"

"Hey, you're my friend, man! Do I really need a reason to give you some food when you clearly don't have any for yourself?" Ah, right. He forgot that he very rarely ate anything at school. He usually just waited until when he was home to eat something. "Besides, I'm definitely not the sharpest guy in the world, but I can notice something like a friend of mine just never eating anything at lunch."

For a while, Izuku stared at his brown-haired friend wide-eyed. Then, when he came back to his senses, he shook his head violently and smiled widely.

"Thanks," the inheritor of One-for-All told his friend bashfully, glancing down at the ground under his feet as he did so.

"Hey, man, what do you think you're doing?!" Issei suddenly screamed out fearfully, confusing Izuku greatly. "A guy has no right looking so adorable!"

That, in turn, made the green-haired one of them to wipe said look off his face and flinch back in sheer horror. "S-Sorry!"

-Chapter End-

There we go. I am done. Here you go. I am not sorry if Issei seems a little OOC at the end there. That was entirely my intention. He'll have his moments of mental, not just physical competency. He'll pretty much be an average guy with strong perverted tendencies, at the very least, mentally speaking. That's it. Peace out.