We Shall Overcome

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A/N: This is a Minako/Mamoru fic because I only found one of ff.net!! This is set in the Silver Millennium with no regard for the future on Earth.


Minako walked into the meeting room and sighed. Meetings were so dull and she hated attending them but she was a princess and it was required. She took a seat next to her mother. Aphrodite smiled irritably, 'You are late!'

Minako shrugged, 'Oh well. So what.'

Her mother continued to mask her anger. 'There is an announcement coming up that will effect you strongly.' Minako shrugged and ignored the dull drone of her father's voice.

Finally she heard the name of one of her friends. 'Lastly we have a grave announcement to make. Princess Usagi was killed this week on the Moon. No one knows who killed her but the murder is still at large. The fifteen year old was stabbed several times. We are placing all royalty on high alert.'

Minako gasped, 'Bunny! No!' Minako started to cry in the middle of the meeting. Several pitying faces stared at her. She stood up and ran out. The adolescent girl walked into the teleport booth. Her crystal blue eyes looked at the guard. 'Take me to Mars.' He nodded and set the teleport to Mars. When Minako arrived, she ran straight to Rei's room.

Rei answered her knocking promptly. Rei's violet eyes were tearstained. 'Minako? Did you hear?'

Minako nodded slowly, 'Yes I did.' The two entered Rei's vast room and wept. They started talking of all the fun things they had once enjoyed. Ami, Princess of Mercury, arrived shortly afterward. Eventually Minako, Makoto, Rei, Ami and Mamoru all sat on the balcony of Rei's room. Minako sighed, 'She was so bright and cheery. Who would want to kill her?'

Ami shrugged. 'Every loved Usagi.'

Several tears had passed Mamoru's cheeks but not one word fell from his lips. Rei looked over at him. 'Mamoru? Why are you so quiet?'

His cloudy blue eyes looked up, 'There is no word in all of the language I know to express the loss I feel.'

Minako nodded and walked over to him. She hugged him. 'We all miss her Mamoru. I think you miss her most of all. I am sorry for being so selfish.'

Mamoru looked up confusedly, 'Selfish? We all want her back. If you are selfish than you charge the rest of us with the same crime.'

Minako nodded. 'I suppose. It will be a long time before I can smile again.' Everyone in the room nodded in agreement except Makoto.

Makoto stood up, 'But Minako, Usagi would not want us to mourn her. She would want us to live our lives well.'

Mamoru looked up at her. 'I am sorry Princess but that I cannot do quite yet.'

Makoto nodded, 'I understand, but eventually we must all do it for her.' The five teenagers nodded and put their hands together in a circle.

Ami sighed, 'We will stick together.'

Rei nodded, 'And always remember our dear friend.'

Minako bit back tears, 'We will show our love for her in our actions as we grow to be strong rulers.'

Makoto placed her hand in the center, 'We will make sure nothing like this happens again.'

Mamoru sighed weakly. 'We will shine like she did and through that light make everyone feel loved as she once did.' Every one of them said 'yes' solemnly and they all departed back to their planets.


Minako lay in her bed, 'I will never live like I used to. I will never stop mourning your loss Usagi.' She stared at the stars with a forlorn look on her face.


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