We Shall Overcome

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Chapter One

Healing Hearts

Rei Hino and Ami Mizuno both walked up to the grand golden doors of the Venusian palace. Rei bit her lip, 'Shall we?' Ami nodded and the two entered.

Minako was locked in her room again and she hadn't come out for three weeks. It had been a month since Princess Usagi died and Makoto, Rei and Ami had gotten over it somewhat. Minako and Mamoru, however, were a completely different story. Ami knocked on Minako's door. 'Minako? Minako it is Ami! Rei is here too and we were hoping you would join us in a training session.'

Something hit the door and fell to the floor. 'Go away! I do not see a point in being a Sailor Scout if the Moon Princess is dead!' Ami and Rei grimaced and turned away.

Inside the room, Minako lay on her bed weeping. Drowning in her own sorrow the girl rose and opened the door. 'Please do not stay long. I am not sure I will be able to stand it.' The two friends walked into Minako's room solemnly.

Rei nodded, 'I understand. I just wanted you to know that we are here for you if you need to talk.'

Minako shrugged, 'Talking is a waste of time.' Ami shrugged.

'If you say so Minako. Please come train with us!'

The Venusian Princess shook her head, 'No.' Her two forlorn friends walked out of the room. Minako went and looked into the mirror. Her long blond hair was greasy from her lack of bathing, her blue eyes blood-shot from crying so often and her skin was dirty and oily from tears and fretful nightmares.

Minako stared at her reflection for a long time. 'Look where caring has gotten me. I am broken.' She shook her head, 'No. I am ice. I am stone, and I will not let another person in. I will not be hurt again.'

Without another word the blond teenager got into the shower and washed off the remnants of her old self.

~~~On Earth~~~

Mamoru climbed out of the shower. 'Today is the last day I will mourn her. I must move on before I waste my life away.' He had talked with General Malachite today and Malachite had convinced him to move on. His next destination was the Moon Palace to speak with Serenity and then the Venusian Palace to speak with Minako.

The prince was quickly transported to the Moon and he knocked on Serenity's bedroom door. The Queen had not been out since the accident.

'Queen Serenity? I want to speak with you.'

The Queen opened the door and Mamoru could easily tell that had not slept in several days. 'What is it Prince Endymion?"

'I have come to tell you that I will not be coming around anymore. I have decided that it is time for me to move on.'

A knowing expression crossed the Queen's face. 'I see. I bid you good luck.' I bowed to her and walked out of the room with a heavy heart. I had to talk with Minako next. This would not be easy...but it had to be done.

~~~To Be Continued~~~

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