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Sorcerer's Stone: Chapters 1-19

Chamber Of Secrets: Chapters 20-41

Prisoner Of Azkaban: Chapters 42-73

Goblet Of Fire: Chapters 74-113

Order Of The Phoenix: Chapters 114-160

Half Blood Prince: Chapters 161- 185

Deathly Hallows: Chapters 186-

Welcome to The King's Chronicles Book 1: The Sorcerer's Stone :)

This is all about Ron Weasley and his point of view in the Harry Potter series.

This will be 100% canon (meaning I can't do Drinny...tears all around lol) and will have lines from the books.

This is Ron centric, so if Ron or Romione isn't your thing, this isn't for you. No other POV will be explores but his, and there will be a lot of missing moments to fill in the periods that Harry was not there. This will also be first person narrative.

Don't count on quick updates for this as I will be going through each and every chapter basically in the books. So, I will have a lot to cover and a lot to write. Hope you don't mind. That and I am still updating my other fics.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with the Weasley King!

Disclaimer: Despite how many stars I wish on, I do not own any part of the wizarding world nor the Harry Potter universe. All except for my own writing belongs to Queen Rowling and you will bow down.

Chapter 1: The Hogwarts Letter

Book 1: Summer 1991

I hated waking up early, but loved breakfast.

To me, breakfast was of course the most important meal of the day. Especially Mum's breakfast, which was really all I have ever known. There was a couple times where I had stayed at my Aunt Muriel's and have had breakfast there, but it was like eating cardboard.

The smell of fresh biscuits, bacon, eggs, and pancakes had awakened me, putting every one of my senses on high alert. I sprung out of bed immediately and ran as fast as I could down the steps.

I said a small prayer as I descended down the steps as quickly as I could. "Please let there be food left. Please let there be food left."

This morning, my prayers had been answered for once. I was the first one in the kitchen. That almost never happens.

"For heaven's sakes Ronald, why are you barreling down the stairs like a wild boar?" asked Mum as I caught my breath. "The food isn't going anywhere."

Did Mum not live here? Or did she not realize she fed nine of us. Well, eight of us for now since Charlie sent back to Romania after his vacation, and Bill was currently on his and was actually here.

"Mum, I had to get here before everyone else did or I would never even get a crumb." I said.

Mum smiled and have me a kiss on the cheek. "Oh, my growing boy. Sit down and get your fill. But after that, do change out of your PJs."

I sat down at my sometimes (whenever I could get it) usual spot at the table. Mum placed a plate in front of me piled with bacon, pancakes, and eggs, along with a cool glass of pumpkin juice. The smell up close some me right up the rest of the way, and I dug into my food as if the plate was going to grow legs and run away with my breakfast.

Soon, my little sister appeared rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, something Mum couldn't stand. She always instructed Ginny that a lady washes her face before she comes down the stairs.

Ginny, being the annoying little bugger that she was, never listened.

"Morning Mummy. Ron." said Ginny as she yawned. Another thing that Mum told her ladies didn't do. I have her a head nod, as my mouth was too full to greet her properly.

Mum gave Ginny a scolding look, but proceeded to kiss her on the cheek like she did me and served her breakfast.

Soon after, the twins, Percy, Dad, and Bill finally made an appearance, thus making the kitchen noisy as hell. The table filled with lively conversation, from Bill and Dad discussing business ventures that Gringotts was working on, to Fred and George having a laugh at Percy's expense while he unsuccessfully attempted to ignore them.

Suddenly, there was a hoot and a loud slamming noise against the window. Errol had missed his perch again. Ruddy bird. Too old, but Mum and Dad couldn't afford to retire him and get a new owl.

Fred got up and retrieved what looked like a package of letters from Errol's beak. He quickly looked them over and started handing them out.

"Two ministry letters for Dad, a card for Mum, a letter for Bill, and oh look, our Hogwarts letters are here." he said.

I dropped my fork mid bite. My eyes grew wide as I stared at Fred hold what looked like multiple envelopes in his hand. Hogwarts letters. Finally, the moment I had waited for since March 1st when I turned 11 had arrived.

"One for Perce, one for me, and here's yours, Forge old chap." said Fred as he handed my brothers their letters and sat down.

I looked at Fred, my heart slightly dropping as he hadn't handed me mines yet. "Where's my letter?" I asked.

Fred shrugged. "No letter for you Ickle Ronniekins." he said. "Guess you didn't get in after all."

"Perhaps you're a squib." said George. "That's the only way you wouldn't get a letter. So sorry little brother. You'll be alright."

I felt my lip tremble, but tried my best to hold the tears that were fighting to fall out of my eyes in. I didn't get a letter? How in the world was that possible? I couldn't be a squib, I had displayed early signs of magic ever since I was three, Bill told me.

"Maybe you overlooked, Fred?" I squeaked.

"Do you see any more letters in my hand?" asked Fred, holding up both his empty hands.

"No." I said, allowing the disappointment finally show in my face. I got up and headed up the stairs to my room. I didn't want my brothers to see me cry and take the mickey out on me.

I walked into my room and closed the door. I had pocketed some biscuit and bacon for Scabbers and put it through his cage bars so he could eat. I sat on my bed and let the tears run down my cheeks.

How could this have happened? I knew I was magical, I just knew it. There hadn't been a squib in our family for decades. Of course, I would be the one to not get my letter. I've always had rotten luck and was always the one that was overlooked the most.

Maybe I wasn't smart enough for Hogwarts. That couldn't be true. Mum always gave me good marks and I was wicked at chess. The only person I couldn't beat was the one who taught me, and that was Bill.

I laid back on my bed and threw my brother Charlie's quaffle in the air, catching it before it fell on me. Charlie had given it to me knowing that I liked to practice my keeper skills whenever Mum or Dad would bewitch it when the others weren't around to play.

About five minutes later, Bill came into my room.

I sat up and lowered my head. I didn't want to look my oldest brother in the eye. He was probably so disappointed in me.

"Why the long face, Ronnie?" asked Bill as he sat down beside me on my bed.

"You were there, you should know." I said, not looking up.

"The not getting a Hogwarts letter still getting you down?"

"I should have known I wouldn't get one. Should have known I wouldn't have the chops for school. I guess I'll just be some idiot farm boy for the rest of my life. Or maybe an expert gnome exterminator. At least I'm good at that.

Bill laughed. "You won't be a farm boy, don't write yourself off just yet. You're going to be a great wizard. You may even surpass myself."said Bill with an air of confidence that made me feel even worse about myself.

"How can I be a great wizard when I don't have a letter? You have to go to school to learn all that, Bill." I said looking at my brother pitifully.

"Well, if you would have stayed downstairs long enough, you would have eventually gotten this, as soon as I knicked it out of Freddy's back pocket." said Bill, holding out an envelope with a red seal on the back.

A Hogwarts seal. I had seen it so many times from my brothers letters over the years that I couldn't mistake it even if it was a mile away.

I snatched the letter from out of Bill's hands. It was indeed a Hogwarts letter. Addressed to me!

"He was having me on?!" I yelled in anger/happiness.

Bill looked at me proudly. "You know how your git brothers are. You should have known Fred was having a go at you. Don't worry, Mum set him right. He's de gnoming the garden all by himself with no gloves as we speak."

I could hardly contain my joy. I hugged my favorite brother tightly as I held onto my letter. So I wasn't a squib after all. I was going to Hogwarts. I was going to learn to be a good wizard.

As much as I wanted to punch Fred and George in the face, my excitement over my letter wouldn't allow me to. Bill laughed and watched as I all but ripped the entire letter opening it up.

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. of Wizards)

Dear Mr. Weasley,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

I read it over five more times to be completely sure. My hand was shaking as I looked over the lists of items that I needed for my first year. "Mum and Dad can't afford all of this, Bill." I said.

"Don't worry about all that." said Bill. You forget, we have all gone before you. I'm sure some of my first year books are still in tact. That is, if the twins haven't damaged them. Mum and Dad will manage, they always do."

I gave a small smile. Inside, I was groaning. Hand me downs, as usual. I can count on one hand how many new things I have ever owned of my own. I knew that my father worked hard at the Ministry, however, he was horribly overworked and underpaid, so we could hardly afford luxuries such as new clothing. The only one who sometimes got clothing new was Ginny, and that was only because she was a girl. That was also very rare, as Mum usually made our clothes, or stretched and shrank someone's clothes to fit the sibling it was being passed down to.

"Tell you what." said Bill. "You can have my first year to be if you make it into Gryffindor." said Bill. "I still have it tucked away. No one but me has ever worn it. But that's only if you make it.

My face lit up. Out of all my brother's Bill was the one that understood me the most, despite him missing a lot of my growing up as I was a toddler when he was in Hogwarts himself, and when he graduated, he started working in Egypt as a curse breaker for Gringotts. However, during the times that I did see him (which was mainly in the summer and over the holidays), he would talk to me and teach me many things. He taught me how to play chess, he taught me how to manage money, how to properly fly, helped me with my keeper skills, and helped me not to be so shy. He also protected me from the twins and their shenanigans. Bill was everything I strived to be someday. He had been a prefect, Head Boy, top of his class, and loved by everybody.

Charlie had to be my second favorite brother after Bill. I didn't see a whole lot of him either as he and Bill were away at school and he had just graduated this year and (much to Mum's disappointment and horror) ran off to Romania to tame dragons. I thought it was the most brilliant thing in the universe. When Charlie was home, he would play Quidditch with me (he had made Gryffindor Team Captain) and try to explain girls to me, which I really had no interest in. If girls were annoying at Ginny, I didn't want any parts of that headache in my life.

Percy was the brother that I felt didn't understand me at all. Or anyone in the family for that matter. He always had his snobby nose stuck in a book. He never wanted to play with us, especially me. He found me more of an obligation than a brother. Someone that he occasionally had to talk to. Which I wished he wouldn't. Talks with Percy were rather boring. Still, he was good to have around, as whenever he would show his face, the twins would lay off of me, and mess with him.

"What's Hogwarts like?" I asked Bill. "George told me that I had to do a lot of tests to get sorted, and if I didn't pass them, I would be sent home."

Bill laughed loudly at this. "And you believed him? Look, whatever the twins told you, get it out your head. I'm not going to tell you anything other than it's a great school. You need to experience it all yourself."

I groaned. I was already impulsive as it was. I didn't want to jump into school not knowing what to expect. It seemed like an unwritten rule not to speak too much about how you were sorted and some of the things that happened there. I wanted to go in with a game plan. Especially since outside our family, I hadn't really interacted with other kids before.

"Can't I know a little bit, Bill? At least tell me how you're sorted so I won't end up in Slytherin? Fred told me there isn't a good wizard in there." I begged. I just couldn't be a bloody Slytherin. I had heard nothing but bad things about that house.

"There are good and bad in every house, Ronnie." said Bill. "If you become a Slytherin, just be the best one you can be. However, you're a Weasley. That means you're a shoe in for Gryffindor."

That made me feel loads better about things.