Lost to time

A Doctor Who & Harry Potter Crossover fanfiction

MM Slash- but I'm not the best writer of explicitly so you've been warned. Doctor/Harry

AN- imagine Harry Potter canon happened century's before.

Also the last chapter has been heavily edited so check it out

After lifetimes alone two lonely souls find each other, but what are two heroes to do when they both fear becoming involved.

Chapter 2


However, before the soldiers could flinch a woman's scream went out throughout the room, grabbing Harrys hand the doctor ran into the soldiers and started barking commands. Startling them into action.

"Follow me," he said to Harry.

Harry ran after the alien and considered if he really wanted this much of an adventure, sure it was exciting and interesting but he was old. He was tired. The flirting had been fun, the mystery intriguing but now he was living it, he didn't know if he wanted that. He had already lived and lost so much.

Entering the lab, Harry looked around and noticed a small Japanese woman cowering in the corner. Seeing as the doctor was more concerned with whatever was hiding, Harry approached her.

"Sssh, it's okay. The Doctor is here," he said trying to sound reassuring.

"I thought it was dead," she muttered almost hysterically.

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"It's- its" the woman stuttered.

"It's beautiful," came the Doctors voice. And it was, he had never before seen something like this, and for him that was saying something.

Harry resisted rolling his eyes, "that's great, truly, but it doesn't tell me much," he muttered.

Seeing the soldier that had come in with them tighten his hand on his gun Harry sent him a dark look. Alien or not, beautiful or not, he didn't want it killed unless it was a threat.

"None of that," came the Doctors voice, as he to noticed the soldier. "It's just scared." He chastised.

The alien, who Harry had just seen from the corner of his eye, was admittedly fascinating. Harry who had fought dragons, ridden Hippogriff's and Thestrals, swam with mermaids and almost kissed dementors found it both enthralling and to be honest disturbing.

Harry noted how the Doctor instantly took control of the situation, how the soldier who had previously been pointing his gun at them was new listening and following his orders.

"I thought it was dead," the Japanese scientist repeated to Harry.

Seeing how she wouldn't be telling him much, Harry slowly handed her over to the soldier and approached the Doctor, moving into a crouch next to him on the floor.

Looking around Harry spotted the shadow of the alien and felt his eyes widen when he got a better look at it, turning he nudged the doctor and lent in to whisper.

"Doctor that looks like-" Harry started, starring at the creature in front of him with fascination. It wasn't often in life that Harry saw the new things and this was definitely new.

"I know, it's brilliant," the Doctor said cutting Harry off before smiling widely.

"Hello there," the Doctor called out, hoping to calm the alien.

However this seemed to do the opposite as suddenly the alien let out a squeal and darted out of the room.

Harry jumped up just as the Doctor did and followed him out.

The Doctor wasn't sure what was in front of him, in all of his centuries he had never seen anything like this. Hearing Callan following, the Doctors grin widened, he liked this one.

However entering the hall his grin dropped, "Don't shot!-" he shouted, but before his words fully left his mouth a shot rang out.

Harry threw a shield up hearing the Doctors words but unfortunately he had only covered himself and the Doctor.

The Doctor sent the soldiers dark looks, "What did you do that for?" He shouted

Harry, who's eyes were trapped on the now dead body of the alien looked up then with fire in his eyes. "It was scared. It was scared and you killed it," he said, in a dark voice, not shouting.

The Doctor turned then and looked at the young man beside him, surprised at the about of emotion in his voice. Seeing his emerald eyes blazing he felt something in his chest loosen.

Back in the lab Harry watched as the Doctor and the scientist worked together, discussing what the alien was and all the discoveries the scientist had found.

Hearing them talk Harry felt his interest pique, he could only understand half of what they were saying but if he was right then it wasn't an alien but an ordinary pig- A pig with alien tech in its head.

"Why would aliens fake an alien crash?" He mused out loud.

The Doctor spun to look at the young man who was leaning against a nearby table, shocked he had been able to follow the conversation. Not just a pretty ape but a smart one too.

"Why indeed," the Doctor said, walking up to the teen and offering him a hand. He had found out want he needed for now. Now he just had to go pick up Rose so they could investigate, maybe Callan would come too...

Harry looked at the mischievous glint in the Doctors eyes and was reminded of Dumbledore, his mentor and guide who had died such a long time ago.

The Doctor watched as Callan seemed to get lost in his mind for a moment, his emerald eyes clouding over with shadows of the past.

"Come on bright eyes," the Doctor said, tugging Harry's hand and pulling him out from his memories. He recognized that look, it was the same one he saw in the mirror and that shocked him. What had this seemingly young man been through to make him have such shaded eyes?

Letting himself be pulled, Harry wasn't surprised when they re-entered the cupboard the Doctor had crashed into him in. However, he was surprised to see a 1950's police box. He hadn't seen one in years.

Still being pulled along Harry watched at the Doctor opened the door and disappeared into the box. Shrugging his shoulders, Harry followed, he had seen many things in his long life that where different from what they seemed.

Once inside Harry let his eyes wander. This was a spaceship, a genuine alien spaceship.

The Doctor watched as the young man took everything in, his eyes flitting around. However never did they gain that look of incredibly, it was almost like he had been expecting this - Just who was this boy?

"Nice," Harry eventually said. Letting his eyes fall on to the Doctor who was standing and staring at him.

"You don't seem shocked, usually people are shocked when they come into the TARDIS," the Doctor said.

"TARDIS?" Harry queried, wondering what it stood for.

"Time and relative dimension in space- My ship," the doctor said, confused as to the non-reaction

Harry nodded, "I see, it's awesome," he said honestly. So the files he had hacked where right, the Doctor was a time traveller.

"Why are you not acting all human and shocked? This should blow your little monkey mind," the Doctor said

"Like I said earlier, I'm not your average person- or to be precise I said not your average ape." Harry said mischievous. Had he been a muggle or even younger he knew he would have been left gaping at such a sight, but at his age he had seen many things similar. Never a spaceship granted, but things binger on the inside- old news. Although thinking about it, Harry did wonder how it was possible, he guessed the Doctor wasn't using Wizarding space which gave the same effect.

The Doctor tilted his head, and mentally asked the TARDIS to scan the young man. He had never met a 21st century human who wasn't blown away by the TARDIS and its use of extra-dimensional space. Even other aliens and more advanced humans where usually taken back.

While waiting for the TARDIS to scan the mysterious youth, the Doctor asked, "Alien?"

Harry watched as the Doctor tried to work out what he was, before he felt a slight tingling go over and through his body.

"No. What was that?" Harry asked distracted, the sensation was foreign and if not for how in tune he was with his magic he would have missed it. It felt like somebody trying to use a soft form of Legilimency.

The Doctor was honestly shocked, nobody, well, nearly nobody, ever felt the TARDIS when she scanned them.

"What are you?" He asked coming close and circling Harry, staring intently. He even reached for his sonic to scan him.

"I'm a wizard," Harry said, he was pretty sure the statute of secrecy didn't cover aliens. Then he added, "A human wizard," just to be on the safe side.

The Doctor felt his eyes widen, wizard? There where wizards? How didn't he know this?

"What?" The Doctor asked incredulous. Lifting his sonic he watched as Callan raised an eyebrow, still the reading did say human.

"Yup, a wand waving wizard." Harry said, flicking his wrist for good measure so his wand appeared from his hidden holster.

"How come I've never met a wizard before?" The Doctor asked, staring at the piece of wood in Harry's hands. His own hands were itching to take the branch and run it through every scanner he owned, which were pretty much all of them.

Harry shrugged, flicking his wrist so the elder wand disappeared again. "The magical society is pretty isolated, they've pretty much cut off all contact with the muggle - sorry non magical- world."

The Doctor nodded, "I see," he says still shocked.

"There's also laws stopping people from revealing that society, people can go to Azkaban - magical prison, nasty place -if they reveal our society, so people hide when it in the muggle world. There was also an awful war around 200 years ago that decimated a lot of the magical population, since then they've become even more insular." Harry continued to explain, fighting not to be drawn into his memories of the war. They had lost so much, and for what? 200 years later their society was still as flawed and prejudiced as ever, sure muggleborns had more rights but the purebloods still ruled.

The Doctor nodded, so he could have met a witch or wizard then and just not realised. "Wait, why are you not worried?"

Harry shrugged, banishing his dark thoughts, "I figured that if you were letting me into your space ship then I should at least be honest, also I'm not worried about the ministry- magical government- I live in the muggle world. As long as you don't announce it to the world then I'll be fine."

The Doctor nodded, his thoughts running at a mile a minute. "So magic" he eventually said, focusing on what was bothering him the most.

Harry grinned, wiggling his fingers in front of him, "Magic," he confirmed.

The Doctor circled him again, "But- but- how?" he asked. Magic didn't make sense; it was just science that wasn't yet understood. How did this human, well all the humans who were apparently magical, come by these powers? It wasn't logical and the Doctor hated that.

Harry sighed, "I personally think it was a genetic code introduced by an outside source a few millennia ago as its hereditary, passed on through families with the occasional 'muggle born' popping up- Probably the gene activating in two carriers," Harry said, before he started to talk about how magic worked, wands, spells, wandless, potions ect.

The Doctor nodded and hummed, "What are the limits to this 'magic'?" he asked after Harry had given him the basics.

Harry jumped onto the side and started to swing his legs as he went through the laws of magic as he knew them, he had studied them over the years and tested their limits so he was pretty confident. He spoke of how spells worked and the development of wandless and wordless magic, even magical creatures.

"Your life span?" the Doctor asked, taking in all of this information. These 'magical' humans sounded almost like Carrionites or perhaps Eternals, however the Doctor was sure they were a mixed-breed of human-alien. Whilst the magical creatures he guessed where life forms from different worlds, hidden from the 'muggles' by the magical world.

"Around 200 years on average." Harry said, forgoing mentioning his own predicament. He didn't want to go into detail about The Hallows and his own immortality just yet.

"Mmmm, I see." The Doctor said, his theory about Carrionite-human crosses sounding stronger by the minute. Eternals lived much longer and even mixed with human blood they would surely live around 800 to 1000 years... however their banished cousins, their lifespan was shorter.

Seeing the Doctors face Harry lent forward not realising how close they were to each other, "So what was this outside source? I can practically see the answer on your face. You have a theory," Harry said, interested in the Doctors thoughts, he knew the man was an alien, and from what he had learnt from the hacked files he travelled through time.

"Carrionites, a cousin of the Eternals banished from their realm at the start of this universe for mixing their powers." The Doctor said.

Harry smirked, "Well they certainly mixed their powers with humans if they breed an entire race,"

The Doctor smiled, most apes would be freaking out by now knowing that they had alien blood, but Callan he just looked satisfied that his theory was right.

"So, aliens faking alien. What the deal with that?" Harry said, drawing the Doctor back to why they were in the TARDIS

The Doctor grinned, "I don't know," he said.

Harry shook his head, "If it is aliens, then what do they get from putting the world on red alert. I mean everybody going to be looking for them now..." Harry mused.

"Now that is the question," the Doctor said grinning, "let's go, I need to pick somebody up before we go adventuring."

"Somebody?" Harry asked standing back as the Doctor suddenly jumped into action, running around his ship and hitting random buttons.

"Rose, Rose Tyler. You'll like her she's brilliant."

Harry smiled at the mad aliens' obvious joy but he could feel it didn't reach his eyes. Rose was a human, wasn't she? He envied the Doctors ability to still be able to bond with people, Harry knew he held people at a distance, but he was just too tired of getting hurt ad seeing the people he loved growing old, of ding and leaving him behind never changing.

The Doctor frowned when he saw the bitter sweet smile on Callan's face. Such an odd expression for somebody so seemingly young.

"She's your… companion?" Harry said the word, remembering it from the files he had hacked- The Doctor and his companions.

The Doctor hummed, "Yes, I suppose she is," he said smiling widely. He still felt conflicted but Rose was a smart girl... or… well she was certainly creative.

"So magic man, how do you feel about joining us?"

Harry smirked, "I'm game, but call me that again and I will see if magic works on you Time Lord,"

The Doctor seemed to still before continuing to fiddle with the ships controls, "How do you know I'm a time lord?" he asked

Harry tilted his head to the side, "Oh, I forgot to mention. I looked you up, I saw you last year after the Christmas mannequin fiasco and did some research. You are a hard man to pinpoint but I eventually stumbled upon some files,"

The Doctor snorted at the innocent way Callan spoke, "So you can use your magic to hack things? I thought you said magic and technology didn't really work together,"

"They don't for normal people, but like I said, I'm not normal,"

The Doctor hummed, he wanted to continue to ask questions, to pick and prod until he was satisfied but he could see the shadows building in Callan's eyes and knew to stop. "You might want to brace yourself," the Doctor suddenly said just as the TARDIS lurched violently.

Harry barely had a second to react before he was thrown forward, landing in a pile of awkward limbs on top of a shocked looking Doctor. Harry could feel a blush threatening to take over him but instead thought to look unbothered.

"Hello," he said calmly, while inside he was burning, it was a rather intimate position.

The Doctor sucked in a breath as the wizard looked down on him, black hair falling around the pale face and making those strange bright green eyes seem to glow. "Hello," he said.

Harry chuckled and stood up, wincing slightly as he felt his back crack. He may be immortal but it still took a little time for injuries to heal.

"So, where are we?" Harry asked

"still in London, Rose lives here with her mum."

Harry nodded and followed the doctor out. Looking around he saw the estate was one of the ones put up in the last half century by the council, he hadn't been in one before but found it wasn't to his taste, he had nothing against the people who live in places like this but the idea of being so closely packed together made his skin itch. Humming he also noticed the missing posters.

"Charming," he said, noticing the graffiti on some of them.

The doctor snorted, "We can't all be a highborn little lord now,"

Harry allowed an eyebrow to rise, "Highborn?"

"You have this air about you," the Doctor summarised

Harry hummed again, "I see, well you're not wrong although I no longer have use of my titles." He had passed them on when he 'died' in the wizarding world, passing the black lordship onto Rose and Scorpius's second son, the first having gotten the Malfoy lordship. While the Potter lordship went to Teddy and Victories daughter, their son having gotten the Weasley lordship.

Before the Doctor could pry more from the intriguing creature in front of him Rose suddenly appeared, with Mickey trailing closely behind her. "Doctor," she called running to him.

The Doctor grinned, "Rose Tyler, Mickey boy"

Rose suddenly stopped a few feet from him, and the Doctor saw her eyes narrow.

"Who's this?" she said, looking Harry up and down with suspicion. They looked around the same age, but this boy stood so confidently next to the doctor and rose could recognise the quality of his clothes from when she had worked in the designer section of Henriks.

Harry watched the blonde check him out with curiosity, "My name's Harry," he said, nodding to them both.

"Oh," Rose said, she didn't know why but even his voice annoyed her, it was so smooth. "but, who is he?" she said to the Doctor, not noticing how demanding her tone was

"He's a friend," the Doctor said, staring at Harry who rose an eyebrow in challenge to the title of friend, "He'll be joining us,"

Harry snorted softly, "For now," he said, not sure he really wanted to join them permanently.

Rose started incredulously, who would ever give up the opportunity to travel with the Doctor?

"We need to go," Rose said suddenly remembering what her mum was doing. When she had seen the police box materialise, she had run off, saying she was going to call the army or the government.

"You can't Rose! You can't just leave us all again! You don't understand, they thought I had killed you, thought you were dead!"

"Why?" the Doctor said, before adding quickly, "Why do we need to go?"

"My mum-"

Harry watched this all with interest before suddenly the squeal of tire was heard and a helicopter appeared.

"I do believe this may be the reason," Harry said softly, taking a step back when the black clad soldiers got out and pointed their guns at them.

The Doctor snorted at the wizard, "None of that lip now you,"

Harry blinked innocently, "But I thought you like my lips, I'm sure I've caught you staring at them at least once,"

Mickey who was watching them snorted before he realised they were being surrounded. Looking around he quickly sent them all a cheeky grin and ran away, narrowly missing the soldiers.

The Doctor grinned at the wizard and exaggeratedly wigged his eyebrows in response, ignoring mickey as he made his escape.

Rose was watching this with annoyance but didn't respond, "Doctor what are we going to do?" she asked

"We surrender," the Doctor said loudly. "Take us to your leader," he added as an afterthought.

Just the Jackie appeared, "That's him, that's the Doctor," she shouted, barging through the soldier's ad pointing at the alien who she though had stolen her daughter from her.

The soldiers however ignored her, "You will come with us," the designated leader said.

"Of course," the Doctor said, bouncing on the balls of his feat in excitement

"You will all come with us," he repeated

"Yup," he said walking forward before suddenly turning and grabbing Harry, "Come along, can't keep number 10 waiting,"

Harry snorted again, "Of course," he mimicked.

Rose huffed and followed them.

"What are you doing? That's my daughter!" Jackie wailed, realising Rose was following the Doctor and soldiers.

"Ma'am please step aside," one of the soldiers said to the steadily growing hysterical woman.

"But- Rose stop it! You stop it right now!"

Harry stopped and looked at Rose, "You should talk to her," he said, "If not now then soon,"

"What's it to you?"

"She's your mother. You never know when something could happen. She clearly loves you and was worried,"

Harry said this thinking about all of the people he had lost in his long life, he would give anything too see them all again and tell them he loved them.

The Doctor watched them with fascination, "Come along you two, not time for family drama, aliens to investigate, mysteries to solve and all that,"

Harriet Jones wasn't a naive woman, nor was she easily lead astray however at that moment she prayed she was being played for a fool. Those creatures, aliens, things where monsters, MP Joseph Green the newly named acting named acting Prime Minister was an alien apparently called a Slitheen.

Harriet repressed a frightened sob as she recalled how the man, creature, alien had forced its giant green body out of the shell that had been Green and dropped the skin suit to the floor. She didn't understand how or why this was happening but she wold be dammed if she stood back and let his and his two alien accomplices Margaret Blaine and Oliver Charles get away with destroying the Earth.