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Chapter 2: Awakening

Mewtwo groaned as he began to return to the waking world. As he did, he began to hear voices.

"He's waking up!"

"Okay, I'm ready to pounce this sucker if it comes to that!"

"Rainbow! Shame on you! We don't even know if he's a threat or not yet!

"Hey! I said 'if,' didn't I?"

Mewtwo's eyes opened and he sat bolt upright in the bed that he'd been lying on. His coat and shirt were lying folded over a nearby chair. As Mewtwo looked around, he found himself surrounded by six unusual creatures that resembled human women for the most part, but had the ears and tails of horses. Two of them had wings growing out of their back, two more had horns growing out of their foreheads, while the last two had nothing out of the ordinary apart from powerfully built bodies.

One of the women, who Mewtwo knew to be named Twilight Sparkle from having read her mind earlier, approached him.

"Can you understand me?" Twilight asked Mewtwo.

"Yes, I can understand you just fine, Miss Sparkle," said Mewtwo, causing Twilight to splutter somewhat in her shock that this being knew her name.

"Wha-? How did-? How did-?"

"How did I know your name? Simple: the same way I know the names of your friends. Rainbow Dash, Rarity Belle, Applejack, Fluttershy," said Mewtwo, the jaws of the women whose names he uttered dropping like a bad habit as he listed off their names. "And finally we have-WHOA!" cried Mewtwo as Pinkie, seeing an opportunity, zoomed right up into Mewtwo's face and began chattering almost non stop, causing him to lean away from her in a mixture of shock, fright, and confusion.


"Pinkie, now's not the time for that," said Twilight, using her magic to pull Pinkie off of Mewtwo. "Like my friend was saying, who are you and where are you from? And how do you know our names?"

"He knows our names because he's a spy, duh!" said Rainbow as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

No, I know your names because of my psychic powers, Mewtwo's voice said inside the minds of the six women. All six of them looked at Mewtwo in shock, surprise, and overall astonishment.

"YOU"RE PSYCHIC?!" cried Pinkie Pie, beaming from ear to ear.

"Yes, and have you ever considered switching to decaf?" asked Mewtwo.

"Oh, I don't drink coffee. Makes my teeth all dirty, and if my teeth are all dirty, I can't smile, and if I can't smile, then I can't get anybody else to smile, and if nobody smiles, then they'll be grumpy-grumps."

"...oooookayyyyy," said Mewtwo, suddenly feeling awkward. "I imagine that you all must have some questions for me. Shoot."

"Well, for starters, a name, where you came from, and how you can do what you do would be nice," said Twilight.

Mewtwo heaved a sigh. "My name is Mewtwo. As for where I came from… I can't really answer that," he explained.

"Why not?" asked Rainbow.

"Because I can't remember anything about my past. I don't know where I'm from or what I've done... nothing."

The Elements of Harmony each grew shocked looks on their faces in response to this news.

"You've got amnesia?" said Twilight, in a gentle sort of way.

"Oh, you poor, poor thing," said Fluttershy, tears developing in her eyes

"Oh, my stars… I… I don't know what to say," said Rarity, who seemed taken aback by this news.

"Yer not alone there Rarity," said Applejack, her voice similar indicating a similar emotion to Rarity's.

"Tha-that's… whoa," said Rainbow, hardly able to comprehend what is must be like not to know who you were or remember anyone you loved or cared about.

As for Pinkie Pie, she merely sobbed openly and loudly, which only served to make Mewtwo feel even more uncomfortable.

"Well… what do you remember?" asked Twilight.

Mewtwo thought about it for a moment, searching his powerful mind. Finally, he said, "Well… I do remember some… I don't know… flashes. Tidbits. I remember… floating inside a tank of some kind…and voices… a man in a business suit... a boy turning to stone from a combined blast… and a name… Amber. Nothing else, aside from extensive knowledge of science. genetics, gene therapies and alterations, cloning, but no clue where I learned it, and how to properly use my powers."

The Mane 6 looked at each other, unsure what to say. Finally, Twilight spoke up.

"It sounds like someone or something targeted and erased specific memories, while leaving others intact. Perhaps your memory will come back on it's own. In the meantime, perhaps you could stay in Ponyville. I wouldn't mind giving you the guest bedroom."

"And I could make you a full wardrobe, free of charge!" said Rarity.

"And I'm gonna throw you the biggest, bestest, 'Welcome-to-Ponyville-Sorry-You-Lost-Your-Memory' party this town has ever seen!" said Pinkie Pie, still beaming as she spoke.

"Thank you both for the offer, but-ow!" said Mewtwo, flinching as Twilight injected his arm with a needle and drew blood into it.

"Sorry," said Twilight sheepishly, blushing as she spoke. "I thought that maybe we could find a clue about where you came from within your DNA. Also… I was wondering if… maybe…"

"Go right ahead. As something of a scientist myself, or so it seems anyway, I can easily understand your desire to run tests on me and my psychic powers," said Mewtwo, reading Twilight's mind and finishing her sentence for her, causing her blush to deepen even further.

Before Twilight could reply, there was a gentle knock on the door of the room. Twilight opened it to reveal two people standing there. Both of them had feathered wings, unicorn horns, and a powerful build. One of the women, who stood a good two feet taller than the other, and had a mane and tail that reminded Mewtwo of the clear blue sky, rolling green hills, and the pink of love and compassion. Her wings and horn were the white of a fluffy cloud. She wore a golden dress with matching heels and a golden tiara with a purple jewel embedded into the center upon her head. This was Celestia, Princess of the Day and ruler of Equestria.

The second woman had a mane and tail that looked like the night sky itself. Her wings and horn were an inky shade of midnight blue, and she wore what seemed to be a navy blue and gray military uniform of some kind with a rapier at her side, along with a black tiara upon her head. This was Luna, Celestia's younger sister and recently-returned Princess of the Night. And, judging by her uniform, leader of the Equestrian Military.

"Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!" said Twilight happily as she kneeled before the Princesses, with her friends, casting nervous looks at Luna, following suit.

"It's good to see you again, Twilight. May I ask-" said Celestia, before Princess Luna decided to nearly cause everyone in the room to lose their hearing.

"WE HATH COME HERE TO SEEK THE LOCATION OF A POWERFUL ENTITY, ONE EVEN STRONGER THAN OUR SISTER OR OURSELVES-" shouted Luna before Celestia clamped a hand over her sister's mouth.

"Luna, you and I need to talk about using the Royal Canterlot Voice in modern times. But, remember, we're just here for Discord and to say hello to the Elements," Celestia told her sister, an urgent look in her eyes.

"THE CANTERLOT WHAT NOW?!" yelled Applejack, trying to hear herself over the ringing in her ears.

"It's nothing to worry yourself about, Applejack," said Celestia. "In any case, as I was saying, Twilight, may I ask who your new friend is there?"

"I am Mewtwo," said Mewtwo.

With that, Mewtwo told his story, about how he could only seem to remember bits and piece of his past outside of how to use his psychic powers and his name, and how he had fought Discord, but had been defeated with a cheap shot.

Celestia and Luna listened intently to his story, and when he finished, Celestia spoke up.

"It does indeed sound as though someone target specific memories and erased these memories. But, perhaps since there are fragments left, they will return over time," the Solar Princess said.

"Yeah, that's what Twilight was saying," said Mewtwo. "I hope you're right."

"I thank you for your assistance in dealing with Discord. As it happens, there's something else I could use your help with. The Royal Guard has been getting reports about strange creatures and happenings all over Equestria. For instance, Fillydelphia has been plagued by a series of crimes carried out by some kind of mutant bug. Travellers who enter the Whitetail Woods are either never seen again, are found in a comatose state from suffering an severe fright, or worse. There have also been reports in Manehattan where people have done horrible things to each other, as though they were in a trance."

Mewtwo thought about the request for a moment. "Very well then. Since I have nothing better to do with my time, I'll look into these… unusual occurrences for you," he replied.

Celestia smiled. "That's wonderful to hear," she said. "Would you mind if I speak to Twilight privately for a moment?"

"Wasn't aware I needed to give permission," said Mewtwo calmly.

Twilight followed her mentor out of the bedroom and downstairs into the living area.

"What do you know about our friend upstairs?" Celestia asked Twilight in a very serious voice.

"Nothing, actually. Why do you ask?" replied Twilight.

Celestia sighed. "Luna spoke the truth. We came here not only to pick up Discord, but to investigate the source of an extraordinarily strong power signature. Stronger than me and my sister put together. I worry that Mewtwo may one day turn against Equestria. And I fear there isn't a damn thing we could do to prevent his wrath from causing the deaths of thousands of people, if not millions," she said. "I need you and your friends to keep an eye on him, and take extra care to ensure that neither yourselves nor others provoke him," the Solar Princess instructed.

Twilight nodded. "But, what should we do if he does lose control?" the sorceress asked the Princess.

"If may fears do come to pass, you'll have no choice but to unleash the full power of the Elements of Harmony upon him. I urge you to learn everything you can about Mewtwo, both in terms of befriending him and figuring out what he is exactly. Because if my hunch is correct, he may have something to do with all of the bizarre creatures and happenings that have started to occur in Equestria, if indeed they are not some sort of lasting effect of Discord's magic."

With that, Celestia returned upstairs to retrieve her sister, and the two Princesses departed, the statue of Discord in tow, leaving a somewhat worried Twilight behind.

Manehattan History Museum-11:57 PM

BGM- Sonic X Rouge the Bat Theme

Security guards roamed the museum, occasionally accessing their walkie-talkies to confirm that everything was all clear. Unbeknownst to them, a dark shadow was crisscrossing above their heads, its target the large, elaborately cut diamond that sat encased inside a Plexiglas pyramid with both magical and technological alarms surrounding it.

As the shadow, who turned out to be a young woman with black hair, pale skin wearing a black coat with a red protrusion and underside, white gloves, a black skirt with a belt holding all manner of stealth weaponry, hacking equipment, and lock picking equipment, and black leather boots. In other words, she was one smoking hot babe. Also, she happened to be from a different world and used to have a different form.

Weavile, as her kind was called, quietly snuck up behind one of the guards, and injected him with a syringe filled with a tranquilizer that would render him incapacitated for a nice long while. The deed done, Weavile moved along, took cover in a shadowy corner, and threw a dart tipped with the same tranquilizer at another guard. Within the better part of a half an hour, all the guards were out for the count.

I don't know where I got these tools from, but I'm sure glad I have them, Weavile thought to herself as she approached the pyramid where the diamond was held.

BGM- Sonic Unleashed Werehog Battle Theme

When she got close, however, alarms started blaring full blast all around her as more guards started swarming in on her location with their weapons drawn.

"Well, here I was hoping to make a clean escape. Guess you can't always get what you want," said Weavile in a smooth and sexy voice as she reached for a smoke pellet from her belt and threw it down, shrouding herself, the guards, and the diamond in smoke.

The sounds of blows landing, energy crackling, and cries of pain were the only things that could be discerned out of the smoke cloud. When the smoke finally cleared, Weavile was nowhere to be found and the guards were either lying unconscious on the ground sporting a variety of injuries, including ones that looked to be somewhere between a bruise and frostbite, or were encased in large blocks of ice. The top of the glass pyramid had been slashed off.

The diamond was gone.

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