Rules are based on predetermined outcomes and their likeable consequences, such as cheating being against the rules, due to almost always warranting a win. They exist to keep balance and even are a part of nature, such as an animal birthing a large litter, most of which would die. There however exist the concept of exception, that one in a million chance to escape normality and causality, to be legendary. The ability to stand above all else and fear little consequence. Such is the story of two, one full blooded, and the other half. One stood for power and the other for potential, and so the story begins.

We find ourselves on Vageta-sei the maternity ward of their low-class warriors, a baby girl is born. The small bloody bundle of joy is oddly silent for a newborn. After being cleaned up she is wrapped in a blanket and given to her mother to be named only. "Arko" she speaks softly and just like that her infant daughter is carted away to join the other newborns in the nursery. A nurse with a clipboard and a scouter paces through the aisles of newborns. She performs routine physical, such as looking for a tail or any anomalies that present themselves, and taking their power levels. "Arko" she reads "Well there is her tail, nothing out of the ordinary there" she notes and focuses the scouter on the stoic infant. The numbers rocket from zero and continue to rise for what seems like hours " double digits…triple…quadruple…quintuple… 10,000!" she exclaimed in surprise, there certainly had to be something wrong with her scouter, that must be it. Determined and now with her problem in sight, she would now go and get a new scouter, and things would settle down.

She returned with a newly issued-out-of-the-box-state-of-the-art-scouter, "Let's see you again little Arko, I'm ready for you now" looking at the child with a smug face and a smirk, she clicked on her new scouter and the reading began. Much to her surprise this was a faster ordeal than last time. The five digit number flashed on her reticle 10,000 "no…way… this is so amazing!" she exclaimed. Something like this didn't happen every day. This baby could raze a small planet to dust with proper training, taking down the power level, she raced of to the palace, king Vageta had to know about this. Arko was possibly the strongest saiyajin to have been born on Vageta-sei. The royal elite stopped the eager nurse in her tracks, she argued with them for a minute until they relented and let her in. She burst into the throne room, much to the chagrin of the king. "King Vageta, King Vageta! I have shocking news. It's about Paragus' daughter, she was born with an absurd power level" she said with a face you only see in animes. The king looked at her skeptically "It was over 9,000!" exclaimed the nurse crushing her scouter.

"Over 9,000, you say" spoke the king

"About 10,000 to be exact sir"

The face of Vageta twisted to one of shock and then fear but lastly to the look a predator has right before killing his prey. "That child is to be executed and Paragus is to be told, there was complications and his daughter did not make it." The king spoke coldly and dismissed the comical nurse. Her heart dropped, in the short amount of time that Arko and she had spent together they had bonded. She trudged her way back, not at all the way she'd raced to the palace. For all intent and purposes this nurse had doomed Arko. She took solace in that fact that Arko would not feel a thing, or that was the plan at least. As it turned out, this baby was quiet resilient and was largely unaffected by things that should have killed her. Causing minor discomfort at most, she giggled and smiled at the nurse. Who hatched a plan, she would send off the kid to a distant planet. That could work, with her half-baked plan and baby Arko in hand, she made her way to the space port, where she loaded the baby into a circular pod. The saiyajin pods were state of the art and would keep Arko alive until her voyage ended. The planet Earth a pod had been send there nearly 30 years ago its status was unknown. She figured that a saiyajin would be a great parent. And soon Arko was off and into deep space. Her journey would be around three years, but she would be fine. As the nurse made her way out, a loud sound in the sky caught her attention and saw a giant sun like object approaching the planet

"Really" she sighed and the planet blew to bits.


Three years have passed since the destruction of Vageta-sei, and the Earth raised Saiyajin known as Goku had started a family. His wife Chi-Chi and his son Gohan were in their living room, Chi-Chi had dressed her three year old son in traditional clothing, and to top off the ensemble a hat adorned with the four star dragon ball. Gohan was being dressed for his social debut, he would finally be meeting Goku's master as well as his old friends. That was the intend plan anyway, soon Goku turned his head to the sky. "There is a massive power level coming this way" he said stepping out of the house. Krillen, Yamcha, and Tien showed up quickly.

"did you feel that too Goku?" asked Krillen

"It doesn't feel evil, but, it's not particularly good either"

"Yeah guys, but we always have to be ready…I've never felt anything so powerful" Yamcha chimed in

"well whatever it is, we can take it" addedd Tien

After minutes of suspense an object came into view " Is that a space pod?" asked Krillen and soon after it crash landed just a few feet from the mountains. The gang went to investigate it, and upon opening a shocking surprise revealed itself. It was a baby, one with a tail, like Goku had and his son currently has.

"A baby? It has a tail, just like you did Goku. What do you think we should do? This baby is stronger than all of us guys" asked Yamcha. "I'll talk with Chi-Chi about taking her in" he smiled and that's how Gohan got his sister.

A/N: Don't judge the story by this chapter! I'm currently rewriting this one, the remaining ones are better than this one :)