Chapter 11: Arrival

Dawn broke with the sun peeking over the several mountains which lined the horizon, the shadows were slowly chased away. The early birds chirped and hunted for the worms. Life resumed from last night as the nocturnal predators receded to sleep, a year had all but gone by. Each of Goku's children were now fully capable to defend the earth, or that was the hope at least. Piccolo could honestly not be sure, being the only to face Raditz and live. The prospect of enemies that could dwarf that damned alien, frightened the warrior to no end, but seeing the potential in Gohan gave him some confidence. Still he could not shake the dread setting in and gripping his heart. His blood chilled and it numbed his body, was Kami feeling the same? He looked over just some yards away was Gohan. It had been a long time since the young boy was kidnaped. His skin was no longer smooth, but callused and rough. If Piccolo had to guess Goku's other brat was probably in a similar condition.

He recalled a few moments over the past six months, and he hated to admit it but they tugged at his heartstrings. He remembered a particular fight, a sparring session focusing on guarding. Gohan had a nasty habit of dropping his guard either after a fight or after an opponent had given his word on something. Gohan had been doing really well and Piccolo had begun to be a little hard pressed. Gohan had been underestimated you see, and as the spar started to become more and more one sided out of instinct Piccolo fired his eye beams. "Hey no fair! You said you wouldn't use your eye beams!" complained Gohan after having been zapped. The small kid looked up at his sensei indignant that he had been taken for a fool. He stood his ground looking up and Piccolo responded with "You can never trust your enemies, even when they give their word!"

Gohan stopped and dropped the confrontational pose and smiled a little before laughing out loud, Stopping to scratch the back of his head "But you're not my enemy Mr. Piccolo, you are my friend" There was no uncertainty in his voice, a full and honest truth. This young boy considered him, the man who both kidnapped him and killed his father a friend. Piccolo had been rendered speechless, there was really no way to answer that and keep a straight face. So he simply restarted the exercise. There was a smile on his face as the memory faded and he rose off his feet. This could be a good time to meet up with Tien and his charge. "Alright that's is enough sleep! Go wash up, we are meeting up with Tien and your sister" he informs in his usual monotone drill voice.

Gohan was quick to be on his feet then, it had been too long since he last saw his sister, even if he had this nagging feeling that it wasn't so. He was happy either way.

The sun was still hidden behind the mountains causing a shadow to be cast over the valley she came to call home. Her training was long since complete at this point they were only practicing and helping out a few villages with problems. She had woken up early today, being the only day of full rest she got. Tien and Chiatzou were still sleeping it was a peaceful day, one she would miss for sure. The year was all but gone and the Saiyajins would arrive soon. There was a certain fear in her heart and it held her tight. Cutting her breath short, what would happen if they failed? What if they were not ready to fend off the incoming threat, would everything they hold dear come to an end. She shook her head, it was because of days like these, that her father fought for, and she would too.

Suddenly she sensed something that was familiar yet so foreign to her at this point. There was a smile spreading on her face, it was her brother, but she could hardly believe it. He was stronger than last time, she was glad to have kept up with Tien's brutal training regime. She rushed to wake up her sensei "Sensei! Gohan is coming, and I think his sensei is coming as well!" she said loudly to wake him. Tien startled awake "Piccolo?" he asked himself.

The Namekian touched down and Gohan soon after and just across him was Arko standing next to her sensei. There was silence for a moment, while each of the kids studied their faces. They were jaded and cut, no longer clean and new. It was a shocking sight to the both of them, they could hardly recognize each other. "What brings you here Piccolo?" asked Tien snapping Arko from her trance. Gohan as well "This brat wouldn't stop whining about wanting to see his sister. I figured with the Saiyajins around the corner it was a good a time as any" The Namekian replied.

Gohan and Arko had split away from their senseis' who were not particularly friendly with each other. There was still a heavy silence surrounding them opposite to where they sit is a lake. The sky reflects off of it, and it's honestly quiet the sight. Gohan is the first to react, wasting not a second more. The four year old embraces his sister with tears running from his face, there is small wails and mutterings. They are too garbled to make sense. Yet Arko understands what he says and hugs him back, it had been too long since they had seen each other, since they had seen their mother. There was tears welling up in her brown eyes as well, she couldn't lie and admit that it hurt. Before long both kids were bawling their eyes out, the pressure of their reality completely setting in.

Hey kids, you two don't worry about a thing, because I saw all of your training. I know you are ready to take on any foe that comes your way, besides I will be there soon. There is no way I'm letting you face this threat alone!

Both of them looked up "Dad! Is that you?" asked Gohan

"Father?" followed Arko

I can't talk for long, just know that I'm proud of you two, sorry kids but I have to go and finish somethings up here.

And just like that the voice of Goku, aided by King Kai was gone. Leaving two very confused yet emboldened kids. "Hey Arko you heard him too didn't you?"

"Yep, I heard him too" she confirmed.

Two spheres rushed through the cosmos, it was the home stretch. The destination much more important than the journey. A new home planet, his ambitions for more would have to wait. Behind him was his lackey, Nappa who usually did most of the fighting. The two round pods broke into atmosphere in a flaming ball. Resembling a meteor. Their scouters set to no particular power level, soon they had cleared well into the biosphere zooming over fields and mountains, but that gave way to a more urban setting. Where they crash landed in a busy intersection.

They sat in the crater for a minute, while it ran an atmosphere scan. It opened soon after, stepping out of bright light was a short spiky haired man. The second pod followed popping open under the might of Nappa. A tall bald man, the duo donned similar armor and both wore their tails as belts. People in the sidewalk had been abruptly stopped, with the sudden development. Many pointed and whispered, other took pictures while the vast majority broke into a panic.

"Will you all shut up! You are annoying me!" Said the bald man raising two fingers into the air and exploding a small amount of his KI. In a matter of seconds the city was gone, everyone laying in a pile of ash and rubble. Gohan and Arko felt the comfort leave them. Never having felt such genocide, one minute an entire city was bustling with life, and the next it was eerily quiet. No more signatures. Meanwhile back in the city the small man laughed after scolding his comrade "We're and we are taking those Dragon Balls!" he shouted.

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