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The last thing that the boy could remember before he went through the torturous experiments is a scientist saying to him, "You are lucky to be alive."

Then came the needles, the arm and leg ripping, and the training. The tests that the scientists put him through made him want to die but he held on because during the tests he found out that any physical injury inflicted upon him would go away. He could regenerate his body. However the mental tests began. He held on for as long as he could. At one point the scientists tried to brainwash him but he managed to barely hold it off. Instead of the mental tests breaking him down it built up his willpower and walls around his emotions. Eventually the scientists almost gave up but one of them decided to tell him how he was born. His reasoning was he could try to break the boy to help their efforts.

At the time he didn't realize it but the others did. He was about to unleash a beast. A lion to be exact. The scientist walked up to the boy's room/cage and asked, "Would you like to know how you were born?"

Not wanting to fall for another trap he nodded instead of speaking. For every time he spoke they manipulated it into something worse. The man entered the room ad closed the door behind him. Fearing for their lives some of his fellow scientists decided to lock and blockade the door. The scientist tells the boy, "Your mother was kidnapped and we forced her to give birth to you even if she died in the process, which she did in the end. Before she did though she wanted to hold you. Of course it being against the rules that were established we didn't let her. She was going to die anyways no one would've cared anyway."

This shocked the boy. Here was a human being saying the most horrifying thing as if it was the easiest thing in the world. This sparked something within the boy. Instead of it breaking him it instead strengthened his willpower and it fueled his already existing rage. This time the boy was not scared, in fact it pissed him off. The got off the bed and looked straight at the scientist saying, " I'm going to kill you you piece of shit!"

With that the boy unconsciously unleashed his claws and jumped at him. Before the boy jumped him he noticed the claws, so he ran towards the door. When he saw the boy jump at him he ducked. When he got to the door he tried t open it but couldn't. He yelled for help into the hallway but no one was nearby. The scientist turned around, looking at the boy that was walking towards him slowly. The boy says as calmly as he can, "You murdered my mother, you didn't let her be near me, and you destroyed her life! Die you bastard!", he yelled as loud as he could.

The scientist knew he was going to die for he could feel the rage emanating off the boy. The boy yelled in rage and jumped him again but this time successfully impaled the scientist in the chest. The scientist coughed up blood and before he could say one more thing to the boy the boy slashed his head off, splattering blood onto the door and walls. The boy sheathed his claws and stood over the body. He quietly tells himself with underlining anger in his voice, "I'm going to make every single one go them suffer."

Without realizing it he is shot with a tranquilizer, passing out shortly after. He awakes in a smaller room with metal walls all around. "Where am I", asks the boy with confusion mixed in. A scientist says to him through a small window where the door was, "You are in solitary confinement for the next three years. Have a good three years."

The scientist walks away and the boy remained there for the next three years. What he doesn't know is he had a sister. Three years after he was born she was born. He knew that there were other mutants there as well but was never able to meet them. Not until the day he was told to run and take care of his sister. One of the nurses that worked there helped them escape, took care of them, and tried to find the legendary Wolverine. The girl or his sister would only talk to the boy no one else. They never let go of each others hand since the escape.

They feared that if they did then they wouldn't be able to see each other and take care of each other. His sister was his entire world he would never separate from her until he met his father. When he met the man that was with his father, learning how kind he was, he decided to protect his makeshift family. Especially his sister since she was younger than him and his father since he dying.

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