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That night everything changed for the boy. He saw a limo pull into the parking lot and wondered who that could've been. Once parked a man with a beard, grey hair, and in a suit came out. That's when the lady started to call out his name, "Logan". Who is this man the boy thought. Surely it can't be the man that is going to take them to this special place. The lady introduces herself as, "Gabriela".

So that is her name, the boy finally learned her name. They started talking about something but I wasn't paying attention. I was looking at my sister which I learned her name was Laura. She was bouncing a ball and I didn't much of it until it broke a window. I quickly got to her side and held her hand putting my body in front of hers.

Then this fat, ugly lady came out of whatever building she came out of and started to tell off Gabriela. This irritated the boy and made him really mad but he knew that he had to keep his temper. Otherwise he'll just create more problems for Gabriela. The one person that he can truly trust. He finally saw that both Logan and Gabriela went inside of their room. That is when Laura spoke to the boy.

"Leon we need to put our backpacks in the the trunk and hide in his car", Laura said with urgency.

"Why", asked the boy now named Leon. "Because if we don't we might get captured and she can't go any farther, she is injured and she needs to leave us so she won't be killed. You don't want her to die right", asked Laura.

Leon looked at Laura in the eyes and knew that she was right. As much as he wanted Gabriela to stay with them they had to move on. It was for all their sake.

So as quickly as they could they grabbed their backpacks from Gabriela's car went to Logan's limo and put their stuff in the trunk. Now you may be thinking, 'how in the world did they mange to put their stuff in the trunk'? Easy Laura used one of her claws and opened the lock. Once it was open they put their stuff in there and Leon made sure that they were well hidden so that Logan wouldn't get suspicious.

Leon closed the trunk and walked away from the car. That's when he noticed that Laura wasn't with him. He saw her standing at the doorway as Logan was leaving. Logan looked at her then left in his car.

"That's Logan, the Wolverine, the man that will save you both", said Gabriela. That didn't make any sense to me. This guy, or Logan rather seemed like a complete and utter jerk to Leon. He didn't seem to care about anything than himself, so why does she have so much faith in him. He's just like the rest of the world, a cold, heartless person that is only looking after for himself.

Leon couldn't sleep that night while Laura slept Gabriela told Leon that they don't have much time. Just as he was about to ask what she meant she told them to hide and not within the room. Leon grabbed Laura and carried her out of the room and decided to hide upstairs. The people that showed up broke through the door and Leon could hear her scream. This happened off and on for awhile which seemed like forever for Leon.

Next thing he knew the people leave and dawn starts to break. That's when Leon sees the exact same limo that he saw last night. As Logan left the car, so Leon took this as his chance to leave this place and make sure that Logan takes them with him. He opened the trunk the normal way instead of breaking it and manages put Laura inside. Leon as managed to get inside and close the trunk door just as Logan came out of the room.

"Laura, wake up", whispered Leon trying to wake up Laura. She wakes up from her sleep and just as she is about to shout he puts his hand on her mouth with a finger in front of his lips, giving the 'shh' sign. Laura nods her head and Leon whispers to her, "We're inside his limo so don't make a sound. We'll be safe as long as we remain with him."

They remain silent for awhile but as time goes on Leon starts to feel tired and can no longer keep his eyes open considering that he was awake all night listening to Gabriela scream and worrying that whoever was hunting them would look for them upstairs. Leon wakes up to hearing nothing and feels Laura shaking him to tell him that they have stopped. He opens the trunk and the first thing that he sees is a bright white light which temporarily blinds him. Once his eyes have adjusted he all he sees is dirt. Dry dirt, well that's the best way that he can describe it. He gets out with Laura and the both of them forget their backpacks inside of the trunk. They explore for a little bit but don't go too far from the car but then see someone who is wearing some weird outfit.

That's when they decided to hide behind some debris to keep out of sight because they don't trust the man since they can't see his face. They both notice a black car coming from the distance and Leon thinks that its probably someone that murdered Gabriela last night.

The man that comes out of the car is a blond man with a slight beard and weird accent who also appears to be wearing sunglasses. Laura tells Leon that this guy is the one out of many people that killed her friends and treated them terribly. That's when he notices that the guy seems to be threatening Logan so without thinking Leon grabs some nearby broken pipe and throws it at his head instantly knocking the guy out. When Leon looks up at Logan the sheer shock on his face was quite was interesting. Laura then runs up to Leon, grabbing his hand making sure that they are always together.

Some old man comes out and starts to tell Logan that Laura is the one that he has been in contact with. 'Huh', think Leon, 'I wonder if he knows that I am a mutant as well'. His question is never answered.

Laura is tugging her brothers hand and they both go inside. The man tells us his name is Xavier. He seems like a very kind man.

We both start eating cereal, but Laura seems to still be on edge even though Leon tries to tell her that they are safe.

For now anyway.

A loud rumbling starts and it seems to be shaking the entire building as well. This puts Laura even more on edge, she's probably think that its the men that's coming for us. Thankfully the old man, Xavier tells her in really poor Spanish that its just a train. That's when Leon decided to speak up.

"Xavier sir, she understands what you said even though your Spanish is terrible", Leon says in the most respectful way possible.

"Oh", says Xavier, "Well then thank you for that. What what is your name my boy?"

Before Leon can tell him there's a loud rumbling again with Laura being on edge and Xavier trying to tell him that its only a train with Logan walking in and telling him that it isn't a train or chu-chu as Xavier tried to tell Laura. Logan looks at a screen but Leon can see that its more of the same kind of black car that came when they got there. Logan noticeably starts to freak out and takes Xavier with him to the car with him saying that he will be back for Laura.

"Laura do you think that Logan will be back for us", asks Leon with as much courage as possible so not to scare Laura. She instead chooses to ignore him while staring at the screen. They both hear the door being opened with people speaking Spanish come in. She lets go his hand while looking like she is ready to pounce. The people don't really seem to care about Leon. He does however notice the cuffs that they are carrying and this is what spurs him into going feral.

Next thing they know the people see the guy holding the cuffs forearm come off. The man yells in pain, falling to the ground while they all look at Leon. That's when they he is a mutant too. They see the claws that Logan just had. They knew that they just fucked up.

Laura springs into action cutting the fallen mans head off. Leon decides to attack the men in the back aiming for the heads. They shoot at him which slows him down because of the impact of the bullets hitting him but that doesn't stop him from impaling their heads to the ground. There are limbs from the team that entered flying everywhere.

Once the commotion is done Leon looks at Laura. He sees her grabbing her backpack and then grabbing one of the guys heads. Leon goes and gets his backpack off the table and the hurries to Laura's side grabbing onto her left hand and walks with her outside. He sees a huge group of them just on the other side of the fence. He notices that Laura doesn't seem to be fazed by this in fact she looks angry. He's never seen her angry before but then again no one has seen him angry except for the people/scientists that tried to manipulate him. He sees the same man that he knocked out trying to coax Laura into coming to him but she looks to be even more pissed. In fact Leon starts getting pissed because that man, who tortured his sister thinks that he can steal her away from her only family.

He's dead wrong. That's when Laura throws the decapitated head towards the group. The man looks pissed, Laura looks pissed and Leon looks pissed. Its seems like all hell is about to break lose especially since no one seems to know that Leon is a mutant except the old man who just found out when both children were fighting.

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