Sapphire Luna here, here's my first real Beyblade story. Hopefully you'll see I'm not such a bad person :p Of course I don't own Beyblade. If I did, there would be more bare-chested Kais and Reis.oooh.*ahem* Enjoy.

You make me dizzi

Chapter 1

It was so hot that the boys decided to go swim in the lake. Its water was crystal clear, the most beautiful lake of the city. Because of the ever- growing industrialization, such beautiful sight barely exist anymore. Almost no one knew this place existed, so it was 'their' special place.

"Watch it!" Kenny yelled as water splashed everywhere. Takao, Max and Rei were playing volleyball in the water while Kenny was working on his laptop as usual, and Kai was.elsewhere I guess. He'd never join the fun.

"You know, Kenny, you should leave that laptop alone for once and come swim with us!" Takao suggested.

"Thanks, but I really should finish this." Kenny replied.

"Well it would be faster if I didn't have to spell-check everything!" Dizzi said. "Hey, my grammar is excellent!"

"Sure, as excellent as Kai's social skills!" she replied as a joke.

"Why you.."

" I think Kenny needs to cool down a bit, don't you think so, Max?" Takao said with a grin.

" I think you're right." Max replied with the same grin. He grabbed Kenny's laptop and put it away, and Takao and him both grabbed Kenny's legs and arms.

"Hey.hey! Stop! You're not gonna." Splash! Kenny was thrown in the lake, fully clothed. Takao and Max jumped right back, and along with Rei, they were having fun splashing him and pretending to drown him.

" Very funny, guys! I'll get ya for that!" The four of them were friendly fighting, laughing and having fun.

" Oh goody, now even Kenny has sunk to their level. Luckyli I'm here to keep the average IQ up!" Dizzi said. "Uh? Guys, we've got visitors!"

Two fancy clothed men approached. The boys stopped playing and watched them, wondering how they knew about their special place.

"So that's the place, uh?" The first one asked.

"Yes, it will be perfect!"

Takao got out of the lake and grabbed his Pokemon towel. "What are you doing here?"

"You better enjoy this place while you can, kids, cause next week we'll begin working on this place."

"Working on? What's that mean?" Rei asked.

"It means we're gonna build a mall here, and a parking lot."

Max gasped. "You can't do this!! This OUR special place!!"

" Sorry kids, but it's gonna be OUR shopping place now!"

"Those guys are definitely rude!"

"Who said that?" One of the men asked.

"That's Dizzi, the bit-beast inside my laptop!"

" A talking computer, how..convenient." The two men took some notes and returned to their big fancy black car.

"I can't believe this! Humans are so selfish! All they care about is making more money. It's obvious those men are already rich! Why would they need even more money??" Dizzi said as Kenny picked his laptop up.

"I don't know Dizzi, I just don't know."


The boys returned to their hotel room, Kai was there, looking out the window. He didn't even turn around when he heard them enter. But then he noticed something was wrong: the four boys were so quiet! They never shut up usually!

"What's your problem?" he asked, not that he really cared.

" Our lake! They want to make a parking lot out of it!!" Takao was really upset.

" That's what's making you so upset? You can't stop progress. Humans will eventually destroy this world, and there's nothing we can do about it!"

"Well we're not about to quit so easily! Right, guys?" Takao turned to his friends.


" You're wasting your time! Why would those people care about what four pathetic kids think about this?"

" We're not giving up before we tried! We'll go see those men and try to talk this out." "And where exactly do you suggest we find these men, Takao?" Rei asked.

"Err.I don't know but we'll find something!"

" Good luck, you'll need it!" Kai left the room.

" Everyone looks gloomy, let's do something to cheer you up a bit, boys!" Dizzi suggested.

" Let's order room service!!!" Food always cheers Takao up.

"Oh goodie.-_-; Luckily you're not paying for all this." Dizzi said.

"I'm soaking wet, thanks to you guys! I'll hang my clothes outside" Kenny stepped on the balcony, put his shirt and shorts on the border. As he was turning back, he noticed how beatiful the sunset was that day.

" Whatcha thinking about, chief?" Dizzi asked, from nearby.

"Me? No..nothing."

"Ok, but you might want to come inside, a boy wearing nothing but boxers watching the sunset on a balcony seems kinda weird." Kenny blushed as he realized she was right, and stepped inside.

"Kenny, where have you been? Food's here!" Takao said as the three other boys were already pigging out on everything.

"Save some for me!"

"Shouldn't we leave some for Kai, too?" Rei asked, between two bites.

" Nah! Serves him right for leaving before dinner! Besides, I'm sure he's eating alone somewhere!" Max replied, stealing the last piece of chicken before Takao grabbed it. "Hey! I add my eyes on that one!!"

"Come and get it then!" Takao chased Max who was holding the chicken in is mouth around the room as Rei and Kenny sweatdropped.

Kai came back a while later, he didn't comment about how the boys didn't leave him food, nor about the mess in the room. All he wanted was to take a shower. He noticed the bathroom door was locked, as Max was currently in the shower. That got him annoyed, he frowned and returned to his chair near the window.

"Hey, five guys and only one bathroom. By the way, Kai, I'm next!" Takao told Kai, only annoying him even more. Stupid Takao, he never shuts up! Especially when no one wants to hear him!

Just then, Max was heard screaming. He rushed out of the bathroom like he's seen a ghost. " Monster! Monster in the bathroom!"

"Whatcha talking about? There's nothing in here." They all inspected the bathroom, exept Kai, who hadn't moved at all when he heard Max screaming. The shower was still running, and everything looked okay.

"You're seeing things, Max! There's nothing that ressembles a monster here." Rei said. "You do realize you're naked, right?"

"Eeek!" Max's face got red and slammed the bathroom door close, totally embarrassed.

"I'm surrounded by idiots." Kai thought. Max was a pretty cute kid though. But hanging around Takao just made him more hyper-active.

"Ok, we're five, and there's only two beds. One of us will have to sleep on a chair or something." Rei said.

" I think we all know who will never accept to be sleeping in someone else's bed." Takao said. Every looks turned to Kai. "Hummpf!" was all Kai said and turned away.

Everyone was sleeping, exept Kai. He just sat there, arms and legs crossed, in the dark. He watched his 'comrades' sleeping. Takao was ungracefully snoring, while Max cuddled him from behind, probably dreaming about his mommy or something. Rei was actually sleeping normally, and Kenny had his legs sticking out of the covers, and hadn't removed his glasses. His laptop was near him on the table. Kai noticed it was opened. Kenny usually turns it off at night, did he forget? No, the screen just opened. Which means..

"What are you doing?" Kai asked. No replies. "Yes, you know who I'm talking to."

"Uh, me? Nothing. I couldn't sleep, that's all." Dizzi replied. She actually managed to turn the laptop on.

"If you say so." Kai closed his eyes and tried to sleep. If Dizzi had a face, he could have seen she was really watching Kenny from over , or was that more like 'watching over Kenny'?