This is a new story, and I think it is going to be good. The ideas have been rolling around in my head for several days now, and I finally got a chance to begin writing. This follows the same AU as "Supernatural Sister", and there will be spanking in later chapters. Please review. All flames will be ignored and deleted.

Chapter 1

The Winchester family had just recently moved to a new town in the deep south of Louisiana. There was some real hoo-doo going on, and John Winchester was sure that it was his kind of thing. He loaded up himself and his three kids-Dean, Sam, and Kellie- and hit the road within twenty-four hours of hearing about the two murders. As usual, he gave no consideration to what was happening in the lives of each of his children, and fully expected them packed and ready to leave as soon as he gave the order. It was not really that he didn't care about their feelings; but duty was calling. He had to get to the crime scenes before someone else had to give their life to whatever monster was terrorizing the community. Dean was not really excited about moving, but he knew that questioning his dad's decision would only lead to trouble, and Dean tried to avoid trouble with dad at almost any cost. Besides, he had learned many years ago that Dad's orders were meant to be obeyed and not questioned. Sam, however, never seemed to learn that rule, and if he learned it; he usually chose to break it, or at least bend it. He immediately began questioning, "Dad, Really? You've got to be kidding? Why?"

John replied, "Samuel, I don't have time for your childish whining! So just shut your mouth and start packing!"

"But, Dad, I've got the science bowl on Thursday, and I was supposed to help tutor Ron on Friday. It never fails, as soon as I get accepted into a new school and make a few friends, you storm in and ruin it! I'm tired of this!"

Sam's Dad, without making a sound, walked over into Sam's personal space and glared down at his rebellious son. Without batting an eye, he hissed, "Samuel! I told you to shut your mouth and start packing! I will not repeat that order again. If you so much as make a peep, I will have you across my knee faster than you can blink an eye. Do I make myself clear?"

Sam took a deep breath and quietly said, "Yes. Sir." He wanted to just stare back at his father and say nothing since his dad had said not to make a peep, but he had a little common sense and self-preservation. He turned and walked toward his room.

Kellie was just sitting there watching the interactions between her father and her brothers. Her family was so predictable; the exact same scenario played out every time it was time to move. She could almost quote the conversations by heart before the first word was ever spoken. She didn't understand why Sam always copped this attitude and argument with Daddy; he had to know that he would never win the battle. It always ended with Sam either packing like Dad told him to, or packing like Dad told him to with tear-rimmed eyes and a sore backside. Finally, Dad noticed Kellie just sitting there, and he said, "Kellie? Are you going to sit here all night just staring into space?"

"Oh, No Sir. Sorry, I'm going."

Kellie then headed towards her room. She was going to miss this house that Dad had rented two months ago. Here she had her own room, and a really nice teacher at school. Here there was a park close enough to the house that Dean or Sam would usually take her and let her play for a while after school, and there was a really nice family who lived across the street who would let their daughter play with her in the front yard sometimes. Here Dean had hung a rope with a flat piece of wood attached to it in the tree in the back yard, and he or Sam would push her really high until she squealed with fear and excitement. Here she felt almost normal, but she knew that it wouldn't last long, and now it was time to leave. She could hear Dean and Sam talking in their room having the exact conversation they always had while they were packing to leave. She could hear Dean say, "Sammy, why can't you just do what Dad says? Why do you always have to get in a fight first? You know that Dad always wins in the end."

"I know, Dean, but I hate the way he just comes in here and orders us around. He doesn't take anything that we are doing into account. You would think he could just ask us at least! But no, it's just do it now or else. I get tired of it, Dean."

"I know, Sam. I know. I feel the same way, but it doesn't do any good to argue with him. You know that. You need to just do what he says; it makes it easier on everyone."

"I know you're right, but it's just so hard."

"Yeah, I know little brother. Come on; get packed. He'll be ready to leave soon, and you don't want to be late."

Less than an hour later, the Winchester family was on their way to Louisiana not knowing that their life was about to radically change.