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This is the sequel to the story A Different Kind of Predator, if you have not read that story first I HIGHLY recommend you read that first.

I must give some warnings once again, this story will be far, far tamer than the first but it will still tackle some seriously controversial topics as Nick and Judy

face them head on.

Again if you have not read the first story please don't proceed with this story until you have read the first story.

The room was bare, save for a desk and two chairs. One of the chairs was occupied by a single mammal, a small one compared to the other that sat before him. Staring at each other, they sized their adversary up, trying to see who would speak first. It was the larger mammal who broke first and spoke up after nearly five minutes of pure silence.

"State your name!" demanded the mammal who towered over the smaller one, his voice full of malice and resentment towards the criminal before him.

The smaller mammal smiled as best he could; the bandages that covered his head made it hard for him to speak. The pain was excruciating, but he cared not for the pain. To him, it was worth it. But that damn fox did do some serious damage. One of his eyes was destroyed, and part of his face would now be forever scarred. And his ear? Gone, completely. But he didn't mind one bit. Using his one good eye, he glared at the buffalo before him. "My name is Michael Yellowtail. It's nice to finally talk with you Chief Bogo."

"Shut your tiny mouth and answer my questions! Nothing more, nothing less!" demanded Bogo with a voice that shook the room.

Michael merely shrugged as he continued his smug smile. "Very well. Ask away, oh Chief of Police," he spoke with a confident voice.

"Did you murder all those mammals? Did you skin them all with your own paws?" Bogo asked as he glared at the rabbit.

"Yes, yes I did. I killed them all," answered Michael with a calm voice.

"Did you conspire to kill members of my police force?" Bogo's second question shot out immediately.

"Yes, I did," again the rabbit answered quickly and calmly.

"Did you kill your own brother in cold blood?" again, the question was quick and direct.

"Of course." The way Michael answered his question caused a small shiver to run down Bogo's spine. He stared the rabbit in the face, noticing how the bandages around his ear and most of his head were no longer bleeding through. He hesitated for a moment, something Michael quickly noticed.

"Ask your next question, Chief," Michael said, adding his title with a snarky tone.

"Nearly a week ago, did you… Did you sexually assault Officer Hopps while she was unconscious?" asked Bogo with a mighty huff.

"Oh, you finally found out, huh? Yes, yes I did." his answer caused Bogo to stand up and leave the room as the two mammals behind the one-way mirror held each other close. They could only stare with horror as Michael turned his head to look at the mirror. With a wink of his good eye, he smiled and leaned back casually into his chair, still cuffed to the table.

"Good evening, mammals of Zootopia. This is Michelle Stripes with your evening news," spoke a deer as she stared into the camera that was broadcasting her live to Zootopia. "We have some breaking news on the upcoming trial for the Butcher of Zootopia, Michael Yellowtail. A statement was released to the media that even more charges are being brought up onto his already massive list. It has been revealed that Michael is now being charged with… Oh my goodness…" the deer looked over to someone off camera for a moment before she turned back to the camera.

"It is with great pain that I must say this. He is now also being charged with sexually assaulting the famous cop, Judy Hopps. Chief Bogo hasn't released any more information and is not available for questioning, and neither is Judy Hopps. We managed to catch the two as they left the police station today." The screen changed to a cameramammal who was following Nick and Judy as they walked out the doors leading to the main lobby of the precinct.

"Officer Hopps, Officer Hopps! Do you have any comments on the new charges?" called a white bengal tiger who was seen following them.

"Go away! Get!" snarled Nick as he tried to push his paw into the lens to hide them both. Even though his arm had healed and he had gotten rid of the sling, he wasn't able to stop the camera from showing Judy in her current state to the public. She was wearing a large grey shirt and baggy sweat pants. As best as her attempt was, it still didn't hide the small hump of her stomach.

"Get that damn camera out of here!" growled Nick as he pushed the camera hard enough for it to lose focus, just long enough for both him and Judy to get into their cruiser. The windows rolled up quickly as the car began to drive off.

Once again, the screen to the viewers of Zootopia changed back to that of the deer, who was visibly a little troubled by what she saw in that short clip. "I… Well, with the breaking news out of the way we can go to Nev R. Wright for the weather forecast for tomorrow."

It was late at night - so much so that the buffalo couldn't recall the last time he had worked this late. With a huff, he looked down at the papers in front of him. He didn't know what to do; never in his professional career had this happened before. Sure it happened differently in other precincts, including his own! But this was different.

Staring down and grunting, he heard a knocking at his door. "Come in," he called without looking up.

"Chief? You ok, sir?" asked a large cheetah wearing a police uniform.

"Clawhauser? Why are you still on your shift? You should be sleeping by now," commented the buffalo with a groan.

"Uh, Chief, it's seven in the morning…" said the cheetah, causing the room to go quiet.

Chief Bogo slowly leaned back into his chair and pulled out his phone to see if it really was. The creaking and groaning of his seat as it held his weight filled the room as he looked at the clock. With a sigh, he rubbed his eyes as it was indeed true.

"I'm heading home for the day, I'll finish this paperwork later," groaned Bogo as he painfully got out of his chair and went straight to the door. Clawhauser stepped out of the way and looked over at the messy desk before closing the door.

"We can hold the fort, Sir. get some sleep," Clawhauser added as he patted his boss and friend on the shoulder.

Bogo gave a sigh as he realized Clawhauser was right. They can take care of themselves for one day. He huffed as he began to head down the hallway, the chubby cheetah following right behind him.

He watched as the morning crew greeted him and went about their usual routines. The only difference was the fact that two of his best officers weren't here, gushing over each other or attempting to sneak in a kiss or two. It was with a heavy heart that he knew why. The interrogation yesterday went well, but it devastated and cut deep into all who watched or listened in. Including Nick and Judy.

He shook his head as he cleared his thoughts and walked out the front door. His mind kept drifting back to the papers on his desk as he got into his truck and started it. His scowl ever-present, he still had no idea what to do with them.

"Do I send her on maternity leave? Do I put her down for medical discharge? Am I going to have to relieve her of her badge?" thought Bogo as he started down the road.

The motel room was quiet save for the background noise of the TV set on a low volume. Sitting on the bed with her legs against her chest was Judy as she stared blankly into the screen. Nick exited the bathroom, just finishing his shower. He was clad only in his boxers and quickly made his way to Judy, wrapping his tail around her and hugging her as he sat next to her. Judy simply pushed Nick off of her and looked him in the eye.

"Please, not right now Nick…" Judy trailed off as she got under the sheets and put her head down on the pillow.

"I'm here for you Judy. I don't want you to feel alone," Nick spoke with a soft voice as he joined her. He hugged her from behind through the blanket, doing his best to comfort her but also give her space.

"Nick…" Once again, she trailed off, staring at the window blinds. She could see light coming through, telling her it was indeed morning.

"Yes Judy?" asked Nick as he gently brushed her ear with a loving touch. He made sure to leave only traces of the touch on her soft fur.

"I'm scared," muttered Judy as she brought her arms to her chest. She could feel Nick's nurturing touch on her ears, bringing some comfort to her.

"Me too. I'm scared as well," admitted Nick as he continued, with care, to treat her ears to a comforting touch.

"No, Nick you don't understand," her voice was little more than a whisper still. She pulled the blanket up to her chin, hoping that the fabric would bring her a warm release from her troubles.

"What do you mean?" asked Nick as he sat up in the bed and rubbed her back to help her feel safe. He was surprised to see Judy sigh and sit up and hug him tightly.

"Nick, I want to go home," her voice shook with fear as she confessed to him.

"We can Judy, we can. If that's what you want we can pack up and head back to the apar…" Nick was cut off abruptly as she was nearly yelling.

"I want to go home! I want to go back to Bunnyburrow!" Judy hugged Nick tightly once again.

"That's… Are you sure you want to do this? That's a huge decision," asked Nick. He wanted to make sure this was what she really wanted.

"Yes, as soon as possible. I want to go home," Judy stated as she looked into his eyes, hers filled with fear and determination.

"Anything for my lil Carrots. I'll follow you to the ends of the world, taking you to the places that help you feel safe," preached Nick as he held her close once again. Gently brushing her ears down, he wrapped his big tail around her, doing his best to shield her from the world.

They sat there for what seemed like hours, Nick not once letting go while Judy remained quiet the whole time. He looked down every now and then to place a kiss on the top of her head. He wanted her to feel loved and happy in these dark times. It wasn't till he heard a soft snoring did he realize Judy had fallen asleep in his arms. Carefully, he laid her down onto her side, leaving one soft, lasting kiss on her forehead before he went to the corner of the room and pulled out his phone.

After a bit of searching, he finally managed to find what he was looking for. It took a couple of minutes, but he got what he needed. Once this was done, he started to tap on the numbers. Bringing the phone to his ear he listened as it rang. It didn't take long before he heard a familiar voice on the other end.

"Well hey there, Nick! Nice to hear from you after everything we saw on the news," asked the voice, concern lining his tone. "How….how's Judy doing?"

"Judy is heading home, and I'm coming with her. We'll be there tomorrow night," explained Nick with a low voice.

"That bad?" Stu asked, sounding forlorn.

"She just wants to head home, and I think this will be good for her. Don't worry, everything is okay," said Nick quickly and in a whisper, trying not wake up Judy.

"Yeah, being around family and those who love her might help her through this. I'll see you two tomorrow night." The phone clicked as the rabbit hung up on the phone. Nick sighed, bringing his phone down from his ear. Ever since Judy's phone was taken and locked up into evidence, they'd been forced to use Nick's phone for the time being.

Nick looked over at Judy and watched as she slept peacefully. It seemed only nowadays that she was only peaceful when she was sleeping, and even then, she'd been having the occasional nightmare. To have gone through so much and to have this ordeal interrupt her sleep, she was tough as nails to keep trudging on the way she was now.

Living out on the streets, Nick knew that women who were attacked in such a way rarely slept well. Sometimes it haunted them for the rest of their days. It's why he was so keen on checking on the suspicious wolf back in the Nocturnal District. Where he succeeded to stop one such crime on a complete stranger, he failed when it came to his mate. It ripped him apart on the inside. He would have to live with the guilt of allowing such a thing to happen. Oh how he wished he could have stopped it.

Looking down at his phone, Nick saw that it was not even noon yet. With a sigh, he put his phone on the TV stand and went to lay next to the love of his life. He made sure he was slow as he crawled into bed, being careful to not disturb the bunny sleeping. Once behind her, he draped his arm over her midriff, and his tail wrapped around her legs as he closed his eyes, soon following her into dreamland.

The pain he was feeling was insurmountable, as every facial movement caused it to spike quickly. The cell he was in was designed for small mammals such as him. The bars closer together, the cell was small itself, and he always had an officer or two watching over him. "Of course," chuckled the bunny as the thought passed by.

His little snicker caught the officer's attention, the large moose scowling at him. Michael was enjoying his new home; peace, quiet, and he was almost alone with his own thoughts. Last night had gone well, he thought. A little interrogation and a little truth can go a long way in damaging those who had damaged him. He was up all night wondering what could have tipped them off about his assault on the lovely Judy. It was only when the morning shift came in and the moose asked about the hippo's pregnant wife did he finally get it.

The realization had caused a semi-permanent grin to cross Michael's face. Sure the strain of muscles had caused some wounds to reopen, but in the end it was worth it. He relished the thought of living on in such a manner. She will remember him for the rest of her life. He made sure of that rather unexpectedly. "Tis a damn shame I never did get to slice her up, to feel her fur in such a way would have been amazing," he gleefully thought.

The pain was a leading factor, but the silence was also doing wonders on his mood. He was as happy as could be, smiling and staring up at the ceiling. His cot was rather uncomfortable, causing him to toss and turn some nights. He didn't care though; he knew this was only temporary as his trial would be in just a couple days. He looked forward to it.

Sitting up and planting his feet on the floor, Michael leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees. He blinked once with his good eye before bringing his paws together, interlocking his digits. He looked up to the moose sitting across from his cell and smiled. "Soooooo, when's breakfast?"

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Hello, hello, I'm back! And boy does it feel good! A huge shout out to DrummerMax64 and Blenderguy15 for helping me edit and beta my story!

I am super excited for this sequel and I hope you all are as well! So if this was confusing this story started 4 days after the end of the first story and

this chapter went over 2 days. Hope this wasn't too confusing. Please let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful week and I'll see you soon, I hope! XD

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