Jack and The Screaming Demon

It was a blistering hot desert as a train was pumping along steel track,a voice on the loudspeaker

"Okay, last stop is Parchment Gulch; estimated time of arival ten minutes" The voice said as the train was mostly empty. a figure sat near a window eyeing the desert. a bearded man wearing a trenchcoat and wide brimmed hat covering his face in shade. Sitting The man tilted his head up seeing a figure walk down the car. he wore a leather vest and pants, and oversized cowboy hat and his flesh was made of steel. the figure stopped infont of a group young kids; one a man with blond short hair a blue denim suit and a red bandana, the other a woman wearing a frilly white dresses with brown curly hair. the figure reached into his pocket and smoothly pulled out a revolver holding it in the air firing of a shot.

The passengers shrieked ducking as the figure spoke with a mechanical voice

"A'it, put yer valubles in this here bag..Buzzt, and No one gets hurt-rt-rt" the figure sparked as the passengers did so the trenchcoated man stood up

"Excuse me sir, I can not let you take from these people. I request you give back what you have stolen" The man said as figure rotated his head looking it him with his glass eyes walking down the car stopping halfway aiming the gun across the car at the man. A red dot beamed on the rim of his hat as the man put his hands up slowly.

"You have til' the count of Three to sit down. Be-before I Pull this here trigger" The bot said as the two stared eachother down. the bot's eyes acted as a timer displaying a 1 as the man stood relaxed. The eyes beeped displaying a 2 as he placed his thumb on the hammer pulling it back before displaying a 3. The bot pulled the trigger as a chain wrapped around his neck throwing off his aim; the shot took out a window causing air to blow in the train sending the man's hat flying off as black hair fell all over covering his back. a figure from behind pulled hard on the chain as a blade sliced down the bot making a perfect cut.

"Tarna-na-nat..ion" The bot said falling leaking a puddle of oil as the man slid a sword into the sheath on his hip. The man was revealed to Be Samurai Jack as he reached for his hat placing it atop his head. He fixed his hair before smiling at Ashi behind the bot wearing a brown pants and and a green jacket wrapping her Kusarigama as she sat beside him.

"I leave for two seconds to get a glass of water and you're getting into fights" she teased picking up the bag tossing it to Jack as they handed back the contents to the rightful owners. the train stopped as they both headed out into the town as Jack adjusted hit hat

"I was hoping to keep a low profile today Jack said as the two heading into a saloon

"Are you sure we can trust this guy?" Ashi asked looking for the contact eyeing the most brutal patrons

"Do not worry. we are on good terms" Jack stated as Ashi nooded seeing Jack pointing to a table which held an array of people playing a game as they set there hands down

"That's him" Jack pointed"

"You must be Jack, old bean, come let us talk in privite" One of them, a blue Dachsund said leaving the table with Jack and Ashi

"Rothchild, you have hardly aged?" Jack said confused

"THIS, is your contact?" Ashi said in disbelief to the tiny creature she's never seen before as she smiled admiring the little talking animal

"Why yes, Sir Colin Bartholomew Montgomery Rothchild IV at your service" the dog said Adjusting the circluar glasses he wore as Ashi slowly put her hand on his head as his tail wagged

"Have You really Found a Time Portal, I could use?" Jack asked hopefully

"Wait, You said Aku Destroyed all the Time portals, How did you creatures find one" Ashi asked confused as she stopped petting Rothchild who sipped his drink

"Well you see for generations my family has enjoyed researching the past of canine-kind during one of our excavations, we discovered a temporal riff in the ancient Caverns of the Screaming Demon" Rothchild explied

"Screaming Demon?" Jack asked

"An old myth about a banshee who was sealed in a chasm and hoped to one day escape to join her lover in the afterlife, or something like that" Rothchild said telling the story

"Excuse me, not to sound hasty but the portal" Jack reminded

"Oh Yes, Dear sir, we have been using it in our research we've managed to fine artifacts in prestine condition by traveling time, due to it being a two way portal, check this out" Rothchild said pulling a frisbee

"This is a fetching disc in prestine conditon. we believe a dog would throw it then run after it, such fun" Rothchild added

"Such a weird sport" Ashi repleid gently handling the disc

"I Would be most grateful if you let me use your portal" Jack said as Rothchild smiled

"After what you did for my father, how could I Say No, we'll take my car" Rothchild replied as Jack smiled and the three left. Rothchild led them to a rusted vechile resembling an old Mail van remodeled into an RV type vehicle. Rothchild opened the door on the back which held a couch a carpet and many artifacts. looking like a mini living room. Jack and Ashi sat on the couch as Rothchild slowly closed the door. the two looked out the windows.

Rothchild got in the driver's set adjusting the set

"And we're off" Rothchild said. The ride was long and tenacious as being cooped up it van made the heat unbearable. Ashi reached for a newpaper on the ground using it to fan herself as she checked the date

"July 21 1969, Mankind set's foot on moon" the paper read as she skimmed over it.

"I Should not have worn black" Jack said sweating as he removed his coat wearing a white undershirt fanning himself with his hat as the van stopped

"We're here" Rothchild said walking around as he opened the door. the two quickly left feeling the wind

"It's in here" Rothchild stated leading the two down a dark cave light by gaslamps as the walked to the excavation site which was empty. Glowing in the middle was a sone circle with a black and white rings pulsating

"My Journey, It's finally come to an end" Jack said walking toward the portal. It was within His grasp.

"Wait Jack" Ashi called out as he turned to her

"What about Me, If you go back and kill Aku, what will become of me?" Ashi asked as Jack shook his head

"I Don't know Ashi" Jack replied as she hugged him

"I want to come with, if time travel made you immortal maybe it will do the same for me, we could spend eterinity together" She confessed as Jack smiled

"I'd Like that" Jack replied leaning in for a kiss as he pushed her away

"What's that beeping!" Jack asked seeing a capsule at their feet

"Run" Rothchild said as the portal exploded infront of them

"NO!" they both closed as a shadow loomed over the three of them

"Isn't that convenient" a heavy filtered voice said as they turned seeing a figure what looked like a tron lightsuit. solid black with red glowing alien text . he was standing on a hoverboard

"Samurai Jack, We finally meet" the figure said as Jack stared down the figure holding an grenade launcher

"Who are you?" Jack asked

"My Name is not important, Just know I'm Aku's top assassin, I've been trailing you for a long time" He said as Ashi threw a suriken at the figure who blocked wth his forearm producing a light shild

"You know millions have said those exact words to me, so let's get this over with Jack replied drawing his sword as the figure just stood there

"No, not yet" The figure said hovering away

"This won't be the last time we see eachother" The assassin replied as he turned invisible as Jack picked up a piece of stone clenching it

"Jack, I'm so sorry" Ashi replied

"Don't be, this has happened thousands of time, but I'm actully happy" Jack confessed as Ashi and Rothchild looked confused

"I Thought all the portals were dstroyed, but there are still ways home, and one day we will achive our mission" Jack replied.