Sun of hope

Chapter 1: Amaterasu

Lance was crying as he and his lion were spinning through the wormhole before they had fall into a unknown planet. Lance was thankful that all the spinning was finally over but he was worried the damages his lion must have suffered.

"Blue! Are you alright?!" Asked Lance in panic, worried about his lion.

Blue Lion did not respond. She was still offline to Lance. Lance had no choice but to go outside to see how much damages his Lion had suffered. When he got outside, he could see the planet had dark skies and everything was dead.

"Where are we?" Lance asked, still looking at the waste land.

Then, he looked at Blue Lion. He hissed when he saw the damaged his Lion suffered; the impact from the landing had ripped Blue Lion's front right leg off. Then, Blue came back online but Lance could feel she was in pain.

"Shh….I know it hurts girl. You have to rest." He whispered to his Lion, petting in her nose. "I will try to find some help. Can you put up your barrier while I look for help?"

In response, Blue put up her barrier around her. Lance smile and told her he will be back for her as soon as possible.

Lance had no idea how long he was was walking around. Everything he could see were dead trees and cabins in ruins. He wondered what happened to the place he was now. Then, he spotted something on a rocky wall. Something white. When Lance got close, he could see a small white puppy with red marks on its body climbing on the wall.

"A puppy?"

The puppy was trying to reach to some pink flower on the wall. Then, it slipped and fall. Lance quickly dived, grabbing the puppy before falling into the ground. The puppy looked surprised when it saw its savior.

"Hey, are you ok, buddy?"

The puppy barked and it licked Lance's face as a way to thank him. Lance giggled and begged to stop since the puppy was tickling him. Then, he looked at the flower on the rock wall and then to the puppy.

"So you want that flower, don't you?" Lance asked.

The puppy barks and nods to him. Lance uses his Rocket backpack to float where the flower is. Lance grabs the flower and landed gently next to the white puppy.

"There here is, buddy." Lance said, giving the flower to the puppy. "This is important, right?"

The puppy nods. He barks once more and grabbed Lance's arm,The puppy was pulling his arm as a way to tell him to follow it. Having not much choice, Lance decides to follow the puppy.

Lance follows the puppy to some kind of village. Lance becomes surprise to see the village, even with no people there, the village itself reminds him the old villages from Japan's feudal era. The puppy calls him to enter in a Lance enters in the cabin he gasps in surprise; inside of the cabin there was a huge white wolf with tribal marks in its body, lying on the floor, sleeping. Lance suspects the wolf is the puppy's mother and the wolf was not in her best conditions.

The wolf was not the only one there. Lance could see more animals in there as well; a baby mouse, a baby tiger, a piglet, a baby snake inside of some jar and a floating seahorse. They all were white with the same red marks in their bodies.

"Ok, its weird to see a bunch of little white animals with red tattoos in their bodies." Lance muttered.

Lance did not know why, but he could swear the animals looked at him in shock when he mentioned their red tattoos. The puppy barked and it looked at him and then to its mother.

"Oh, you want to give this flower to your mother, right?" The puppy barked and nodded to him. " Ok, I will try to help your mother,"

Lance knelt beside of the huge wolf. The wolf opened her eyes and looked at Lance, blinking in surprise. Lance mentioned to her to eat the flower. The flower would make her feel better.

While eating, Lance was wondering what happened to the village and why the land was so dead. After eating the flower, the wolf got up and removed Lance's helmet with her muzzle. Then, she touched her forehead into Lance's. Lance could see several Galra ships attacking the planet and taking the people as slaves. Lance also saw images of the mama wolf and several white beasts trying to fight back, but the the Galra's forces were so powerful that the white beasts were forced to retreat. Lance's eyes widen in shock when the wolf moved her head away.

"W-What are you?" Lance whispered in shock. That white wolf with red marks was no ordinary wolf like the ones from could feel the wolf had some powers, something almost divine, something almost holy. Then, he made a sad face he petted the wolf, " I am sorry for what happened to your planet. I know who were the guys who attacked you. If my friends and I were here early, maybe your planet would not have suffered as much as it is now. But I need to find a way to fix Blue and sending some signal to my friends. Galra is still out there and we are the only ones to stop them. Can you help me to find a way to contact to my friends?"

Once more the white wolf touched her forehead into Lance. Lance could see a huge crystal ball inside of some cave. Then, he looked at the wolf and asked if the crystal can help him to get his friends to find him. The wolf nodded to him. The wolf looked at the cubs and barked. The puppy barked back, but the wolf growled which made the puppy whine and making a sad face. Lance knew what was happening; the mama wolf was asking to the puppy and the cubs to stay in the cabin until they are back. Lance knelt in the front of the puppy.

"Hey I promise I will be back with your mama. You do not need to be worried." Lance said to the puppy, petting on his head.

The puppy looked at him with his ears down. But the puppy had to believe the strange human will bring his mother back safe.

Lance yelped when the wolf grabbed him and placing him on her back. Lance was surprise the mama wolf was that strong. With that, they left.


On the way to the cave, Lance learned a few things about mama wolf; one -he was now pretty sure she was not any ordinary wolf, he could see a trail of grass and flowers in the same path mama wolf was passing. Two- she could summon a huge flaming wheel on her back which she used to attack creatures that looked like demons. And three- the mama wolf somehow can fix and cut things when it summon some kind of canvas. Lance had no doubt the mama wolf was some kind of holy deity in that planet.

In the cave, they were lucky they found no enemy in their way, while looking for the crystal. Lance started to talk with the wolf about the Voltron team and how each of them were special, except for him.

" Maybe I do not have anything. Maybe I am just the 7th wheel, if you can count Allura and Coran."

The mama wolf does not do anything, she only keeping walking forward. But she wishes she could tell to the human he has something special but he did not found his special thing yet.

Then the mama wolf stopped; her face contorted with anger, baring her teeth and looking her surrendings.

"Mama wolf?" Lance was confused, he could see the wolf's fur was stiffening. If the wolf like that, that meant there was an enemy nearby.

Lance took his bayard and looked in all the directions. Then, the floor under them cracked. Lance and the wolf cried as they were falling in the hole. Lance groaned in pain when his body hit against the floor while the wolf landed gracefully.

"Argh… today is not my day." Lance muttered in pain, before getting up.

"Well well well. Look what we have here, two delicious meat." said a sinister male voice,

Lance and the wolf could see a giant toad coming out from the water. Lance paled; he hated amphibians.

"Sianto Deus!" he exclaimed, in fear and disgust.

Then, the toad looked at the wolf and smirked in interest.

"Heh, look what we have here, Amaterasu- the sun goddess. What happened with your sunlight after the demons from the sky attacked in this world?" the monster toad smirked.

Lance looked at the wolf confused. Sunlight? And the mama wolf's name was Amaterasu? The wolf growled and started to attack the toad.


Meanwhile the puppy with the other cubs were running to the cave where Amaterasu and Lance were. The puppy and the cubs had a bad feeling something terrible was happening.


Even in not good conditions, Amaterasu was still attacking the monster toad with her flaming wheel. Lance was dealing with the monster toad's minions. It was all he could do to help Amaterasu. Lance's eyes widen in shock when he saw the Toad using his tongue to throw Amaterasu with a brute force against the wall. Amaterasu cried in pain.

"Amaterasu!" Lance cried.

Lance gritted his teeth in anger. Then, Lance saw on the roof of the cave several stalactites. Using his bayard in its gun form, Lance fired a laser beam to the stalactites. The stalactites fall in the monster's body. The monster toad cried in pain when the stalactites stabbed its body and he fall lifeless on the floor. His minions had dissolved into smoke. Lance sighed in relief; it was all over.

Lance turned around and walked towards Amaterasu to see if she was ok. Then, Lance gasped in pain when he felt something stabbing his back. He looked down and he could see a piece of the stalactite coming out of his stomach. He looked behind him and he could see the toad monster was still alive and he had throw one of the stalactites into him. The toad smirked before dissolving into smoke. Lance spitted blood and fall into the floor lifeless.

"This is it?" he asked, with tears coming out from his blue eyes " I am going to die here?"

Lance did not want to die there. He wanted to defeat Zarkon and the Galra Empire before returning home to see his beloved family.

Amaterasu crawled to Lance. She was weak from the battles befores that one and she was using all her strength to be closer to Lance. Amaterasu knew she was dying but she still needed to help Lance. Then, the wolf collapsed when she reached to Lance's front. Lance looked confused to Amaterasu when she touched his forehead with her nose.


When Amaterasu's puppy and other cubs arrived on the scene, they saw Amaterasu and Lance being swallowed by a pillar of light.


Inside of the light, lance still was lying on the floor but Amaterasu was standing in the front of him. Her body was now made of pure white flames with red markings. She looked directly into his eyes.

"Lance of Voltron." Lance's eyes widen in surprise when he heard a feminine voice in his mind. Is it Amaterasu's voice? "Do you wish to live? Do you wish keeping fighting against the evil darkness whose know as Galra Empire?" she asked

Lance did not know what was happening or why he was able to understand Amaterasu. All he knew he wanted to live. He answered to her he wanted to live. He wanted to save everyone from Galra and he wished to keep his home planet save. Amaterasu could see the true in Lance's heart

"Are you willing you and I become one? To become a celestial brush god?"

Lance's eyes widen in shock when he heard that. He becoming a god? He did not become a god. A hero? Yes, he wanted to be a hero like Shiro but not a god. He was afraid to lose his humanity.

"Is there not other way?" he asked, in pain. He did not want to lose his human heart

Amaterasu looked at with with very sad eyes.

"I am sorry, the only way to save your life is you and I becoming one being. I ask once again, are you willing you and I become one? To be a celestial brush god to defeat the darkness whose know as Galra Empire, Lance of Voltron?"

The Images of how Galra was destroying several worlds from their greed and how they just destroyed Amaterasu's planet came came to Lance's mind. Then, the blue paladin raised his hand to reach Amaretasu

"I… I just want to protect everyone from Galra!" Lance cried, with tears rolling down from his face. " I do not want become a burden to everyone! I want to protect my family and friends from Galra! I want to live to see my family again!"

Lance felt warm and save when he was covered by white flames. It was the last time he saw Amaterasu before losing his conscious.


Lance slowly opened his eyes as he was hearing small voices near him.

"(Hey Chibi, is he dead?)" asked a little voice

"(He is alive, Kotaichigami. I feel my mama's life force inside him.)"

"(Oh look! He is opening his eyes!)"

When Lance vision finally was clear, he could see Amaterasu's puppy and the other cubs over him. They all looking at him.

"(Are you alright, human?)" asked the puppy

Lance screamed and crawled to get away from the animals. He exclaimed how come they were talking to him now. The tiger cub rolled his eyes annoyed.

"(I am not sure Lady Amaterasu was wide to give her life to him.)"

"(Hey! My mama had her reasons why his life was more important than hers!)" Growled the puppy.

"(Your mama did not make some wise decisions in the past, Chibiterasu.)" The tiger growled back.

The puppy growled and he attacked the tiger cub. While they were brawling, the baby snake was around of Lance's neck. The baby snake was looking at Lance right into his eyes, like it wanted to look at Lance's soul.

"(I can not believe, you and Lady Amaterasu really became one.)" the snake said. From the voice, Lance guessed the baby snake was a female.

"Became one?" Lance repeated. He was really confused. What was happening to him? Why did he feel so different.

Then, he saw the baby mouse dragging a small and old hand mirror to him.

"(Eer… human, I think you should see your reflection.)"

Lance was confused when he grabbed the hand mirror. Then, his eyes widen in pure astonishment when he saw his reflection on the mirror. His hair was not brown anymore, it was white; as white as the snow. And he had red tribal marks on his face. The same red marks Amaterasu had. He touched his check, still looking at the mirror. Then, Lance looked down and he noticed the wound on his stomach was gone as well.

"What is happening to me?" Lance whispered in shock.

The snake looked annoyed as she used her brush technique to throw water on the brawling tiger and puppy. The two animals stopped fighting when the water hit on them.

"(I think it is the best for us to explain to this human about his situation.)" hisshed the snake, very annoyed.


On the way back to Blue lion, Lance was carrying the crystal ball they found on the cave. The same crystal ball Amaterasu had shouted in his mind. THe baby animals explained to Lance they were all children celestial brush gods. When the Galra attacked, they killed their parents, except for Amaterasu. Amaterasu managed to hide their other friends out from their world but she ended up badly hurt before she was able to hide them. Luckily, the galra left when they saw their world was worthless to them now, after getting all their life sources. And Thanks to the fusion between Lance and Amaterasu, the blue paladin was now able to understand what the children of celestial gods were saying.

"So, you 13 in total?" Lance asked.

"(Yeah.)" The puppy said "(I think it's now our duty to teach you how to use the celestial brushes against the Galra.)"

"Wait, what?" Lance looked confused.

"(You can say you're the new god of sun. Only Amaterasu and her blood line can use all the 13 celestial brushes techniques.)" said the piglet "(But Amaterasu told us Chibi is still too young to have all the 13 brushes at once, so that means you're the only one who can use all the 13 brush techniques.)"

Lance was not sure. He really did not want to become a god or a demigod. He was afraid somehow he would screw the things up. If Shiro was there, he would be the best choice to hold the celestial brush powers, not him.

"Er… I really did not get your names." Lance said, trying to change the subject.

"(Oh yeah, thats right. We never told our names!)" the puppy exclaimed. "( I am Chibiterasu- son of Amaterasu, the sun goddess. I hold the sunrise brush.)"

Lance saw Chibiterasu had the same aura as his mother. He could feel Chibiterasu was as powerful as Amaterasu, even being a puppy.

"(I.. I am Koyomigami, I am the daughter of Yomigami, the god of rejuvenation.)" the seahorse introduced herself, very shyly. "(I hold the rejuvenation brush.)"

The floating seahorse was all shyly and blushing, Lance found it very cute. He never had imagined seahorses could be that cute.

"(I am Kotaichigame!)" exclaimed the baby mouse on his shoulder, very happy. "(I am the son of Taichigami, the god of swords! I hold the slash power brush.)"

Lance already feel the baby mouse was very energetic. He had no doubt Kotaichigami would get along well with Allura's mices.

"(I am Konuregami. My mother was Nuregami the goddess of water.)" said the baby snake on Lance's neck. " (I hold waterspout brush technique.)"

Lance could feel the little snake was gentle and very patience. Unless Chibiterasu and the tiger cub fight again and making her losing her patience.

" (I am Kogekigami. My father was Gekigami, the god of thunderstorm. I hold the power of thunder brush technique.)" the tiger cub said, grumpily.

"Oh God, he's Keith's tiger version." Thought Lance.

Lance just hopes Keith and Kogekigami do not get into fights like he does with the red paladin. Lance does not need fighting with a tiger cub god as well.

"(I am Kobakugami.)" the piglet said "( I am the son of Bakugami the god of explosions. I hold the power of Cherry bomb brush.)"

Lance nods; bombs are always useful against the Galra.

Then, they finally arrived the place where Blue Lion was. Lance still could see her barrier was still on. He lay the crystal ball down on the ground and he touched the barrier as the blue paladin looked at Blue with gentle eyes.

"Hey beautiful, I am back. And I bought some new friends."

The barrier was gone and Lance saw Blue did not recover yet. Lance could not fly with Blue in these condition. Koyomigami was examining Blue's missing limb. She frowned, she could feel the deep bound the Lion has with Lance, the same bound Lance was with the blue beast.

"( I think...I think we can fix her.)" Koyomigami comments .

That surprises Lance

"Can we?" he asks, hopefully

Koyomigami nodded. With the rejuvenation brush, it was possible to fix Blue Lion's leg. Koyomigami mentioned since she could feel the deep bound they had for each other, Lance should be the one to fix her. That had caught Kogekigami's attention.

"(Wait! You're not thinking to give him the rejuvenation brush technique, are you?!)" exclaimed Kogekigami. "( Are you crazy?!)"

"(Yes, I am and I will give him the technique.)" Koyomigami frowns, hissing at the tiger cub. Now the shy seahorse looked scared when she's angry. The tiger gulps, making himself quiet.

Then, Koyomigami summoned a ball of energy with some weird japanese letter that Lance could not read it. When the ball got inside him, Lance could feel his body pulsing. He felt something different inside of him. Something he could not explain.

Yomigami was now floating beside Lance.

"(Now Lance, try summon the celestial canvas and draw Blue's missing arm.)" she guides him.

Lance gulps and nods to her. He closes his eyes and tries to concentrate. Then, the canvas appears in his front. Lance becomes very surprised with the canvas. Then, he carefully draws Blue missing leg. When the canvas vanishes, in a blink of eyes, Blue's leg was back on its rightful place.

Lance smiles and laughs when he sees Blue standing up and roaring. He hugs Koyomigami, thanking him for sharing her power to help Blue. Koyomigami blushes; she was not used to be touched.

"(Err… ok. you.. . you welcome. Now let me go?)" Lance smiles and he undoes his hug. Koyomigami was floating beside him.

"Now how can we make this thing work?" Lance asked, looking at the crystal

"(Oh that's easy, all we need to do is to summon the sun to active the crystal.)" Chibiterasu said. "( Since you and mama became one, I think you you already have the sunrise brush technique. Try to draw a circle in the sky and we will see if you really have the sunrise brush.)"

Lance nodded. Summoning once more the celestial canvas, Lance drew a circle in the sky. Then, the sun came out from the dark clouds and lighted the skies. With the sun rays, the crystal ball became a huge beacon of light that reached out of the skyes.

"Are you sure you guys want to come with me?" Lance asked to the brush god children.

"(Yeah.)" Chibiterasu said, nodding to him. " (We need stop the Galra from destroying other worlds and we have to find our other friends. They are hidden somewhere out there.)"

The other brush god children nodded in agreement.

"(Beside we can not do much for our world.)" Konuregami added "(Without Hanagami we can not restore the sakuya guardian trees and the green in our world.)"

Lance nods. He still feels Amaterasu inside of him. He promises to her he would find other lost 7 brush god children and to defeat Galra.

Pidge sees the beacon and goes down to rescue them.

End of the chapter.

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