Leonard McCoy stopped just short of entering one of the Enterprise's private recreation rooms, a bowl of replicated corn curls in one hand. It was already occupied, and judging by the straight, black hair peeking up over the movable couch, it was the man who he struggled to comprehend on a daily basis.

Unsure if Spock minded his sudden intrusion, he slowly crossed the room and sat down next to him on the couch, setting his bowl down on the low table before them. "So, whatcha watching, Spock?" he asked, settling back. "Not a comedy, that's for-" His chuckle died off as he realized the screen in front of them was blank. Not a sound emanated from the speakers, either. "Spock? Uh…" He waved a hand in front of the Vulcan's face. Spock didn't blink. McCoy snapped his fingers. "Hello? New Vulcan to Spock, come in."

"Please cease the clamor, Doctor. It is wholly unnecessary."

"Just checkin' to see if you're still awake. Why are you watching that blank screen on mute?" McCoy questioned.

"It is not blank, nor mute. I am watching a program called Contemplative Silence. If you care to join me, that is acceptable."

McCoy paused, his hand poised over the bowl of snacks. "Who in tarnation would ever create such a show, let alone watch it?"

"It is of Vulcan origin. I find it quite stimulating." Spock's concentration didn't even waver. "The fact that you cannot comprehend it is not unusual."

McCoy shifted in his seat. "Well, why not just turn off the viewer and watch the blank screen? It's illogical to waste energy when you don't have to."

"Computer, pause program," Spock ordered. "If I were to merely do as you say, Doctor, it would not achieve that effect." He shifted in his seat. "Knowing that the screen was deactivated, my eyes and mind would tend to stray. That is not the case with Contemplative Silence. Or should I say, was not the case before you interrupted me." His tone took on a distinct edge as he finished, returning his attention to the screen one more.

"I still don't get it. This is just crazy. A whole show based on the idea of silence and nothingness." McCoy took a handful of corn curls and popped them in his mouth, crunching loudly, a bit of a grin curving his mouth. "Some program. I'll tell you one thing, though. Couldn't adapt it into a motion picture."

"The sequel comes out next Wednesday," Spock added.

McCoy choked on his corn curls.