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Chapter 1.

The silhouette of her form could be seen clearly whenever she leapt directly in front of one of the 4 moons. Umibouzu stood from afar and concentrated closely trying not to lose sight of the figure fighting. He had said that he'd help, but she insisted that he rest for the time being. Losing both his arms has certainly been detrimental to his usual fighting prowess, but if one thought he was weak, they'd be sorely mistaken. Though he no longer had the ability to wield his umbrella skills, his legs were more powerful than ever and his headbang was no joke.

In terms of being able to resume his job as an alien hunter though, he was very glad his daughter had chosen to tag along. She had wanted to learn and become stronger, and stronger she has definitely become. From when she started the journey to now, her progress has been immense. Her father and mother's blood coursing through her veins without a doubt. During such time, she also happened to go through her yato puberty. Umibouzu has watched his daughter change from a cute, vibrant, uncouth girl to a beautiful, confident, uncouth lady. Her state of dress has changed slightly, now wearing more traditional yato warrior wear; goggles and more dark coloured chinese clothing covering most of her body to blend in with the earth and provide shelter from the winds. She grew slightly taller and in terms of her assets, well, she grew, not big, however, not the flat board that she was at fourteen. Her small breasts complimenting her slight figure well. She let her hair grow as well, keeping them in the same 2-bun style, the excess hair falling from the buns and just sweeping her shoulders.

He knew it was not only because she wanted to experience more and grow stronger that she chose to come with him. She worried for him. She knew he would not stay idle, it was not in his nature, he would leave and find the next battle, even with no arms to battle with. However, they both knew also, that this would not last, she has her home now, on Earth, and always her heart yearns for it. At least at this time, they are together and living, finally, as a family. Even her baka-aniki, though Umibouzu still finds it hard to believe.

Just at this thought, he notices the second figure, a taller male with a braided ponytail flying behind him, more crass and less graceful, interweaving along with his daughter to deliver the final blow to the large alien. Umibouzu, at that moment, had never felt so proud as a father.