A/N – It's time for another reunion story. This one features a bit of Harry and Ginny, although it might not be too appealing to people who like them as a couple, or people who like Ginny. This story has five chapters and it will be updated on Wednesdays. Enjoy!

While the snow began to fall outside, in her warm flat Hermione Granger was very much awake. In fact Hermione was currently rolling around in her bed with her best friend, Harry Potter. With a loud cry Hermione climaxed, followed moments later by Harry who had also reached his peak. Exhausted by their exertions the pair collapsed onto the bed, and the regrets immediately flooded them both. Falling into bed together hadn't been something either of them had planned and they both knew it was wrong. Not only were they best friends but Harry was dating Ginny Weasley.

It had all started a few hours earlier when Harry had popped over to Hermione's flat to check on his friend since he hadn't seen her at work that afternoon. Hermione had actually left work early when Kingsley had given her the news her parents had been located in Australia, but they were dead. A search had been underway for her parents since the end of the war seven months ago, but Hermione had never given up hope of finding her parents and being reunited with them. As such the news of their deaths had hit her hard and she'd taken the afternoon off work to deal with her grief.

When Harry had turned up, Hermione had automatically sought comfort in her best friend's arms as they discussed her parents. The pair had always been quite close but their friendship had developed into something deeper the year they'd been searching for Horcruxes. Hermione still considered Ron a good friend, but there was no doubt in her mind that Harry was her best friend. She knew no matter what he would be there for her.

There wasn't actually anything romantic going on between them, but deep down they were both aware that if it hadn't been for Ginny already being in Harry's life something might have developed between them. Since Ginny was in the picture any buried feelings had never been explored, but a brief lack of control while Harry was comforting Hermione had led to them exploring their desires and they'd ended up making a huge mistake.

"This is so bad," Harry groaned. "We shouldn't have done this, Hermione," he said, turning to face Hermione who had covered herself with the bed sheet. "This was a massive mistake. I love Ginny."

"I know you do," Hermione replied quietly.

"This can't happen again," Harry announced as he hopped out of bed and began to pull on his clothes. "We need to forget this ever happened. You can't tell Ginny about this, please."

"I won't tell Ginny," Hermione said. "We can forget this ever happened and go back to normal."

"Thanks Hermione." Harry smiled briefly at his friend before he grabbed the rest of his clothes and bolted out of her flat.

Hermione heard Harry apparate away as she slumped back into the pillows. She couldn't believe she'd been stupid enough to sleep with Harry. In a few weeks it would be Christmas and she would have to spend time with both Harry and Ginny at the Burrow. She only hoped that she could deal with the guilt by remembering that it was a one-off and meant nothing. It wasn't as if she and Harry were having an affair, it was just a temporary blip when she was upset over her parents.

Hermione was on her way to the flat Ginny and Harry were in the process of moving into when she decided to call into a coffee shop and grab two coffee's. She knew Ginny liked the shop's caramel lattes so she picked up two before carrying on to the flat her two friends had recently bought.

It had been nearly seven months since Hermione's indiscretion with Harry, and the guilt was slowly fading away. Initially it had been hard to be around Ginny and Harry, but with time it got easier. It helped that Harry clearly didn't dwell on the incident and he had moved past the incident. It also helped that Harry and Ginny were so happy together, and she eased her guilt by telling herself that admitting the truth would only cause unnecessary hurt.

These days it was a lot easier to spend time with Ginny so Hermione had no problems with heading to the flat even though she knew Harry wouldn't be there. Harry was in the final stages of his Auror training and he was away for the weekend on a course. Ginny had kicked up a fuss about the timing, so Hermione was hoping that if she went over she could help her friend get the flat in order before Harry returned.

When Hermione arrived at the flat she let herself in with the spare key Harry had given her. Finding no sign of Ginny in the front room, Hermione dropped her bag onto the sofa and placed the coffee's on the table. Just as she was about to shout of her friend she heard a noise coming from the bedroom. Assuming Ginny was sorting the bedroom, Hermione picked up the coffee's and headed off to help her friend.

Entering the bedroom, Hermione froze at the sight that greeted her. Ginny was indeed in the bedroom, but she wasn't alone. She was on the bed with a very naked Seamus Finnigan. Hermione was so shocked by the sight that she dropped the two cups of coffee, just as the pair turned around and spotted her in the doorway.

"Hermione," Ginny gasped, moving off Seamus and covering herself with the bed sheet. "This isn't what it looks like."

"Isn't it?" Hermione raised an eyebrow at the pair as they began scrabbling for their clothes.

"Please, just let me explain," Ginny begged her friend.

Suddenly hit by thoughts of her night with Harry, Hermione decided to give Ginny a chance to explain. Leaving the couple to finish getting dressed she returned to the front room and perched on the sofa that was sitting in the middle of the room. When Ginny and Seamus emerged from the bedroom, Seamus left without even glancing in Hermione's direction while Ginny came and sat beside her.

"It was a stupid mistake Hermione," Ginny began. "Seamus came over to help me move some of the furniture. I was mad that Harry had left me to do everything alone, and Seamus was trying to cheer me up. We never meant to end up in bed, it just happened. You've got to believe me Hermione, I never meant to cheat on Harry. It was a stupid mistake, one I won't be repeating."

Hermione studied Ginny, trying to decide if her friend was being genuine. Ginny looked to be on the verge of tears and Hermione herself knew how easy a mistake like this could be made. One moment of weakness and before you know it, you're doing something you know you shouldn't.

"Please Hermione, you can't tell Harry," Ginny pleaded with her friend. "It was a stupid mistake, and I don't want to lose Harry over this."

"You have to swear to me this was a onetime thing," Hermione said, making the decision to keep quiet. She thought it was a bit hypocritical to go running to Harry when a few months earlier they were in the same position. The fact Ginny had also cheated implied her friends relationship wasn't as solid as it should be, however that wasn't her problem.

"It was a onetime thing, it will never happen again," Ginny swore. "Harry is the love of my life, and I will never betray him like this again."

"Then I'll keep your secret," Hermione told a relieved Ginny.

"Thank you so much," Ginny sighed in relief. "I'll make this up to you, I promise."

"Make it up to me by making sure you and Harry are happy," Hermione said. "We'll put this behind us and we'll never speak of it again."

Hermione had genuinely been happy to put the incident with Ginny behind her, but less than a month later she witnessed another disturbing incident. Since losing her parents, Hermione liked to keep in touch with her muggle roots so she would often go for a drink in the muggle world. On one of her nights out she was sitting at the bar in her favourite wine bar when she caught sight of Ginny and Seamus snuggled up together in one of the corner booths. Even though the pair were only in the bar for half an hour or so it was enough time for Hermione to witness them acting very cosy together and when they left Seamus had his hands all over Ginny. When Hermione left the bar about ten minutes after they did she even spotted them down a back alley, shagging up against a wall.

Hermione was still annoyed at the fact Ginny had lied to her about her fling with Seamus being a one off the following afternoon when she headed to The Burrow. After spending lunch watching Ginny and Harry acting like the perfect couple, Hermione pulled Ginny to one side as the family decamped to the garden for the afternoon.

"You lied to me," Hermione hissed.

"What about?" Ginny frowned.

"Seamus. I saw you together last night," Hermione replied.

"I don't know what you mean, it was a one off weeks ago," Ginny retorted with a shrug.

"Stop lying to me Ginny," Hermione warned, her voice raising slightly and grabbing the attention of Molly who was just exiting the house. "I know you're cheating on Harry."

"What?" Molly cried. "What is this nonsense?"

"It's nothing," Ginny said quickly, unimpressed that her mother was being dragged into the conversation.

"It didn't sound like nothing," Molly insisted. "Hermione was accusing you of cheating on Harry."

"What the hell?" Ron exploded as he overheard his mother on the way into the house.

"What's going on here?" Arthur questioned as the rest of the family began to converge beside the back door.

"Hermione is accusing Ginny of cheating on Harry," Molly announced, although her tone revealed that she didn't believe a word of it.

"That's ridiculous," Ron snorted. "Why are you doing this Hermione?"

"I'm sorry Ginny, but I'm telling them the truth," Hermione said. If it hadn't been for Molly pushing things, she never would have spoken up in public, but now she knew she had to tell the truth or risk being branded a liar and troublemaker. "A few weeks ago I caught Ginny and Seamus in bed together. Ginny swore it was a one off so I kept quiet, but I saw them again last night. They were in a muggle wine bar and then I spotted them down a back alley."

"I've never been to a muggle wine bar," Ginny insisted. "Last night I was home alone since Harry was away overnight."

"I'm not stupid Ginny, I know what I saw," Hermione insisted.

"I think maybe you were mistaken," Bill said gently. "Ginny wouldn't cheat on Harry and she's already said she's never been in a muggle wine bar."

"Why would I be in the muggle world, I'm a witch?" Ginny asked. "You're just trying to cause trouble."

"And why would I want to cause trouble?" Hermione demanded.

"You're jealous," Ginny retorted. "I've got the perfect life, and you've got nothing. I've got a loving family, and your parents are dead. I've got a high flying Quidditch career, while you're stuck in a boring job at the Ministry. And finally I've got a loving boyfriend in Harry, while your relationship with Ron ended in flames in less than a month."

"I'm not trying to cause trouble," Hermione said, hurt that Ginny would hurl such vicious accusations her way. "I don't resent you having a family, nor do I resent you having a boyfriend. I'm not bitter because Ron and I didn't work out, and while my job may seem boring to you I happen to like it."

"Deny it all you want, but we all know you've got a thing for Harry," Ginny snapped back. "Even Ron's mentioned how close you two got while you were away hunting for Horcruxes. You're just jealous that he loves me, not you."

"I always said it was Harry you wanted to be with, not me," Ron said, joining in with his sister. "That's why I ended it Hermione, I wasn't going to play second fiddle to my best friend."

"You ended it?" Hermione looked at Ron as though he was mad. "I believe I was the one who ended it. You begged me to give it longer, but I told you it wasn't working."

"Yeah, because of Harry," Ron shot back.

"This is just ridiculous." Hermione shook her head before she turned to Harry. "Harry, I'm telling the truth. Ginny's been cheating on you with Seamus, if you don't want to believe it then that's your prerogative."

"I don't believe it," Harry said quietly. "Ginny wouldn't do that to me."

"Suit yourself," Hermione tutted. "I'm going to get my bag and I'm going home."

Leaving the Weasley's in the garden, Hermione headed back inside to grab her bag. Just as she'd picked up the bag, Hermione felt a presence behind her and when she turned around she found Harry in the doorway.

"I know why you're doing this, Hermione," he said softly as he walked towards her. "I know why you're lying."

"I'm not lying," Hermione repeated.

"Ginny wouldn't cheat on me, she loves me., Harry insisted. "This is all because I said we'd made a mistake. I'm sorry I hurt you Hermione, but sleeping with you was the biggest regret of my life."

"Our indiscretion has nothing to do with anything," Hermione stated, looking warily over Harry's shoulder to make sure no one heard their conversation. "I know it was a mistake, and like you I regret it every single day. But you're still my best friend and I wasn't going to stand back and watch while your girlfriend cheated on you."

"She's not cheating on me," Harry repeated stubbornly. "Unlike you, Ginny isn't a tart."

Hermione's mouth dropped open at Harry's words and before she knew what she was doing she raised her hand and gave Harry a much deserved slap.

"Bastard," she hissed, fighting back the tears. "I can't believe you would say that to me."

"The truth hurts does it?" Harry asked, rubbing his red cheek.

"You'll find out all about the truth hurting one of these days," Hermione warned. "One day you'll discover the truth about your precious Ginny, and when you do I won't be there to pick up the pieces. We're finished Harry, our friendship is over."

Giving Harry one final glare, Hermione pulled out her wand and apparated away from The Burrow and away from her friends. Within a week she'd gotten a new job with a law firm that wasn't associated with the British Ministry and she moved away to the main offices in France. Once in France she forgot all about her old life and began living a new one with a great new job, new friends and eventually a new love interest.